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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Author of "Graustark"
CopyrOht, JWA, by Dodd. Mead and Company
Beli: "And I don't care. either. I oniy
wish be were back here again. I'd be
a g-ood deal niier to him."
Messengers Hew back and forth. car.
rying orders from the castle to varlow
quarters. The ninisters were called
to meet at 12 o'clock. Underneath al
the hustlo there was a tremendous Im.
pulse of American cunning. energy and
resourcefulness. Ivery one caught th<
lever. Iteserved old (Iplomats4 wore
overwhelmed by their own inthiulaim
Custom bound soldie.s forgot the he
reditary caution and fell Into the ways
of the new leaders without a mnurmur
rhe city was wild with excitement, for
ill believed that the war wus upo:
t:hii. There was but one Shadow
overhanging the glorious optimism of
G.rauitark-the ugly, memiLing a tt ltulle
or Axphlain. Even the Duke of Mlzros
could give no assurance that his coui
try wouki remain ieutrail.
Colonel Quinnox Came to tll, ea1stkl
In 1aste 'tid perturlbation. It was h
hvlo propoulett the querstion that
Yetive and Deverly were expectingt,
"Where Is Baldos?" Of course the
flight of the suspected guard was. s.>on
a matter of certainty. A m!ngle Im
ploring glance from the prlnees, meant
?:ar the faithful Q!nn'x a., '1H
2l;rr va' plainly al words- r :.' a.
said that She had given th- m Wn hS
'Creedormt. And Quinox woul hia
tletxI a thousnd times to prof eet the
:st eret of his s3verelgn, for had 1i.1
t wity generationis of Quinaoxm:; rerv
Vnl the ruilers of Iraustark with um.
Wrching loyalty? Ullaron u Dangloss may
mv .e 4pv:pcted the trick, but he did
21:t NO m1uCl 11s hiink helin(1 till- hi'iMeum
Jnm.rr:ed him to hunt liigi and1 low
ftor thc, fugItive.
i- .-ir,%.x came at 11. Under the de
1 1...t cnhlinness of his hearing there W.9
I:r'kin11g a mighty fear. His brain was
courged by thoughit of 1:upentiling dls
grace. The princess had plainly threat
ened hWs de1,oogralat loll. A.fler all these
y l'ia he -was to tremble vwith s1111
idi humlllation;: he was to er'iige
where he had Ilw'IIays hoanteid of domi
n'ering peo)ver. And hesldet till thls
.larin:IIx had a bl;et wvoula.Id in bl.4 left1
h-1i'ier The world could not have
L:n->wn, for le know how to c-mceali
'!" .Vppone d 1he slnlr, haperl
j:4 jtui i the cn h' wil
n1 <bued r I: c. if he weni
oi Into wil 'C . h:e ouhl to dra.
-w .h hh1".1 th .e firn tr I n ho had
ovie: .1i Wo . h4 years ofl 114 1n14
"Awond wy:ln y :. ---l:(d inlm
".:;;to al:. it.m h;i yo I e
h.lim.Il lid'petirel :sllhe kitt to seeOi
wen o e'iu .uof. It y. In wo.
. ot.lve t hi r 1,hat you struc m ott
then nirtt byo han- th.:t~'0 .darm' oIwa:
to iu1L'O~l' I~d 3OiiHI'11to l ooii Ift
JSU llo1"l h
"'o, bunod wt al ntig.rte
lo will gte only te chanver t v
yourjily. IClouvt yi.Ilant you.
must jltsingyo or) my 'own, he wa,
nin ug tht rmnn kn11et tho qui1
whyou e.>mmend niu ianb youlv
habig am wnoht yuset yout mti
e(In. liutiou hae a nov'iwa ow r
temtIl .yonfessotrat I must y.
them te eastn Yhcou ayhav bth
tonduceeduDid youl scar temst i
-"oer no tIcaedg ithn fomten
You arl thanloe I enoug lofd"
"Hase ausang, gshle lteruted. i
"Yhave bem oernt crkush you."ov
"ohs"BesieIscoftrnhavlng kow
.the, "Ifl yonfoest mehath I d'tlil
wonderfuglanscessft thie pat, bhi
can I goe. befoe hd enoug of y ol
ils "I wls you"oes me~ further shn
Beverly took the document and with
dilated eyes read the revolting charges
against her honor. 11er cheeks grew
white with anger, then flushed a deep
"You fiend!" sh erled, glaring at him
so fierxely that he instinctively shrank
back, the vielous grin dying in his face.
"I'll show you how, much I fear you.
I shall give this revolting thing to the
princess. She may read it to the cahi
)let, for all I care. No one will belleve
you. They'll kill you for this!"
She turned and flew into the presence
of the princess and her ministers.
Speeding to the side of Yetive, she
thru.it the paper into her hands. Sur
prle and expectancy filled the eyes of
all assem'bled.
"Count Marlanx oflicially charges me
with-with-read it, your highness!"
she cr!ed dIstractdly.
Yetive read it, pale faced and cold.
A determiled glem appeared in lhr
eyes as she passed the document to her
"Allod." Lorry said to an attendant,
after a brief glance at Its revolting con
tents. "ask Count Marlanx to appear
hero Instantly. Ho Is outside the door."
Lorry's anger was hard to control.
lVe elinched his hands and there was a
lie uiggestIon of throttling In the way
he did It. Marins. entering the room,
raw that he was doomed. le had not
-oxpected Beverly to take this appalling
4ti. Tho girl, tears in her eyes, rush
ed to a winidow, hiding her face from
the wondering ministers. Her courage
itliley failed her. If the chalrgea
wve:e read aloud before those men it
seemoel to her that she never could lift
her eyes-in again. A mighty longing for
Wahilngton. her father and the big
Calho!n Inys rushed to her heart as
she s).d thre and awailted the crash.
11t Lorry was a true noblemian.
0 ilemnen" he said quietly, "Count
atarimx has seen fit to charge Miss
Calhoun with complIcity in the flight
of Daldos. I will not read the charges
t.) ymu. They are unworthy of one who
has held the highest )OSition in the
army of Granstark He has"
"Read lhi:. miy husband. before you
proceed further," sAW Yetive. thrusting
Into his hand a Ruje she hald wrItten
with feverish haste. Lorry smilled
grasely before lie read nlloud the brief
edliet whlih removeld Gene1ral 31rlanx
fromaa the' collillald of the army of
"Is this justie?" otesed 1ax
angrily. "W1,ll yoLu not give me at lea.Ir
:ng?' I hosaeech"
*l!ence!"' commn~ded the priness.
"1Wh1at inanier of bearing dd ynm ex
ploet to give Ms (1alhou1? It ls
enngh, sir. There shall be Ila .wclirds
la moy alrmiy."
"''hward? hle fatere1d. "I1nve I not
prtoed my couraige on tie field of II
te? Am I to ho. called :I"
so~ldlierl iptlits the ill'b of bat1h) . You
ha: 1 had aC ear'g. ('mmt Mar1ina . I
heard tle truth ibouit you last n'g:t."
viciou sly. "I llust he content t) :'e
eept this I missal , yr0111g. So ni 'e1 .
There1 is o hope)( for m11. SOmie dt
you ma4ly p'ray God to forgive you for
the wrolg you have done your most
lonyal Servant. There 1s no appeal from
your deelison, but as a subject of Grau
stark I insst that Miss Calhioun shall
he pilished-for aiding iII the esc'ape of
this spy and1( traItor, lie Is gone. and it
wats she who led him1 through 1114 eastle
"Yu ind! sh'ce..
to the oue'ol,9h antdn
di oacopn 3lo hog h
Irsceiasgels ih.
11 "t wil d no arm o st hesel
a-ih ydnigthsacsto, u
U etdCutHlon oeny vr
to thine outer-word Shes cannotadto
Was not aispioaeusmg to theii. The)
would a1sk no questlons.
But Beverly Calhoun stood staring
o':. of the window, out upon the eaml
park and Its gay sunshine. She did nol
answer, for she did not hear the pre
mier's words. Her brain was whirling
madly with other thoughts. She wa
trying to believe her eyes.
"Tho spy is gone," cried Marianx, see
lig a falpt chance to redeem himself at
her expense. ' "She cannot face my
charge. Where Is your friend, Miss
Beverly fated them with a strange,
subdued calmness in her face. Iet
heart was throbbing wildly in the shel
ter of this splendid disguise.
"I don't know what all this commo
tion is about," she said. "I only know
that I have. been dragged into it
ihanelessly by that old man over
there. If you step to the window you
may see Baldos himself. Ile has not
ted. Ile Is on duty!",
Itaidos was striding steadily aeross
the park in plain view of all.
OTHT Yetive and Beverly experi
onced an ainazing sense of re
lief. They did not stop to oon
sider why or how he had re
turned to 'the castle grounds. It was
sutfivient that Ie was actually there,
sound, well and apparently eatistled.
"I dare say Count 31arlanx will with
draw his i'hfanous charge ngainst our
guest," said Lorry, with deadly direct
nie;is. Marilanx was mopping his damnp
for Ii-ad. Hi; eyes were fastened up
on the lgure of the guard, and there
w:as some'thing like nwe In their steely
dthlsti. It seemed to him that the su
pernatural had been enlisted against
"Ile left the castle last night," ie
imuttered, half. to haimiself.
"There seens4 to be no doubt of
that," agreed Gaspon, the grand treas.
urer. "Colonel Quilnox reports hlb
strange dis)p)eara nee." Clearly th
case was a puzllig one. Men looked a
one another in wonder and unoaasiness
"I think I understand the :Atsitaion,'
exelaimied Mlarlunx. suddenly triham
pliant. "It iears out all that I hav(
said. Baldos left the vastle hast night
as I have sworn. but not fror the pur
IOse of escaping. Ie went frLth tC
carry information to our eneitile... Can
any one dlou)t that he li a spy? Ha.
lhe not retFrned to c'Tarry out hIk wOrk?
And now, gentlemen, I ask you--wwli
he rettiurn 1tmiless ho felt securt- of pro
teetion here'"
It was a facer. yetivo and Beverly
felt as though a ste:,I trap ,uddenly
hadl been elo.'ed down upon thewm. Lo
ry and Anguilsh w're uindonlay dis
eonerted. I'lhierL Nwas a ctiis,. milce
elded m1oNvmient amon0:1 the ininia.Ater.
"'oloiei Quinnox, wvill you retch la!
dos to the VeranIdai at onee':" aSed
L~orry, hi. :!; Amerienn p:-:. .0ption
telling im4 that inianeiHte actiou was
noensary."it is cooler out thero."
Ile gave Deverly a look of inquiry.
I th flushed painfully, guiltily, and ie
was t roubled inl consecluence.
"As a mere subiject. I demanad the
arrest of this an." Mar'lanx w%as say
ing exclItedly. "We muiiist go to the
bottoni of this hiellki plot to injure
"MY dear count," said Anguish,
standing over him, "up to this time we
have ben 11111bit to diMscern any rea
sons f'or or signs of the trienchlery you
preach about. 1 don't believe we haive
"Bunt I have'L absoulute' proof, sir,"
gratedl the coiunit.
"I'd adiluse you to pr'o~luco !t. We
must havei soein'liag to work on, you
"Whaat right have you to give adVl('.,
gir'! Yont are tot one0 of' us. YOU arei
a meddiler'--:1u1 ipertintent alien. Youur
hearit is not w'ithi Grustark, naf mine11
is. I~owi long must wo endure the ini
tolence' of theise. Ameleas'iUt"
Thec count was fuming withtl ang~er.
As' mnighat hav'e beeni expected, the ea y
going Yainkee's hiughedi unreI'ser1vedly
at his taunt. TVhe princess was pa
with indligation.
''Count 3laran ax, you will confine
youri remartiiks tio the man11 whom yo-J
haivo char'gedi wlih trea~chery3," she said
"You havie asxked for his arrest, andl'
you areto bi le hisi accuser. At the prtopl
er't tine you will prod2(uce!f the~ proof.,
warn you now that if you dq not ntus
tain thbese chariiges tihe displeaisur'e o
the~ crVown' will falil hav~iiil uoni you.''
"I only' ask your' highntess to or'de:
his airrest." lhe saidi, conitr'oliing himi
self. "ilIe is of the castle guard ania
can 1 (' seized'l 113 onlyo youri commanltld.'
"Banidos is att the ('astle steps, you:
*hlighness,"~" said Colonel Q ulnnox fron~
. the'. doorway. .The entire party lef
the counell'i chanmber' and passe(d out ti
the greait stone poirih. It miust 1)0 con
fossed that the pr1incess5 leanei(d rathe
Ij heavily upon01 Lorriy's arm. She~ ami
a neorly treambled with~ anxiety asq the:
stood face to fice with the taIl guard
wiio had come back to them1 so mnys
Baldos stood at the fokt of the stone
stels, a guard on each side of him.
ODne of these was the shamefaced
Iladdan, Dangloss' watchian, whose
vigil had been a failure. 'Te gaze- of
the suspected guard purposely avold- T
ed that of Beverly Calhoun. lo knew
that the slightest communication be
twein them would be misunerstood
i and magulfled by the witnesses.
"Baldos," uald Lorry front the- top. T
step, "it has come to our ears that
you left the castle murreptitiously lust
night. Is it true that you were aidedi
I)y Miss Calhoun?" Baldos looked S
thunkrul for thIs eminently leading
question. In a flash it gave him the
h-w-y to the situation. Secretly ho was;
wondering what emotions possessed!
the slender accomilice who had saI T
.zoodby to him not so many hours be
fore at the castle gate. He knew that
she was .1iNiaZed, puzzled by his sud
den return. Ile wondered if she were
-h-d. 1114 quick wits saw that at
crisis had arrived. The air was full't
of it. The dread of this very moment
was the thing which had drawn him
into the castle grounds at early dawn.
Ile had watchebd for his chance to glide
itt unobserved and had snatched a few A
lionr4 slep in the sholter of the shrub
biry tiear the park wall.
"It Is not true." he said clearly In
anwer to Lorry's question. Both 1ev- A
erLy and Marlanx st.trted as the sharp
talisehood fell from his lips. "Who
uade such an accusation ?" he demand
"coint 'ilarlanx is our Informant." T
"Thn Count Marlaux lies," came
coolly from the guard. A sun rl of fury
hurt from the throat of the deposed
-enera. H.4 eyes were red and his
tongue was half alied by rage.
"1)g Dog!" he shouted., running
down the :teps. "lirnfaioua dog! I
swear- by ry soul that he"
"Where Is yowr proof. 'omint Mar- r1
II hnx'?" sternly literrtupted Lorry. "You.
t h:ve nide a serous an ae11tt a:aist
our homred gue.st. It ennlOt he over
looke d..
Marlanx hesliated a moment and
then threw his borats rt the feot of the
"1 w In the ch:wlei when she opened
tho netrret pne[ for hu."
Not a word wn: u ered f'r a f;.1
inrwue. It was lk'cverly 'nIahann who
s e first. She was as enlm as a
spr-ing 1sr~g
--If all. thii.4 he tril. Count Marlaix.
may I 2a1sk1 why you.. the head or a'u
itark's army. did i-vr intercel)t the Idy
3!arlaux flusi ii lt iiy. The uies
tin laid' eught him umnprpared. lIv
dard ot newweg Il., snc
Ither with the hhi i'l Ow is.
"I-[l' was not in. a pouldtion to) restrati
11hn1," he mumble10ct.
"You prferrd "o wait oil heo w\.:I"
Safely gonme heforle maklng the e1ffort to
pIrt'ect 4 't ark tr ia er(i de
signs. Is that it?. What was your ob.
j lct li golng to the cI;arl --to praiy'.' 0
eViir, ~wvl tit 11: you 1) elter
th eatlo in the aiglt '" she asked irao.
!ally.. p]
"Your1 hi1"dmes<., nmly I he heard - f c
aisked Bilos lhy. Ie wasi sHillag:
1nf Itt Yetive fIroml tiE bottom of te
teps She vdertdi her head a trile a.
fasi!y. "It 'stinite true that I left tie
enstle by meanf-is of yotir sevret passage S,
"Brtt I wvish -o add that 'on'it Manr
manx I.A in errwor when he say:4 I ihat Mllss
wvere no't keeni In the diarkniess of- theI
sanctuary. Perhaps he is no't acecus
tonmed to. the-1light (oneG flndls ihl elhpel 1
at the hour of 2. WIll your highness'
kindly looik in the dlirretio~ci'o tin'
southern gaite? Your nuigst *gaz-may i1l
fall upon the ree-linintg figurie of a boy ~
asleep- t here ia tihe ahadow of the
fri('mily ieedar. If Count Marlan- had
might haive seeni that It w'an boy who 0
'went with ime iand not"
"IFool! Don't you su1pp)Ose I- know' a I
woman's skirts?' eried the- Iron Coust.
"Better thanii miost ikuen, I faney,"
- almly responded Balos. "M1y young
friend wore the garmnet'- of a wvoman,
let mec mld(."
Lorry caime downt anld grasped Bal-'
dos1 by the arms. Ils eyes were stern
and1( nt(euising. Above4, Yetive and Hov'- r
erly had clalsiped hands and1 wiere look- S
lng ont dumbly. WXhat dId Batildos meanii? A%
"'Then, you dlid go through the pats
sage? And you were accompanied by
this boy, a stranger? Ilow comes this, I
r ir?" dIemandled Lorry. Every eye was
accusing the guard at this juncture.
Th'le men i' ore derscendiing the steps as
if to surround him.
"It Is not the first tIme that I have
gone through the plassage, sir'," said
Baldos, .amused by the looks of con
Mionnan ijd nrdvise ---a to cnoe te.
Balade of thelKing to Come.
Then all his grievous wounds.
are well,
And Uther's son once more
may bear
he brunt of ma it andM break the
That binds him, mazed. and
waiting, there;
he glint along his fOient hair,
The gleani his palid brow
iall herald happiness rmost rare
When Arthur conm- from
hen Lancelot the- lea4l shall
With ardent glance the bale
fil glare
f Vivien's headlong fame of
And snatch old Merlh' from
the snare
guiltless G'uieivere shaitll wear
Undimmed thie tourney- dia- r%
brow serene.and debormi',
When Arthur comes from
hen reckless Gawain truth '.
shall tell.
Then joy shall crowni Elaie
the fair,
iwGitlahad ikisert the cR1,.
And Percival the Gral-sight
'all. Pelleas shall wed Etarre,
White saiAte -Enid true shall
Lnd Mfodred languish in b.is lair,
WNhen Aythuri conqs.- from
ir Knights,. loud twm ; shall
trumipet blare,
Shall good brand ifas.h and
riiind the douhk.Iragoned
\heni A uthnr (O'~It'5 fron.
A Changing View.
Who NaL)ltpoleon i. lY.kft Elba
ke Molv*teur, the ffik iMl organ
the restorationi. m1irked his
r0 $ acrosS; Phm with the
llowing- amiinrig. remarks:
The cannibal, has loft his den.
'Thw- ogre of orsikta has just
TIheO tiger-has arrtived at Gap..
TIM he monster;slep4 at Grenoble.
Tlhe~ ty rant. has~ crossed L.yons.
The uIsurpri~r has been31 se-en at
Bonapare is advancing quick
on Pari4 but he will never
nater the etilty..
The embperor has arrived at
His emtperial- majesty made a
'iumphlhal entry into the castle
f the Tuileries in the midst of
is fail hful subjects.
Here is Rellet for Women.
If you have paIins in 1h.- back, Urina,.
a Bhadder or Kiney tro~ule, aind want
--rtnin. I1leasant herb cur~e for womn.
ni a 1b. tr:y Nothe~r Giray's AUScA-rI.IAN.
-M It is a safe and never-failing
'1a'()r. A t Druiila or by mnaij Co.
amnple 'ackago i''RRE. Addrita, T1he
lireenville. S. C.

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