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Miss Eva Earle came homo
Imm L imestone last Friday fo
a few s days' stay.
Bicycles repaired the next ter
days at cost; also general ro
pmajin at reasonable prices. Se(
ine at 11. A. Richey's store. R
Ki. Goodwin.
lessrs. L.C. Thorinley, 1. M.
'ialdini and Ernest Folger are
each the proul )ossessors of a
nice Maxwell runabout auto
-mobile, and they are now learn
ing to maniilate their ma
chintes very wvell. hlie pleasures
of motoring will be greatly en
joyed by these gentlemen this
There are three trains a (lay
each way now on the Pickens
ailroad, the schedule having
changed Sunday, as follows;
Leave Pickens 6.50 and 11.00 A.
M., and 4.10 P. M. Arrive Eas
ley; 7.20 and 11.30, A. M., and
4.40, P. M. Leave Easley; 8.00
A. M., and 1.20 and 5.05 P. M.
Arrive Pinkens; 8.30 A. M.,
and 1.50 and 5.35 P. M. This
schedule is somewhat more con
venient than the former one and
should cause the road to be
much more liberally patronized
than heretofore.
Dame Rumor has it that the
Farmers Union intended start
ing a store Iere some time ago
but could not get a suitable
building,. or a lot on which to
build, in Pickens. Report now
has it that arrangements are
ao)ut perfected whereby a cer
tain lot will he gotten and this
enterprise put through; there is
also a rumor that oi this same
lot will be erected a building
which will be use.dt for a bank
and such an institution may be
organized in Pick-nm within the
next sixty days. It will be
known as the Farmers and
Planters Bank.
ir. A. C . Sp ini. D - i , in re n
Ville, will be fouid at !i fi :o of Ir.
Ba)lt, April 2st. for a f!%v 1 ys, crcwi,
.un I bridge work a specialty.
I will pay $50 for the capture
and delivery to the) county
chain.gang Beurry Anderson, col-.
ored, who escaped on the 10th
inst. Hie is about 18 years old,
about five feot tall, weight
aboiui 15 poundIS. ginger-cake
color, and has a foolish expres
sion wheni talking. Convicted
of bu1ay0 toi-r, 1905, and
sentenu td to !i v, yer1s in chain
gang. F:. V. ALYEIe,
(Co. Super-visor
Pic ke 1 Co., s. C.'
.Board of Education.
We have receiv1edl the follow
ing from State Superintendent
of Education (1. 1B. Martin, in
regard to the safet~y of school
"Wheres the danger of loss of
l'ife by fire is very present in all
*our public schools, niow, there
fore, be it refsolved:
"Section 1. That it~is the sense
of this Board that in any and
all public school buildings in this
4tate,it is the imperative duty of
the trustees, or others charged
with the construction of such
builldigs,to make such adequate
Wromvisions for the escape of
thxe -pupils and teachers there
tore in case of fire, as will cover
any and all contingencies that
2nay arise, and this Board rec.
ommends that all doors of en
trance and exit to such buildlnge
.as well as doors to hallways ani
.class rooms, be made to oper
outwards, and that ample flr4
esoape~s from any upper s oo
any such school butidingb i
Innn, yatab
made part thereof.
"Section 2. That in all publil
buildings now in use in thi
State, not equipped with th
safeguards against loss of life b:
fire, as set out in Section 1 here
of, that it Is the imperative dut]
of the trustees of such schools t<
provide such safeguards withou
"Section 3. That this Boar<
further recommends that fir<
drills be practiced at least onc
a month in all of our schools ani
that the teachers and superin
tendents of said schools be re
quested to carry out this recoi
"Section 4. That copies oj
this resolution be sent to thi
various city and county superin
tendents of education of this
State for distribution among thE
trustees of the various schooh
of the State.
The Thornwell Orphanage
Clinton, S.C., has recently com
pleted a cottage, the funds foi
which were presented by Dr. J
C. Sillman of Palestine, Texas
as a memorial to his father, Dr
James Monroe Sillman former1
of York county, S. C. Th<
building is a granite structure
All the granite was donated b3
Dr. N. G. Long of the Loni
Blue Granite Quarries of Elber
ton, Ga. The house is compleh
with all modern improvement:
and is filling up with a famil
of little orphan girls under th
age of ten. This building in
creases the number of orphar
children actually under the shel
ter of the Thornwell Orphanag(
to 250. The care and educatior
of this number of children is, 0:
course a heavy draft on tha
Presbyterians of South Carolhin
Georgia and Florida, who unit
in Its support, but the work is i
noble one and is returning bott
to the State and to the Churci
a splendid body of young peopl<
that would have otherwis<
grown up in ignorance. Th<
Thornwell Orphanage wai
founded in 1875, being opene(
for the reception of children o
the 1st day of 'October of tha
year. It has been wonderfull'
enlarged sined then, till now tup
22 stone and brick buildings
Nevertheless the demands on i
are much greater than ever be
fore. It does not confine it
benefits to Presbyterian cild
recn, but consider s only iho faci
that the child is a needy an<
A Lazy Liver
Ma7y to only a tired liver, or a starved
liver. It would be a stupid as well as
savage thing to boat a weary or starved
man because he' lagged ini his work. Sc
in treating the iagging, torpid .liver It lh
a great mistake to hash it with strong
drastilehdrngs. A toryktd liver is but ar
indication of an il-nourished, enfoobled
body whose organa are weary with ovet
work. Start with the stomach and allied
organs of digestion and nutrition. Pul
thema in working order and see how
quickly your liver will become activa
Dr. Pierce's Golden M~edical Discovery~
has made mau'y marvelous cures of "llre,
trouble " by Its wonderfo) control of the
organs qf digas~tiop ande uttition. ILt re
stores the nornptal hetheyt thad slotch,
increases the secretions of theq blood-mak
lng glands, eltases thie-Sstem fromn pot
sonous ace~umulatfois, qgod se relieves the
liver of the burdn% inpeed -tiponi it be
lhe defection of ither organs.
If you have bliteror bad tsete In the morn
lng, poor or 'hyaihi appetite. coated tongue
tont breath. stip. or Irregular bowels
feel weak. eaanl tired, pendent, frequeni
beadaches, pain di4strea *semali of back.
gnawing or ds #I e In atomach
perhaps nasa rane
throat after eat. and ~I srymptom
ot weak stomach ad torpid 11
ewill telieve more
a e . e aps on
.jiWaU o eiaiIeWa willbe presen
at one time and yet point to torpid liver o1
biliouness and weak stomach. Avoid at
I tcindigestible food and tako the "Gooldo:
atDiscovery * regularly and stiok to it
detil you are vigoreus and atrong.
'The "Discovery0 is non-secrot, non-aleo
bolle, Is a glyceulo extract of natIvo modici
mial roots witb a full list of Its fagredient
Drlnted-on eacli bottle-wrappor and atteste
under o. Its ingredients are. endorse
and exiob by the tuost emin mtnedien
writetao 'lea and are rooinended
- Umr tb tu.aego wha it inda s4
K Sprig
The ladies of the surrol
Hats now on display at
spring and summer nii:lin
style. We have a most c
her line in Atlanta and se
Her work is being great
son College. You canno
Old 1Hats itemodelei
Call in and see our g
old hats in stock as this i
4. Fire
deserving orphan. Its schools
are on a high grade, both liter
ary and manual and its pupils
when they leave are thoroughly
able to take care of themselves.
It deserves the helping hand of
all generous people in this great
work that It is doing so well.
Mrs. Neii-ed - 'My husband never
spenks a cixms word to me. Mrs. Old
wed--indee.! flow long have you beei
3 living aimart.' --Chiengo News.
I Kidney Trouble Mies You Miserable.
Almost overybod' who roads the news
r papers Is sure to cknow of the wonderful
cs madei by Dr.
te great kidney, liver
and baddecr remnedy.
ij,~,cal triumph of theo nine
tec:ih , cecntury; diiz
- ic.mi .: r::e.rch ty
- nnt ;inyadblad
dr sp:1iit. and is
wonderfully nuccona iul in pro.'.:itl c.rin
lame back, kidnecy. blader, uri:: acid trou
bics and Bright's Lisease, whicha i. m v'orst
ommended f or e.v'ryea thng but Ifyoui hn.v kid
just the rc:nd/1 ).I r.:. K. h i1.asben teste-.
chase reilie and ha3 prov.ed n. ::= zfil 1:
ory casac I tat a ,:pocial a ngn..ienI has
boon made. b., 'whiah allI readcra of thIs paper
who haIve ret alreadK' tried it. raay have a
sample bot:: ..t free by rnail, also a boc,:
tolling mnor'e about Zw.mp-Root and how to
find out Iif . h tve k idney orbinddsr trouble.
When w'ribti- -eation reading this generous
offer in this mner and'
serid your aziescs to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,Ding
togular fity 1''ent an vrmnt m-nos
dollar sze any sold by all good druggiste.
ton' iak an~y mistake,, but renmhet
tename, Swnmp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamif-Root, andi the addrera, Binghamton,
Ni. Y.. on pvery bottla.
Niotice of Eletion
Office of Co~aunty~ Sny'st of l'iuentioni
'of Plckew. 4.Imnriy.
Wheres. a p.rie ion frenm t.)'e er,.hoi.
I r and e-leeoVI' of Six MIl.e uchtw.i diA
trict No. :'*' a b.-..n filbml withI the
P county beant of a~educti-n of P~i(cto a
P counlty askinac,-sid board far i,aragi-si.,j,
to hold an e *'stirmt In ,nii. lIat i.'' 6.. '-. -
terinfe whuet he-r e'r not t wo iniPaa f' i
levy ghall bep l..d on .said u-as ie . i
school piirp#Psa.
It appearng to the county boar geiE
e tducation~ 1 hail tlim petitions nue..t the r -
quirements eof thet law, thi.refore II '
- Ordered iha theo trustre a of the~ ah-.... -
- named district dI-i .1 n leerso o.
Sj May 9. at the SIx Mile .choill-on.--e,'faor
Ithu above-statedl puerpnee. 'I h.a trse
shaall be sepnere, nrid al all condiuct
this election as ali~general eetiotra are
oontoted, and. etrictly in acacontiance
Sth h1eo. 120& of thme Gieneral Statutjs.
*By order ef Oseufsy Board .of Educa
S. 8: B HALLUM, Sec. & Chn.
ecoa Nadd
son College, S
inding country are urged to see the r
my store near Clemson College, be
ery, as we are prepared to make to ot
onpetent trimmer, one who has been
veral other large cities of the South
ly appreciated and complimented by t
t afford to miss seeing this display.
I for Customers who Prefer not I
oods-hats especially-which are all n
s our
t spring seasoi
in business.
Southern Shorthai
and Busines
Atlanta, Ga., also Albany
Over j 5,ooo Graduates in.
.ect ives 12,0(0 opplicatlon every y( ar for ltcokkecf-en
Etc. An aveiago of two op-enings for t.vey att;dint that al
70 typewriting machines, h1,
The Sonthern also conducts the
Upon which Institution the railoads iand telegraph conipa
Main Line Wires Run into
Write for cataalogue. Enter now. The Suthern !s the
in the South. Address,
A. C. B3RISCOE, Pres., or W. L. J
Atlanta, Ga.
Low Rate Mileag
500 mile state Family Takets $t 1.2
ern Railwvay ini South Carolina for t
member of 'a family. Limited one yeai
1 00) I t-e irntelehnogen.'bI Individi;:.) 'd tto q
its Iws 'nd tlim y otrhpr ro,,ta in: Lt~ bon at
treas one' b. hr froen. nae of a-.
2,000f miili Inaterchiange.able Firm Tickvet $403 (0
wi 3' ini Iisrly t he r ruen- s h t.Ish youtaeest I' I re
a r Ii iassa ad f , fim ear mpifjo~ e. 14' ited to fif
such pen-ons at one. timne. ~imtit4 di one~ year fr. .m
1.0 4) mile Tewreh'an-bs'le Indiviersot Tik...t *
1heilwny andte a'v.tytive5) ith.-r rak in91 the svon
simtrII dI .mil yeair fr omt of 4)a i..
Ons usnd aiftir A prni ist. 114. nii nfteag tiekots
ail re t Nu 4)n Yfrnitl i i. inch .-ekin Ib.gege, egenas,
esationes tec r. r the si Ii ti-e ts ii must 1lise preJli
e'xchianigad for corftt.tuntl. tliket
Money saved in passage fare by y:
Southern Railway agents. Fares pa
higher rate. Call on, .outhern Rail
mileage tickets, p)assage ticketls and d
Assistant Gen. Pass. Agent, Dia
Atlanta, Ga.
an3 *-i ei3 inl for Lo-nEha.gsa ' cortifi..
i')t-a w~ ill beh h..I.)a t iiei n (:~ti [4 , oe
I.ridlay, Maiy 15.. y.x.,mnse.,n it~l t., .. - M
men~fcea prompthi~i' atL I o'cloctk, ~taplicami'
to funih thIesir ownu liitairy; legail J'l3S
041n a' a .ireferred.
IIy nrdaer sintgeI Board ''cacfn. flf^^ l
Rt. TV. J1AJLUrm. J -. Say't )5 FVo' V 0 V
erer's .
. c.
lice line of Pattern
fore buying their
der or trim in any
most successful in
for several years.
he ladies of Clem
iuy Now ones
ew and fresh. No
Ga. Branch
tetogrphtrs.Te'gr phOpelatorsi
itds I he Sekitherfi.
01 folk Mri i t .of o Pe I iters ownedA
Ies litre coustatitly ealliig for opera
This School.
Oldeet anl largest l Hu.iuesK College
RNOLD, Vice-Pres.
e .Tickets!
-good over the South
he head or dependent
r.from date of sa:le.
C.-.6 o~ i >- *h- Mouthe'srn
a.., * g-- ;Im S.In)f rnth... 3 Ur1
at ingc ; 0 * s. ul- s. g a um
5' 00---0 .I u'.ir s h-' . aln-hern
wvill nt be honored for paatage
C(rEV-n no"-algency uttios ani
utn.-d. ai.t Lickeit ofliee B anld tere
urchasing tickets from
d on trains will be at a
way Ticket Agents for
tailed informnationi.
sion Passenger Agent,
Charleston, S. C.
aillR aild Sulrgeo0
fours 10 to19..- in04

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