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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 07, 1908, Image 10

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P"Ckn1s8 ll4nl-journal
VeWMua aVar! TaUneDA MONING.
The entel4ournal Company.
TaoN & BICur, PWows.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Rewsonable.
gutered at Pickens FvestoMOe as Second class
Hail Matter
Pension Roll for Year 1908.
F M Cassells, J M Philpot.
CLASS C-No. 1.
A W Bryant, Marvel Cash,
Jas F Cauley, Jno W Connelly,
J A Fllenburg, R A Fraser, W
es, David Hendrix, Geo
drigks, G W Lesly, T J
D P Mahaffey, Samuel
i F Nelson, G W Roper,
J F Smith, E B Stevens. P G
Thomas, John T Turner, J T
W T Aiken, J H Abercrom
bie, Jeff Arnold, J AAbercrom
bie, Aaron Bishop, E F Bag
well, Albert Babb, P P Barton,
J S Brissey, W B Bramlett, H D
Boggs, W Boyd, A W Brock,
L W Bridges, Geo C Chapman,
A Cameron, B A Cassell, W
W Chappell, F P
rmen, Jose Chap
.:.ress, P Chapman,
aian, Wni Rick
kert, W S Durham, G W
Dorr, W "\Duncan, W P Davis,
S R Day, 'H Dillard, S Dodgens,
Henry Daniels, D P Depriest, J
B Ellenburg, Buddy Evatt, J M
Edens, J M Entrekin, T Fowler,
F 0 Fennell; T Fiher, I f4
Fortner, H Griffin, E W Grain
ger, 8 J Gassaway, W M Hol
den, R P Hamilton, W E Hen
derson, J J Hunter, E C Hop
kins, W A Hendricks, Jeptha
Hendricks,JHammond,J L Har
den, J Hawkins, S W Howard,
T P Hester, T P Herd, M Halder,
T H Holder, E C Howard, J W
Hunter, Jas Garrison, W Jones,
V S Jones, C C Jones, W Kelly,
0 P Knight, T W Land, W D
Lawrence, A J Lawson, E A
Lawson, D Lesley, J P Lesley,
S F McCord, W H McDonald,
3 B McJunkin. 3 N McElreth,
J p McNeely, A N McGee, Jos
McJunkin, R P Morgan, Joseph
Massingill, John Murphy, C M
Mannering, G D Morrison, 0 H
Nalley, W B Nix, G W Owens,
W R Phillips, Jos Porter, J H
Raines, Jos Reeves, C 0 Roper,
S W Smith, R L Snipes, J B
Stephen, R Simmons, J Sanders,
E Skelton, S Smith, F P Sheriff,
T Stansell, W K Stewart, J C
Smith, J H Townsend, 0 W
Trotter, W T Tanner, S J Tum
bling, A Turner, W S Taylor,
L A Vaughn, J H Vaughn, W
H Wade. Jno White, J Watson.
H W Whitmire, S K Young
CLASS C-No. 3.
Nancy B Aiken,Sarah E Crow,
Kittle A Chappell, Z Carter,
Sarah M Crane, Nancy Corbin,
L A Dacus, Susan Farmer, Ar
minda Fortner, H A Freeman,
Adelino Hopkins, Elizabeth Gar
rett, Mary Hinckle, N Lee, Ross
McJunkin, L Riggins, G A Rig
gens, Elizabeth Strickland, S 3
Stephens, Margaret Simmons,
Frances Summy. Margaret E
Stephens, Susan Turner, Marion
CLAss C-No. 4.
Selena Aiken, R L Anderson,
C I Boggs, Mary Boyd, Mary R
Bryant Mary Jfes, Matildan A'
Beasley, M S Campbell,. Eliza
beth Childers, Sarah R Childers,
Anna E Childs, Sarah C Chas
tain, Sarah D Cooper, Mary J
Childers, Millie Clark, Kate L
Cureton, Clarinda Clark, Sarah!
Crews, Elizabeth Chapman, Lila
Duncan, K Dunwoody, C Ellis,
N E Ellenburg, C Eades, D Em- a
erson, Mary J Freeman, M Free- t
man, S P Friddle, Ellen Gossett, 0
Louisa Gllstrap, E Galloway,
M E Oranger, E G Gilstrap, E
Garrett, E Grant, R M Grant,
N A Gilham, Mary Harris, D A
Hill, E Harrison, M Haynes,
N Holcomb, E Holder, Eizl'beth
Holliday, M Hudson, M E Hun
nicutt, F S JJames, E Key, S L
Kelly, C Lark, L Kennemur, F
Lesley, S T Lewis, C Looper, M
A.Mann,M Mauldin,SE Mauldin,
R C Mullinax, M Moore, Rhoda
Moody, M Morgan, N Meredith,
H M McGill, L Norris, Nannah
S O'Bryant, M B Prince, H C S
Patterson, C Powell, S 1 Robin
son, R Raines, M Roland, Susan
Roper, C Rowland, Isabel Smith,
Martha Smith, Jean Smith, R V
Smith, S Stone, M Volrath, H
Timmons, S Trotter, M Young,
Martha A Waldrop, Minerva
White, Valenie J Whitmore,
Sarah E Williams, Nancy G
Twelve Mile River Association.
Evangelist campaign by Rev.
W. M. Walker. Appoint
ments as follows:
Eastatoee...... ......Apr 30 May 3
Rocky Bottom.........May 3 - 7
Saluda Hill...........May 9 -14
Antioch ............. ......May 15-19
Salem ................ ......May 23-24
Cheohee.......... .........May 30-31
Shady Grove.............June 4- 7
Bethel......... .............June 9-12
Cheohee.......... ....... June 13-14
2d Church, Central...June 19-25
Salem......................June 27-28
Keowee............ .........July 4-10
~~........ I .......J u 1y 1J
Fall Creek................July 12-18
Mt. Carmel...............July 19-24
Salem ....... ...............July 25-26
Mt. Tabor, Central....July 27-31
Pleasant Hill........Aug 1- 7
Six Mile.....................Aug 8-14
Cheohee....... ............Aug 15-21
Salem......................Aug 22-29
Holly Springs..Aug 30-Sept 4
Little River...........Sept 5-11
Cheohee..............Sept 12-13
Stamp Creek.........Sept 19-25
Salem................Sept 26-27,
Respectfully submitted.
Ex. Corn. T. M. R. Ass'n.
Ni. Pklent Mepresion.
Discnssing the training of' dogs at a
recent club meetig an authority oni
cantnes said: "Yes, training is an art.
The simpeet appearing of canine per.
tor'mances is. properly understood, a
diffieult thin~g. It looks easy, but it is
hard, and thua it is lIke' tire man at the
photographer's. This man.. sitting for
his portrait, said lipatiently to the
artist, 'Well, have I got now the plea.
ant expression you desire ?' 'Yes, thank
you,' said the photographer. 'that wil
do nicety.' 'Then hurry up,' growled
the man. -It hurts my face.'"
A Lot oh People Owing Me.
There was a man who livEd T
He has moved away and left the
There are men all over the
Union that owe me, and I need
the money. But I can't get it.
People in Oklahoma, Texas,
North Caroliria, Georgia, Ala
bama, and, I think, there are
some in heaven that owe me,
for they have left this world,
I hope there are none in hell
that owe me, for I would be
afraid so go there after it. If
they ever pay it they will have
to send it by express. So I
hope they will all come in and
pay up. But please don't all
come at once, for am busy now;
have not time to take It all at
once. Thanking you all for your
patronage, I remain yours
eternally, J. D. MOORn.
Good Busine
Teaches us to buy the very best article that we can
)F SOLID OAK FURNITURE are none too goo
Our contract with the manufacturers calls for ou
id the best grade of timber they can get and
ons. This is the reason we brag on our furniture
n every piece of our goods.
We handle furniture in suits and in single pieces
ill line of Lounges, Couches, Settees, Sideboards,
ace Curtains, Curtain Poles, Window Shades, Rugs
ags and Suit Cases. In fact anything in the House
Goodrich Sewing Machines are as good as there is
Will make you a very close price on any of our go
Our suits of Furniture-all cak goods-run from j
Our Sideboards, all oak goods, ranges all. the way
A car-load of Stoves has just arrived and for the n
tove, No. 7, for $5.90, and on up to a $35.oo Range
A large stock and fine assortment of goods to sel
e can display them. Come and inspect this line an
S. 0. SKEI
We Are Ready
'1o furnish you the very best good
In Millinery we carry a very large
shapes and styles for Ladies, Misses
an expert milliner who is exerting h<
our many satisfied customers.
Everything for
except Soes. Everything in ready-t
Fine line Dry Goods, Dress Go
The only exclusive Ladies Store i
If you have never shopped in our
Exceptional inducements offered t
Mrs. W. 0. W
Old Drug Store Building.
Many a Man might
. Built up a hi
had been sat
day-by-day prc
which nowada
which do a bip
Ours is a "a
good goods, at
iverything carried in a Hard
Take a look at our
ware line. We can
stock is so complete.
give full value for yot
A Saw and
and au assort mont of
bills many dollars a
Hardware line, if boi
old pocketbook. Gi,
W. H.Pron.MIa-r
ss Sense '
I for us to offer our customers.
r goods to be ALL SOLID OAK.
then made up according to specifica
so and put a positive iron-clad guarantee
mnd carry a full and complete line. Also
China Closets, Baby Carriages, Pictures,
Matting, Carpeting, Trunks, Travelling
Furnishing line can be found here.
on the market. We sell them.
Dds for the next thirty days.
13-50 to $75-00.
from $15-00 to $37-50
ext thirty days we will sell you a GOOD
, the best on the market.
ect from and plenty of floor space where
i you will surely buy.
Liberty, S C
s obtainablc in our line.
line and the most varied
and Children and employ
:r best efforts to please
the Ladies
o-wear goods for Ladies.
>ds, Lingerie and Notions.
n this county.
store give us a trial.
o the trade.
Liberty, S. C
ige, enduring business if he
isfied with a small, steady,
sfit on every sale; the houses
ys are "big ones",1are those
turn-over on a small profit.
ro HOUSE", With neW gOOds,
a small profit.
ware store is here!
stock if Aou want anything in the Hard
meet every wish in this direction, our
Do not worry about the prices. We
ir money.
Hammer, or Hatchet,
nails in the house, savest in~ carpenter
year. These, and other goods in' the
ight of us will save many~dollars in the
re us a trial and we'll prove it to you.

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