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* -
Entered April 23, 19)3 ut Pickens, S. 0., as second class matter, under not of Congress of March 8. 1879.
Mr. * and -Mrs. Jones Fuller, of
.4reeniwood, S. C.,. are visitiny
in Pickens.
Mrs. B. D. Garvin mnd son,
Jeff., visited1 relatives at Nor
ris, Sundaily.
S. 0. Skelton, a prominent
business man of Liberty, was in
Pickens Tuesdav.
L. A. Watson, traveling rep
resentative for the Brewei
Printing Co., - of Greenville
spOnt last week in Pickenis.
Clerk of Court A. J. Bogg
1116 received the mon ie y for thK
pensiolr's for thi.s couty11 ., 11
will be ready to ray It ou this
S T R A Y E D.-- On Thi rsd a)
night. 23d instant, a vile Son
pig, about sevenv wooks old, good
;ZOe. Return to me and --t re
ward. S. L. Pace," Pick.:is Mill,
Q')i to a- numIl Iber of cli i:,em
fIromil the coIIt'rv camew to Pick
ol Tuesday, and report thai
thle farmles are ge-tting behind
i h their work on accounIt of
the reCnt rains.
W. B. Anthony, a nronmle'n!
11'3iunlice m an of (A vm.n vi!le
v'asn i Pickvlen Mond_-v. .-I1l
lv'' has mn.'y a friens if
this town .hlo are always de
- ligh ted to ee biml.
- CARn oF TuiaN.-TrjX mi
nIwmy friends: for thir kinidne
'drinp ill 1 Ih', i 1-o, Alm
n'soto D ooth-N, who ia
-'I Vt 'jj1II v i 'ot
t Ie rI vht I fi. fo t u ]e'Ivo
inde the r. T1 rn. m -,- no
hoe Iofhr faher D[r W A
Tri, bin t Nhe up mr (dg I o A.
dl0vern. con l, (ml vr
nh leosv p blic,- scIhoO1 i
urin. H3 r'flic-ean1by Prof.
)oljis (). 101(1 ("k'.Cd -onl the
itld, with *in eltert-ain
ns lat Fid thalted the sre ofi
Chaimn- CI lhm f Lih
eowe haeornple nhoved thei
hil ~l li .-. *.I I:)... 9 Tof .. C T I.
th nU1 mighthPi beoerN'cae iwa(b
n)Vig 'Od for -t'atsiophte,
e in th uprir. There$4I o wabo
firmI but( iiI~(~~ I ) the lo*lasn situll
'Aoerd.u iilmhee~&m
oThe -~8 Ktwe pulica school in
inet that reflected credliO-Vit'
ailiy aols a' teaher by( adopt
ing'a a rll ut 4'ion.,J of. thnks t
hiforikiiI. f ithfu eIce\. i(h
peatie and regnOestin him te91l~
-Rear-od da?.ghtiu .of th latel
toe of tW. E.~ Hitont'f. (he
Woodkesd m1i(la where Ishe re
::ifed, ondas Satinrdn, after a
linoriniless friom consunip.
avth the Raon \cemetery thei'm
day fo waonger death.oou Sh
of Pickns~i, Ive. t.eD. Nid b, nd
Ricplyh oseodai colred,
oned of thae oblt~ lanunushof
Picken stded at his houwt in
shorlnss. Ric~sh.ngew uei:
withthetw, workingtwhen a
es hee t af~~ftrtetw
wa salse. utigte
The editor of this paper has
ithree good milk cows for sale.
U. S. court is in session in
Greenville, and several Pickens
county people are in attendance.
Miss Emma Brown, who is1
engaged in work at. Pickens,
S. C., ,is on a visit to her home
here. -Brevard News.
We b ave several communica
tions from Mile Creek, Six Mile
and elsewhere that we cannot
handle this week, but will pub
lish next issue. They are all
good, and we are sorry they are
Crowded out.
News reached Pickens Tues
day that Capt. P. Whiten had
died at his home at Norris, Sun
day night, of paralysis. Capt.
7%Tj1hiln vas about 65 ytars old
and was a very active mi:.ui.
M1tost of his l.ife had been spent
in railroad wo'k ad had been
iden-ifled with the ),onihern
riailvay ever since it had tmen
built, as track man. L.as soni
nwlr he spent here with the
IPicken(s R{a (i Co., and made
many friends while in their
employ. He leaves a wife and
several children *to mourn his
Twelve bile River Association.
Th Minis ' Conferenc mid
inoing f the Twelve
Mile Rie Baptit A.Sso( i U l
i1l 'mIeet w\it h the Cheohe'.
1B'}p ist Chrilch, Oconee c'unmity,
S. (., on the fifth Ratird:iy an"Jd
Sunavthe saebeing the
-- th and 31st of May.
Pi:r.namm as; follow.z:
Introdhictory sermon, by Re v.
AF. 8Cre Satrday morn1
bli t. 10 ocok
11 o'ciojA. Ai ,-Qm~ii -e.
Ist. " How *h'ml we o v
methe world ' O1)db
Rev. D). LitUtletonl andJee
lay, Jr.
2. "What. is the first thing
to do in becoing Critin
Opened by Revs. J. B. (olley
and J. L-. IHiudsn.
. "What does love and sel
lishn'.oss do in church work1'
Opened by Ta~ylo. 11. Stewart
and ReS. B. F. M.'urphree) anld
L. M11. Lyda.
Sunrday morning, '10 o'clock
-ISong service, conducted bv
Prof. J. L. Murphree.
11.1 o'clock-Serm'Ion by Iv.
W. M. Wal-ker. The reainU
der of the day vill be spent in
Service condu cted by Prof.
J. L. Mulrphree aind others.
Dinner will be served on the
grouinds bo0th dlays.
All the chuirc;hes are eninest ly
requiested to send full delega
tions, and let us make i t the
best Union we over' had.
(Easley Progiress ((opy.)
'lie Club Meetings.
TeMile Creek D~emocratiJ
Llubi met on the 25th inst., and~
elected the following. oiliceers:
President, Taylor HI. Stewart.;
VTice-pr1esidth~ R. 13. idLmp
kin; secretar'y, J, E. Nix.
Delegates to county coniven
t.ion--R. 1B. Lumpk ins;, W. E.
Thomas, B. F. Mauldin.
Th ickens township Demo..
c'ratic Club met ini the court
house last Saturday evening at'
3 o'clock and organizsa by elect
in .E. Robinson as president,
N.A hrsohrfirst vice
aesiden. BD. Garvha. secon d
vice-president and A. J. Boggs'i
secretary and treisurer.
On motion, the chair appoint
ed J. T. Abercrombie, Elisia i
Gilstrap and Mt. 0. Looper as I
the committee on registration. I
G. W. Dorr, W. T. Bates and :
J. D. Holder were appointed as
the executive commit?tee.
R. T. Hallum, C. L. Cureton i
and R. R. Roark were appointed
a committee to revie the club I
The following were elected as I
delegates to the c(unty oiven- 1
tion, which meets at liekens1
next Mfonday, May 4th: C. L.
Cureton, M. 0. 1Lot)r, W. 'T1.
Bowven, R. R. Ro~n-k, C. E. Roh
inson, G. W. Dorr, 1). T. Hal
lum,11 J. T. Lnsm .T
Abzircroibie, Il. 'J, folder,
E.F. Lmoopr, J. '1.Brzl,
Wll. E. H.-endricks, _\_. A. (m I~on
lie cunty meetin of the
Farmers Union will iet in the
courthouse, at 10 (,'clc)k a. m..
on Mondy, May 4h, to hokd
their private ;sion.
inu-d vtl a4fter 0)h. brza'.
neIs,. is t ra lsj4ad 1a jLmp: o
cratil couny oninio will;
be called - to tder bv the
chairi.l, C. E1. Robnon.
As soon a- thy cai Ok. d l
their Mtilt: the o ) wit
a'A ' to ml''.1- the 1 ;
Union will b., givenl all e iIM
they ned to is i {e m'y
hhPS of oti oI Cd. the ptlit
is Cordially inl vited to attld t hi
13yv order of
...... ......... ..Iui12:1jp
InG1.N1. . El o , SllI t.1
bh is it, thlat. - d
othier i -eld c , i) 10not . g(-row Well
mixm-d in le same row Pli
Cause the Qtton e 1rop mor..ages
a I() g I noes co(ve the' h\*]Iole
field I he Shaof of vh'ich stunti
('ot ton hears1, tak e n*otio (, th at
1(0) students .have bon'e recent lv
returni'ed to their hom41es froii
folem1.'SonS'i Agril u Cll 1
h Vy will hol 'd thIis over- prodnei -
ion for' the F'armiers' Unsioni
Ena4'.couraeland(' id in4l ther
buigesiall othoer otton wa lre.o
hoan~sie bt avite thendevcot
tco s on w old the bl~y~Vacki
you hae: tonivhs wtohl hi
cTh onidene fror. 1 ando
join mems Uini braver strugl
t a ringt~f the true metal.
At a stron- countv Farmers 'I
nion meet-ing a few days 1 ack, i
ihe question of releasing a niem t
>er from his obligation to hold
)is cotton for the minimim of
[5 cents was up for discussion I
,vhen one of the "old war
101Ss" of that class of plain liv
ig and high thinking fariers
,ot the floor and made the far
ly thick and fast---who said in
>art as follows:-Brethren re- I
nember that when you break
anks by sollino (tton for less
han the imininimum price When I
io1u areI not. absolteily obliged to I
lo So, thllat v(0n ole eliig01
roill faIfh inl Thul'lf alltl 1)ad rel- I
-,( II .1 () 0o1w11 1i1
llaracter alUI re1.tatioll of ille
1l1 s1C', thll . i s. 1 v: er existe.il
(11 nre ('lli ., (It 111 yolu
,rophlis -,)I \ i. imy inm". yonll ve
nained by h1m.-d hhtngand
iVion in a s I essfu cam
[V~g of f1ie In'd tIlre' V(ears-.
0tu I-the fle 3 1 a l(1I libeu V f4
'oilr p.t)At i' l)y Vo1r colli inlt
4 Ot 4 ' W r 11.I.. iu t i r
hat ar Orgmnd inoppre a he
In i'i'.
V. y' ir (O - I .iti :1" .1 j4 So 1 1t4
\.1 : liN Z 1 i' 1 (4 hr .l 1 1 (4) .
miCSk in i Is ing 1(o hohil <otton
Lnd r 1fi s *aboe ~but I doubt
you v~mso in (r3 ngto ho>!d,
do)wn a be (4f (tton with oily
cl 1 zU! . I I'd 1! U8 or of Ias
'ii cil . i llO into
d1(l11 V h Ofi l' ila ll ]iv illb)
P~rO (W!. lU EN nie.
will il i ' (11 11,1".1 ,11 ) 1
Tye\ to liie (3(1 h 'V ('d-Io w for h i
lolla i n 1u < o" I n ) a Iefu se to
!()I ll . . IIi< i o il .- on I tIe o -
O 01 ' fvm l'mW. llI(iit1el
I IIaV(' td (lebD ! i lI Ki ig (I . oII
an ilies of si'Ill i11d(
1(i1 tx 101%I I ,~ ( u. Ie
henli I'()r fein'."
l~1'((lit e- Ol C1toll alI -he
nlI yer a(I Lsa 'i'; i -* e le I Ito
41 to li Vill) 1 ill wv C. II 'vla -
olat (011 (orrs)lilhlillgl.rd
sh ar e nw (On fai the ivof:
1P, line' n k ; 1)eC b isekhe Cali
l'glll d a'les3re il*t r
'Vi1( for ienem's shiios as ael
larier11who arneI ll agint all
Ihet mls ho wroranisedin
haul doun th frmlerh.
When faros oarsnaion
hate rieado the foht olda
Thwn Frier'hs Unonts thn
amnery whl o pentifulainal
Vhen there is money coming
nto the farmers pocket freely
lien all others who are depend
mt upon the farmer for patron
ige will get good trade.
If the farmer has no profit in
iis business, he has no money to
W'ho is it that smiles at you
ivii cotton is low, and looks
;vrious wheii prices are soaring
ATa t cl out iow for friends and
oe, the enemies of the farmers
iovemenit are now very bold;
mt when things go the farmer's
ay it is hard to tl1 who is your
'i F or who is 1 really your ene
The m1embership of the Farm
jr. Unioi has now reached two
'nillio P fur hiudred thousand.
WInit a 1): wer for good,
Whilst yOlt sleep the cow pea
:rop is bringing down nitrogen
(the rostelist ingredient of fer
-( iizes) fiom the air.
The nitrogen bought in fertili
r sacks is drawing interest
Yo1r ('0on 61) sen1ls you to
ou n fior fert lizers and hay,
whilst the pea < rop grows hay at
h<. , ad dres fertilizi.'r in the
.'il ithiout ('01 for hauling or
apslicat iol.
Ha( vy. V ra0ins often leach out
the c y Vsolible prop)rties of' a
-*20 per toll, whIils th ' pea ( op
i3 owing. 20- a tol hay and $10
wvorh o(f fertilizer to the acre.
Thes f costly con iiuercial ferti
liz()Irl forc "'uuon crop onl
he miket wh~ether Prices Ire
h ern good, whuilst the pea crop
m)) (. f o r
Mysteriotis Figuos.
Tihe following taken from ami
>! <.11) (1(ok presen)i'3ts what
wvotild seem to be a frealc of
I ~mures:
Pt.t dow n the number of your
ovilg pbrothers.
Dnembl the inumber.
A\ dd( . Jhree.
Muljiply mthe result by five.
Adid thle r nmber of living sis
Mi~ultiplPy the result by teni,
Add tHie imber of dead
-)thers andl sisters. -
Sn bitact 150) fromt the result,
Thbe right-hand figure wvill be
he numbehrW of. deaths.
T'he miidle figure will be the
mmher1Q ofi living sister's.
'l'hme left-hand figures will be
he nmnber of living b)rothers.
Swift Destruction..
We sat upon the seashoro
mud wvaited for its gradual ap
>r'oaches, and have seen its
lancing waves and white surf,
mi'd admfliretd that lie who mteas
ired it with H:is hand had given
t life and motion: and we
inigered till its gentle waters
riLew into mighty billows, and
badl wvell-nigh swept us from our
firmi footing. So we have seen
sonme of the heedless youth of
our town gazing with Curious
spirit upon sweet motions and
gentle approaches of inviting
pleasures and sins, till they have
detained their eyes and impris
onied their feet and. they have
been sWent to swift destucaai

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