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Pickens Sinel-J8our
The Sontinel4ouraal Company.
TomrsoN & BwICEr. PRoPs.
J. L. 0. THOMPSON. Emvom.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Btes Remsonable
Watered at Pickens FestofaCe as second Olasi
Mail Matter
The Elder Sister.
There is no character in the
home circle more useful and
beautiful than a devoted elder
sister who stands side by side
with the toiling mother, ligt
ening all her cares and burdens.
How beautiful the house ma
chinery moves on with such
efficient help! Now she
presides at tio table in her
mother's absense, always so
neatly attired that it is with
pride the father introduces her
to his guest as "our oldest
daughter." Now she takes a
little troop into the garden with
her and amuses them, so mother
may not be disturbed in her
work or her rest. Now she
helps the boys with their hard
lessons or reads father's paper
aloud to rest his tired eyes. If
mother can run away for a few
day's recreation she leaves
home without any anxiety, for
Mary will guide her house wise
ly and happily in her absence.
But in the sick room her pres
ence is an especial blessing.
Her hand is next to mother's
own in gentleness and skill.
Her sweet music can charm
any pain, and brighten the
weariest hours. There are elder
sisters whose presence is not
such a blessing in the home.
Their own selfish ends and aims
are the main pursuits In life,
and anything that stands in the
way of these is regarded with
great impatience. Such daugh
ters are no comfort to a moth
er's heart. Which kind of an
elder sister are you In the house
Ptre esingle comb I$rown Leghorn.
Best Laying strain in the tiouth. Per
setting of 18, $1. S. P, McCarty, Pick
ens, 8. C.
Cures Woman's Weaknesses.
We refer to that boon to weak, nervous,
suffering women known as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Proscription.
Dr. .John F'yfe one of the Editorial Staf
of TH. EcuE-ric MEICAL RcVInw usays
of Unicorn root (IHelonkte Dioieca) which
is one of the chief ingredients of the "Fa
Vorite Prescription ":
SA remody -which ii)variably acts as a uter
lne invigorator ** maken for normaal ae
Lcvtyof the entire reproductive system."
ecotnues "in Helonias we have amedica
mont which more fully answers the above
3urposea than any other drug wdUh tvha 1 am
eulir to w oen it is seldom that a case is
seen which does not present som~e indication
for this remedial agent." Dr. Fyfeo further
Indications foelonias (Unicornroot). Pan
Beaching in the back with.eeorrhora a
etonic (Weak) conittcf of the reroductive
organs of gomen, ment depressnei and ir
ultabiility. -sociated wit chronic iseases of
aerA~in eat n te egion ofi tc sit
nu-s, me rr-hagi (floodfag). due to a weaka
ened con Ition of the reproductive system:
amenor reseed or absent moat hiy
MuO o condition of the dieivenorgan
and renic ( thin blood)i hit: dragging
s n s in theontreme lower part of the
mo r ma
.me i w~iris Unicorn root, or eonias
and the medical properties of which It
moat faithfully represents.
Of Goldon Soal root, another prominent
ingredient of "Favorite Prescription,"
Prof. Finley ~llingwood, M. D., of Bien
nott Medical Cllege, Chicago, says:
"IL is an important r eey in disoers of
rof o b me useful
Cincinnati, says of Golden'Seal root :
"Inrelation toits enral geects on the
a stem. -son.eIt
is untucrali regardea as thi tonic useful in
Prof. U. Bartholow, M. D. of Jeffecrson
Medical College, says of Golaen seal:
"Valuablo In utorino hemorrhage. menor
hagia (flodng) and cnga Live dJysmenor
Ur. oerco's Ifavoritelrescription faith
ftally represents all the above nmed in
~eaients and cures the diseases for which
. rrconmmended.
Teaches us to buy the very 1
Our contract with the manuf
neering-and the best grade o
tions. This is the reason we
on every piece of our goods.
We handle furniture in suits
full line of Lounges, Couches.
Lace Curtains, Curtain Poles, A
Bags and Suit Cases. In fact
Goodrich Sewing Machines o
Will make you a very close I
Our suits of Furniture-all <
Our Sideboards, all oak goo(
A car-load of Stoves has jus
Stove, No. 7, for $5.90, and on
A large stock and fine assor
we can display them. Come a
We. Ai
'1o furnish y(
In Millinery
shapes and styl
an expert millit
our many satisi
except Soes.
Fine line .
The only exc
If you have
M rs.
Old Drug Si
Many a Ma
Everyth ing~ carrie
W. S. Parsnsn, Manager.
business 2
>est article that we can afford. TH
RE are none too good for us to of
acturers calls for our goods to be )
f timber they can get and then ma
brag on our furniture so and put a
and in single pieces and carry a ft
Settees, Sideboards, 'China Closet
Vindow Shades, Rugs, Matting, Ca
inything in the House Furnishing i
ire as good as there is on the mark
)rice on any of our goods for the n
ak goods-run from $13-50 to $75
is, ranges all the way from $1 5.00
t arrived and for the next thirty da)
up to a $35.oo Range, the best on
tment of goods to select from and
id inspect this line and you will su
re Ready
>u the very best goods obtainablc i
we carry a very large line and the
es for Ladies, Misses and Chiidrer
ier who is exerting her best effor
ied customers.
rthing for the La
Everything in ready-to-wear goods
)ry Goods, Dress Goods, Lingerie
:lusive Ladies Store in this county,
ever shopped in our store give us
inducements offered to the trade.
ore Building. Libe
n might Hay
Built up a huge, endi
had been satisfied wi
day-by-day profit on ey
wh~h nowadays are~ "1
which do a big turn-loV(
Ours is a "BIG HOUSE'
good goods, at a small
d in a Hardware st
Take a look ait our stock if Aou
ware !ine. We can meet evar)
stock is so complete. Do not w<
give full value for your motley.
A Saw and Hamm
and au assortmant of nails in the
bills many dollars a year. 'The
Hardware line, if bought of us wi
old pocketbook. Give us a trial a
fer our customers.
\LL'SOLID OAK..no ye
ie up according to spiecifica
positive iron-clad guarantee
ill and complete line. Also
s, Baby Carriages, Pictures, a
irpeting, Trunks, Travelling t
ine can be found here. f
et. We sell them.
ext thirty days.
to $37-50.
's we will sell you a GOOD 'b
the market.
plenty of floor space where (I
rely buy.
Liberty, S C
n our line. n
most varied
and employ n
ts to please V
for Ladies.
and Notions.
a trial.
rty, 8. O
mring business if he
ha small, steady,
ery sale; the houses
igones" are those
er on a small p~rofit.
,with neCw gods,
ore is here!
want anything in the Hard
wish in this direction, our
rry about the prices. We
or, or Hatchet,1
house, saves in carpenter is
se, and other goods in the C
11 save many dollars in the t
nd we'll prove it to you. .r
'E CO.,
)ver-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
rnhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Bloo.
All the blood in your body passes through
our kidneys once evee three minutes.
Th kidneys ar6 your
blood purifiers.they fi.
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
Pains, aches and rheu
matism come from ox.
-' css of uric acid irr the
----- . blood, due to neglected
Idne trouble.
Ki ney trouble causes quick or unstead
eart beats, and makes one feel as thou.
iey had heart trouble, because the heart is,
ver-workilig in pum-ping thick, 'kidney
oisoned blood throith veins and arteries.
It used to be conslcred that only urinary
roubles were to be traced to. the, )4dneys,.
ut now modern sclonce proves that mearly
11 constitutional dis'aas have their begin
in in kidney trouble.
Ifyoui are sIk fod casn mao no hnistake
y first doctorifigyoiur kidneys. ; The mild
nd the eztraQrdInary:.effect of Ot.,Kilmer's
,wamp-Rbot; the gleatkidney remedy Is
)on realized. it sfand the highdat. for its
!onderful cures'of the most distressing cases
nd is sold on Its merits
y all druggists In fifty
Bnt -and onq-do Use
T. You .may have a.
ample bottld by mail nome et swmp.noeO.
ee, also pamphlet telling you- how to find
Ut if you have -kidney or- bladde? trouble.
lention this paper when writing Dr. K~ilmer
Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
to name, Swamp-Root. - Dr. . Kilmer'&
wamp-Root. and the address, Binghamton,
Y.. on every bottle.
3reenville, S. C.
lotice Final Settlement and Discharge.
Notice is hereby given that I will
iake application to J. B. Npwhery,
sq., Judge of Probate for Pickene
.unty. in the state of south Carohn.,
n the 7th day of May 1.90.4, Ht 11 .cljrk
i the forenoon. or as soon thereaftere ps
ilid application caln be heard, for leave
> make final setriement of the estate of
injamin Terrell, decea d, and obtain
ischarge as adininistraivr of said es
ite. A. L. Edens.
April 9th 1908. Administrator.
otice Final Settlement and Discharge
Notice is hereby given that I will make
pplication to J. B. Newbery, Eq.,.
udge of Probate for Pickens county, in
le state of South Carolina, on the 7th
my of May 190j, at 11 o'clock in the
)renoon. or as 8oori thereafter as said
pplicution can be heard, for leave to
uske final settlement of the estate of B.
,. Walters, deceased, and obtain die
[large as execut.r of said estate.
T. A. Gary,
April 9th 1908. Executor.
Sheriff's Sale.
late of South Carolina,
County of Pickenes.
In Common Pleas Court.
By virtue of an execution to sme direct
d I will sell to the highest bidder at
ublic outcry in front of the door of
'Ickens Court House on Monday, May
th, 1908, "'i.hln the legal hours of sale
11 thes undivided lntere..t the samne being
ne-fifth of two-thirds, or two-fifteenhbts,
f the defendant, WV. Alec Ramsey. of,
i and to) all th4t certain piece, parcel or
ract of land situate, tying and being in
hie county of Pickensi of the State of
omth Caro'inza, en Keowee Rhier, ad
rining lands of James Lawrence and
thers, contuainmg five hundred acres,
iore or l-es, the same being the real es
ite belonging to the eal ate of Alexan
sr Ramsey, deceased: Rlso the Interest
f the sa d W. Alec Ramsey in the pr-i
,nal estate Of his father, the said A tex
nder Rnmsey, deceased. in the hands of
. . Ramsey anud P. 8. Ramsey as ad
uiniserntor. of the personal estate of t he
sid Alexander R'imse~y. deceased.
Sheriff Pickens County, S. C.
surely iworthy of a good setting,
hoose the locket, the ring or other jew
ry here and you'll never have cause to
ashamed of your p)urchase.
roviding it is the kind that wears. Let
show you our collection and ex plamn
ie differenice between ours and inferior
welry. You wvill not find our prices
iy hilgher for the GOOD KIND than
me charge for the other,

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