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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, March 19, 1908, Image 8

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Prof..J. W. Swittenburg left
Vhis mnorning for his home in
.Newvrbtly i respone to a tele
.ram ca*Ming him to the bedside
o)f h3s !?ather, who is reported
criti1 aT.y All. We hope that he
- v.n' % l Ms father much better
'and th1at he may be spared to
Atis el1enmm anid his country for
:4enany yoWfs to com11e.
Tho-n- w :s quite a homelike
* wedding at the iesidence of Jas.
&.4ut1eIqad on the 15th inst.
W. A.. Fakc led to the hymenial
l Id, oldest daughter
40f Mr.. and Mrs. Jas. Sutherland.
The .ri&e and groom are well
econnected and Ihavo many
*riends, who wish them a long
.and happy fife. The ceremony
. vas performed by Rev. B. F.
fta tement orhe-oo I ion of The Pick
em; Bink,:located as Pickens, at the
, 1:6peof .businc-'s, .Mal ehl V 1906.
YCoans and ECstunts $124,174.46
.De)mand loans 25,000.00
t Over Dr.sfti 2,810.77
T'Nank-'mg Remse -and Lot 1,125.75
s.Furniturf and Fixtures 1,574.118
Due4T.mUanks and Bankers 18,974.-18
"CurremV . 4,500 00
4,1 ol 1.1 00.(0
;Sflvar, Nidkels and Pennies 1 931.S6
"m.s~ and Cash Items 1600.00
$177,0 ).''0
C(apital Stoc Paid In $20,fCO 00
'AUadivilad Profits less cur
rent expeim s and taxes 23..555.58
Due to Binksi iand Bankers 210.61
Due Unpaid Dividend 10.00
Individuai Deposits tuhject to
check '71.050.14
Savinga feposits 0,000.00
--Cashier's Ciecks 1 673.27
State of:South Carcedina.
County of Pickisns.
Before me cae I. M. Mauldin, cash
ifr of the above named iank. wlho,
beit g dily .,r %vorn, ia.iS that tile ab.ve
and foregoing statenment is a true cond'
.4.ion of t bmink, as bhowl by the
- 2ook-0 of ; Lid bank.
Sworn to nn nlicried ):ufole me,
this 12t0. doy of Mareh, 1093.
-G. R. Hecres(qmal)
Notarv -'ublic, S. C.
lCorrect Attust:
-..T MCI. Diruce,
.J. ". hmister. Directors
To The Public.
The iloirt or Countv Commiioners
gives notice! t4ait ti,'*v will not approve
sor pay ,ay el,.it. for bridg'e or read
w'corC not (oti l (ia tell for by n11(A of them
Lefor- the w"rk vias purformetd.
Sui v isor.
'I'e V%'0r:3j P:-ste';,ion.
A well knw ~ i: hysleia v:'s tol~ina
ai friend~ of 2. the lua.>ro phases4150 u:
the praft(hi ve of 1 heivn whe he ouI1 was
"'Now. it i.; aI !a1t."' 4a id thle physi.
(2lan1. "ht l iIL iml!y fe'ver there Is 110
,One*~! atient to1 a (ert in dllmai1te mtay
result ha a etl~te which woid not ma11
'4erialize in the caste of' an~other. As ai
1'ule, J Edyike thea one 1 amieled to take
.2al-ner t lip. In 1 his contie ion I once
eCncoulnter'ed ai great surpbrl.se. A large,
4ime lookinug foellw came11 to melt one0 day1
suerin~g fr'om lhay fever in its most
-- ' -11ggrave fii0( orm. I naade the usual
.suggest Ion that hie takhe a trip at sea.
"ie gave me1 a 1look of dlisgust and
prepaired to deopart. 'Doggode Id!' lhe
exclaimed. 'I'b de eapdld of ad ocead
liider. I lb adI sen!' "-Newv York T1rib
Astigmatism Fromi Reading In Bed.
.Astigmnatismi, whle'h is a condition
where the refractive powers dIffer In
~the different meridians of the eye, Is
:in miost eases hereditary, but It Is of ten
acquired. The error of acquired astig
nmatismi often takes pla5ce durIng and
*after a severeu illness and ('anl be avoid
a.d. by proper' preenutions. Th'le wvhoie
-.Bystemn 1i in a weakeed conition, anld
*the person so affilted, being contined
te the house. Wvill resort to reading to
ppuss away thts time. and this ia often
Spacieed whuIle In a reelinIng position.
''There 'can he nothing more Injurious
jthani this lratfitee. Read(inlg undler' these
,Mondit-lons over'bu rdes th mi'Luscles,
anifd the .action of thene muisclies uiponi
tde form sof the eye causes an Irregu-.
dirl~y -'iln .the .curvaturte of the c'ornen'f.
.. dh l 'knlOmuI .as astigmatism. rTs
jI *OAi~Ctrimetal to dlistanft viatoni and14
~~nakesa reading and1( near wro k diflicult.
An en:ineeri~i went to school to pass
Sseaid thet examlinler, "what steps would
ZOti talke If the man steam pipe weree
WIving out?" TheIi enghnt'r replied, -'
0 ~ iould take the engine roonmsteps thlree
ta time." ie passoed -the 4epr..-A1l
7 j'~ourae TIIies.
We are now
your order any
it up tomorrow
dered. Much
right kind of I
P. S. Thie
g.d ti.e to
Have you heard of Dui. PHILLIPS, of Brecv
lis WVONDiERFUL WVORK amongr the sik
tm curing and b~enefitning~ everybody I ge a ci
and black, rich and pcor, old and~ young. I uill
>f Pickenw, S. C., for a few days only. (Na:
would, be gladl to help: the sick and af i cod '.' h
pay either ladies or gentlemen t-> talk "i~h mn
:ions, both public and private. are strictl i .O
CONFIDENTIAL. Call and see or wri'' t'.
Parties inside of incorporation can on'tui
be in Pickens until the 2-;th instant.
Ask at Mr. Hlames' restaurant for me. Addk
General Agent. P
WVe have a complete variety of Buists andI
Seeds. They are guaranteed absolutely Iru*Jh
BOLT &. (j
Pickns, : : South
2in-rice CahM rhns
CaDARD'c Paten
carrying~ Standard Patterns in stock and can fill
(lay. You can buy your cloth to-day and make
.1Don't have to wait for the pattern to be or
timne and trouble can be saved by having the
atterns. They are cheap-i oc and i 5c--none
-Prlice (ash atrcrins,
egg markt has struck the bottom. Now is
have tn egg feasi. Set all the, hens that gel
airdl .,. and There is generally always s
rad 'fn etd? I and especially is this tr e in the
:me ie a- wvhite genicies have we prepar-d. Del
h 'n the town and Suote somie prics that will
' this ad.) ing the right goods at right pri
aUt nloe.1 t A iI
Mv consulta- 7- 10o- 0 T race Chains, extra I
-\ BR1LE an dl 6%~ foot " " lgh
a vforci cuar. .R d 13 Tlop Hlames
~v fr cnula Good Root Plow H-ames
*JIIUC ? ~'* e leavy Raw H-ide I ame Strir
rI)Dodson's Paten t 1-lame F'aste
res~, Good Blind P'low Bridle
I PSHeavy Blind
eckens, S. C., HgirGae
I l eavy C 'liar P~.ids
- --Plaited Plow Lines (32 feet Ic
S"Best Cott<>n L ines (32 fe,
S.ngle Wagon Linvs,
- -. 4-Tined Straputed Pitch Fork:
I teavv St'eel Diiahingr Shove.h
Redc Jaiket Axes
E u ~ K~elley's Perfect A\xes
Axe Hlandles
I erry'~ Ga' den Circle Foot PinwV Stocks
stock- A few mo1(re. "'Rel ChieI "Co
--verthing{ in Piuw Shapes
\\ e: are still s lling Pidmont
Conme to see us and let us figi
8Th W, E, FRiEEI
, . "AL the Oli
(..aro.(:zIt \\. ve . ouon wi. evr.
>ehnneddo the am
sprng Fr ll uc eer
oww gvafesu etin
no dnbt ppea to ou a be
eavy 65c
:er 40c.
iers 25c.
/ $1.25 and $I-5Q.
nhg) per pair 25c.
t long) per pair 35c
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
J OC. andI 15C
ni Shellers $1.75
MiI'inig Co.'s Flour.
ire with you.
I Stand." 4.
tingr. Call for them.

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