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- of "C~u-tark"
uuni>. :J.:w, and compan'y
; '. Ie i !; - Il -
ref . :lt . : wfiul war scares from
.t4 I-is:0's: A.:- wea part of the Ib:tl
dtre v igic Off hole. Says litil not
yA adu-USj (;J ranUsomi It the brigands
de vne, .:te May did Miss Stone and
-that WOITIL Who hid the baby. le
says yfrnaNr il worried half tj death.
3TnI rIWt:rpi..g to alble lim that it's all
ea, honevk4'! he SAYS if wair hreaks out
ng- edmy brother Dan over
,bert t'o -/t'1t.a I'm havig Aunt Jo
;.selftne -A him this cableamni from
At. reterxy8I): 'They never tight in
"ullaus. .5ot scare encth other. Skip
'i,1nelK nher dear. Will Le home
OU. jYyeary.' How does that sotnd?
.it WIft coxt a lot, but he brought it
11pe0 his own head. Anti we're not in
1the Uikdh3n ainyway. Aunt oe will
~4ava L Melase call an A. 1). T. boy,
priness,1. I want to send this message
Wie Zindiec entered the princess'
')ouidite hAlf -uI hoiur later she was far
froin Iv!ng the tlimid yoitlh who first
,Came in the notICe of the Graustark
<abluet. Sh1 was now attired in ono
.W h-everiy's gowns, antid it was most
wbomin- to hir. I;('r sho:'t, curly
bIrowij hair was done tip prorly; het
pink nai whIte comuplexlona was as
-.lear :i cream, now that the dust of
'the re7atd wasi goue; hr dark eyes were
:giowing with the wonder and interest
.of nineteen yeanrs, and she w-ats, all In
nila most vit'ilng bit of feinilaity.
''YouM arie niul more of a prIncess
-now tll whein I first saw you,"'
ismihdl Yetive. drawing her (own upon
'he cnsabons. of the window seat be
Whle ler.
".,t she was such a pret ty )oy,"
protestl Dagar1-t . "-You dean' t know
)ow t r~ieti' yo ni were I tl;ose"'
Cana'ite .hi1 .. "O,. theiy were
owful. blut tiey' Nwerem coml)forta ble. One
l9an to weat trous's If o intends to
lu! :a vag;l'mud. I wtare. them~z far' miore
tihana a weet'.;."'
"*You shidl tell u a:! ab:lit It." said
Yetive, hokiing t giri's h:id in hers.
'I mus:t havye been a TuoSt interesting
"Ol:, thaer.' is not anih to tell, your
iighnes."' 8::Idl ( ':ambatic . ' ,lanl y retl
'ent iiaid shy. " My stophruot her - oh,
alow I ha e I '-h1pd cbnlle), m1e to
(lie h':aiucs he thought 1 w'sihelping
: : . I I. h : : , r
.the ii:r lei , v~~ h .*q 1 ~ ri
D1:11 KdagCo'iit!:1 Ii wa i'.
.h i~ y :. hiue to Il.k i~ a I~, Wlk ,
'di-obr -i t::: meo 11. C '::th~ mc':
g . 1i21'a. h.: e n ma.-1 I :- Ii f thj'i -~
tOP 10 a for :::l than~' I 'or t year..
tO'L I ld atbilo. :Cle i o e the 1:1t ao:'
boy' -~~.'th~n for me dand his;) twao n
'T''lt.', l~h-i a oni g to : t it, whr of
BIo ':'n-i : wrthr Fuad 10' thn.
We ..,w ylimt scaloutsid amitld to s
ISI t 1u: thtwo a011 nr ltbeam al
:t'ie- 2 o :he~ handi.' app >~b'~~ bo.;ar
.wlfl ith and~ ow.1 n br otgagte hert
$fe;',;ain,. eideockl nt.'s ie whatl wa
gobi'i: ('a.~ Ii have lue hci t oph i
for ta i n -kr. tea i, olavii t. Imaan 'se
the.i" g.iltdly 'okl Fan: rat hr a
toh a ;;i" inthi od'm ther whn o el::tot
tIh:uU~:n > w:a firy r h rhil.;'ea-yo..:h
et.i' 1;'l yo 3'~ know. timi' Ch,
we .bnew to l'oet days' ago!h la'l
bmay'it :.1 - l da y.a 1a:.t su uhr at -
eh'"Ii i v'tt ring----t. 1 n, bealrti
M- I; ehat nith Fran:'. too tha
3Ai, and elds eonse thanght todus
heo it im th ayo neitvry tnew al
.th'ese uing Tloen e a ybrakeda
'Yet ti ld y,".r ot ilo"s oass It?"a
"aer '10. bsds ht 'sau1d haefa an
kno ..a v:sr trowin ithu~t Ithe nar
"WeU"in ein trfoug, on soft thbig
D d'..: Th * a afb"sadCn
0':: id.r from onetoth ohe
her eyes.
,"I was thinking of the time when 1
wore iien's clothes," she snid. "Unlike 1
:.- weCre imost en1cIomlifortable. 4
It wNas when I iided Mir. Lorry in es
caping from the Tower. I woI00 it
guard's uniform and- rode inles With i
h1im in a dark carriage before he dis- I
covered the truth." She blushed at the
remembrance of that trying hour.
"Aznd I wore boy's cloica at a g!rl's
parlty once-my brother Dan's," said I
Beverly. "The hostess' brothers came (
home unexpectedly. and I had to sit 1l
behind a bookcase for an hour. I didn't.
see much fun in boy's clothes." I
"You ought to wear them for a '
week," said Candace, wise In experl-1 I
enee. "They are not go bad when you t
become accustomed to them-that is, l
if they're strong and not so tight that I
they"- V L
"You all love ' ldos, don't you?" in- 0
terrupted Yeti- s. It was with diliculty
that the listeners suppressed their I
smiles. r
"Better than any one else. He is our .9
idol. Oh. your highness, if what he r
says is true that old man must be a t
fiend. Baldos a spy! Why. he has not i
slept day or night for fear that we
would not capture Gabriel so that he
might be cleared of the charge without
i appealing to-to my brother. He has
I always been loyal to you," the girl t
said with eager eloquence.
"I know, dear, and I have known all
along, le will be honorably acquitted.
Count Marlanx was overzealous. He
has not been wholly wrong, I must say
in Justlce to him"
"How can you uphold him, Yetivey
after what he has said about me?"
cried Beverly with bliazing eyes.
"Beverly, Beverly, you know I don't
mean that. iHe has been a cowardly
villain ) far as you ar'e concerned, V
and he shall be punished, never fear.
I cannot 'ondlone th:t one amazing
Piece of wickediness on his part."
"You, then, are the g!rl Baldos talks V
so much about?" cried Candace eager.
ly. "You are Miss Calhoun. the fairy
Pincess? I ITm so glad to know you."
The young princess clasped Beverly's 0
hi:ued anud I'>ed into her eyes with ad.
miration and approval. Beverly coul
have crashed her ini her arms. 1
The somaids of ahouting came up to
the windows from below. OutsideI.
men were rushing to and fro, and there
wrze g:3 of mighty demonstrationz
at the gates.
"The people have heard of the cap- n
ture," said Candace, as calmly as
though she were asking one to have a
cup of tea.
There was a pounding at the boudoir'
door. It flew open unceremoniously
and In ru'shed Lorry, followed by t
Angu!sh.I hallway beyond a
rouP-M of noblemen conere bexcitdly
with the vo1en of the eastle.
"The report from the dunigeons,. Ye.
t'Ve," criled Lorry joyously. "The
sa that (Gahric la in his cell
again: Here's to Pr'ince Dent:in!"
I a one was standing IIi Ie door. t
('aruhee ranz over and leraped Into his
ONE was hansamie in hhs
borrawed4)i\ (clothesi. TIe wats nio'.' I,
I. the lean. im ma culate gentle
miani Ilsead1 of the wrote'hed 1.
va aba!,nd of the hi1lls. Even l'eer!y h
wasR surzprlised at the change in him-.
ils erstwh!le sad and mehine'holy faice
'.'as fihuhed and bightm with happ)ies. I
Th''le k iss he bes.towett upaus the delih- 11
edl ('al:dac w'.as tender In the. extreme I
I.iid g:lntly kissed theu hanid of Grau t
I tark's prinmcesus, beaninug antrsai
*;n!!e uipon the me'rry Beverly an he.
'"Welcomet, 'rlzuce D~ansan," saide
Yetivo. "A thousand timues w',elcomei."
"All Graustark is your throne. :nost'
glorious Yetive. That is why I have- t
aiskedl to be1 psresented here and not in
the royai hail below," said Ravone.
"You wvill wait here with us, then. to
heawir the good news from our warden,"'
Isaid the psrincess. "Send tie couie'r
to me," she commiranded. "Suimch swvoat
news should he received in the p~haice
whkichi is dearest to- me i-t sl Gr'au
The miiiilste'ra anid the lor'ds. and lai
(dies of the castle were assembled in
the roomi when: hlaroni Dangton.m ap1
pea~re~d wvith the- coulrier fromu tihe piai
on. Count Marlinx -'is missing. Hie
waIs enl h'an way to thie fortress, a
I ''tircd, fui'loma. imilaetent ohld muanu. Ini
hils quarters he wast toi sit uund wiait
fryr the h~ow that h knew could not hi'
aiverted. in f'ear tnd dspsjadr. hiio r
his pain and his shamie, he was rack-r
. rtg his brain for means-i to l'ssen the
force of' thoat blow. Hie coid withdraw
the-u charges against Baldes, bult lie
c'ould not soften the wvorda be~ had said
and witteno Bevrly Ctoun. H
Scause of the adventures in the chapel
S. nd pssage. Hie knewv too weollihow l
Yetive could punish when heri heart'
y was bitter against an evildoer. Graut
3. stark honored and protected, its wo
I. men~l.
The warden 'of the dungeone from
[e which Gabriel had escaped mionths be
id foro reported to the priincess "that the
a, prIsoner was .again in custody. Brief
ly )ho related that a party-of nion led
by' Prinde Dantan had appeaii ear'ly
suj that day. bringing the fugitt frgen
" injured, but eni~ r ~ dn~~V~ is
in f4hD0 tAii~t. '?1h f4 ,At bhui
Into 1oIIowAlg MUM &..
intent upon slaylig hi1 1rother Dan
.n51. There could be no Imistake als to
Jabriel's Identity. In conclusion the
rarden implored her highness to send
rops up to guard the pr!Son iIn the
nountaln side. I1t feared au attae InI
orea by Gabriel's army.
"Your highness." said Lorry., "I have
Put hustruellons lo Colonewl Uraze. re
u!ri:n !i:i to tale a ..: force of
Lten Into the 1aI:: to gu-ted the prison.
ibriel shall not escap' 0:lu, though
11 Dawsbergen comnes at.'r him."
"You have but little to fear from
)awsbergen," said Iivone. who was
entod near the princess. Candace at
Is side. "Messages have been brought
me from the ieadimp :'1"s o' i)aws
erg n assuring me that the i)pu'ace
3 secretly enrer for th.- oil relgrin to
'e resumed. Only the desperate fear
f Gabriel and a few of WiA boody, but
,yal advisers holds them In check.
lelleve me. Dawsn' rgen's efforts to
Dlease Gabriel will be perlunctory
ud half hearted in the extreme. Ii
uled like a madman. It was is lu
anse, implacable desire to kill his
rother that led to his undoing. Will
: be strange, your highness, if Daws
ergen welcomes the return of Dan.tan
i his stead?"
"The story! The story of his cap
,ire! Tell me th story." came eager
* from those assembled. Itarone lean
d back languidly. his face tired and
rawn once more, as if the mere re
ailing of the hardships past was hard
"FIrst. your highuss. may I advise
ou and your cabinet to send another
ltinatum to the people of Dawsber
en?" he asked. "This time say to
bie that you hold two Dawshergen
rinces in your hand. One cannot and
111 not be restored to themA. The oth
r w%-ili be released on d1einmd. Let the
mibassf be directed to meet the llukce
f Matz, the prntider. Ile Is now with
ic army. not f:tr from your frontier.
lay it please your highness. I have
tyself taken the liberty of dispatching
iree trusted followers with the nevis
f Gabriel's eapture. The two 11appos
nid Carl Vandos are speed:n-.; to the
ro:tler. Your em'n assy will nd the
u:e of Matz In possioasion of all th.
"ie Duke of Mtixz, I am reila.)ly in
u-rmed, some day Is to be fath--r-in-law
) 13awsberen." smilingly said YA:ive.
I shall n- t wcnder if he responds
.ost favorably to an ultimatumn."
Itavone and Candace exchanged
lances of a trnuement, the lat'.,r br 'a:
:4 Into a de:lor.ble Uittle guriai of
"I b! to I iform you th't t:te dk'"s
anuhter ha.4 dIsdanth' the o:for from
1e crown." said lt.--one. "S'he has
urrilo LLiu:tenanat AL;anol or the roy
I artillely and is as l'appy a.-, at but
mrfy. Ca:'t::i 1.htidos vould have tOWd
ou low thI' vw.%vward youw;t vomnn
(tie:1 her ralr . a11d latughod at the
eggar prince.''
"Captain Balidos ia an e:'eedin;gy
iacreet pemrZon." Heverly voluniteered.
Ile lh:s told na tith's out Of h!."
"I am11) reviifnidd of t ilv et hat you
!1%-, your , Int :y' toept;.; one
tornor:ihlel day -- I':"' d:ry whe:n wer
arteid fr'ota or~ heat''l frient'.1 a t a
ok's g.ste's. I tuinght you we:'e a
r.it(-1es, ando~ yu t -.3 nol at knaow thatU 1
ud:-stoo'd l:ng'ch. T7hat~ was a so:'i
ourV for! us. iaido was our lIfe. the'
ea:rt of our a-nterpri:<e. Gabreiel lhatea
imn as he hat".4 is own-: brother.
tendras~ltly has 1> hi'os refuse-1. to join
S inI thet pl!ot ) se'ize Pr-ince'(( Gabriel.
Ia one" took an0: oath toa 1:111 him on
iht. anhd I was 5o oposed to this
hat he h~:Il to be' left out of' the final
T'ieCSE' tell u.si how yoni snee.'e(eded in
opn~ing e~t-- your ho: r brether,"
rie'd I eerty, for'gettin~g that it wa~s
'nther's !lo e tua nutike I he requent.
".\t an :the-' tit::e I shall reJol''e In
e'ling th' ~a:-y in (detall. For the
resent let [J0 a.k you to be stisfiled
vith the staltemenat thai wve tr'icked him
ly manus of'i- waer Iuto the In.inne
LOpe that lhe esQ0i . captuW and slay
is haurlf' br~hr Capt;tiain Itald.os sug
~ested the iphu t. Ilmia he been arrested
resterday I feel' it would have faiiled.
habriel wa-s and I'. insaue. WVe led
dim a chaswe through te Graustark
ullis until I th timie wvas ripe for the
lana -act. His. salI bandi of follower~s
leud at or~r .sudden attack.. atnd hei was1
aken almost wlthout a strnggle not ten)
niles from the eity of Indelweiss. Ini
us mad ravings we learned that his
blecf desire was to kill hIs brother and
dlater and aifter that to carry ont the
dlan that h'as long been In his mind,
Le was coing to Edeiweiss for thi
sole purpose of entering the castle b3
the underground passage, with murdel
[n his heart. Gabriel was comning t<
kill the Pr'incess Yetiv-e and Mr'. Lorry
Ele has unever forgotten the love h14
bore for the princesa nor' the hatred h4
owes his rival. It was the duty D0
Captain Bialdoq to see that he did no
enter the passage in the event that ha
eluded us in the hills."
Later in the day the Princess Yetiva
received from the gaunt, hawklah oh(
man In the fortress a signed stateinen
withdrawing bla dbargos against Bal
4os, the guard. Marlanx dlid not. asl
for* leniency, it was net ini him t<
pleadi. If the hiuble withdrawal o
charges against Baidos could mitigat
the nishmenthte ksn'w YetiveQ woul<
Impose, all well and goo(. it it wemII
for naught, he was prepared for the
worst. Dowi there in his, quarters,
with Wino before him, he eat and wait.
ed for the end. Ie knew that there
wias but one fate for the man, great or
Beverly knewo thett -it tais at fmfded ronici
small, who attacked a woman In G"rau
stark. H1 only hope wds that the
princess mnight mnake an exception U1
the case of one who had been the headl
of the armny, but the hope was toc
small to ei-sh.
Baldos woalkd forth a free man. the
plaudis of the peope in his ear,
paron Dangloss and Colonel Quinno.1
were ese the tall guard as he camc
forward to receilve the commnendations
and apologoles of Graustark's ruler andl
othe warmy proises of reward from th
man ho served.
pHe Laud t before the tNo rules wha
were holding court on the veranda,
The cheers of nobles, the shouts of sol.
doery. the exclamaetions of the ladles
did not turn his confient head. 1i
was the born knight. T'he look of tri.
umph hat he bestowed upon Beverly
Cal hon o lounged gracefully be
side the stone balustrade, brought th
red flying to her cheeksz. Ie took som-e
thing froi his breast and held it gal
lantly to his lips befoge all the . as.
seibled courtlers. Beverly knew than
It was a faded rose!
H, next morning a royal mens
seuger caminue to Count MAarlanx,
le bore two sealed letters
fromn the princess. One briely
in'rmued him that Gelneral1 Braze was
is scessor ans Coniiander in chlei
or the artuy of Graus..taurk. Ile besitat
e,1 long biefore oleniiig the other. I1
w.3j ei.1uAlly brief' and t.-> tie pos*:It. The1
iron Couit's teeth Cntne together witil
a savage sn:1p as he read the s:gnature
0 the lliviacess it the end. 'hero va.
a) recourae. She had stru-k for Bev
orly u He looked at his watch.
It was 11 o' 11O1k. The ediet g.Ine lum
th ih-ty . Tho gra old il; erun ois
p~ ac a messenge;,~r for' b man ul
aff'airs, ai lawyer of high stam'.iing in
Lile~ ieli. Togethe tiny conltedJ
untIl inidnlight. Shortly after daiyhreak;
thet mioringl holow:ng Count Alarnanx
wa~s in th.e train~ for \l'zaia never to
set foot 0)n (Graiu.tark' soaI again. I~e
wvas banis'hed andt his estates confisenst
slow to r'eopen: nle'~tiationls with
D)awsher:eu'. .\ ip:.olanatioi wa
sn~it 1o t!C Pime ilui:dlster netliIn;
I'orth the ii -; orari of a ffairsa andi sug.
;gi.itina;t 'he istaat xuspe'nsiona of' io.
ti I. 1'r 'pa rat Ems~ rznd t!'p restzrzz t Ion of
Pr:nc ::ta. -\itii omp.anii n.- deCS:l;
froiniI iittiI an uformb i g is people that
he~ aiwalled their (connnandst lle. was
read~y to resumine the throne that had
belen No ii!'era edl. It would be his
.joy to rsore D a wsbergen to its once
Peaeful aindl p:;osperous condtior. I
the ime:: I lame the IuIhe of irox dis
.a tchied t he newvs to thei P'rincess Volga
of Axphm:in. wh'o wasl forced to aban
dlo:-teb:jporalrily alt least-hier desper
at de.l:-na uipon G rausta rk. The cap,)
ture of' (abriel put an end to her trans
"Put Nihe isla bound to break outl
armb:lwt uIN sioonear or latter and On the
s!.ghtest pro'lvocentioni." sai 11yuetive,
"I dareV Stay that a friendt:y. ~aUanc
betwe'en Grauista rk and Low ~shergen
will provo suiIlieent to chietk aniy aim
:)itionls s;he miay have ailong: thaeItlin'.'
Jaidu itavonie signifleantliy. "Theyv atre
i'ery near to eaich othera no~w, your hai'h
ane.ss. Fieuds rh3.mi s'taa to aar
evryCalhoaa was ha mispun
Balosha been~l senit off to thle rrouiile1
by PrInce D~antanz, caru-yfing the inaos.
sage which could bae trustedi to no oth.
or. ie accomai ed ilu the Girans4tad
ambassad~oro of peale Its lhhiutan's spe
-cell aigont, lie went ini th ni:hittane
andi Ieve'rily didi not see himu. Th'l
week wleha followed his deiparturs
was the lonigest she ever :41pent. $1h4
Iwas troubled inher heart for f'oi
hahemight not return, despIte th.
declaration she had .made to himi h
one hysterieal moment. It was difil
cult for her to keep up the shoiY 0
cheerfulness that was expected of het
itetieence became her strongest olhar
aeteristie. Shxe persistently refused ti
be drawn. intq a discussion of iaur re
latiolns Wit tih e aU S ,OUL One. YetivO
Nvas piqued by her mauner-at first, but
wisely saw through the mask as tile
wienRt 'on. She and Prince Dantan h1ad
'inany (jillet and Interesting chat i con
ceriing Deverly and the er bile
guard. The prince took Lorry and the
princess into his conldence.. lHe told
then aIll thern was to tell about his
dashing friend and companion.
Beverly and the young I'rn.ess Call
de became fast ,and lovin-, friends.
The young girl's worship of her broth
or 'was beautiful to behold. She hud
died close to him on every oceasion, and
her dark eyes bespoke adoration when
ever his name was mentioned in her
"If he doesn't come back pretty soon
I'll pack up aid start for home," Bev
erly said to herself resentfully one day.
"Then If he wa)ts to see me he'll have
to come all tho way to Washin'ton, and
I'm not sure that he can do it. either.
He's too disgustingly poor."
"Wha'' became ol dat Msteh Baldos,
Miss Dev'ly?" asked Aunt Fanny in the
midst of these sorry cogltations. "IIa.
he tuck hit Int' his bald 'to desert
us fo' good? Seems to me he'd
"Now, that will do, Aunt Fanny,"
reprimanded her mistress sternly.
- "You are not supposed to know any
thing about afairs of state. so don't
At list she no longer could curb her
limpatlence and anxiety. She deliber
ately sougit information from Prince
Dantan. They were strolling In the
Inmrk on' the seventh day or her In
"lavo you heard from Paul aldos?"
she asked, bravely plunging Into deep
"Ile is expected here tomorrow or The
next day. MIss Calhoun. I nam almost
as eager to see him as you are." he re
p~led. with a very poilte-d soille.
"Almost? Well, yes, I'll confess that
1 am eager to see him. I never knew
I could long for any one as iuich as
I- Oh11, well, there's no use hlding it
from you. I couldn't If I tried. I care
very much for him. You don't think
it sounds silly for me to say such h
thing, do you? I've thought a great deal
of him ever s8:1ne the nl-lit it the Itin
of the HIawk and Itaven. In my ilm
ngination I hiave tried to strip ytiu of
your princely robes to place them )tpon
him1, hut Ie Is only Baldos ;i spite Of
It all. Ie knows that I care for him,
and I know that he eares for Inc. Per
haps lie has told you."
"Yes, he has confes:ed that he loves
you. Miss Calhoun. and ho laments the
fact that his love seemts hopeless. Paul
wonders In hIs heart if it would be
right In h:m to ask you to gIve up all
you have of wealth and pleasure -to
s.aire a 1111111ble lot with lim."
"I love him. IsnI't that enough?
There Is no wealth so gre:lt a1s that.
But." a ln she pursed her mouth in
pntheile despair, "don't you t!:luk that
you (a: nak a lle!)L or so:ne'in- OL'
hiln and gi'e him a station in life
worthy of his amiluitiis? 1o has doill
so munelh for you. you kn w."
"' :nve 1!o:!. ng that I tcan gi .e to him,
lhe s-ys. I 'a a ihiidos na:: onmly that
he n::y b):' s c :rLiinp.O;i U .2 t... a'
go tla toa. a :v' i L. ': he .2 Mu
to he free to se'rve whmom:i he willl. AMt
that 1il (nn1d i.s to 1:'t himi have his
way. lIe Is a free lance, and he nsks
Woll.(1 I think he&'s !aerfely r'itien
lous ti out it. don~i't youl? Ati:d yet thi.it
is 1i:2 very'i thing I like In h!".. I amfl
only wonlder'ing how we-i nre au, howv
he is goi- to live, that's all."*
*If I aint corre'ctly Ifo'trmeid he still
has several monmths Ito serve In tihe
ser*v:(*1 lor v~ic he~ enlIisted1. You
:1lone, I beOlieve', have the liower to di.
chm-uge hIin before hIs termi expirecs,'"
IThat nIght Un~midos' r'iturned to E~del
weiss, ltaea of' the (ira.ustar'k delega
tioni whieh was coing the niext daty
wvith represenltatives from Dawswber
gen. I'e br'ought the most glorious
news fromn the fr onter. Thelg D)tke of'
Maitz and1( thme ladIng dignitaries bad
hteardl of Onbiriel's capture, bo0th thmrough
th.e lippo boys andI1 through a fewv of
his hienchmnen who had staggered1 luto
('ampi af'ter tho dIlsaster. .The news
threw the Daiwsheirgen dipllomlatS lato)
n di(epilralple state oi' unicertaint~y. Evenu
the meni high In authority. ,while not
Iespectatly dlepressod over the fail of'
theIr sovereIgn, were In doubt as to
Iwhmat would be the next move in their
rer'Ies of tragedlcs. Almost to a man
they regretted the folly whleh had
dratwn thmm iato tile net with GabrIel.
- Daldos reported that thle Duke of Matz
and a dozeni of the most distinguishied
men In Dawabergen wvere on their waty
to Edehiveis to complete arrangements
for peace and to lay theIr renuncIatIon
or Gabilrlel before Dantan In a nleutral
The people of Dawsbergen had been
elamnorinlg long for Dantan's restora
tIon, and Baldo(s0 was1 commU~issioned to
say thlat hIs return would be the- sIgnal
for great rejoicing, Hie was closeted
until after mildnlghit with D~antan and
hIs sister, Lorry nd PrIncess Yotlve
-Pi'ult Crop Not Hurt4
.Ati-anta, March 24.-teports eLeeclv
,.el from different ooablons of t'ho0 state
astree that there Was no Indury to the
'1tut orop from 'the cold Saap. The re.

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