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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
.Kailenings of , Local and Personal
MArs. B. B. LaBoon spent Tucs
(lay in Grenville.
H. A. ilchoy wants filmeidi
ately 100 bmshel-; of cane seed.
Chief Nealey has been doing
som * mOULc h-needed work on the
streets recently.
H. W. Farr, who has n.oved
to his old home near Enon, was
in town rTruesday.
Dr. Horton, dentist, who has
been in Pickens for some time,
has moved to G-eenville.
'Mrs. J. B. Bruce, of Greenville,
is visiting the family of her son,
W. A. Bruce, in Pickens.
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin, who has
i-een spending some time In
Columbia, returned home last
Rev. N. G. Ballinger preached
two excellent sermons Sunday
morning and evening ill the
Methodist church.
Ground has been broken foi
the, ney Masonic building and
the bricklayers are at work. J.
F. Grandy has the contract, and
a first-class job will be done.
The boys of the town have
been at work fixing a baseball
ground on the vacant lot be
tween the residences of C. N.
Bowen and R. L. Hendricks.
Dame Rumor says that thc
nuariage bells- will ring in Pick
ensf soon. Two of our most pop
ilar young folks are to get mar
ried-h owe ver, not to each other.
Next Monday is salesday, am
there are several tracts of lam
to be sold; there will also be u
,meeting of the Farmers' Unior
held on that (lay ina the court.
Mr. and Mis. 0. B. Williams,
who have beeni on a visit to thc
latter.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. A. Richey, in Pickens, re
turned to their home at Gaines
ville, Ga., last week.
C. T. Hughes is putting upa
nlice, connudiLous hLouse on is
lot recenitly purcehased in th(
'Robinson Rrservation."' Whe n
comleted it will be0 an orniament
to that part of the town.
"'Uncle Zeke" is slinging th(
paintbrush on the new Six Mik(
schoolhouse recently finished.
When done it will be a nice jol
of painting, as "'Zeke"' never
turns off any other kind of work.
The many friends in Pickens
of Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Lessesne,
who synmathized with them lasi
summer in the loss of their littk
daughter, will now rejoice wit):
them that another little cherul
has come to them to cheer, comi
fort t.nd give joy to their hearts.
Silas 1-inckle has certainly
c'hanged things around at th(
Robinson home place. He has
c:hanged, torn away, and added'
to flhe old1 house until it would
hardly 1)e known as the samc
place by its former owners, and~
the end is not yet, for he is still
building and improving.
Misses Lida Bowen andl Leona
Grice, teachers in the graded
school at Newry, visited Misses
Stella and Olivia Barron at
"The Oaks'" the latter part of
last week..Mrs. Lena Coch
ran spent the winter with hei
*-'ts, Mr. and Mrs. Mears, al
v"......''Mr. anid Mrs
.isler, of Calhoun, vis
* tter's p)arents, Mr. ani
Mrb. jars, at their home her<
last week.-[Falview Cor. Wa)
ha Couenrier.
Mrs. M. J. Harris, of Easl.y,
was on a visit to her childre).
Mr. T. D. and Mrs. J. -. Har-:
ris, in Pickens, last week.
John Roper, of. ;b Easley
side, visited his daughters, Mr.
E. H. Craig and Mrs. L. F. Rob
inson, inl Pickens-. Sunday.
Lloyd H. Grandy, Vho is a
graduate in civil engineering,
has opened ollices in Pickens
I an(I will handle this class of
work and contracting. For the
present lie is at Banberg, S. C.,
where he has a large job of
construction work.
Se")veral communications have
been received lately, that, for
'want of timc to get them up,
have been crowded out, but they
will appO'ar next week. We ask'
that all of our correspondents
sign their names, as well as
their nom-de-plumes, to th.'i."
Miss Berta Jones, the success
ful teacher of the school at this
place, accompanied by Miss A%
Morg-an, visited relatives neart
Pleasant Hill, Ficikns county.
Saturday and Sunday......Miss s
Alice White and Pauline Kelley
visited Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Ken
nemur, of Pickens, recently.
-[New Hope Cor. Keowee Cour.
Next Monday is election day
for the town of Pickens. So far
Ivery little has been said as to
I probable candidates for inten
dant, and wardens. The pres
ent officers have been careful
and painstaking in the discharge
of their duties, and the town
could do wor'se than : etain them
at the head of her municipal
Dr. J. N. Hallum, while as
sistin..- in carrying the large win
do't' from the front of the Ma
6!sonic building up stairs, Was
severely cut across the wrist by
- one of the pine of glass, as it
fell out of the frame. An artery
was severed an several stiche3
were n(cssary to sew up the
wouni1d. Ae is progressing niCe
ly, andl his friends hope he will
s er no inconvenience from
'the hurt.
Suipervisor' Looper has ccr'
tainily fixed thle road through the
bottom on Twelve Mile on the
Clenment's mill road 0. K. He
has hauled in rock andl dir{ and
made a fill and cnt (ditehOs
through the bottoms to drain
the water to the river, and hnow
a good, dry road will be there
for all time to. come. When
fixed the same way on this side
of the river it wvill be the best
road in the state.
According to rumor a large
brick store will soon be put up
in Pickens. It will be a large
store, and a complete stock of
everyt;hing needed in the home
or on the farm will he carried.
It will he k lown as the "'Farm
ers' Store"' and~ will be hacked
by the "Farmers' Union.'" Tlhis
is a 'rmjor tha~t has reached us;
we aw-ait developments before
heralding abroad the news as an
assuredl fact.
Saving Her Own Books.
The fact that some per~gon will ocea-.
slonally borrow from a circulating lI
b~rary the very liook that he has In his
own home puzzles the library attend
ants. One day a libirarlan sought en
lighteunment on this dupilintin.
"YOU just bought a set of' these books
for yoturself. did you not?" she in
(lulred1 of a woman who haid asked for
"GIreat Expecta tions," "H~aven't they
b'een de~liveredi yet?"
"Oh. yes; they've comec all right,"
was the reply, "but I don't l.ike to use
them for fear they might get dlirty."
New York Pest.
- Peouliarity of Madness.
Whlo can tell why It is thqt in mad
houses the ide~a of sub~ordination is
very seldom to be found? Bedlam is
-inhabited only by kcings, poets and
nhiosonhcrs.-hndora Meosngue.
V/hen tho None 3leds.
Whett t,:- noo Is bleedhtig nlever 1101(i
it over a3 it I-n or hold tie hed down
iI itty vay. This only e:te firthiler
rusi of h!oc:i to tHe broken tissue(~s in
thle no Ie. Tl (e head should he held up
aind hae;:. 'it low being c't"gh!t Iu
ha di~re:::fsor* el!otlhs. 0.nk ol' the(
Imost ('(ciIve and simille m':ts of
cecki:I.c a co!eblecd Is to . Oil
the u:qpr 1,11). Near the n11( t'r' c
o? the lip. Im at::. Vie ahrter t hai: les
te initei'ir tra:al 1nissalm v;e the
rupitilres occur. If tis iS pressoil the
flo, of blooid is tCinIIiienically (le-kecd,
thtts allowin:4 the blood aroud tile
brok!in tienenie to Con1geal 131and sal 1)
the openitig. If luerely pressiing wit
t1h1. iI:igrer dos.4 not secec:l, i>!ace a
wll (if p:per under the lip liand fold
the ljp over It. holding it down tight.
Again, if tbl does not su1cceed and at
drug store , near get sone ndrenilin,
satitrate .1 1Ivve of cotton with it and
apply to the iI'Vrior of the Iose frowu
where the Wliod flows.
Ant Merchants.
Ant merchants. clad in leather un
derwear. are to be found in 'aris,
London 1111d cveral other IEiropean
cities. WIherever pheasants-3 art! I)re
served the ant m1erVharit L in detaand.
It is I-:t. Itimwever. ants. hut the eggs
of Iatits. that "the3 in:n chi !'.y dle::: in.
P.ron evrypirt of Eulrople nu"ts Art'
c1hipp)jed to 131633. and he keeps themi ia
not ru3M-;pnees smlaHr l their iature
to b chh: (:3 rti-aindl !:: feedsl :t i'l
tenrd,: t-. irerfully. Fo thit tiei r
hl'w l- K*. .ep ifine M ind t!ey v.-IlI lay
Th 3 ::;:'. h'p Ii::;: in w..o (en boxes
cu13 n 'tI I i thIi aIe I pr'se rves, 13 n
pi ';e:-in: i:. t!s- v!e world. Alit I he
un tis il::gre'ves"3 he :ys as oons8011
0t4ey rease( tit lay. pressing theiem and1
'('1llin. thfrIlt In littk blooks s l1:ir
to pilug tolpecoi) to dealers inl bird and
.iri food.
It is Intero:<1ig to be an int mer
chant. tout leather underwear Is esen
tial to the blsiness, as the little Crea
tures Ite unmiercifully.-New Orleans
We Trust
If you a-resuffering from
impure blood, thin blood, de
bility, nervousness, exhaus
tion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
all your life. Your doctor
knows it, too. Ask him about it.
Unlgitns there -i dtaly, aCtion of the bowels, I
piannn II' us pna1dnets are a boribed, c~tang head
nkeh, bnu nt-u seni, dypIindtu
11tevenlling thu . 4rapra framdoing tbest
Work. Avnr's Pillis nr livor pills. Act gently,
all vetabl.I
Mado by .T. 0. A yer Co., Lowell, Mass.
Ahom noturors of
We aveno ecrts We publiuh
W o fomA of all our medicinm.
Fon. SATA.-1- acnrosi, origin 1l forest,
1 ~ mili-s math31 of P'ickensi, $30 oni a3cro;
75 ner'o W:M of WVoodall ?onnblin, 10
itct"s I run--h1 b'otom, boainen in I~imbe r,
Iiriei' $10 t)-n-, euigh (1b al. E. F. E EITH.
RI. F'. I., No. 4, Pickens, S. < .
Here is Relief for Women.
If ' ou hove p -ins ini the back. Urina
ry. PI:uihier or lKidney troubile, and wanlt
a. cer talin, pil'.itant ierb cureV for wvom
an's3 ills. try Mot h.r (Gray's AUSTRtALTAN
I.EAF. it is :3 safe and nlever-failing
rr gulal or. A t Drumrgist8 or by mail 50c.
Smt3Ip'ei lpackalgl FRIEE. Addresi, VThe
Mothe'r (eny v 'o., LeRoy, N. Y. f20:4
To Breoak in New Shoes Always Use
A 33.n'.s Fo''i-Eneo, ai pav)der. R pre
vents TLighen. ~. and Blistelrmhg. (!ienrt
swolh-, Swe ing felet. At. n311 Draug.
L"1441s 1(nd shoe stores, 220. Sample matil
ed FREEi. A 1hh ss, A. S. Olmsted. Le
Troy, N.Y. feb20x4l.
Arr Iv'a andt I)3eparture of' Trains, Glreen.
sille,. 5. O. E freotive A pril 14, 190(1.
6:301a1m, No. 43 daily excepti 86utniny, for Lan
ret.uuiti~ intermeidiate sittions, arrlve at
Lautr'nis 1:n60 na m
P2: 15 p m., No. (3 daily for Laurenis, ClInton
Newberry, ( oltzubin, .Sum(ter and1( Chaurles
ton (6ct tig iat Stun 3ter with3 A. U. L.,
Train No. 82 for Ric la~mnd, Washington
andtem ~cities,3 aund at Laureuns with C. &
W . U. Tiraini No. l for Spiartanbu rg and
ttin No 1e for (Greenwooid, A u1gustn., etc.
Arrive ILaurenis I :35 p m,, (Clintoni
2:12 pim. NewE erry 3.1 p. m,) Columiant 4:45
Sumter uiQ i im, Chaorlestoni 9:4(0, Spartan.
butrg 3:30 p. Ii, Greeunwood 2:40i p mi, 3' i
Aiuguista 5-25 is. m.
4:-40 p mn, No. 361 thuily except Sunday. for Lau0.
renis and1 Iitte-m in te stationls. Arrive at
Lnurenis 6:40.
1:20 a mn, No. 87, datilly except Sunidny f rota
L.aurensi and it:ermednte stations.
.00 pi m, No. 145, daily except Sulnday, from
3::15 p in, No. 52. d a~ly from Chiarlestoni Sumter,
Columbin, N eu bierry, Cllniton, Spar tnhnrg,
A uigusta, G reentwood Laurenis, etc.
Trains No. 52 andl 53 ri through between
Charletton withoutI change.
CO133:ENVI1LLE, 33. C.
Ernest Williams, G. P. A.
Rt M. nirnnr1, 'Prnf. Main Aug..sta a
The Wonderful Citre
Have you heard of Dit. PHILL]
im1 curing and benefitting everybod
ind black, rich and poor, old and yo
)f Pickens, S. C., for a few days
vould be glad to help the sick and
>ay either ladies or gentlemen to tv
ions, both public and private, are s
SONFIDENTIAL. Call and see <
Parties; inside of incorporation c9
;ell on the Court I-louse Square on
.ure all who buy my Treatment, an
vill sign the conditional contract wit
Office: Rooms i and 2 George I
DR. I. Z. PF
General Agent.
Plain Talks on
A Talk to Frui
You use a fertilizer
of course, but do you
use enough?
The yield per acre, -
and the profit therefrom
increases in far greater
proportion than the cost
of additional fertilizer.
What is an increase in
cost of $2.00 to $10.00
per acre for fertilizer
when the returns therefrom
show an increase of $50.00 to t o
$250.00 per acre? Fe
The big Magnolia Fruit eqi
Farms at Durant, Miss., tested no
the well-known Virginia-Car- ioN
olina Fertilizer gin
in different Cc
quantities o n o
t h e i r straw- or
berry crop. NVi
Result.: when wh
1,000 lbs. per
acre were used t
the profit was Ad
$75.00moreper the
acre than when
500 lbs. per
acre were used.
This is modern intensive cul
ture, the method that is doub- Pic'
ling and trebling the crops of Noi
allo I ICol
all kinds of fruit in
cither good or in poor
and wvorn-cut land all r~i a'r
over the country-and eo
in good soil, too.
188-.8,750 da y <
1892 155,375 "'~er
1897 290,954
1901 475,215 G. In
1903 ... 500,690 d1isell
1906 530,690 l ato.
The best evidence that Bliss Native --
Herbs fulfills the- claims made for it
is found in the increasing sales it en
joys year after year. It cures, or else T
people would not buy and take It gelm
for such discases as Rheumatism, nr
Constipation, Dyspepsia, K I d n e y wvor1
Diseases, Liver Disorders, Eczema, bel
Scrofula or any ailment arising from
Impure blood(.
Bliss Native Herbs
Is effective because it Is made from
pure roots, herbs and barks and con
tains no opiates, minerals or alcohol.
It is guiaranteed under the UnitedA
Stater Pure Drug Law. Each box
contains 200 tab~lets for $1.00 and i
no cure results, money Ie refunded.
It Is made by The Aionzo 0. Bliss
Company, Washington, D. C. Can
not be found In drug-stores and Is
F. A .Finley,
SPickenis, S. C.
Mail orders receive prompt at- onc
tention. 4june'o8 t).C
Greenville, 5. C *
Itholl rlgs.
?S, of Brevard, N. C., an
g the sick and afflicted? 3
y I get a chance at- white
ing. I will be in the town!
only. (Notice this ad.) I
afflicted while here.I t wiR
.lk with me. My consuta-.
trictly HONORABLE and
)r write today for circulara.
.n only buy of me. I wi
Vlarch 28th, and relieve or
1, if I fail to help themn I
1i them.
-agood new building.
Pickens, S. C..
The yield will be!
according to the
amount of plant food
you give your trdes or
plants - you can 4c--t
pend on it. The better
they are fed the greater
and more valuablc. will
be youi crop. Fcrtil
ize sparingly and you
reap sparingly.
'he fact that over a million
a s of Virginia-Carolina
,tilizcr were sold last year
ves them to be without.
al. Every fruit farmer,
matter what method he.
V uscs, should get the Vir
ia - Carolina
npany 's
,r Year Book
Alman a c..
s frec to all
are inter
:ec d enough
,%rite for it.
d~ress us to
nearest city
imond, Va. Drurham, N..C.
folk, Va. Chr-rleston, S. C.
imbia, S. C. ba.ore, Md..
Atlanta. Ga.
Savannah, Ga.
Montgomery, Ala.
Memphis. Tec:=.
Shreveport, LI..
e Final Settlemnent and Discharge
-e is hereby given that I will make
c~tion to J. B. Newvbery. Es~q...
eof P'robate for PIcklens county, its
state of South Carolina, on the 9th
>f April, 1909, at 11 o'clock in the
oon, or s soon thereafter ase sai
eation can be made, for leave to
flunal settlement of the estate of
[cD. TIrotter, deceased,. and obta~im
arge vs admiristrator of iM.id .ea.
rch 12, 190.9. Admimstrator..
To The Pubbhe.
o Board of Counte' Commisione
notice that they will not approve
pay any clain for bridge or road.
niot contracted for by one of thetri
e the work was performed.
1(1 be "Exact." A timerieo3 that
or grins is not reliable,
moderate amount of money will
y'our watch in go.ad health.
< done here is not expensive, 1 ut it,
oroughily goodl work.
cp irence. knowledge and skill are
to good us-' and, cominedl'( with mi
lIed facilities, enable us to do watch
clock repairing of a very high grade,.
bn0t Ea.ly,-. 0.e,

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