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is Seutinel-Jollrnda
The Santinel-Journal Company.
J. L. - 0. 'I1 : ZSON. EITOR.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fostoilice as Second Class
Mail Matter
THURWAY, APII L 2, 1908.
There Are About 6,000,000-To Form
an Organization.
New York, Marh PA.-Organiza
tion of the working women of the
UnIted States is 1vroposed by tihe Wo
men's Trade league. one of whose or
graizers. Miss Leonora O'Reilly, told
the nembers of the Oertral FederatL
ed Union at their meeting Sunday
that thero are 'between five and six
million working women in the Undt
ed Sta-tes and tb't the loagme w ould
not cease its efforts untilt wt uid or..
ganized thorm all.
Miss3 O'Reilly asked for upec:kers
for the mass meeting In nid of the
movemient which Ls to be :held4 Fri-day
evening in the labor ternple. Aa a
.remult. of her reqiueist, C-ha.rles 1. Rulo'
-sell will -p)eatk on "Over-Famp;nycI
Women" and Jo'in Spa:), on. "T'!he
President Will Send Legislative Pro.
gram to Congress This Week.
WI3 hing-ton. ). C., March 24.
Prodont R octsOeve!t has dotermined
on a legi.hd'ive prtraim, t-he enact
ment. -/f whiich -will be urged u'pon coni
greos in a special nge, whil: ;e
said Satuirdsty will go in tlis week.
Each of thn easureo to he osed
involvea perplexingdiiclie, n
ea-ch will have far-roo:'e effe-t on
the blshinosm, and economi c-: :me
of the country.
The pro.gra1u is the pr':h: of :nI
ortnilt coiforeices throu:: ' :t tei
pres'(dent has been pit : m
o'f tihe v'iews -f all int r: :t c:
ed. l.lke'wise the a-tthKe of the le 1
ers in both brianchc-. of c'onreh
been nirie known. Its iuccess d
pefn-J. upon the combined effort whch
he 'helie can be .1r;u~I,1t to hr a:
in 'he'.nlf of tle whole p!-an by t! .ose
aff!tcd, cEpccinlt'y 'by w;:ne e(1
The .)rogram include:
A de aration in favor rf :' revi
sioni ci the tariff In a rtmo'nal c.:o
he 'heldi after Marsch 4, 1909.
An ameu-dti.nent to the Sha:'u:''n :an
t'i-turnst la sv'o as to make itritott nT
concitest ionsa to conr.bi nat'.on of hth
lnbor and' capit-al,
limiting the powers of er':&ul
'our'ts In tihon tso of te injuin': ihn
in lI.hor di:mties.
Pan s.o o-f an empoers' liability
P'ar'age' o the .\ triCu fl:nancial 'Jil.
Man Who $kipgjcd Out Bei:0j C.:rr~ed
Back for Triat.
Mob.!Ile. A I-a.. M:t.t'eu Z . -Captain
Adea'nus.& ci' ci c:i:oo:.lrc.:, and~ Dt,
tective I. :ulas 1.' J1'thneuin. cif the New
York <k'ec' ivo' foece. li-t : t2.ro
Moito Mo.my muort::ig wit h I:-n .l.
Ii:em, fonnen:y asalet ant to;~rn
ton'.dentI cif' the Prudent!.al Ife In sur
anee e npany .ai theli' branch -ag-ency,
Cohoes, N . Y ., wh'lo i-s alleged to hav~e
-1.' d.1 the -country one yc'ar nnd a
hi~! .da with him $150,000
dv"~*. C -1,'i' ' funids, w homu the
n l'n~r.Cal., nea-r F'au
,F , thurce weeks ago.
luyle':;. .accordling to the sitate 'nio-a
- the d(eed and lhas no deftCoe, mi'yingt
be wdH' .lunt. have to go back to New
Yor-k .'n:: "ake his m'eC.:::ae."
High License For Baltimore,
Annmpolis, Md., March 241.-A high
license bil:1 for l3abtImore city was
passedl S-:aturday *by *t'e senate. It htts
n':ad-y 1:nsced the house. Umlier its
provi;ion~s ra.loon's and c'hab~s which
no.w pay $2-50 anneualy will pay $500
next yearu, $750 the yea-r afir' and
$l.:00u the t'hir'd ycnru. 'The llccuise
ii'! 'thoermain at $1,.000. 'Tlhe opc:':
tion of -tho l-aw is expected to causte a
redtuction of' 25 o'r 30 cenits in the eit~y
tnx r'ate at the eind of .the thre-e years,
llunan deeds and human lives arc
nlever und~erstoodl lutil they are finish
ed. You can no more toll in aldvance
how mnanhlood wvill turn out than huow
a young child will grow up.
That hacking col
Because your By
your powers of resiL
Take Scott's
It builds up and strengtl
It contains Cod Liver Oil
prepared that it is easy to
The Telegraph to Be Displaced
by It After March 1.
Many Men Operators to Be Lot Out. e
Autornatic Clock Signals Will Do In- I
stalled and Many Small Tilegraph C
Stations Closed.
A new field of employment for wo
men is to be opened by the raIlways' r
says.n Washington special dispatch to
the Chlcago itecord-Herald. 'Tis does
not menn that the roads will employ
women telegraphers; but, on the con
trary. their employment will be for
the purpose of taking the places of te
legraphers already in the service. The
future women ralilway operating em
ployees wIill be engaged at the smaller
stations taking train orders over tel- y
ephones. where formerly such orders r
were transmitted und received bly tele- v
graplh. This lew tield will lie open to I
woulen l when th iew litte hour day
law governing the working tine of
rallway telegraphers goes ito effect
oil 1arch 1.
It was confidently expected that this
law would work a revolution tin rail
way operation. and it wits with this
end lin view that the Order of Itallway h
Telkgrapliers procured Its p asge de- ,
epliethe eterinedoppoalonof ('to
ralway m ogers and eveI ag:i1t
advicdirect fron the Whit' I1o:1se.
Th't revou o 1i : ( min:, all ri; 1 t. but a
!t will bev a revoIlution which w;! elo'- y
gn the telegraph to a hack ,:iet :s an
jd.lunct to ralway olperation and wvill o
h:mw thmo::s::uis of operators out of r
sment : anm:nualiy will do-1,
" a- t ir number I hoic unitil they will I- -
soatdiapea fomA mierlennl rulli- i
WO , s..9
It was ivs Od (hat the- reduction inl
(!ewo r hue of railway telegrn
N'nr to ile hours would compel the t
i ::!:'o::ds to eliploy at least 8,000 adi4- tj
Slonaml Imien ::t once. It was also known si
1hat i: would he Imimpossiile to secure y
thi nmher of Inen whein needed. anid
it ws:, herefre hoped by the men
[1:!t a:1 lne:ease in wages would be a
er ofw th' revo; Itl lon pianned.
The i 1 i ':: Imnagers at first took a 1
ha nlb r vew or the situation, but it r<
:: a v:s dilcvered that it would he0 V
imo:::ib~e to amupply the dlemandl If all t<
(' xi:ig telegraph~l (Ifiles were to he lb
aa : :m nnedl nitr Mar~ch 1. As a result g
of a ca rern! ih udy of the sit tintion1 the e*
nhia hour dlay f'or telegaphers will"
briug about1 the following clan iges :
irlst.-T'he anidonm:en:t of all sta- e
tionsa as te4leg:'np 11:1ItthmUS exScept (livi- e
1i:n hemi artersun .!utij net Ion ii points. t
C'econdi.--Thle sublstitui lon: of t(!b0. e
phones' for thle receipt untd tihe trans- I:
mli:5;ion of ordercIs anmd miessages. V
Thimrd.-Thle emiployiimnt of w~omen a
as nagemits in inany stationis thus tranis- t:
formed into telephioine stations.h
F'ourth.-Trhe transaction: of a tre
monmious amount of omle huisiness by3 Si
letter which formerly was transacted
by telegraph.
Fifth.-The rapid extension of the
automatic electric block signal system, L
whleh will miake telegraph stations un-D
In: determinlng to inaugurate these BI
changes the railway managers found F
that they had in reality been preparing '
for them for years. It was discovered C
also that by adlopting thue most expen:
sIve system of block signaling train
or1ders and telegraph~l stations~ could for
the greater- pairt be done navay withI.
The railroads therefore- decided that
t hey wouild rallher spendl4emIllions In C
iroriding and maintainiug aiutomiatlc U
block signals, which never go to sleep)
and which never faill-unileidi'they spell b
danger," than to spend the same mnon
*'y in maIntaining telegraph statIons i
:mnd telegraph operators. The closig Ci
)f atatlons as telegraph stations Is IS
imde possible by the fact that wIth amn
talmntle elentrIc signal all that is nec
!:y ia to start tralins as fast as the Si
erimial:1 block is empty anmd 1:0eep them
.soinmg until a semnaphore siays "stop)."
A ccordinigly many of the bIg systems.
wotably- the Ihnrriman rona1s, have been1
mastening the Installing of such slg- ~
:mls, and the new year finds them
'endy to lock ..he telegrap~h keys in
umdn(reds~ of statIons. The second con
letion,11 but one which many hnve hilth- thi
'rto lneked courage to Put Into effec't, 11.
s that the telephone is really the most
'elentlfe meanis of comnmunieton be- Cc
ween) stations and hendria rters. The j
3uirlington road, for exuaple, has been w
,eaesfully onernfinir trains bho nen .W
ugh continues
stem is exhausted and
itance weakened.
Emulsion. 4
lens your entire system.
and Hypophosphites so
take and easy to digest.
Ve. AND $1.00
ver its heaviest division, between Ch
ago and Galesburg, for several yeari
'he Illinois Central, the New Yorl
lentral lines and other big system
ave for several years had telephoni
ominunication throughout the entir
ngth of their systems.
Peace and Hjstory.
Parents and schoolteachers will b
aterested in a new theory called th
Peace Teaching of History" expound
d by J. N. Larned in the January At
intic. Mr. Larned's Idea is that th
rine of war raither than its glor
hould be emphasized. As soon as w
bstract the allurements of drums an
raiplings from the history books an
eezmber the
Broken old mothers and the whole
Dark butchery without a soul
re are so much nearer peace in its un
ersal and higlhest sense. "The stapl
f history has always been war." Mus
always be so?
First German Dreadnought.
The launch of the first Germai
Oreadnought. the 19,000 ton hattleshil
nyern, will take place at Vilhelmsha
en at the end of February. probabl,
i the presence of the emperor.
The strange story told by a defaul
ig debtor of his being recognized afte
e had been for six years trying t
ve down the plist Is not so strange
tory as one which came within tl
en of Professor Jowett. A good mal
'ent wrong. was caught and sentelle
t Liverpool to imprisonment. Afte
ic sinner had served his term Jowet
ad others helped him, andi he obtaine
colonial editorshi p w-here hils pa.9
"as unknown. Ie did well; was
ew man. One day a tornado swel
If the roof of his office. Under th
oof was discovered a batch of ol
:ngllsh papers which had been place
lere and forgotten after the mall ha
rought them. Ie set members of Ili
tafr to work to get out of the derelict
nything which might be interestin
aough to print. The first thing tha
ey found was a full report of tl
'Ial and conviction of the man hin
ilf, their editor, ait Liverpool all thos
ears befure.-St. James' Gazette.
Pants and Trousers.
Everybody talks well when he talk
a the way he likes, the way he can
elp, the way lie never thinks of. Tih
ist Is effort and pretense. The a:
-ho says "trousers" because lie like
say it and1 the man who says "pants;
ecause lhe likes to say It ar'e hotl
00(d fellows wvith whom a frank sotu
mId fraterniize, but the mnan who say
trousers" when he wants to 'a;
pants" Is a cr'ave n andl a truchlei
aually hateful to honest culture ani
'ho~eo':no i.'norance. I Ie bealomn 11
te mme' 5Cordidi eategor'y ith 1the min
'ho w.ears tIght shoecas antd high ('o!
it's th!at I r at torment to the flesti
'Ini ('nts t)live thait he doesn't re(liWu
lion of' his genatee'l nieighor In th<i
roso ne f -ront.-Atl an 1tic.
atemont of the condition of Tihae Libj
erty' hnik, located at .ibecrtv, S'. C.
at th. ckese of business, March 9 1908
nans and d'scounts $03. :49.o]
emandfl~ loans 3,9010.0(
ver Draf's 5,2 9
inking H ouse and Loit 1 ,.i..
irniat nre i ad Fixt ures a~~
10 fromt IlBank's and Hanker ia 1 2,550 .s1
lrrencye 1,i191.00
leer, Nir1kels ando Pennius aj
$91, 194 It]
api'.a1 Stock P'aid In S 000
iidad11( Prroths less. ('ur
reint aexpe',s aind ta xes !5,195i.58'i
ue Unpoid Dividenud 24.00
divi luant Dept sits itubject to
check 26 700. 15
inm (.;rtifieintes 16,9797
ishier, ("onecks 947.00
Its Pay able 17,000.00
$9 1,494.49
"fp 'of .St h Camrl inn.
County of Picksns.
Hreme camlo HI. C. Shirler, casil*
.r If ' atbor'e named bank. who,
"i g d"ly sworn, says that the above
I foreg. in statement is a true condi
'n of sailt bank, as shown by the
"ks ofi s tid bank.
Swr to and subscrib~ed be'fore me.
18 :1st day of March, 1908.
L. Clayton (shal)
Notary Public, S. C.
rrect Attest:
P. Smith,
,.S. Parsons, Directors
T.OT 'nehl
Preparing fo
We are now winding up our Wir
for Spring opening. In the meantir
Very Low
on any goods we have in stock.
We are receiving now some early
- Last year's business was the b<
hope tot make this better.
mOur motto: The best and most i
consistent with honest merchandisin!
West Cd,
Their Safe l's bwen tied and found Burglar I
This Bnih 1las ut glar InburaLce, Fire Ii.suri
lose your t ney.'
Lit ei al It tat llowed :on Time rep sitr.
you up sat.i6factorily,
II. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
Southern Shortha
and Busines
Atlanta, Ga., also Alban
Over i5,000 Graduates it
t [. i , j. s 1'.040 a1 - lient(ic ntt every y( ar for 1.4 ol.kt i
L Ete. .%n average of two oI enitus ior tvety ittetit that
70 typewriting machines, ""'
1 The sou1thel It alo rMtiilcts the
Soi whieh i -titution the irIhondis an d telegrn-lh comi
Main Line Wires Run int<
Write for cntalh::ne. lIcutr n~owi. 'I'hec 8ottIhern, is i
in the South. Address,
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or W. L.
Atlanta, Ga
Oterk's Sale. tiing
in Common Pleris Court. hmgL in
to .h-br~
:3. Victos i Ed ns, Plaintiff, 8(1 joinii
s- tihers.
.1 Martha Tairal1, et ali.. Defentants. runn1ii
~ lo X.~uanlce of a Dc cretali Orcier th10 'id
Swil th lhove-sited ense1, hiby . Hn . J. C. tanung 11
- Kiugh, dat 1 F1%:mu ry 28 19i8, and onI . qae
, fle the. C!erk's, (lica, I wv:ll sell to Te'Prn
Sthe hiiglhi. tider onI e - o p
- AL A NA PRIL, 1VC8, Sl
' during the legal hours for sn Il.: i. Il ens
to-wiit: All that.I ibce, pa. cel or I raict, e
- 12and( conltaininlg twenty-six norrs ii ore
,i orlss, and( boun~ded by3 11neds ot Jo - . s This is
,1l ave*nport, W. R. Eden's ando ot hi s. on
wa tei s of Oolenov er. ek :u ais a 3~I I bhat
othuer t ract o)f land3( cinjtain2tg tenl a-i,
more- or less, bounided1 by Jl.n (71 i Ih'ris
Anhmy arrenu H-endrix suiil aht rI
deeded to him by Thlomias 'Terrell.
Tierms-Cash, onl day oif a ii. Te1 ins
will le comipliedi witin one hiour aifter
, sair. 'r the~ priemist s will be r 1)s1Ofldo
-same dlay.
Piurchs.r to pa~y for all papera and
recording thle same3.
A. J. BOGCS. [Sent ]
Clerk of t ouirt.
Cler [k's Sale.
.Str to of Soul h Caroi lin,,
County of [Pickens. TUEl S'l
.Johin E. ererig', Plaintiff,
John Mon t gomrery, De~fend(ant. Long S1
In pursunneeO of a diecretal order in The S
the above slated c3.5 -, bv Ihm. J. C. ecienct
Klugh, dated February 20 108, nud on be'en p,
file in the Clerk's office, I will tell to the use in as
highest bidder on compet
during the legal hours of sale. at Trick- BEST
ens C. H., S. 0., the following tract of machin
land, to-wit: All that p)iee and hat cel -Bail
(of land situate, lying and being in tihe matic
above-named stateo and county, conin- the 1me:
ing forty (40) acres, morro or less, being Easit St
all of the original tract bought by me Sewing
from John A. Higgins, after running ofT ARD) R
thlerefroml 24 acres, said 40 acres beinL' a revel
representedr b~y a 'pint and survey of Easy Pu
same, made by J. A. Robinson, surveyor, Ing Mac
dated 17th August. 1006. Also all that 'rhe
piece, parcel or tract of land mn the 58
above-named siate ami coItna lcn fbO
r Spring.
ter business preiaratory
ne, we will give
Spring shipments,
st of my emspeyience...We
roods for the least moncy
Greenville, s C
t ce, C1 shir oI dted, F1 Y4 m ta!n't
ITee . C. S ir!(y ard ie w l ix
s University
y, Ga. Branch
I Positions
rs. ten grl dp.erN. Teeg i; 1. O r atO.v.
cittei.ds the Scuthern.
airgest (i1|< i et ion of Ilyl eral (Cits % WUC
by 41.y conc ei. n in the SI .t
This Schook
C otdest nd lirges.t uuiijne 1ilege
ARNOLD, -Vice-Pres.
fi '' I ( ' ilte. more ci r ht r, anid
tIma lsane, lot ofi ind d~,.eaI to
Ii ntgomery, D). M'a. M~nieh3r oin
the c'ity~nf EerIley, sM eye
M 'ntgonwery >y R. [.. L'wun,
oglots~Ic oa J.u R. linmv nna.~u
l'om1 JTama1irttowni aclret~' to
!iagoedl liver'v sitabl)e, nuw t~i;e
iaiut onie haundured (tR fL
s. cu'sh. Purachnpcer or parv-has
t-y f..r paip--s andu feor raeer~din~g
i . .I iOOG, ( il)r#
just as true ina Yrd to Sewing
*Iachines ~s alnyfihing elio. -
ow~ wVell mflade, you atre acinnlly
A a way3 three hoursg out of every
kOk 810 3'titcs in the amn time
mittlet Machinjes make onuly i91)O.
Landiard Rotary Pa inep~o iin most
caltly correct, which fact. Iws
~ovenm by 25 years of ang*euful
11 parts of the world and~y our
tors COiinluouasly trying te-~ony
ut souccers. TIiE: ST1AND)AR j
) ROTARY. TilR' W'Olti'D
SEw IN* M A C-IINE. iw Lwo
as mn onfe--Lock and C.hain StItchI
Blearmag Stanud---StrainI., :Aufo
Lift. Do not fil to inivnfigate
rits of, the Fast. st. MIo4 1ha'.n,
Runming anad the mest qbrble
Muchmne imade. 'TH I' WMA.P
rttion." Write for' prilea an~d
ymrent Plan. Gu~anasedew..
hines $12.00 up.
tihddard Sowing Machine Vo.,
o. BrasiA pnp40

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