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F merA~'s' Union
Bureau of
In, formnatin.
-..oaiueted by the
South Cairolhl.f I 'o rniers' FdnltIOlitki and
- c.Operative Union.
Com a l ieat ions i ntelied for thisdepar
1ljelt titoliti be iltreneitd to J. U. Striltig,
cvudleto1a, Sna1it u r.)i a a.
Give the melbers Something
worth sticking to, and they wiIl
Patriotism vill keep sole men
in the Union and some will not
join any imevenent for patriot
ism pure and simple; but all will
fall into line as sooin as the dol
Jar is a sure thing.
Yotroflicers in the Union can
not do the work and win out
without the aid of the members
any more than a general could
win a battle without the men
behid the guns.
,esperate, fast and furious
-ting may be necessary to
A and head off a known iag
.Csive enemy on the outside;
but staunch, conservative rea
Sonling will win out for peace
and harmony on tile inside,
where more fighting spreads the
No amount of reasoning can
stretch conservative principles
over the dividing iline, conserva
tism and cowardice, to protect a
coward that shows a white
feather. Bo.ys, heads up and
toe the line; bold Union princi
pIes against all enemies; be firm.
0 * *
Do you belong to the Hog and
Homiiny Club? or are you play
ing a game with the cotton
Growing n-i over-supply of
cotton, thinking you can blow
:red pepper up the nose of the
spinners an- make theni take
your dose of SIrplu1s cotton Lit
profitable pri- 0:s to C1%re voN-I
complaint, ik bringin.i g you tip to
the lace tj) ma got to that
tried to blow red pepper in his
muile's o110ei( to cui ro the bucking
habit of the beast but the ol
fool m11 hl-;ed first, filling the
man'~fs eyes with the peppor.
hookonit tha're for that (ottont
flXC mciat4o to 1b1:>omi in y-ouri
S(1 3: before yo 3mve time to
anik 4; gas enolugh to blow up
refitable prbI es o a big c'otto n
( ottonl fairmers in i he springL that
fam.es51111 and 1o-kt Ihm in haru
ne'ss wvithI feruilizer' andi other
Itrusts forl ;;bo Ct h alf the v'ur,
and1( kick out ofl h :n-ness's they
tamnely sahmnitted to in the
Niost any :hild oni yoiur far
miay be excused for iryttin2 inito
trouble first and then calling for
help. But~ no s:me man can ex
pect muchi hflp or symnpathy
that wvill de:'icrjely walk into
a hole with hi-i. yest open. T1hinkl
about this and get 'ounsel be
fore you get into another largo
Crop of cottoni with other peo
ple'sI mon1ey pitted agaiinst the
sweat and toil of yourself and
perhaps your wife and children.
A slip of the tongue of the
- 4iemagogue mad ' himt say: "'The
'wife of the downltroddcen farmwv
*."- s forced to rock thle era lie of h r
lovely babe with one foot, whi ke
she wvipes; the~ tears f rom her eyt s
with the o'-,hr,"' has its parallel
in huitiilia iion to see the ladi
;b .e of cotton that represents
* the h bar at-d toil<( f the wife anm
children' for the ivhole year
* driven off to the spo.p.latorpill
hslety turnie~)r yes awan
you t
to ke
to look upon her half-cladI and blicki i
poorly-fed family and empty chinist:
uantry,wondering perhaps what THis pr
has gene with the mainhorx1 of ' value b
our independent farmers we . ust af
read about. I The
prior t(
Mn. EDrroR:--Kindly assunre (Aut re
the readers of The Index that Growe
the Farmers' Union is not an he is a
anarchistic instituition,. as- was By b
intimated by one individua' on to maki
the streets of Dillon las; Satuir- peas,
day, when a large Union had tinued
just been organized, composet 'planter
of the very best farmers of that hlorse:
refined .community. Nor is it that a
fighting any class or business. guaral
In the cotton-growing states it I every 1
has but one essential, viz: The
forcing of the staple yearly, at
as early a date as is practicable' Notice I
after each crop has been ma-le. Notice
Based upon fact~s, with regard aplcua
to the quantity and the cost of tlhe st
producing the whole crop. fo noo
Giving the producer only a apctPPIl
reasonable, but certain price for fja c
his lab~or. ?ischarg
As to the justice of 15c cotton, talc
there can be no question. Let
the man who thinks cotton To Bre
should be grown for 100 per Allen's
pound engage in the businoss, V'IltB
'dto his own work or employ i . it n
rIborets at the frice obtaincd -,y IQ,N
many of you know, we represent the Colui
cmpany, and it is one of the best on the n
ali, one of their expert cutters will be her<
'day, March 20th and 2 1st, and we would I
all around and talk "'clothes" to him-it will
>uy or not. Don't forget the date.
w Spring Goods coming in every day, and it
'ep in touch witti us.
Yours tru y
yers, blacks~miths~. mna- h are'
s, and other mecQhanfl.ies. vr aeu bu e
itlutt wouldt tboundettn a
eyond the pri1ce it~rou rhtthti hrcunisort
er* the Civil war. bte ht 1 aeI t.'
writer1 wvas a c.otton shw nde irlhe rts r
the 25 per cent. inerge nn o ti~i I t
.ohniioni of theu. Cotton te 1ai hssoal
:uA S.ociationi, of wh it hi~sfu l hh u
lov-il mnenuber.tebdtatinbenot
btexperience he learned ruihcasdbI btth
va nore, by aiin corn, rainodieetrog
.afl b and1 hogs, and con- ~ GkenMd
to cut. L'ist year* he I osfrteSoahwi
i les than oeacre to theadsnbt 10frtechi
nor would he' imwa-se nLIthsvy?tc
creage this ~year\~' wer h eorpneaigu
teel1 15c per pound forIrnrsrdieesrsnqf
)onnl he could pr'oduice. yu otcao1tue
:inal Settlen ont andS Dischargeahentjtelorirguu
hoere-o .ven i... rs,; --'1 miake obt' iig fe a
-n to. J. it. Wov . ery, Esi l* bou..o heidc
ProbL~ aw lor Pbkens e .iint~x m ufrn rm*iiu~es
- tf Sotm ii ;nr. iuna, oo the 91t.halvriihth sa o
pril . 0- N). a- . I o ei .cek in ahe otnrdyppirndt
.j Or a sne-n ii .hrreaf ' ' as sait : eagm ns
(11 .1~ i b e..tl, f or ., liV -to
nal 8 -r,r l.angert *it the ,~ ..' iIe n ..'
.I' T---In-r.. dle-eps.d. arid O-ojin~
eI iI- ~aon ira'. totur o i * - s
12. 100u:-. Admninis stuor..
ak in New Shoes Alwanys UsDefyuwl utml ot
Foot- iauy, a pi. wder. It pr re oyo isbolto
ighian -sa aund IWisterinig, cure a h tnadmdclat
.'Swe.atlig feet. At all Drug- h ae fnilteige
shos sitore p, 25c. Sampjle mail-itoiswrdfmdmic
C. Addass, A. 8. Olnmsted. Le igwa h oteiou
1Th2ealdsofttthorouhy af ter
mbia Tailor-(
iarket. Mr.
Friday and
ke to have
ay, whether
wvill pay you
ing~amaIgves I Fave yaong Jacs. Would ex
wml tadlatwot chag~e for pair of goc i young
and digesUsN. mu es Apply to
~rformecd prao
actly like the ~ 4: .~ ' JI3U
not appairenb eti-S.C
hurn Is foul it nta .C
Into It? -- - -
h Ia not alone
corruption ofI 0 I** ~ ~ t
id the dissom
out the body. :piaE T.A iI.1s Ma 7
*al Dlscoveryij Su)pemies te~TIna. Tnble Naa 0
omnach sweet. b:Wwcavie MIar.-h 1> l1a
t the washing ~1ewaI~a '
'naslti o 9 NI) II STATION. soa1 NaI
orsbltincs, ', -xcnaI m!It4 'n1, . I.t
lnas swellings ' efh an, ia i ni a krs I* r s N:aam 5-o om jh
eers and( all i s 11: a:. anua e r rson's : I:5aaa:00 a'so
oyn bad blood. 7:1I0 auna II:0 a al *. rtaa II" aiam 4:-lis
foul taste i 7:'naaa ru 0:?5 om *Msaulin 8:00aaa 4 in poi
,foul breath, .:-a. ena 'Ia ibma r -hya :ta :5e
enl dnpressed IAluaia lul xetSualg
ant headaches :ocann,-es with southerns i FsnaIwny N,,.*1:
5tressa in stom-) o 10i:a a-a not with Sotaitlairn, Iliiway Nio a
r bowols, aouar 4o. "i i""o"n-' with Snother nnwy o .
nug and poor I~e i,- ear laity Iinformaaat .in aap-'y to,
-any consider- -.. T T.a' Lo k Geinani.:e'r
Iothat youi are .. ..
torpid or lazy1
iardl'- M.C. LONG,
ama e-Attorrnoy-at-Law.
lOver Postokllc, Andrsor, S. (6
solutely truePreUonalCorsL outCroa
cxtracts from - 'U.
orities. giv ing #A lR BA.LSA M
louts entering, ~ iand 1 . a. the hau.
nos and show--~I -* ,r,sg . gtta
medical mena 1 aV to sia, Ymnaati oor
Qu i I . 'o.a h )aEa t

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