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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TIOMr8oN & RICHEY. Piois.
J. L. 0. Ti'1I')MPSON, ErIT(In.
8ubscription $1.00 Ptr Anium.
Advertising Rites Iteasouable
Entered at Plokens Fostofloe am Second Olu'I
Msil Matter
THURSIDAY, MA1llCHI 19, 1908.
Blusiness Locals.
'es''of SlW ns w pec
*l iln this (olurntni t 5 1ents pcr
.ifor each hisertioii. Nothinig taken
)r less than 10cents.
Fon SArr-17 iaeres, originail forest,
I1 miles (1no tlth of PicketUs, 30 nil Ifcre;
75 acres west of Wood-1,l 1Nounntit, 10
acres branch bottom, bitiainco in timber,
>rnice 810 acre, cash deal. E. F. K.IT11.
1. F. D., No. 4, l'ickesu., S. G.
Carload of Obelisk Flonr just received
at H. A. Richey's.
Pay your guano bill at once. I can
not carry lhese iiecoi.8 alv lon eRM.
Cone to sve I B preparei to makt, settle
mncut. H1. A. RIICHEY.
Improved Cotton Seed for Sale.
This cot.ton ik xtr. eirly aid daptod I (
to short. sea(.m: s. Ais1;o Truit t's lmiprov
ed Early Bl;. Boll.
feb2ew4 Ensley, S. C.
1ou h "1Exact." A timepiec that
loses-or gaus 1" nlot reliable.
A nlmderate amllonu tt of money103. wii.
pit your watch in go.al i hea'th.
work <me her i.; nolt expenisive, 1:11ti
if, I horouhl g1% ood vo.k.
Exi rinc.1 4nowledgv oi l l are!
T1his is just 1is true1 intat it IIewcving
ity. uini ~ gLonn antt.i 3cnes0. ho
lini oin..; away three40 hotus1 out of ei~vr
ALong I it t 6- ?.I:achines." makIe only~ 200.
The: LII Ib~tiary Princ' pl' is m-s
se* 'Ii :ally 4Irrect . which fn'et hi e
l I-en proen byV 25. years of sulcces0t il
co in llj 1 rs Il tItof~ th wrb i and. by(1 o
BEIlT :SEW Nt MA..\tIlINE. is two
-1011111' Uminlg s'tand-Straight. Auto0
matttmcT.. L'. ItO n1o fil toI ivestIigaute
Ensii 11, th I ting adt l' he mosLt durabile
A RU DROT A it Y. " A demtonstr. Lion is
at re~vflation." Wr i te for prtie's anrd
Eas~y Paymtl1 laniti. Guarante..d Sew
5S S. B~roadl St., A tlanta, Ga.
Road Hands Take Notice
The' lannit4 Eof Cout,.v Commijssione'rs
hatvo agi.reed' to ex.ten~d thei iim1e to paiy
roiadl tatoI the 15th of 31arch instant.
Those' wvttho do t tay hv that timte wimll
he rEaitired to work 5 da1ys On the roads
or pay i$3 00 or be prosecuted.
Rapid changes of
on the toughest cons
The conductor pas
inside of a trolley car i
of the platform-the c
hour or so in a heate
walking against a bit
difficulty of avoiding 4
Scott's Emueli
body so that it can
danger of cold from chi
It will help you to a
Japanese New Year Cakos.
An annual event in Japan is the
iaking of the New Year's eake, which
very family Iust have if good luck
s to follow it during the ensuing year.
[his cake is made of a peculiar variety
of rice, boiled and pounded in a great
voolen mortar until it is of the con
lsatency of dough. Although the pure
rhite dough Is often co!oreld yellow
>r pink, the shape of the cake is Id
rays the sanme-that of the sncrel mnir
-or, one of the three sacred symbols 0o
he s!hinto faith. A piece of thi cnke
! o!Tered to the Shinto deities beenure
t l. of the shI-pe of the vacred m1i lrror
which wooed the n-1 goddess to conie
)it of the eave where sihe hz hi1ien
terrelf in wrath anld t!us saved the
:nI: fron total doarkness. Each niim
ier of the fatully takes a hand in the
;ml:tunefature of the New Year's Cake.
F'veu the l'aby is entried out and his
1hy hand gutided in lifting the heyav
xoodei maliet for a "good ick" blow.
Enotth is m1.ade to Iast nearly the
*vhole year through, awl it o:-ct!pIes
In I t porta:: t place in the daily menu.
Lrlie's Weekly.
Queer Fish.
At flrst thougit the electric chair,
wliich 5e(In the criuinal to his doonm,
wmtihi seem to be a rellneinent of in- I
venitlonl possible only to man's genius.
Put the electric cel can benumb a
horse so that it will drown before re
covering from the shock, and the
fiercest fish is rendered helpless by the
gentlest touch of this creature. Small I
votider these eels flourish in their n
tive waters and seldom fail to find
food enough and to spare!
At any rate, the gentleuan angler
canting his fly upon the ripple is
toiue. Surely 110 nu1ima1l can Imatcl
the ro: ndmI line! Yet there is a fish
with a ong slender filiment drooping
forward irm its hie:td. tipped with a
tlohvy. voriT!;e .cppenage. The fish
ie0:< aiuietiy o;i thme bottom and nalata
a nih;'-e. Soon a~ minnow maktie~s a
thih for tihe waving luselotts morrel.
TIh hug:::.'e nwamt h op:'ns, and -the tiuny
nuier has d ined~l! A yerltibe Shylock
1 h!.. w-lith rocd. lie and hanl t of hhi: olyn
fleshi anmd hlne!--Chmiengo ltecord-Il[er
Flsle-LauinX's heal Ith seems grent'y
Ad - Yes: sihe has heard that her
doctor s ettgamged.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
I'here is a disease prevailing In this
country most dangcrous because so decep
\i. \ tive. Many sudden
-tldeathls are caused by
- 3f it -- heart disease,
pncumonia, heart
-I if'4 failure or apoplexy
V are often the result
- -of~kidney discosc. lI
. LLowe'd to advanice the
k_ idrey-po is oned
blood will attack thx
n,,Snvital orgatis or r'ne
kidn'-jy themselves breoak down anid waste
away cil 'Ly coil.
13.add::r troutbIes mocst always result frc n
a - drnmnt of the kidnhya and a curec is
ct-inm'- Iuqicke.s.t by a proper trcalmen:t 'f
th.e 1.:icy. If you are fooling badly you
can make no mistake by t:1khig Dr*. Kilrmcr's
Swamp-Root, the great kidnuey, ;ivcr ard
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
he~ paila in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelied to
go often during the day, and to got up many
times during the night. The mIld and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized, it stands the highest for its won
dorful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamo-Root- is pleasant to take and sold
by all dr-uggists In fifty-cent anid one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of
this wvonderful new dis
covery and a book that
tells all abopt it, both Home otwampfnoot.
sent free by mal. Address Dr.' lilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When wdting mention
reading this generous offer in nis paper.
Don't make any mistake, bumt remember
the )ame, Swamp-Root' Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the addm ss, Binghamton,
14. Y.. tAn every bottle.
temperature are hard
sing from the heated
:o the icy temperature
anvasser spending an
i building and then (
ing wind-know the
rion strengthens the
better withstand the
inges of temperature.
void taking cold.
50o. AND $1.00.
Ask Your
If he tells you to take Ayer's
Cherry Pectora-l for. your
severe cough or bronchial
trouble, then take it. If he has
anything better, then take that.
We have great confidence in
this medicine. So will you,
when you once know it.
The beat kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Mado byT. 0. Ayr Co. Lowell, Mass.
Also manufacturers of
We havo no secrts I Wo pubtoih
the formulas of all our medicnos.
Keep the bowels open with one of
Ayer's Pills at bedtime, just one.
Clerk's Sale.
St-.e of South (aroline,
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
S. Victoj i Ed i's, Plaintiff,
x S.
artha TerrTeI t. al..E~Defenant.
In 1.nasa: 'lie' of a De-cretal Order
ith a1(ve.tltited case, by lon. J. C.
K1u Iuh, dat ,1 Feh Im r3 28 1908, and oI
Whe in tie Clerk's ollice, I will sell to
thIe( highest bidder on
(uring tih legal hours for sale,:-.t Fi.-kens
C. H., S. C., the fellowing tract of land,
t< -wit: All that1 ,.ice, panrce or tract of
land containhi twenty six ner s. more
ir less, and borunded b~y lands of Ja-.n s
IDave. np0 wO IV.RI? Ed. na anid athlS. 01n
wateirs ofi Ohi.nIoy cee'k; als-> all thait
ot lar tract o)f land conin ining ten aures,
moreJ1 or le-s, hounfled( by ian s ofl Charles
AnttIonly, Wiarren Hh x ndX 1( obthers,
ditcedl 'o him by Thonmas Terrell.
aTe-Cosh on dlay oif sale. Terms
will he. coi.lied withbin one hour after
saeo the prmi a will be~ re sold 0on
Purchas -r to ly for ask papers and
recording the same.
A. J. BOOGS. [Seal.]
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
John E. Craig,: Plaintiff,
John Montgomer,-#7 Defendant.
lIn nursonnee of a decretal -order in
th g..ove s'ared ci's., by Hon. J. C'.
KlIuah. <b' ,d Fe'bruanry 26. 1908, and eni
ni.. in lii he lrk's oiffice, I will tell to the
highest bidder on
.Iut ieg the legal hours of sale, at Pick
ins C. 1!.,* S. C . the followiing tract < f
Ind. te-wit: All tha t ti're aind ;'iarc eh
-f landir situaile,. lying Pd being s in the
,lbove.namei~d state and Pooanty, contlain
ing forty (4(0) act s, more 01r a s. beiaig
all of the orliial tract bought by m..'
liom) Johnt A. Higg'ns, after runoning ff
harefrom 24 acres, said 40 acres b.'inw
rpresentvd by at plit ad survey of
s . me, muade by J. A. Robinson, surveyor,
lated 17th A ugust.. 1906l. Also all th'at
pi1'ce, parL(d or tract .of land am the
a btovi --anmed state and county, and conl
.aining fiv'e (f) acres, more or It sa', anrd
ne &-* sam" lot of land deaededl to
John Montgomery, *D. M. Mauldin on
Janualfry 'it,l 1k; also all that piece,
pa~rcel oa lot of land situate, lying and
hamg in thi' city of Eaalaey, so conveye.d
LO Je .hn Montgomoery b~y R. E. Bowen,
djoiuinig lots of J. R. Olazener ano
chers, bounoded on south by an alley
unninog from Pumnpkintown streetto
the old Hagood livery stable, and cot -
mining about one hundred (1(0) feet
Terr , cash. Purchaser or parchas
iras to pay for papers and for recording
the same. A. J. BO0G, (Seal)
Clerk of Court.
Preparing I
We are now winding up our
or Spring opening. In the me.
Very Lo
M any goods we have in sto.k.
We are receiving now'some (
Last year's business was th
tope toimake this better.
Our motto: The best and m
:onsistent with honest merchanc
h.A. K.
WVest End,
--- IN TI
.Their Safe has bieen U ied an< found But
This B iank hns IPur glar Irm uauice, Fire I
oP# Tour money.,
Libei ni ir.tertibt allowed *011 Tirro rIep
rou up satisfactorily, a ,
iI. C. SUIRLEY, Cashier.
Southerii Shiort]
and Busil
Atlanta, Ga., also A
Over 15,ooo Gradua
r- - ec( ves i:.(K ( i vI er ticius eve, y yc ur fm 1;, 4
FIii. .\ average of two oi ceiiuhirs fr ver y Ntule:
2.70 typewriting mo chinec
The Soliherti also enntiucts the
U1I1on whilich instittitiot the railr oads 41Ad tehtgirl
S[Main Line WVires Ru
Wilte for ctalogue. :nter i: 4.: The st~nth4
i the South. 4(ldress,
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or k
TE. A. R]
Nothing - -
can run through
Have You
This is the season of the year
or 'l opcoat, or a heavy weight
more comfortable than a doctor
on the temp)ertind more conduc
Owing to the stringency of the
ing our vast stock at greatly rec
c.--reena rille..
:or Spring.
Winter bus'ness preparatory
Intime, we will give
v Prices
arly Spring shipments.
e best of my experience......we.
>st goods for the least money
ising. [1
Greenville, S C
glar Proof.
I.Sura.cte, Cashier Boi ded, so you cn't.
csits. ee IT. C. Sir!( ' and he will fi.N
.ess University
Ibany, Ga. Branch
tes in Positions
el kc I ers., tewti. I ihc rs. Te e j:-ah 0; e itt<.
at that attiiads the Sei thi r . '~ . .
t 1 t I! r v i s it a * tl iA t lter.: omNlId
it cc it i ~ art s a r at' I ty vt i ii. g f<;r I (rit
al Into This School.
rat ib the oi'le tI autal b West I.u ht ss ( cIlege
L. ARNOLD, Vice-Pres.
Sut ndi s hae and,

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