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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickans, S. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
April Forecast.
CIrY;:IOIaw 1907 nY c H. nErr.
The April rains wvill put a bit
Of Irish in the lawn,
And a now and brighter augui y'
Will paint the east at dawn;
The songs of birds will fill the
And the night be full of frogs,
And every time a cloud blows-up
It will rain ca-i.ts and dogs,
And water newts, and othsx
And also pollywogs.
The brown thrush will retuin
to sing its song at even hush,
and the kind-eyed cow ivill
moult and rear and redder plu,sh;
the young man's thoughts will
love to dwell u pon his lady-love,
while he is not the one at all that
she is wotting of.
The railroads, meanwhile, will
Their spirits and elate
Upon the knock-out bloiv the
Have dealt the 2-cent rate;
They'll 0ll re-bait their hooks
And drop them in the pool,
And when T. R. gets after them,
They'll all cry "April fool!"
IVA there will be doings
in the Irden,- race, f( r
-entyldy ink Wil wecelerate
4-.e .1 .. The hoof? of Mr.
Johh'iMOlk W11 put up a cl OUd.f
dirt, and Mr. Bryan wh'. put Of?
a mcst terrific spurt. Tije pi t
.dential bee \yhich has been up
in Bill Taf t's hat will be rene veu
bv Ro0evt fr ni thil high
bitt; and -when it s-ems tie
la beinld imperils Teddy's,
Iets, the hasC will be slipped in
the so.t of William11's trouse'r
Whereat the veryV earth will
Anid sod and hits of loam
Willj 0)lfscate th' sk y e-1-h timi
Th stin: g is driven home;
And while t.) all the other.' 011ce
Illy" p,1 the gI'andl-stand'
Bill; T. and R. wil1 blandly ask,
' Wholl hill we run for
vi ?'
A~pril was named for Venlus,
thie Roman goddess of spring.
She was the mother of Ens:,
and attended the first Mothers'
Congress with that' young man
in h.rz arn:s. She was a very
fashionable woman, and invent
ed divorce. She was at differ
ent times the wvfe~ of Vulcan,
.:Mars, Menrcury, Adahliq and An
chises, and~ held the mal~tr~imon01it
r.efrd until L.illian Russe?. The
plaigt Venus was namiet for
her,s wy~xas the city of Venic-..
Sheeialso the author of "Three
The Jpepi1all player wvill resumell
Withalpters on his suit,
-And tlicyfgp will sit out in the
LAnd -Nolvm&ly root.
~ iis.. ypper .Jijl gr'ow cold and
IIi4 xife.ewl1 wear' a bit,
Ald the cok~l.,~k a chalk
oniark on
The.kitehen4q9pigans quit.
TIhie sstra.wv lgat gadon will
4 come In, andl .ppg r will go
out; the last few flocks of buck
wheat cakes will sort of hang
about; the spring will reflect red
fire against the sky, another
good share of the earth will sud
denly go dry, and the Congress
will debate upon relief laws for
the losers, and lay a reservation
out for our unhappy boozers.
The milliners will meanwhile
Those gorgeous Easter hats,
With large soup bunches pinned
to them,
And various dingbats;
And wh'ie the ladies dance for
Before this line of goods,
Their lords will pack an extra
And light out for the woods.
The moon will look like Bil
Taft on the 16th. The- big
leagues will soon be under way
American and National wil
brain about the 15th, but th
Anti-Saloon League will gel
started a week later. Easte:
will occur on the 19th, and tht
20th will be devoted to discuss
ing w-hat everyone had on. Per
sons who didn't have anythin
on to speak of will, of course
be unmentionable.
The sweet Elvira, will to churci
In rustling silks and tulles,
W-ich she will lift up to he
In prsing little pools;
And j t because a few me i
lfo k,
No one Commits a sin,
plor %lSe .(itere upt known lie
AM dur to the skhi.
After 9vr -3d: April will b
uneltr the infiuWhco of TaulrLs
th e bull1. Wall di'&t,- wh iel
hat, s' k n been undei. the in
'luence of Teddy the Bear, wii
boomancipat:d. Mr. Harrini
will gi ;e a dinner, at which h
wi 1 make public the (ct iils o
his plan to loik all square-dea
fanatics up iii round-houses.
Pernsvi1 born un-ler Tauru
a- e bill-leaded, and have doubl<
cowlicks. They are suspicious
and think the gas-ieter is fat
They are self-willed, but thei
wives can make them vote dry
They are very intelligent, an(
11nuderstand railroad time-tables
TVhe children will take Easte
And play upon the floor,
Aund 1t btaby will dlown on
ma~de green
With R2S04.
T he doctor will conme on th
And lighting, sprain a leg,
And the whole household wil
weep and pray
Till baby lays the egg.
And then the budeo May Wi
ope their fair and fragraint ey
andt a promise of the comii
June will glimmer in the skies
thew~ erfckets and the katydids ib
swveetei' s'ngs will join, and th
mint wVill put " In God W
Trust"' abon our wicked coin.
FREE lgbrtotes Puzzle FREI
To INmuoidCE. WeV will giv
awvay five thou~tsand of thies
Igorrot's D~ouble-Cross puzzles
mf ade o'f Philippiub mahogany
D))tlicult and fascinating. Writ
quiick and inlose)5 fnui- < ents I:
stamps to cover cost of i1allinj
puzzle, that's all. Addreas,
DomINocAnns Co.,
IBureau of
I n mll 1111 o II.
-t:ouducted by the
South Carolina Farmers' Fductitional and C4
co-Operative Uuion.
Cotul uunlkatious intended for thisdepar
ment, should ho addressed to J. U. Striolinig,
en.leton. South Carolin&
The Organized Farmer.
Ever think about this? One
smiall stran of a spider's web or
silk, will scarcely hold dovn a
house fly, but many thousand
ot'iese infinitely small strans
properly combined or woven to
gether will make a rope strong
enough to hold down a lion, the
king of beasts; or anchor an cle
phant to a tree! Farmers-, sinigle
handed and alone you have no
-more strength than one lone
. stran of silk; but many thotis
ands of you well organized and
woven together for your mate
rial benefit can tie down the
gre ttest trusts giant or corp3r: -
tion mogul on earth. Farmers,
hush talking and grumbling,
come together in a comy act,
then you can talk less and do
Some farmers say they cannot
spare the time to attend fariers
organization meetings, but if
you notice these same chaps are
forced to 1apiv large profits to
others that 0aI bo Vayd to ti 0
farmer by Coliert Of Pet' "
amn1 ll fainleirs.
Go to the insane asylum a.
yoa will see one lone sane man
controlling and subiduing a large
boyI of strong,iisane men with
out the uso of arms; ask thi i
keeper of the insane if he is no
Jafraid that those strong e11n
will combine and kill him, the
j kecper Vill tell you no, that
fools 1evr organ izes.
Farner Union, lie gv ( af j',t
I ator of the fumi.e0r is growi
Six new (ounties to be organi
ed in South Caro'ina soon,
1 orth Carolina, Kentucky and'
Colotado are to form State
Unions within the niext thirty
d s.
The " have not ct
their own throats," but are hai d
at it strenigthe.ning the paniic
stricken plates in her ft nces.
There is nothiig new inl the
gas that. ihe Faraners Ufoni i.
the c;aus-e ofthe recent paniic.
~Way back yond~er Aesop) is his
1fab'e tell about the hungry
wol that u nted lamb nAi,
raising a row with the lamib for.
mudy'ng the water wheni the
lamb was Q'riniking ont a; tV '
'stre am below the wolf.
The wiley Talitleian will soon1
bI o at in the fieM t r mping aI
~l wing ' ot air, trying to winl
by2 ;saying *good thin ts about tie
l1"-rer' c'rganization. Let
hbim talk on while you wrinkle
p y1our nose at him.
fIf you were not a Farm&r'
iUnion' man what would you be?
If you MYe in distress on your
farm and i'aeded help at once,
you wvould c:Al on your neighbor
to join in and1 help you ont and
a good union main' will do it.
.lThe biggest cotton lear on the
emarket is the cotton gl ower
.dumper, wvho prodluces niore cot
ton than lie can control.
Are yoti going to control your
cottdn' Crop tis amn, oi wil
rour cotton control your whole I
arm and family?
Henry Grady said, "Cotton is
t fool." Don't follow a fool
ond then blame Wall Street or
:otton exchanges for getting
rou into trouble.
Prices for cotton shirts are un
isually the same yesterday, to- -
lay and the whole season. But
,otton gamblers' chips push
)rices of cotton up or down as
hough the rea.l value of cotton
vas worth more or less in the I
4forning or evening of the same
Quicksilver is used by minors
o gather in tLe small particles I
)f gold. There is more gold in
;hree inches of the top soil of the
)uth than all the mines in the
world contain, but the cotton
Yrowers t'iat ar.e di-ging down
no mother earth for his hidden
[reasure must use home grown
rood stuff to collect or coin the-(
Yold e:.tr tted from sout.lerm
:oil through cotton crops.
Gentle Plav,
His Mother-" What. are you
moping abou t the house for,
Tommy? Vrly don't you go
over and P'jiy with Charley Pinl,
1Jor ny--"'Cauw 1 playu
i ..~lit'y I inafre yest.er
d;.y, and 1. doin't s' po. u 12,'s well
Notice of V-pe Reauction.
- P- d''dra ., M-arch 24.
N :um; .1-:l*. j?&j-n avoc:saging
10por ca.. , j- . C '-:.I !n :CIt.h e cot
t2fn cioi mil's ''n th:is city m,):.day.
Th-e e-i <!!tec eoeatv
C-fn A. C. T1 ye'..ra malls wd .!c~h aire'
en'. ..../ 2Nuv P' .o-:d er ten muan
ut,.:',E~ .'-.-:. !bu u lit ! n e
2:..00 c:>onitbvos will be Ar-f.d, -It:
000 in t.' e h W r i " r.: ,00 in .t'.I
- :1 -. .'. .. Ex p t:c n .
l '.. '., . ! --.Alr. !':'rene
DC , *i-: r:c * . I t .:! t :nu (( egedm,*
(y In a .m1.ne - : . e a I.' cir
m . .V)' It*-! to ' N h
p're in the .. o byi. 'g heresc.e
over th'e amu'dar!a:.c , : t.hire
W..is a ierr! :' . U.:h were
trrribly turI+k I, a re i. ;; in t he
hc -?.. fc-m tidr biurn. The wo- -
nenui trik to r;,.1e cr im.
Senator Tillman Improving.
Augusta, Ca., Ma<.h 24.-Over a
long Cdstal:2.3 teleph.cne from Tren
tan to Augusn Helirald .\ion-day morn
ing, Dr. Hun-~er, physician atitending
Senatcr 13. RI. TIlmn,~~ r:.adio the
foll~ywing statomnt: "sentlortt Ti-llmtan
Is much unrproved, Hie is r-esting
ivolt, relishe.- his feod and s'houild 1
io able to le-avo his bed w-ithin a few
Wedding Fixbed for May 3.
St. Polorsburg, March 24-The wed
ding of Pince Wil'hetm of Sweden t~o ]
the Granid Duohess Mario avlna .haa
been fixed for May 3. Prinice WiI
helm is the secondt son of Criown
Prinmco Gubtev of 8\vodaen. He visted
the United Steates las~it samnme-r. 'The
grand dhuchoss, 'wihom~ 'ho is to marry,
is a daughter of Grand Duke Paul
Aiexandrovich .<
Officer Awarded $45,000.
COhicago, March 24.--The fin4 de
cree in tiho caso of Otbeirln M. Canter,
former eapt,atin in the United States
engitneer corps, wus entered Saturyday
by Judge Koh-1-saat, in 'the United
States circuit court. Praiticailty all
the finditngs are in favor of the army
officer. Bly the diecree Carter is award
ed $46,000.
War Veteran -Dead.
Blaltimore, Md., March 24 .-Bria..
dier- General J-acob Kline, U. S. A.,
retired, died Monday at Johns Hop.
ins ilo cal~ of kidney dinamse. He'
sev- in tahe civ il and Sp'anshAmerl
iean wetra.
A Leap Year Invitation.
Vell, young ladies, I hereby
wish to say
hat anothe: leap year is fast
passing away;
;eing a year in which you are
allowed to call,
rou sh->)uld be so doing, one
and all.
L quarter of the time is almodt'
1ook out, or you'll find it's too
late at last;
Too late! too late!" will be your
sad cry,
f you put off st eaking till the
year's have gone by.
you'll all feel then as lost and
offcast as I,
Vhen you find all your chances
are forever gone by;
'his Is j ist the reaso why I have
no helpmate
n starting out to hunt one I
waited too late.
lhis always kept me just a lit
tle behind,
And the fellow just ahead al
ways gut mine;
[f in time I had started I would
have been
1oud have reach'd the place my
rights to defend.
"i i said the lordly bird is the one
thfit -ts the h+"
And no)tlfing then, e left i' onO
who sUtts1 too latte;
A1 One who is flow lonely for
. 4i, ig out too late,
[id you make a start and no
longer h:sitate,
just make up your mind to
make a leap year call,'
'n before the year is out attend
the bah'lor's ball,
h) will eitertain you lively
and vou feel 0. K.,
Znd as long as you live you
won't forget the day.
have nsMc*t decided my call
nkid would be glad the ladies
would take lul the strain;
1 if you Will try your luck and
mhen in don't succeed,
1st ( as I have done, and rs
tieitly proceed.
y papa says, "My boy, there's
a sock for ev'ry shoe,
ind ah~o there is a helpmate
tor you;''
\ltho' to purchase her I never
yet have done,
sut I will keep on trying until I
do find one.
f y. .u'd all get busy and help
out in the race,
t would surely help us to decide
the case;
o~ don't wait any longer]but ba
on the go,
\nd let's both be willing to nice
ly hoe our row.
4 now don't be bashful, but use
your leap year right,
And in the game of sporting treat
us follows white;
Io before another leap year you
ma y he so old
P'hat your affections will have
gr'own too cold.
Z. W. Kelley is erecting a
ni1c, subst5 an tial and commo
dious 7-room house on his lot in
Pickens. ie will have large,
airy roomis a nd three large rooms
in~ the basemment. It will be for
rmnt for a time.,

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