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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
bubscription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rtites Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fustoffee an Second Chaub
Mai Matter
Elsewhere we publish the
statement of trustees in which
they claim that the statement
published about George Edens'
whipping was exaggerated.
We stated then, and reiterate
now, that the trustees did not go
to see the child. We also give
an aflidavit of those who did see
the child immediately after the
whipping and we leave our read
ers to judge who handles the
truth carelessly. You can al
P ways believe what you see in
this paper.
Level-headed Editors.
We give below some articles
from representative papers; the
Columbia State, the leading
nmorning daily of this state, and
a represcntative paper of the
south says:
What. is the matter with Pick
ens? The Pickens Sentinel
Journal of last week carries in 1
its editorial colunins the order
from a majority of the mer
chaits inl that towi to discon.- 1
tinue their advertisements.
Thu paper states that a boycott
has been deClared against it;
that a petition to boycott until it
apologized had been circulated
among the merchants and most
of them signed.
We know nothing of the casus
belli, but gather from the edito
rial that The Sentinel-Journal
of the previous week criticized
the conduct of the local school,
and censured the severity of the
whipping given a pupil by the
teacher. The accuracy of the
statements made in the paper do
not appear to be questioned; but
the teacher accused of the cruel
whippig is a woman, and the
parents of the child have threat
ened legal proceedings, so there
is much local feeling.
We do not, as we say, know
where the fault lies as between
the teacher, the child and the
paper, but certainly the plan
pursued by the merchants is ex
traordinary. No fault can be
found with the principles, the
character, the tone of the Pick
ens paper. It is quite conceiv
able that it has blundered, but
it is vastly more certain that it
acted with the .intention of bet
tering conditions in the school,
and so benefiting every patron
of' the school, and the public
.,neiralv. It had the boldness
to speak out, for the public good
and! without selfish purpose.
Then the merchants unthink
ingly sign a petition to quit ad
Of course these people can
hurt the newspaper; a newspa
per need(s advertising. But for
every dollar the newspaper loses
the town will lose twenty. A
year or two ago the newspapers
in a Westernt town were forced
to suspend publication for several
weeks. Merchants afterward
testified that trade was paraly
Zed; business dwindled in spite
of the employment of every
other means of advertising.
There was no return to commier
pers again began to circtlate ad
Do the merchants of Pickens
imagine they are giving The
Sentinel-Journal its living? If so
they a ie istaken. In return
for their money it sells them 1
publicity-the only publicity
they can get in that county
and that publicity is worth to I
them the money they pay for it
and heavy profit besides. If it
did not profit them they would
not advertise. Every grocery In I
the cotgity could be put out of
business if the people refused to
buy, but the people would them
selves starve with the grocers.
And suppose the Sentinel-Jour'
nal should suspend. Is a com
munity that boycotts a paper
for an honest stand, a stand
taken with honest, partiotic In
tent, whether right or wrong,
the kind of community to attract
other self-respecting newspaper
publishers? 1
At best, the boycott is an ugly
.,lub, and we believe the merch
ints of Pickens will, upon a little
reflection, see their error and 1
profit by newly acquired wis
The Pickens Journal and the
[ner:chants of Pickens are at outs
>wing to the fact that the paper
lad grit enough to publish the
acts in reference to a severe n
>eating administered to a pupil I
n the school at that place by one
>f the lady teachers. The mer
Ihants went so far as to "boy
tot" the paper and have taken
heir advertisements out. We
vould suggrest to the Journal to
'efuse their business in the fu
1ure and it will re-act on them
md not the paper. For sooner
)r later, the ierchants will re
ilize that they have made a mis- t
,ake.-Suniter Herald.
The town of Pickens is con
;iderably stirred up over an oc
urence in the school at that
It appears that one of the
;eachers gave a pupil a severe
hipping, and was severely ,
-riticized by the local paper, The (
Nearly all the business men of
he town endorsed the action of
;he teacher and condemned the
rticle in the Journal, and went ,
o far as to boycott the paper by I
wvithdrawing their advertise
nents from it.
If the Sentinel-Journal was I
oo sever In its criticicisms, It
~hould make amends or retract.
3f this wve cannot form an opin- r
The point we wish to make is
this, can the business men of
hat town afford to cripple their
business and give surrounding I
towns a decided advantage and '
boost up the mail order business ~
by withholding their patronage L
Erom their own home paper, ~
whether they have or have not i
just cause for so doing? t
If these merchants continue *
the boycott business it will not
be long before~ the Sentinel- t
Journal will hlave a nice display
f ads from Greenville anid other ~
places around, and there wvill be c
a good large boom of the mal.
order business working around ~
Already the mail order busi- a
ness is becoming a serious prob
1em with merchants, who do not a
advertise, and we know of but t
One remedy, and that is for tile'
merchants to advertise liberally
In their home papers and give
the competitive prices iii Which
they claim they can undersell]
the mail order men.--Lavonia,
Because the Pickens SENTINEL
JOURNAL published the facts in
reference to lody teacher un
mercifully whipping a pupil of
bhe school of that town, the
rnerchonts have "boycotted"
bhe paper, and refuse to let the
nanagement do any of their
work. The boycott was doubt
ess started by some one who 3
was already at outs with the
IOURNAL. The merchants of
Pickens will soon find out that
;hey have made a serious mis
ake.-[Seneca Farm & Factory.
What He Meant.
Park row at 1 a. m. and a polloeman
ad a sailor In conversation.
"Keyskle, keyside!" said the sailor.
"Ow will HI reach the bloomin' key- (
"O'wan wid ye. D'ye think I'm a
ocksmith, that I know about yer old
rey and its side? There's one key and
ock I'll be after givin' ye. and that's
o a cell. Move on now."
"Keyside! HI said keyside as plain
ke Hi could. blime!"
Just then a high brow who had been
o the postoffice buying stamps so that
1s rejected contributions would come .
ack to him stepped up.
"The man wants the keyside. what
ver that is, and I dunno," said the po
iceman. 1I believe he's looney and
11 run him In."
"He wants the quayside-the docks,"
aid the high brow as he directed the
nan to the water frout, while the po.
iceman said: a
"Well. I'll be blowed!"-New York a
A Slap at Mother. V
Dinner was done. and the family was
saeubled in the sitting room. Mother
iad taken up1 the evening paper and t
Ms reading an account of how. a high- (
raynan had been operating in the sub
rbs. F'ather was down on his hands
nd knees trying to act like a horse S
rhile little Willie drove him around c
ae floor.
"Papa." finally remarked the good
idy, glancing toward her husband,
here Is a story about another man
rho was waylaid. Do these holdups
Iwnys stop you with a pistol and then
o through your clothes?"
"Oh, no." grinfully replied father,
rising from the floor. "Sometimes
hey wait until you hang your clothes
ver the back of a chair and go to
leep."-Philadelphia Bulletin.
Nevertheless He Got Hew.
"You say my daughter loves you?"
ineetioned the old man.
"I'm sure of it," replied the young
"WelH. well." returned the old man.
Doking the young man over criticany.
There's no accounting for tastes, is
And somehow, although the young
3an knew that he ought to be happy
,ver the possession of the girt, he
euldn't help moewliog and speculating
that remark of the oMd men. '
Newer ef Deeelving,
Theee hs a Brookrlyn woman who pe- tc
esses a nervant who ti a model i alt
especte save one-'Ia that she Is none
0o t!rlthfel.
MteIy the mistress has bees oshug i
Ii her eloquence to mnaae Nara see thE
ener of deceitfulaees. But at laet she
ad4 te own hersef beaten whee Nosa,
ilth a beaming smile. turned and in
m oot eajoling tone said:
"Sara, now, maim, an' wet do ye sp
ose the power et Oesavta' was given
Is fort"
A L.set .ak Potes
A friend of mine, Writes a aootish
orvespondent. recently saw a pico of
aper lying on the street. He picked
up. It was a one pound note. Some
zen might hare pocketed it, with a
mile of' satisfaction. My friend, how
Nor, honestly handed it over to the
o'.A short time afterward he dis
re ht he himself had iost, a
ounad. Ha- thought over the matter
nd rememlbered( that before finding e
he note he had been standing on the E
dge of the pavement for somne time.
t slowly dawned upon himu that the
ound he had found was his own andI R
hat hie hand drawn it from hIs 'pocket it
nconsciously. Hie went back: prompt
vr to the police station and e.5plained ~
he circumstance. The officer inu.chazrge g,
nly shook his head and smiled In- si
redulously. "Very clever." he saidi.
but-eli-it will scarcely do." If my ~
riend cared to call back- at the end( of L
lx months, he was inforrped, hie would
et the p'ound If lin the interval It had
ot been. claimed. During this time 0
f waiting he Is Inclined to meditate
s to whether honesty Is always the
est policy.-London P. T. O.
hysieian laud Surgeo0i.
ffco Yoirs 10 to2.-4 to 4
reparing fo
We are now winding up our Wint
or Spring opening. In the meantim
Very Low
n any goods we have in sto.k.
We are receiving now some early
Last year's business was the beE
ope to'make this better.
Our motto: The best and most g<
onsistent with honest merchandising
A. K. P:
West End,
The Wolderlfl Cue
Have you heard of DR. PHILLIP,
m curing and benefitting everybody
nd black, rich and poor, old and your
f Pickens, S; C., for a few days o
rould be glad to help the sick and af
ay either ladies or gentlemen to tall
ons, both public and private, are str
ONFIDENTIAL. Call aid see or
Parties inside of incorporation can
ell on the Court Ilouse Square on M
ure all who buy my Treatment, and,
till sign the conditional contrtact with
Office: Rooms i and 2 George H
DR. I. Z. PH
Gencial Agent.
)outhern Shorthai
and Business
Atlanta, Ga., also Albany
Over i 5,ooo Graduates in
- Receivea 12,0(0 applicntions every year for llokkeepe
te. An average of two opeiings for every student that a
70 typewriting machines, t
'the. Southern also cond ucts the
pon wicIh institutlon the rallhoads andi telegraph compi
Main Line Wires Run intc
Write for Catalogue. Enter now. The Southern ls thi
I the Soth. Address,
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or W. L..
Atlanta, Ga.
Low Rate Milea~
Southern RI
500 mile state Family Tickets $i 1 .2
rn Railway in South Carolina for
iember of s family. Limited one ye;
1.000 mile Intet changeable Individm.i Tickets
ailway and thirty other rotds in the Sout.heast
ed one year fromu date of aet.
2.000 mile Interchuankeable Firm Ticket $40.00
ay and thirty othftr roavds in the southteaust ag zra
er, the head of a firm or emplo~ e. Limited to
ich persons at one time. Limiitt d one year front
1,0(0 mile Interchangeable Individual Ticket I
ailwny andl seventy-five other rords in the so1
iinrtt d one year froma date of sale..
On and after April 1st, 1098, all mnileage ticketi
i trains on tr alns nor in checking baggage. exce
ations not for the sale of tickets; but must be pr<
cchanged for continuous ticket.
Money saved in passage fare by,:
outhern Railway agents. Fares p~
igher rate. Call on Southern Rai
1ileage tickets, passage tickets and d
Lssistant Gen. Pass. Agent,D
Atlanta, Ga.
'Spr ing
er business preparatory
e, we will give
Spring shipments.
t of my experience.we
)ods for the least money
Greenville, S C
o, of Brevard, N. 'C., and
the sick and affiicted? -1
I get a chance at- white
ig. I will be in the town
Aly. (Notice this ad.) I
Bicted while here.1 t will
with me. My consulta
ictly HONORABLE and
write today for circt lars.
only buy of me. I will
arch 28th, and relieve or
it I fail to help them .1
agood new building.
Pickens, S. C.,
i University
, Ga. Branch
,m. tenographers. Te!egiaph Operatozv
tiends the Seuthern.
irgest eollection of typewriters ownedl
nicas are constantly cailing foro1~ a
This School.
oldest and largesit Buutness Collerti
ARNOLD, Vice-Pres.
;e Tickets I
5-good over the South
the head or dependent
rr from date of sale. :
li20.00-go'od over the Souther'
aggregating 80,000 miles. 1Xm..
-good over the Southern Rail
gating 1'0.000 milles, ALr a Man.
1 y but good for only one of
date of sale.
25.00-good over the Siouthera
atheast aggri-gating 41,000 miles.
will not be honored for passage
pt from non-ngency tstations and
~sented at tiCket offices and there
purchasing tickets fr~rn
uid on trains will be at a
lway Ticket Agents ,for ~
etailed information.
vision Passenger Agent,

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