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Pickens SentieVJou'nal
Rappenings of a Local and Personal
J. P. Carey, Jr., visited rela
tives in Seneca Saturday.
Mrs. W. A. Bruce spent a por
tion of last week with relatives
in Greenville.
Married, Sunday last, at the
residence of Rev. D. C. Mills,
Miss Ora Patterson and Chris.
Miss - Lesene, of Oswego,
Sumter County, has accepted a
position as stenographer to Solic
itor J. E. Boggs.
We ask our readers to e. reful
ly peruse the advertisements in
this paper and to give their trade
to those merchants who are bid
ding for it.
The merchants of Greenville
are reaping a harvest from the
influx of Pickens county people
who have recently gone there to
purchase their goods.
Uncle Zeke and the editor look
a little trip last week with the
result that several new adver
tisers are bidding for the trade of
our readers this week.
Miss Mary Hutchinson, of
Lexington, N. C., who has been
on a visit to her sister, who is a
teacher in the Pickens Graded
School, left for her home Tues
If you pick up a billbook con
taining a 10-dollar bill and a
number of receipts, please re
turn it to Arthur Graveley, the
liveryman, and get your re
Rev. E. A. McDowell, pastor
of the First Baptist church, of
Ninety Six, S. C., was a visitor
to Pickens Monday. He was
very much delighted with our
little town.
Wade H, Chastain wants the
parties who got his lumber from
the br1ck-yard, (about 2,000 feet)
to come forward and pay for it,
either to him in person or leave
same at this office.
Miss Maka Boggs, of the G. F.
C.,'spent-a portion of the last
week at home with her parents
in Pickens. She was accom
panied over by her friend and
class-mate, Miss - Williams.
The "Industrious- Hen," pub
lished at Knoxville, Tenn., gives
notice that the second annual
exhibition of the Pickens
Poultry Association will be held
Dec. 1-2-3, with Loring Brown,
of Smyrna, Ga., acting as judge.
"A thing of beauty is a joy
forever.'' A . beautiful horse
will not 'last forever, but the
chestnut gelding recently pur
thased'by ')hristie Robinson is
a. thig of beauty and a joy to
its owner.
S. P. Freeman is keeping up
with the times at his shop east
of town, and has just installed
a Universal turning and block
machine and a center-boring
machine -for columns. He is
now prepared to do any kind of
spindle or base-block work that
can be gotten out in the larger
shops of the country.
The people of Six Mile have
recently completed one of the
neatest schoolhouses in the ru
ral districts of the county.
Work will soon begin .on the
new church building, which
will be 50x60 feet, and modern
in all its requirements. It will
be erected on the site of the one
.recently destroyed by fire.
Frank Davis, a light-fingered
individual of color, was before
Mayor LaBoon's court on Sat
urday last on a charge of mak
ing too free with goods at the
stores of W. E. Freeman & Co.
and Louis Copal. The mayor
thought thirty days on each
charge would about fit the case
and Davis went to the gang.
Rev. D. L. Lander preached
two excellent sermons in the
Presbyterian church last Sun
day and had an exceedingly
large congregation at the morn
ing service. He is a splendid
preacher, an excellent inan and
is doing a good work in his
charge. The presbyterian broth.
ron are to be congratulated on
having such a man as their shop.
An Invitation
If you want style go where it is sold. As
If you can't c4
a a - Resi:
A - Immense Co
An hour or two spent in inspecting th<
what to buy for your spring and summer
my. Our rapidly growing business speal
than any printed statement that we could
and you are welcome in either case. Tht
height of style-among them is the Mu!
nothing of preparations for Summer trip
Such a display of Fashionable Milliner
Fashion's Favorite and Most Becoming Sty
A handsome and becoming hat adds
itself enough to make a beautiful womar
here just the hat that is best suited to you.
section as the acme of style.
Ready-made Waists
Beautiful quality White Lawn Waists
broidery fronts, each............................
Soft and pretty Languere Waists, che<
and Plaid effects, each..........................S
White and Colored Languere Waists, t:
med in Baby Irish and Tunneriff effect
................................................25c and$
Beautiful White Ecru Net Waists, trim
in genuine Cluny Lace at......$5.78 i
The heighth of fashion is attained In
Mousseline Waists, all colors, lined with
grade Taffeta Silk, with lace yoke and t:
med with Silk braid, bands and buttons.
Price ...............................................
Muslin Underwear
Muslin UnderWear will feel very comf
able from now on, especially if you can
it ready to put on. What is the use of n
ing it yourself, when you can save youi
the trouble.
Eorue Not Waist.
These waists will fill every need for a:
shirt waist. They are lined with a Ii
weight silk and trimmed with ecrue lace
Cluny bands, making in the whole a bes
ful effect; price................$5.98 to $
Chiffon Waists
This is the very newest idea and is a
fect dream of beauty. We have never
anything in the waist line quite so hands
Ask to see them...........................
The demand for Spring Wool Goods I
we anticipated, and our large purchases
Suits and Skirts are moving with a rush,
new weaves and colors, styles that are
and prices that are in reach of all.
Black and Colored Panama, one of t
Spring Wool Goods in Colors and Blat
per yard
Wool Taffeta, an elegant and servic
Wool Goods, 45 inches wide, black and c
An elegant line of the ever popular V
ors, at
Mohairs and Sicellians, which cannc
honest service, at. per yard
Greenvi lie,
to Greenville's great
k any one in Greenville for the 'Greatest Store' an
>me to Greenville do the next best thing-order by
>Iendent Spring Stylec
Ilection of all that is New and At
most fascinating array of Spring Fabrics will decil
wardrobe. Our stocks have been carefully selecte<
cs more eloquently in behalf of the satisfaction that
make. It's a downright pleasure to visit this stor<
-re will be many events the coming season at whict
;ic Festival, Horse and Automobile Show, the Fed<
s-Arnold's is the place to secure the necessities foi
y at economical prices has never been made in this ci
les are marshalled together for your inspection.
mmensely to any woman's appearance and an ugly,
look homely. Therefore choose your- hat with car(
You do not have to experiment. Arnold's Milliner
d Showing of SummE
mn- What is
.98c and airy fo
,ked one-half so
beautiful c
lace ric which ;
3.50 purple, kn(
rned which to o
o$7 beautiful f
our . Note th
'm- Exquisite 1
9.98 for evening
Whether you know anything Genuine J
about the prevailing styles or qugu es u
ort- not you are immediately im- for street
ak- pressed with arnold's styles and faa u,
self that indescribable feeling of
satisfaction steals over you that gests, blacl
it Is correct. Not too "gaudy,, 'Beautiful1
but at the same time the full small figur
ilce breath of style Is blown in to mer wear i:
gh di achi model--Arnold's Millinery
uti- Is looked upon throughout this We have il
6.98 ~section by women of taste as the the city. (
acme of style and elegance and and new au
If you can't find just what Big lot of h
>me you want ready built, our Art- selling very
.88 ist will build It for you. Linen Suits
)DS Beautiful line df Light Col
and by the yard, colors ligi
s even greater than Plaid effects. Price per yarc
of Wool Goods for
We have all the LONQ IE
unquestionably right We are at last' able to sati:
both Kid and Fabric.
WExcellent grade French
he most popular of Natural and White Chani
k, 48 inches wide, at ble at
. 75c- Silk and Lisle Gloves, all
eable medium weight
Aors, 85c to $1.25 yd IT WIL
oile, Black and Col- to come here to prepare for
$1 to $r -50 have an endless variety frori
t be beaten for good, man's duty to dress as well
Soc. to-$i to Arnold's for it. Your rai
I theywill dire::t you to Arnold's
le the question with you as to
I as to qualIty, style and econo.6
is dealt out across our counters
whether you wish to buy or not
you will want to be robed in the
.ration of Women's Clubs, to say
all the. occasions.
ty. The matchless creations of
unbecoming piece of headgear is in
and discrimination. You can get
y Is looked upon throughout this
)r Millinery
low Spring Silks.
prettier than a gown of silk-soft
r Summer wear. What fabric is
dressy and more becoming in its
inging effect than Silk-the fab
)ppeals to Kings in their Royal
wing nothing more elegant with
dorn their personage than this
a Regal Display of Silks
tne of Messeline Silk, light shades
Price, per yard..................85c
tpanese Pongee Silks, Tan in two
Br yard ...............$1.25 and $1.50
rHap in several substantial shades
ear. Per yard...............$1.00
vash Silks, Jap as the name sug
:and white at 5o cents to ...$1.00
ine tan ground Foulards with.
is and dots, cool and airy for surn
er yard.......................50c
ie most complete line of laces in
)ur German Vals are beautiful
d at very moderate
prices 8c to 2c.
andsome cottohi Oluny, which is
rapidly to be used in trimming
and Skirts. Price per yard.. ..10c
ored Wool Goods in Suait lengths
it Blue, Tan and Grey Check and
85c. to $x -5o
afy the demand for Long Gloves,
Kid Gloves 12- and x16-button
$3 anid [email protected]
101s 1 6-Button length and washa
colors, at $1.25 and up.
your summer needs, where yon
1 which to select. It is every wo
as her means will afford. Come
Iway fare is a small item.
South Carolina.

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