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EP -
TM. -~
.When you buy that incu lmtor. t1eer
clea r of h nimrgain coiunter.
(oo inch IwnS are't foid in
"Cheiap .lin'' sIops. We ha vel't I I))(
to tigure low far ill the dilfereilt style
miiachbines In a straight line would
renlel. but wve know that we ('hli
v :iew al1 he dieindable ineuiIhators Iin a
day wl:hoautt doing stunts and have
ple'Ity or time to get to bed with the
Iiulnibators and brooders are of two
types, hot walter and hot air. but iuny
of them ire all hot air.
Many of our correspoidenits In writ
ng about hatching machines hegi
their letters. "I've been sttng." They
got It at the bargain counter.
The exchange columns of tIe poul
try journals are full of fellows whmo
are anUous to trade machines on
chickens. They will give you a gilt
edge guarantee with the machine. hut
the only way they can get chickens Is
to swap. Such machines always luen.
Iate-lots of trouble.
Now. It's pecks of fun to sit up nights
with au Incubator full of high priced
eggs and monkey with a smoky 1:11m1p
and :a cranky regulator and. after
twenty-one days of such nervous prOS
tration, to just get left. And this ill
turns to hushels of fun and tons of
amusement If you have invited all
.your relatives Vid friends around to
behold the woil1erful miracle of na
ture when those beautiful. fuzzy halls
of chick netivity break from their irk
some environment to begin the -voyage
of life.
In such a case New Year resolutions.
antimarriage pledges and church vows
often prove a failure like the hatch,
and even the company's guarantee gets
a black eye. Then what do you sup
pose happens when the company lets
him down easy by saying. "In such a
case it is the result of poor manage
ment aind infertile eggs, and we, of
coturse, are not responsible and will not
return the purchase pricer' Tableau.
Please remember that the best hatch
ing and brooding machinery Isn't just
so much lumber and carpenter work.
The practical incubator tlint turns
out the big brood of livable ch1icks
wvasn't hatched In a pile of sawdust
and shavings by some mongrel that
stole her nest.
It is the result of costly experiment
and sclentific tlinking.
If a reputale incubator hohldng 150
eggs coshi you fromi $20 to $'.5 and( ma
birooder- to match is quoted at $18 to
$20. don't twIst your face to say.
Tfhat' s che'cip for g'xod lbra i:s amd sur
cessfull ha tchinmg and( bronding. You'h!
see it later In fine eggs andl stok.
When you buy your chicken macina
er-y, al ways consult a reputahle poul
try-man. ITo kcnows and is always ini
toueh wvithi new invent ions andt imi
pirovemaents In the ha tching iand brood
lng Iuines~o~s. As you are askinug the
favor. inclose a stamp). This is only
commliItm decency.
Don't gpt the Idea' that a larger- mia
chIne at a c-heal) price is better thtan
a smaller reputable machine at the
samie pricc.
Ilun;.arians always buy boots for
the amioumt of leather for the price.
not according to the fit.
Better- have a safety device incuba
tforflhat costs $20 and hatches eighty
(hiic(s to thle huniidr-ed eggs set than a
200 egg amachine that costs $20 and
burns your house down.
Large maachtncs are harder to r-egum
late, more difiicult to keep filled wihm
eggs, IImm many of them burn mtore oil
than two half the size.
Tihey are har-d to sell secondh11and'.
and a p'oor hatchi Is a big loss. Th~e 150
eg ch'e Is our- measurme for best re
A Ibig nisance In incubating Is a
half dozeni differenit style inculbators4.
This Often comes fr-om attending rum
mange sales. Some ar-e hot air. other-s
hot water: some have wa-ter- 1)ans. oth
er-s not;: somie have automatIc ventila
tlon, others slIdes, [and( all the instr-ue
tions5 are different.
'if you are a trainl dispatcher or~ hamve
takeni a patent memory dleveloper,. you
cani do the stunt, but neOver longe the
var-lety show in charge of 3-our wife,
for there will surely be a fir-e or a di
Don't forget the nits Iln dusting for
lk'e. Trhey hatch In two weeks- In
two weeks dust again-or nit.
Don't b)other manufacturing your
owna louse powder. These ten cent
PpecritinnsP adyerthteLwILl do you.
TyonT lrgi io wnTt tllI the Inst C
bell rings before you order your mleu.
hator. If It lingers back [ teri t han t
i month, then telegraph. s
D)on't breed rats ::nd inle(.. You h:ve (I
llough on hadI to br4.xd tand fee I
chlekelis without extras. Old fashion- 0
ed catulp Is the best vermin rugit. '1
Don't dust the Cithck and put her
right bgiek oil the nest. She will soil 0
her eggs. Let her vat lier imcal in the
morning and dust her In tle afternoon,
Tle louse powder will make kor drunk. r
so vol Call Kee what you !ook like just
- - I
It's ittching season and your stuick. a
"To be or not to be" a breeder for e
the practical or faney Is the (uestion.
G Ive ts the "long geeni.'"l and tihe
honest sport take the blue.
Corine off the roost and listen.
If it's leat an2(d eggs. take White
Wyandottes. Cocks wveP'Ihi ei;lit and
it half pounds. cockerets seven. an4d a
half. liens six n-I a half and ullllets
five and a half polunds. Pretties: turu- 4
ket fowl. One pound less than Rocks.
bit more eggs a nd smaller ration.
If it'*s most eggs and less but finler
flesh. take Leghorns-S. C. White pre
The dual Leghorns bred for size and
egg:s nre the fad. Beaiutiulii standard.
birdsh; grac(efnl as doves: lively as -
crickets: the layers 111,4 payers. -
Blut there are others. Choose. You a
wish to be a sport? Then listen,
If we were a sport. we would"Ini't hunt I
in onl Common ribbonl winitters, like
Rocks. I)o's and S. C. Whites, tIm:
crow from every back yard. We would
breed the sportlest. the unique. the tl
tra rainy high tilers, that would tmake
the swelled h'ead know-it-alls put on
their specs and ask. "What is this
bonl tonl. beautiful bir'
No. sIr! No breeding egg layers and
Jiuley mueat chickens to feathers. comb..
an(1 coisuniptlon In our potpIe. No
hook backed Wyandottes in our chlek- C
en noodle soup. We would take the J
faney hird on the Igh perelh and make 11
himi faneler, fanlclest. We would he- 14
colie oir own class. own our own mar- d
ket and lie the whole show. C
Tie electroplane. the electrobator.
the electrolhenl. will not perform a great _
part In hatching operations. With a dol
lar tueter rent and exo-hitant rate: in
many small cities and towns and most
pioultryimen locnted far from electric
p1lants, we fear tile patentees will n'ot.
get rich.
A chealpl portable light plantt is next
in order.
If yu ae gaherng egs or erly
hacin.yo ak herun f h
nest youfte orthern eggs fo ealyd
Keepl t hemt in a room where the t her
imometer registers GO and roll them
about ever~y day.
To fix an egg tha~t it enn't hatch .
just take it it the hand with point to
italm. 11ol it tightly and( go through
the stutnt of thraowinig a1 hail. The a
shock turns the germn upside downi.
and( it enn't halceh.
Now that the showvs are over the a
sporty birds will return to the simple
life. Those wvithu blenched backs and r
dyed feathers will sooni assum~te theLir
brass and( lose their lordly air, nnd( the
borrowed crowers will be returned
with the usual hush money. So long!
Yes, you will get the chIcken fever
in the sp)ring. It's ats regulitrt as spring
poems, Easter hats and house wreck
ing. The easiest way to cure it Is tor
buy a real eap incubator and1( run1 it
aecording to dIrections. Cau tion: lie
fore usning. double youtr fire Insurance
and( keep the cat upstairs for a fire
The panic hasn't afteeted the egg and :
pouitry prices, though we have had to
keep our, gun out, watching those bank
ers that "buted uip." Are "nest eggs"
safe when they're airound? The people
who had all thteir eggs in one basket
haven't drawn them out for tomato can
stori"-e t Mny are leaving lnnko- bank R
ault. to invest with the Cock-at-doodle
omIpary. Tigre's still roosting room.
Tme Missouri lin kloc!ed out the
rent M!.:mourl mule. and tiiow ii'e Mis
our! Atc:te 1.4ow has just gone and
one us all. Listen: Flve thousand dol
irs' worths of free advertising for all
xhibitors: flve and ten do!:.v- pretni
ms: speciul prizes. such as incubtir,
liver ctui. twenty-flye dollar co:!;er
Is, fifty dollar pons, gold aned s::ver
iedals, club cups. spcelals, ribbons :nd
adges. Did you ever hear of a show
aying enough for express before?
lissouri. you will do if you do do its.
Who is the big cock of the perch?
t's the fellow who won his cups and
bbons on the square. 1ie will not
dvertise faked flrsts for trade andt sell
ggs from runts and crooked backs.
[c's no prize liar.
Tie'n I rue.
Give him his due.
lils cocks are trite.
lin lions are too.
lie's fair.
ITe's on the square.
IIe'll get there.
It's in the ai.r.
I' " I - cotrb Browi Legiorns -
SI . % .i - h>ii the Sothl. Per
ti-w t I 1.' S1 P, MlcCarty, Pick
Ulck 31av.r::--The birds thait lav in
initer t.1- 0,- H :ch d iin Febr-t-irv 'and
toneO 14-ing in StnImor nind
9 n : l111) s ,e ch : to i-1r,
ihh. A I -w re tiigs (if eggs it $2-00
:tr 1:. Ti -vy .nr fine hints (and were
vin a inagh iisik iiy Mi:ttshall.
Mri.M F. Hed~ter,
Pieni n1H.
I' et I !?. 31 venu Service,
1) - ri o if S h il Carolina,
IA u.-: C.'lb, etor's Office,
Pick.'n,4, S C , Feh. 21, 1903.
Notice is lien by given that the follow.
Ig-iveseribemd property having be-en
ized on the 4t h day of February, 1908.
oar Brown's Mountain, in Pi-kens
unty, S. -., for violacion cf Scclions
.42 lind 3291, R. S. U. S., parties claim
ig the s- v tius- Mile bond in the Col
etor's (lie witlin thirty datys of the
ate her .I or I Iv saineu will be forfeit
A to the United States: One I-horse
'gon. 1 tOIl e, 1 set single barneps. I
lot -gun, 2 riile-gun. gallons corn
hisky, Seizet from J. C. Wade.
fe)2 Dip. Col. 3d Diis. S. C.
Notice of Election
)Ilice of Cmunty Superintendent of Ed
urationi of Pickerns County.
Pickens. . March 3d. 1903.
Whereas, It ' li tion from the freehold.
rs and elet oi s of Johnson's school
'strict No. 10. havi been filed with the
'ounty Board of Education of Pickenis
ount i asking sam' Board for permission
) holit an elct ill in sai Dist rit to de
--rmile wht-her or not two and one
talf mills whiilitiomil shall be levied on
lie abovo di.-,tri.c.
It ail)tarih- to the Cotntv Board of
:dluention tit the petitiols tineet tie
*qtlirf wtflis ,f thie law. Therefore, It is
wiei'reid t hat trustes of the above
ntild <h striet do hold an election on
[arch t bi n . Jhi-ten's school hoiuse,
W thei':i ii 'e- sta~e ij urgiose. 'The true..
Sshall 1.. Iitaniagers and shll
andumct th ele in as allI generail elc.
ons ,ri e.. ''incted andt strietly ini
'''.-dic wV thi >eetionm 1208t of the
chiool La
lIyI Onh-r of~ (i untyv Bonrd of Educa-.
oni. it. 'I. HALLUni,
Secret ary and Chairma~n.
For Sale.
75 A cres Wood0( land ini
(Je creek', kniown as Murii
Wil sel for 810, lper
A neron S C
ri Ivat iiani l lu-par Itire of 'ri n,, Grseen
vinei. 8. V. I'f'ect ive April 14, I1)0(3.
Iil:t'A lit il S,
30 iii. Ni'. iii bi ly 'ecpt stinnla~y, for Lan
I tt.s i:' an lii t nl imeitet stathitis, ti ve at
:1i p m, No. :I rhuilly for Laurensi, ('lintoni
tion iounittlingj it, Stumpier wiith A. U. L.
i'hiaterni ilties, aliti ait Lautrens with U. .&
\\ . . 'crrnln Ni. I for Sptatnhuirg andi
In in Ni, -tifr G reenwoodi, Auigutsta, ec.
hurg 3:3:0 p. mi, G reenwood :11:46 pm, p in
. tucts 5--v pnh. in.
t0 p tu. No. ::t it ily except Sun tday, for Lau
retn~sl an intermedhite stations. Arrive at
:20 ia m, No. 57, itaily exicepit Siundiay (rota
lauirenxs nmdit ntermedh'itiit stations.
o p mo, No. S5. i'aii y exicept Sundatiy, frm
Laiures u inttu ie msedhrte stattons.
25 p mo, No. , it nd al froul Chairlestont Ste Ir,
'toliubtin. Niew berry, ('1litton, Spartianhunrg,
Auiguslta, Greentwo'Jd Lauirens,et1e.
Trinms No. 5'vnes i: 1 rn through btweenI
'iarleston witiiot el(' a ige.
.1. WV. Ligin, .A ci . Go. TI. Biryat G;en. .\gt.
GUiI:NV' LII, S. C'.
1Ertes. WIllIams, G. '. A
.Mi. nrnnd, T1rnf. Mint Anurunta .
Now is the time
120 acres near Central; 30 in
cultivation, balance in timber;
15 acres in bottom. $i 1.oo
per acre.
$1,000.0o. 1 6o acres; good
5-room house and outbuildings;
50 acres in cultivation, 'I his
place is known as the Parrott
place near Antioch church io
miles of Pickens.
256 acres original timber land
with good houses and good
orchard; only 8 miles from
Pickens; fine strong land. Go
ing at $4.50 per acre. This is
a bargain.
Let us know your wants, an
Holder 2
t Real Estate
Pickens, S
Office over Pic
e *
F. .Fin . ley
C4 00 1 CT 0% . ~
F. A. Finley,
Pickenis, S. C.
Big Crops
47 Mean Bigge
/ liig profits from cotton,tobacco
~ corn, toatoes, cabbage, lettutce,
les; anad frutits depenid uaponl their a
-or crops and1 qtticker and larger gr<
A high fertilization with
That Vi rg cin Feoinz a rcl
<a the es i . ha
er some tote vs e t si e a o
tin I exaggeate in th lst in i
~rguoa.arolina I ertlicars wasra
ri h t t rn ca i t a vill r
wto to our nearest sales of ice,
\.Virginia-Carolina Chi
t Rk bronat, Va. iurhama. C,
Norfolk, Va, Chlestom. S. C.
\ Columbalh, S. C. lhtaiore, laid.
Atlanta, CGa. Coturautaus, Ga.
Savanaht, Gna.
?.tontgornery. Ala.
laiemphisa, Tenn.
7 Shreveport, La.
to buy Bargains6
acre on Main Street in Pi*c
ens. Price $40.
2 lots in the town of Calhoui
which can be bought dirt.cheap.
Within stone's thro6w:of depot
$I oo. New 4-room house
ideal location in town -of Pick..
ens. Let us show you this.
r acresc in good residence
portion near the college. Ona
ly $600.
We have also a few of those.
nice lots left on the Robinsor
place. Desirable property.
I we will fill them.
and Stocks.-- .2
P Carolina.
Akens Drug Co.
Ei U
o -
0 0 01
Mail orders receive prompt at.
tention. 4june'o8
ntor and rai/rwh l'g
. *
si t ofi
n e I tu grd ci-lzrovisa
at t d al her egused
fa :pro t n te fertilizer s
Lm.roptten y or ie d t
ei tha h ld o. eIse

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