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Pickens. R D 1.
Farmers are busy; they are a
liittle late, but they are going to
get Jiere.
J. . Einldricks, of this sec
tionl is hiildilg himself a nice
1ome. Ifurri'tah for John!
'Will Freemani visited Leonard
jones, of t he A mhler section,
ast Sunday.
Mis. J. R. J. Anthony visited
her sister, Mrs. Geo. Brazeale
one dlay last week.
'Te Griflin Sunday school Is
in a prosperous condition inder
their new suiperintendent, J. R.
'Samson Rock," I don't quite
;Agree Witih YOU ill your "Reply 4
to Daisy. " You shouldn't have
tried to defend the boys. Let
the boys defend themselves.
Come again, however, I like
your grit.
"Pansey," you must come
oftener, for I like your dots fine. .
Hello! "Gourdheid," I think I
know you.
The Glassy Mountain school
closes a most successful session
this week. We wish to con
gratulate Miss Nora Gilstrap,
our most efficient teacher.
Come again, "Clevie," "May
belle" anl "Daisy;" I know
you all. STon:WALL.
I have lived 63 years, and I
have never knowii anyone to
gain anything or any friends by
boycotting, or trying to pull
down their neighbors. The way
to act is to do unto others as
you would have theni do unto
you. If your teachers have
done wrong, it won't right the
wrong by others acting foolish
and doing the school injury.
iHold vou r school together and
11mploy Christians to teach, and
your troubles will be few.
If your teachers drink, chew
or sumoke tobacco they are not
fit fo r thle k inlgdom of heaveni,
'muich dess i teach our children. F
Some proo~-hers d1r ink strong
liquors, chew andii smoIEke tobac
%'o, which is a bad uxamiple for
t'hurc h1 miezmbers t o follow; and
wvhat abome a sc'hoOhnaster w~ho
Curses and indulges ini all sorts of
drinks, such1 as beer, wine, coco
-.I hope the matter of the Pick
ens school will be i mpromlhlised
and kept on)t Of' (cour t.
J. S. BAmKEn.
Honor Roll of Praters School
irst ( r le --italpjh K~enne
mnore, Lel Gi: Iarr' t1t, .\ landl Bra
zeale, Cecil ladnievr. Lak Conch,
lrene TIomupkins, MayBolding,
Lewis Seaborn.
Second Grade--Laby Hudson,
1rene Boldin:g, Zanie Brown,
Ben Bolding, Thalier Tompkins,
Sheriff Br'az.ale, Obie Bolding,
Frank Medlin, Mol Ie Pilgrim,
Oswold Brazeale, Lizzie Cater,
Mattie Cater, Sam Pilgrim, Rob
ert Cater.
Third Grade-Maggie Bold
ing, Ralph Murphree, Perry
Oarrett, Alma Couch.
Fourth Grade-James Cater,
Busie Brown, Fannie Hudson,
Jehn Bolding, Vader Tompkins,
.!Doserte Birazeale, Beulah Mur'
-phree, Lula Pilgrim.
Fifth Grade-Esta Brown,
Codli Seaborn, W alterBdig
~Ralh Garrett. yBlig
$ixth Grade--Doyle Hudson,
Olga Keonnemore, Leland Bold
ing, Hovey Seaborn.
Seventh Grado-Alber't Gai'
2 08Ocar Mora Garignd
The school closel March 20 fo
a vacation until July.
J. W. Looriu, Prin.
In Memory of Little Wyatt
Little Wyatt Mullibix, thc
son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M.
Mullinax, died at his home1 neat
Norris on the 18th ult., and was
buried at the Mullinix grave
yard, near Liberty, the day fol
owing. The bereaved family
lave our sympathy. May God
less them in their troubles.
I'he little crib is empty now,
The litttle clothes laid by.
A. mother's hope, a father's joy,
In death's cold arms doth lie.
Jo, little pilgrim, to thy home
On yonder blissful shore;
We miss thee here, but soon will
Where thou hast gone before.
Chose little eyes so sweet to kiss
Are closed forever now,
Chose sparkling eyes that shonie
so bright
Beneath that pearly brow,
Chat little heart that beat so
Free from all care and gloom,
Are hidden now from those h(
Beneath the silent tombi).
Twelve Mile River Association,
Evangelist campaign by Rev
W. M. Walker. Appoint
ments as follows:
Dheohee...... ............ April 11-1
Dherry Hill.............April 12-1
White Water........... April 18--2
Balem..............April 25-2
E astatoee...... ......Apr 10 May
Rocky Bottom.........May 3 -
Saluda Hill..............May 9 -1
Antioch ............. ......M ay 15-1.
3ale ................ ......M ay 28-2.
Jheohee.......... .........M ay 30-3
"hady Grove.............June 4
Bethel......... .............June 9-11
heohee.............. June 13-1.
2d Church, Central.. .J une 19-2!
3alenm...............Juine 27-2
Kceowee................July 4-1(
Theohee..............July 11-15
Pa'l Creek...........July 12-1l
\lt. Carmiel..........July 19-2'
Salenm................July 25-24
uLt. Tabor', Central.. ..July 27-3]
?leasant Hill.........A ug 1- '
Bix Mile...............Aug 8-14
Jheohee................ Aug 15-2]
3alem................Aug 22-21
Flolly Springs..Aug 30--Sept
Little River...........Sept 5-1]
Jheobee...............Sept 12-11
stamp Creek........Sept 19--2!
3alem................Sept 26-2
Respectfully submitted.
Ex. Corn. T. M. R1. Ass'n.
For the
To succeed these days you
muast have plenty of grit, cour
age, strengthi How is It with
the children? Are they thin,
pale, delicate? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparlilla. You
know It makes the blood pure
and rich, and buIlds up the
general health In every way.
.Thechbanlr nnoliftJOe5ihly have jrnd healt h
,itmess the lowlt a re a yrr (rtt~ on. nVr
doseso"Iyr'. Pils. A vegta~le,sgar-ented.
ijercit8URY PECTORA..
We have no mootets t Wo publish
Consumption is less <
Certain relief and u:
r will result from the efolle
Hope, rest, fresh ai
By virtue of the constitution
and rules of the Democratic
party in this state, the Demo
cratic clubs of this county are
hereby called to meet, at their
respective places of meeting,
at 3 o'clock p. m1., for the pur
pose of reorganizing.
Each club will elect a. presi
dent, one or more vice-presidents,
a secretary and a treasurer, also
a committee on registration, an
executive commnittee and such
other committees as each club
may desire, to consist of not less
than threemembo's each. Each
club shall also elect delegates to
the county convention, the basis
of representation being one del
egate for every twenty-five en
rolled members or a iajority
fraction thereof.
The comty convention will
meet at Pickens, May 4, to elect
delegates to the state Demo
cratic convention, to be held in
Columbia, May 20.
The county convention is en
titled to double the representa
tion in the state convention I'
has in the general assembly.
A full attendance at the club
meetings is urged.
I also call the attention of the
voters of this county to the fact
3 that each anil everyone must
register this year or they cannot
t Vote in the general elect ion.
) C. E. Roms~xsos,
Co. Chairma:.n.
T11 Torr.i.sh Woman'j Veil.
lad's ha .e ihi .x o.<xa .
fnu elbrioenelN! a v a:
veils th14 are notiu:.t Ilore 1,1.i1 tranli
edIy these ld ies- sm- reorti d t.,'
tha't LooU ei to wear 11'.':; .
through which the fee ennnIot he' 01.;
cerne'd. 'Tahis order LAs obaeyed Cou
about a y..a. when by degre'::J the.1'
[hegina wearing thInner voils.--Londo:
jThe Cause of Many,
Sudden Deaths,
lhera is a disease prevailing In thh
country most dancrous because so decco
ii tive. Many sudder
, _ dcaths are caused by
- ~it --heart discase
pncumo~nia, hcar
failure or apoplcx)
are often the resuzli
11 of kidney di::ease.
kidney trouble 1s al
lowcd to advance the
-kidrey - p oiso ne d
- - blood will attack the
.vital organs or the
kidney;s them.as;ive: break down and wvaste
aw~ay c-:H 'cy coil.
Bladdsr troubles most always result frc~r1
a dcrawpment of the kidneys and a eure is
obtaiin-.-i quichesat by a proper treatment of
the hidmy-.. If you are feeling badly yoti
can make no mi~take by taking Dr. Kilmer'
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, ;;ver and
bladder remedy.
I t corr::cts inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes thai
:unpleaaont necessity of being compelled te
go often durlng the day, and to get up many
times during th, night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soorl
realized, it stands the highe::t for Its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-doliat
sized bot tlie. You may^
have a sample b->ttle. of'
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that
tells all about It, both nlomeorswamp-nloot.
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N'. Y. Whon writIng montioi
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name. Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root. and the addres3, Binghamton,
N.Y., on every bottle.
HA2F h 1rAr.AM
leadly than it used to be.
ually complete, recovery
wing treatment:
, and-Scott's,
:). AND $1.00.
Street Beggars of Boumbay.
If the clothes of an ordliairy iggua.
In Bomnbay were seareled cookud fnpoji
sufmelent to saitisfy at Iaist t'- peIr
sons would bo found stowed naway3 i;
difrerent places. It-1I well Linowti that
these beggars are rogular veudersi o.
food. They eat as auni as they ea:
and sell the rest. A Hominay Stre
beggar is a well to du individual :,:.
seis hone' weekly at posital o'uler e
10 or 15 rnpees. oay of the fat. rit1
was overheard saying to a broiber p:,.
feaslonal that he hal doe badly t:h
day. haing "earned" only 2 rtup-.
and 4 unna.
,_usiness Locals.
Notices of Salo, Wants. Swaps, etc.
Inserted in this Coluinn at 5 cents per
linoafor ench liiertlon. Nothing taken
for less thnu 10ceuts.
P1 1' Single Comb lrnwn Legshorns -
11--t Leing stiain in the Kkiuth. Per
etftilig of 13, $1. S. P. McCarty, Pick
e0s, 83. t.
Bluck Minoreas-The birds that lay in
winter time. H1-atched i Februnry and
410anmmiencl-d laying in Septeniber~ nnd
haus averaged 140 eges, each . up to Mar.
10th. A f--w seittings of eggs at $ 0tt
per 15. They are finis birds anid were
.;iven a high mark by M'.tnshall
Mrs. M. F. Heeter,
A Certain Cure for Aching Feet
Allenra Foot2'ase, A powder: etires
Tael, Achinr, S weatigir. Sw lien fet-.
S ni ph. sent FREE. 2'SO . i imple o' FooT
ti..ct. Ad 1rems. Alien S. Ol):-env1. L, -
R- . N. Y. stpig4.
A GENT - WANTED;-6 x 20 crayon
portraits -10 cen t., lr,'ami 6 10 censts I11-4
tilp. : hvai pier nre-i ione een r. meh. You
cans manke. 41)0 p -r court. priltit or :0.110
per wve.k 4. i , ".an- anid Samp ~les tree.
Addres. Fravik W. Wilhis Co , 1 0
W. Tavlor a... Chrno, Ill. apr9w4.
F u 8l.iit-s-17 nerm., orim-.f .1 forest,
114 miles n~ortha 1f $ek.s 30 Ilnn-;
'15 arres w tt (if W ood(Jtlali :t ii n ain, 10
norlk~S1V:ranch bt '11. ba a E- in r .mih.'r
14'iee f 510 5r, i"'h di ai.' E. F. hExTH.
1I k' 1 I., No. 4. ickens, 8. t:,
Here is Relief for Women.
II Oi iuihve p-Iins in the- back. Uris::
a ~erta1in. I lens' lt herbl enr 1 for- wom11
a n .s dis. try Mlot heri ra i's AUsTII '1.iAy
I. .a 10i is a 54 tf and iil aiev -fatiln
r- giiIltor. A t Druiafst~s or1 by ma sil 50e
M-other (jat Co., 1.t'Uiy, N Y. (20 4
,To Break in New Shoes Always V'se
volle' re Fo .-Rase, n piswth-r.i~ I'r p-$
i.i . '1, n ad shot-( .4re In.-, 2,4. - j m lp. 511 II .
I llRlL.- A dh- s-, A. S. Obmete.-d. I1..
TrI.. N.Y. . ~ e:w4
Over Postollce, Andeson, S. 0
wV1.l .
Practic6 in all Courts la Souuth Carolina
Fridge Not.:'o
IIa S (in Rne IIn, 4he ?4- a i A, p49, lui e-,
alt 11 i ns., 1(o 'et 44 i.e I w,...- hhhuh-,r
tihe l-ihlx ' f aijis bridg... 1s... zaeli
spe..r.* ifin- m'le h- kg. wn --n '.. 'a-- *t
lei tii-. re-s--r' rng the righ5 . 'r- j'ect say
and ll the,1 lads.
1N. -. 1.0 WIER
* Notice of Sale
By virtue of ln order of ihe' P-roba t.
Jud'ge. 1 wvill t'el1 at s'y re-sh1.eiee alt
imy re shIl4e a t Nt'rris, ui n it e 41
cash1, all the~ tlesonaI prol -itrn bl,.oun
nla elh 2) 2t. Amnmasna mrL4.
Fine young Jack. W~ould ex
change for pair of good young
mules. Apply to
Central1 S. C.
1888-- 8,750
1892- 155,375
1897 290,954
1901 . 475,215
1903 500,690
1906 530,690
The beat evidence that Bliss Native
Herbs fulfills the claims made for it
Is found in the increasing sales it en
Joys year after year. It cures, or else
people would not buy and take it
for suqh diseases as Rheumatism,
Constipation, Dyspepsia, Kid no y
Diseases, Liver Disorders, Eczema,
Scrofula or any alment arising from
impure blood.
Bliss Native Herbs
is effective because it is made from
pure roots, herbs and barks and con.
tains no opiates,minerals or alcohol. e
It is guaranteed under the United
Stater Pure Drug Law. Each box
contains 200 tablets for $1.00 and if
no cure results. money is refunded.
It is made by The Alonzo 0. Bils
Company, Washington, D. C. Can
not be found in drug-stores and Is
F. A .Finley,
Pickens, S. C.
Mail orders receive prompt at
tention. 4june'o8
Ha'ki.. RAI'Iraai comyany
T INZ ';.r.ku I , N07
SupernedeLTime Table No 6
Read owt feetivelare 10 9r
No 9 No I1 STATIONS No 10 No 12
Mixed Mixed Mixed 'Mixed
6:641 atu 11:30 an lv Picketis Pr 8:30a.im 5:05h pm
6:6": ami II :35 ai Fergutnit 8:25utm 5015) pi
7:05 an II: 45 at *P'ir.ot's 8:15111n 41:54) join
7:10 timt 11 :A% am ) A riall'K 8: Want 1:151 pit1
7:15 ami 11:55 ant Mittiin 8:05am, 4:A pm
7:2n lin 12:00 in ar Elnsley iv 8:0%au 1 :3., pm
*Fhtg Stationi
All traihis daily exceypt ' uiday
No 9, contnet with Sr-e t.wan lini'war No 42
No 10 4eonneetN with Southern Raillwav No 12
No. li ioiects with Southi n ititil wy No 2I
No 12 nneets wiih Southern Railway Mo i
.4Y-For mi nyinformattion ii p'y to
J I rAYIlOt Gen Manatter
101A iii.ISTON & W31':4 N CAittl.INA
1A11 I AY.
.,Ari viI ased I)-.art ,ivre @of Te4ins.oo Green
villea. EO.elcive- Als-rti 14, JE06t.
6:30 a it, No. 48 dhiIy excepjt Sutiila, for Lau
rens nial intein editate sta:tions, nttve tt
I.,iinrens 9:00 a it
I2: IN it Il. Nt. ii3i datily for Lautirens. Clinton
Newterry. oluni biA, i:tetltr aii charles
toll coatvie tilig tit Ski tter witlh .\. c.. L.,
Tritb No. s-: for RnsoIt ti ld. Wi-iingtonl
11ikd ealsti-rnl citief . a I Alt 1.un1retfa wMith (,. &
W. (.. Tritt No. I ror Spiairiitilihirg and
tini No- 2 for (;r, en .%cwl, . ga tetc.
Arrive L ureti.t 8 ::5 it -.linton
2:22 pt i, N ewt erry 3.14 tp. III. 'oinrntiIat :4-5
No1ner n:2t p m , rlestoit .0; A, :%puar tiatI
buit 3:130 p. m1, (r'iiowiod 2:4ti p mt, jo ui
I4:0 li pmi. 7to. 3t; lb.ily exeplt S ubhty. for Laiu
ri-nt- nri-t itateq' me Iitte .'ttttitons. rie at
Antit- 'A3.S
20:20 a mt. '. itt-, rhily te .pt Sit ndaty (tot,
litan rens and, I -termierl iiite at ion
-0t 0, in No. G. ru y 4.c-ept i-ut ch fromt
3:25 p mi. No. 52. da4; 1y from (hrtli -Cuot Sttitter,
t- ibtiu. Nenbenrry, ttin, Sptuianutgg.
A tetisaI, U i'eelwetal ittr-euiaetc.
TPrami No. !.2 tjl 53 rn thr::n2hlIetweoin
E-tztent Williams, G. P'. A.
R. M'.. lirandl. Tratf, 31utt. Anaguta Gai.
This is ju-t nas true in regaird to Sewing
Machines as anv'hingi, -n
T i l WA 'ILAR IHOi'A Y RHU ll'.E
'Te S'tnninril Irttiury P ino~ pi. i-s mott
iie i y corr.et . " ht it-h fgi-t Iiiu
1' i alp -r *f*. u'h.. world-iiI hv 1 our
eatewlhtit a is tig I ~laiE v v#SANit h
G itN h O TA.iV. Til'jj S"OA~ R)ID't
BEJ~-h' SIEWINiG MACt-lINI. ma twot
-Hili lBearbtj 8tandi--Stralidht Aitit
,si t Lilt. Ile io- fatli tt inivi'thgtate
Ie meritegum *of thei. F-i , se. A e-t SibItnrt
veingi MIachi *i mito. i I i T IA N 1).
ARDii iNOTARY. '-A dem~Iogtitn,, .s
a rev..lastion,.'' WiIt.. fori prices a st
Easy P'tament Pn. (uaratet.ed Sew.
ing Machines $l.00 ui.
T1he Stantdard Sewing Machine Ceo.
58 5. Blroati St., Atlant, Ga.
('arioad of Obelis~k Flouir au-L receivod
at H. A. Bichey's.

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