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Pickens Sentinel-Journa
The Sontinol-Journal Conpany.
Tivostleso & RICUEY. PiOPS.
J. L, o. TmUO m iSo N. EDITOR.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunum.
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Entered at Picken's JXJstoflIce as SOCOUd Clat
Mail Matter
TilHUR1,M-y, APRIL 2, 1908.
"Is e(litorial opinionl of any
worth?" asks the Columbia
State. To which the Montgon:
ery A(1vertiser replies: "Well,
that (lepends, bit somietiies it
stirs up a lot of sand, Whether
it is worth anythin0g or not."
A North Carolina man left a
big fortune to his son onl coiidi
tion that he refrain from card
playing, fd(dling aiid dancing.
That still leaves him the privi
lege of shooting craps and pump
ig the pianola.
Chil(d lal or ill the cotton mi' s
of Mexico averages al)out 25 per
cent. of the total number of
operi t ives. The boys and girls
begin work at the age of 9; they
earn a t. first 20 to 25 cents a day.
O one of the four typesetting
macliines which have just been
install-d in the printing depart
mIent (F the Vatican, the pope
has set lp ten lines.
It is "My policies," " My
"Vr caididate," "My
(I the New York
ws up its hands to
oZ( iouls!"
Wm. Nelltis, aged 90 years,
who claimed to be the last sir
vivor of the "n)oble six hundred'
at Balaklava, is dead at his
homne in Maiiassa, southeast of
Loyarn, Colo. He was wounded
in thl' Iad at Balaklava and
f1terward foight at Sebastopol
a it the Ii hat le of Inkerman.
lie ca';n to A merira in 1872.
An indiana man has a record
of havin stayed1 at home foi
I18,99:; ('onsecuitive evenings. A
gr'eater (olmplimlent can no man
pay to his wife!
ife is what you make it,
Tlhey're saiyin' (lay an' night:
But. ant way you take it,
The w rl roll s right!
- [Judge.
Ever. doLg has his day, but ii
js not( every dog that knows
when lhe is having it.
ThPh liilad~ephia North Amer
ica is a Repub1lican paper. Her(
is its (estimate of William J.
Bryan: "Williami Jennings
Bryan,. of Lincoln, Nebraska,
mhay never lhe president of th(
UiteLd States and again,- 14
ury be. Ti.~me alone can tell.
udit we can't make time give
advanc Ile iiif nfration. Bua
whet lher (or not, lie is president
or fills uflica of any iot ha iF
our mo t st remiarkable private
t'itizeni, and his political recori
is without paralled in the histo
ry of our nation. Aside fronr
its partisant features and its
public significance, it has &
moral meaning which should bE
dleep-planted in the mind of hli
c'ountrymien, young and old, s<
that the number of his kin(
may bo increased.
* "William Jennings Bryan it
a shinig exemplar of succesi
that lies in defeat. From th<
* tine he uped to debate with the
other' at Ill 3 is cl
lege 0 the present day he has
known every from of public de
feat, from the smallest to the
greatest, and as if to doubly
tsst him, he was twice sub
jected to the greatest. When
hi went out to Lincoln , slit
Young lawyer, lie didn't got
much p actice in his prefosion.
So, whenever coilimittees from
county f is or gi a Ad picnics'
came to the city for oratory and
applied for the same at some
lawyer's office they were referr
ed to Biyan. And Bryan usu
ally accepted and thundered at
them just. vl:a'; he thought,
whether they thought that way
or0 not, aid prett v soon he ran
for the congress in a Republican
district-ran because no other
D m crat wanted to be defeated!
-and was (le:ted! And the
busy lawyers who referred
ccmimittees to him are still as
little known as busy lawyers in
thousands of little cities, while
he is known the world around
as no other lawyer, busy or
other.wise, in any city, big or
"His congressional successes
were just exceptions 'to groove
his rule of defeat. But every
time he -went'. down he
came up fresher and strong
er, until now he has a greater
hold on the masses than he
ever had. And he's a bigger
man than he ever was, for the
simple reason that he has
known how to use defeat. In
the first place, he was never de
feated because of any fault of
character. So there was no
reason why he should despai-,
and he didn't. In the secono
p'ace, he never went ahead
until he felt sure he was right,
so he accepted his defeats as
mainly a difference of opinion
between himuself and the major
ity of voters, and no man need
be discouraged because he hon
estly disagrees with the masses.
This usually means that he is
right, and in the case of Bryan
it has so proven. For many of
his 'revolutionary radicalisms'
of a dozen years ago are now
being advocated by the very
ones who then stood aghast at
their mere mtntion!
"But back of all his defeats
and buffets is a man who be
lieves in himself, which is the
first requisite for any sort of
success. And back of this be
lief in self is a character that
will stand the most searching
rays of calcium carbide. And
when you reinforce self-confi
denc with character you can
defy defeat, for there is no de
feating this combination, ril
you,young man or old man, I
say this -study William Jen
nings Bryan. It doesn't mattei
whether you're a Democrat or
a Republican, a Prohibitionist
or a' Socialist. Thiere is some
thring far more important to
you than politics and parties.
It is manhood. And Blryan is a
man, of whom it may be said
he has neOve r known defeatt, al
though he has met it often, for
his sort of manbood can't be
ddfeated. And it's the sort we
need right now."
A Self-Made Man,
JOHNsTON, S. 0., March 21.
E ditor Anderson Intelligencer:
Dear Mr. Editor:-We have
been informed that Court Sten
ographer M. C. Long will be in
ithe race for solicitor of the 10th
judicial circuit this summer, and
Iwe, the undersigned, citizens of
Johnston, S. C., the 1 oyhood
home of M. C. Long, wish to
say what we know of him per
i Mr. Long was born and reared
- n a farm four miles from John
r Miss T
r Spring
The ladies'of the surrour
Hats now on display at m
spring and summer milliner
style. We have a most cor
her line in Atlanta and seve
Her work is being greatly
son College. You cannot a
Old H ats leimiodeled I
Call- in and see our goc
old hats. in stock as this is
Miss Madden and her
L Norri!
.on AFP
from 9 a. n., to 8 p. m. S
for one day. Those who
at the hotel at Cateechee o
ston. His father, J. M. Long,
was murdered by a negro when
he was in his fifteenth year, s e
leaving a widowv and two chil- I
dren, the step-mother, half- of
brother and half-sister of M.9f. 2
Long. The children then Leing g
four and six years of age. After w
the debts of J. M. Long were oN
paid, even his home was sold I
from under his widow and chil - ti
dren, leaving only ong horse to bi
them. Mv. C. Long, then a hoy, to
took that one horse, rented land, O
gave liens over his crops, and 3
with the aid of his brother, sup- g
ported his step-mother and her Re
children for four years, until n
she married again, and then he Er
took the two children to sup- Q'
port, and gave the last one a ot
colic ga education in 1907.
We know nothing of Mr.
Long's ability as a lawyer, he '
having been admitfed to the bar
affer leaving here, but think his A
past history will bear us ont in "o
saying that he is a man who foi
stands fc r the right principle in n
all things, and if he is electedl i
we feel sure your circuit will be if
in safe hands. us
Yours very truly, a
M. 0. Norris, J. D. Bartley, J. mi
H. Crim, A. M. Nickerson, J. md
Jacobs, J. W. Hardy, C. R.
Keening, B. W. Rushton, T.
T. Dering, D. A. Simons. W.- tr<
Lu Coleman, J. E. Swearin-bi
ger, J. B. Odom, J. M. Rush- no
ton, J. Neal Lott, A. M. Clark, 1Ce
C. J. Lott, J. C. Lewis, W. M.
Wright, Geo. Cobb, L. B. As E
bell, L. L. Ruohton, J. P. Wi
Johnson, E. L. Ready, cash- g0
ler Farmers Bank of Johns'on. gai
ecoa Mad(
5on College,
ding country are urged to see th<
y store near Clemson College,
y, as we are prepared to make to
npetent trimmer, one who has bee
ral other large cities of the Soutl
appreciated and complimented b'
Lffurd to miss.seeing this display.
61 C t011101's Who Prerem' iMo
ids-hats esr ecially-which are all
t sping seasoi
in business.
trimmer wili be at the Hotel at C.
RmIL 16th, 19,
le will have a nice line of stylish h
fail to get to her store at Clems<
i Thursday, April j6th, r 908.
If You React This NC
will be to learn tha t the' leading medf.
I writers and teachiers of all the several Japar
hools of practice recommend, in thi
rongest terms piossible, cachi and ever
gredient entering into the comnpositioI Tot
Dr. Plerce's Golden Medical Discovery out e
r the cure of weak stomach, dysp'epsia, annoi
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rpid liver, or billouisness chronic boweiI
foctions, and alt catarrha! diseases of sicien
batever region, name or nature. It is ivitati
so a specifie remedy for all such chronic '
long standing cases of catarrhal altec
ms and their resultants, as bronchial, is to4
roat and lunig disease (except consumpji invit.s
):) accompanied~ with seve*re coughs. It
not so good for acute colds and coughs A m
t for lingering, or chronic cases it is the
pecially emlcaclous ini producing per- . d
:t cures. It contains Black cherryhbark,
>lden Seat root, Bloodrort, Stone root, frieo
andrako root and Queen's root-alli of two e
silh are highly praised as remedies for.ii
i the above meontioned a liec tions by such
lnent medical wvriters and teachers as t~e1
of. Bartholow, of Jefferson Med. C~ot- Ti<
re- Prof. Hare, the Univ. of Pa; e- m
of. Finie ngwood, M. D., of Beri.en
tt Med. ~liege Chicago; Pr'of. John C
inz, M. .~ of dincinnati ; Prof. John
twin M I , Mf. D., of l1ahnemann
ad. C e , Chicago, and scores of
der e a ly eminent in their several
lp"oractice. D v " Big
r an an in et.P(h
en pu licity o taormuo
o spossibe guairanty-of itsrmerits. ur
glance at this publtlish~ed formula will ,te ..
>w that "Golden Med icail Dilscovery" per
stains no poisonous. harmful or habit
-ming drugs and no alcohol-cheically in the
re, trple-refined gly.cerino being used .Ast
tead. 01lycerino is entirely unobjec'. he
nable and besides is a most usecful agent;
the cure of all stomach as w~ell as bron- ,to) a
lal, throat and luing affections. There I neede
the hl hest medical authority for its Th
a in alf such cases. The " Discover y " isT
oncen'-ated glyceric extract of native, M iss'
~dlnal roots and is safe and reliable. conve
hbooklet of extracts from.. ominen t,
~dical authorities, endorsing its ingre- are o
nts mailed free on request. Address
. . V. PIerce. Buffalo, . Y
Marital Troubles. -. No
fost ot' the people wh'lo write abdu~t d t
ubies of married life are single. if ilo
~y were married they would be so tihe 7
sy with their troubles they would Oat PR
have time to wvrt.-Moorhead In. hearir
endent. In~f the
Forced Out. Iteo fi
he-Mr. Bloom does not pay his lia.u
Eo much attention, does he? Hie-- B. Di
The only time I ever knew of his M. G
ng out with her was once when the Harrt4
a nice line of Pattern
before buying their
order or trim in anv
n most successful in
a for several yeais.
r the ladies of Clem
1 Buy New ones
new and fres). No
ats on display there .
)n will be welcome dc
Enthusiastic Over the Coming
of the Amnerican Fleet. 1
:13, Mairch 24 .-lThe press wint.
eptioni is enthina'krtie over the
inemc-nt of t he Amwrican flecti
he govevnimuent. is recoi':tnig con
blhe Prailse fo~r cxtenin-iig the in
cronsenus of nnwspaper opinion
t tihe prom'pt acceptance of thle
tion shows the fronmdsjhi-p of
cra for Jipar, while the visit of
rPat iwill isu1ce to Eshow lhe
-tlmrpossibllity ofbrchf
ly re-'" ons. exitin:g :netween tho
u. es rcecived 'lirdkc:at.o that
00c. wlnl arrive in Novem1ber.
newe'papers are uirginag the gay
mul .not to limit the exipense of ~
ecretary Will Win In a Walk, Co
Thinkks HItchcock.
lRohco;Ck, t!'he Tazft r n.na.'r, ha
red1 ai 5t4a1tement ha:e C(1uon re..
re(ceiveil from every r't.c.te andc 1
'.ry in the uin: in wic" it rp
thi-it 'l'ait will receive 55i2 votes
rep)uilliec.n nlat:Onlal cnventton.
'JW er tfimer' of delegatos will
I, andi only 4191 will be ncersary
(Ihoice, tis is 61 more than is
SOUtherm satos, Onrit of thle
31p0'4, will cast 194 votes inI t'ho
ntion, and of his nuimbher 128
kiarr.edl by t'he 'ltft pectie.
n Interest Copyright Law.
7 Yvrk, March 24 .--A delegation
yitrical men will go to Wasvh
this week as a cotamt.tee~ from
r.'vomul AssocI-ation of Theatr.
od-ucing Krcana~gers to attendl theA
Lg9 of the Comrnittee on taitents
interest of a full and conmpre
eO co!)yrigh~t law. The conmmit
'cludes Aug~ qtus~ 7homs Wil.
I.. Drad17, IwidfBelasco, Chas.
Ilinghiam, Joseph Blrfooksr, Geo.
ohan, Jules Murray, Uetr'y B,.
Cha'ir~e E. Blaney and Joseph

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