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.,*Pinafore" Parody on Assigning Sur.
geons to Command Naval Ships.
1,he principal topic of Colversattiol
moeg naval oflicers in Washington
Uth other dty was the perforlmanlce of
the parody oil "Pina 'fore," givel re
-:n by i le ( iriiloll cillb of W -18ii
5:noi at tsinnr he-ld in thle
p e of tie presldent, says at spe
I di.pailieh to the Nev York World.
anyv a1iny al navy ollicers were
t, an( tie poillici ai aspects of the
linnt'r were dwarfed ill their Ininds
by ithe "roast" n tlie now polley o'
pa'.ingsumans n cmintuiof ship4.
Thep~to~l wS1 sng by a utimbervi
.)f riinrsintnva uniform. The
wi.-:, ~ ~ ' v.W(rl;si ho enth11lsitn or
- u men. Nas to the air of Sir
:*. i i 'ori r's solo:
I was a ml I served a term '
: . :a "'t: p tee grew Ill
. %Il rave ' Wni p r wi or a <11111nine pill.
- i na .e 'eI*l I regoric or a qu.
ve ',m paregoric so carefullee
I ai the ruler of tis great
1 Ihied to go to sen,
nce them'o astonished ie.
rs did itot secm to know
;' that we. wete saIling on wa:
h" ru.-im srturf (lint we were sailin
on was 1H"O.
!hil 'em all about it so carefulleo
.w I atn the rlr' of tihis grena
of timle I hope to know
Ia I.-.tin fr- "Yo heave h1o."
--, 3lo a 1111) Shi ('ure
; i~a.1nn11 niltako It;; temip'ra
- a:ru.-Is to feel Its tIluhc nd take I ts
I I-h ixs tl.' so carefillee
vhat no I am the ruier of this grea'
tli t ', you-i tUn if you !haouh get
N 1.1 I Ir living il'. G.,- briny.
1) , - murs f t 'st f a Oi:iifule
T o,' en.ieil :11d W1:1s-ed< ten
.1.; Ibe tu:.1 ; b of the greoat nav:e
.t I bye's 5), to the :ir o
"Eilnin I've lI nportanlt Inflor
Kin.1 - 1: 1I. T've t sts atn inlamnmation.
ko:. . y., the g:it;;ant ca11ta that yot
1h, 'e pr'c'elhje a course of naviga
Siai . hey, the merry doctor and 1h
T1.emerr docor. o
Silg,h, the meit.rry ductor and the tla
Poor A,.! w. you nre tireatonetl witli dih
S!. -. the allant fellow tit yo
I ;ut-l V~hI'n i w lar a porous pil
;. 1 -:. - - e rr:: th or' :u1 tihe ta3 l
hol 1!h.,: (n her r
- a . coubt find.
I'enitire kiee
een. e-(5t(d in t hebm
Comi t eh'n'.ed Licnse Upcni Unique
94.0ton: i Westlm toirginia.
WI: he wI i 1-IC VIn gi'td to taet, ay
a liiatigan diclateh o the W ashin
oy 't. lereati 'larc's ' thesnt
Wha h!:s b'ome ond the coldpayoper
au:' tial lea~der1 wro tolated ap
Ihat Wao be-t-forthemins bthoe 1l
(0f'u1Cr- e.i the p eorpe a en
Wintd h:as becoe or the o operaoe
thle t' oa ltinl''dth m oi etnfre,
1.'libeset ~ihwi Wat as wheroe on
The (i:i:Itixili eried othatwh tearom
b:nty h~ca' 1' taily old fshoute ofr
ths tcougitio bndoffere ts enterd aut
loverio geh \haty as thecourto mit
and the licenas wgrane. hw
Whatl~ hs onbcomessfth What ason
Whatehas bhcomedof theoold fahrone
whas as bestpa for them bef-oe h<
ound (Mu't whratLtepol atd
Method of Advertising That Will
Prove Unprofitable.
The thie will come wheu the bill
board as finl advertisiig iediin will
cease to exist. for the keenII business
men1 will ntot per1*sist iII kpI)n ug Ip alny
sort of advertising that is odious to
finly conlsidelralble part of tiho mblic.
Advertiuing of all Mids Is inerel.Ivi
tations, and if the invitation to buy
certa in goods or at it certain house is
exteinded in fill otTensive ma1nn no
good canl result, but ra ther will the ad
vertiser be Injured. There1* are maniy
whto. like hlmiself, refuse to bny of any
house or line or gjos offered for- sale
by this odious Iethoti, s.Iay. a1 writer inl
(lhe Los Angcel. Tims. Thi:; lo:-si add
Od to (1he cost of Advritising S'e :lnly
brings the total expenso u;p to a1 it
dangerously near tho mere swvap;ing
of dolliars-certainly not i prolitable
'i'lat billboards are a nuisance ( and
tuorta or lesobjectiotuable to a man
jori ty of oir e'pl Is conceded by
iarly all a n lnt111 ained by noiny
with a rgumn11t ilu to Conlcl usI Ve. This
bein g so, it ineed,; but a fultter expres
sioln of diaisapproval on the part of the
putdie to cause tho busi ness to van1e
:111l eventually to (Io. If anly bllboard
nlesi ohijectiola:bl' to you. inutike It
known. It in doubtless doubly so to
sorie (W.0 e0, and if we all wor'k to
ward the ilbat:'ment of putlic nul
oacs inl it co-oporative waoy we voi
gradi ially approach the ideal standard
of citizenship ald pubile cleainu.
t)eaulty ald comiifort. Th11e muost effee
tive weaponl ngaiust the billboar.1 m:l.
sauce is at hetithy public oplio.i. m~id
this vill come only through educitio.
Abolishment will come only throiough
public demnid, and the way to educat?
the people is to keep before tliei tie
fact that billboards are somew hat olb
Jeetionaable to all, very much so to
lioiiy 1nd n11mot Iintolerable In a. few.
"Itly of agitation will finaally eaIuse'
tiosew advertise by thil in . tho1.2
motA ': 'ly to doubt its potiml.tritv and
!I: \-- l Juvon. W hen; thlicda
beroles iiresalthe bil',b1oau-, will
V)l,. wL bt sueyfade froml the al
(;0 i 'd Shoulhl sel! up 0.n th Ilr l .':
and a reIasoniable amount of newspape,
advertH-;Ing Would kecep thele na1:ne.
Price aid source of supp3'l be- the
public. Tie biggest friauda e'i: t':ru.
upoa a cofliding pule1 ha-:e ne n
ploited by the billboard po.:. ion
ineoth1ol. anad wher' do th1 vw
all this brazen publicity cea,.:? I''
-,a ear or ro Since the who
blazed vith "Over the fr:0 cc I.
py Jo(; guli' wils the flod Ci:
himi go."' Iut wh) cats "%1 I 1
11m whlere it Iv r
r1:! A0. *
. 1u a ('1a :1'' < V : 't I a :m
t 1u
I "-hth Gr u t p I
Ii )t
d dte :: 1 , .wi r:r
I.. re 'e of anb . t k'...: n
h e (l eert 1.. ..110 .l.i I. r . i.t .
y*p b~ 01'e to('i imp Iar 1n3' ne11!:
i Ih able-ti~n .-t:-ni' : li te:' n 11ji,
wvater them at time or phtiuting. it Is
thi!:3 ('2w: of' woruk thii t h:t:; bronixht
Arbo 1'!a~y -plan t!nmg inOto Suc(h derlaion.
ho10i lm grounds should be the e'specint
pr'!de of every;~ colututi~inity, an.ld thIo -
livin.g ne:i:e:t shlo1!!: d atchI over the
plan1t inug and the Phu tted.
The Lc-iy cand the~ Detectivc.
"ic1!aina'e withl am (detectiveC j,:
not th.' go0a thY::ig so::w' peiople may
i:nagline,"'5: aid I younag woOmn wvho
l.is ne~ver1 yet i:'en neen''lsd of being
an.11 u1 cenu irers or' a'nytin g elre t hit thi
Sutpposed to) get onel's na me on1 theO
fronit pages of th.e new\sp~aer. "A
few n2Jnths i~go I was robbed of a belt
wa':s I!niqu~te itande' cnnot bei'( dopIidited.
I spent (con1sider'ale money nml haud
t he t1ssiace0 of i a10headquar1!ters' de
tectilve, but withtout recoverIng the
"Thalmt was all wll enouigh, buit yeCs
terday as5 1 was wlin1g (down1 Htrond
wny I saw Mr. DetectIve, Ie sawv me:
too, and remembered that lie hail seen
ine somewhere, but hamd evidently for'
gotten the (circ-umstainces. Ito 'shad
owved' mne for n block: then whten I
turnedl Into n store lhe slipped iuto n
doVwwafy and waited for me toi comel
ouit. Again he shadowed me till I
tur-ned into my doorway. At that
p~oinit lie seemed to suuddenly r'emietmbor
that he had knowna meI 11s a elionit, not
as a vIctim, for as I looked Intek he
seemed to have a sheeplah look in his
. face as he turned and walked r'ajidly
~aa.--Ww o.r, nlobe
'1 ~ ~be f the sur roun
Ilats nw oil ds li t III
sprng ;Id suin nr nii lincr
kr huie in 1\ iL ra and S;C\*c
(1c \v.-rk is b-n grceuly
(~11 in (I Im Or O
1~ats :n i-to':i2 a, i i
-~ or-c
/ * I
ecoa Mad
ion College,
ding country are urged to see t
store near Clemson College
y, as we are i-reparcd to make I
,pctenit trimmer, one who has b.
r.1 other Iar( e cities of the Sol
,appreciated and complimented
ff. rd to miss sceing this display
'or Customers who Prefe il
ds-hats especially--which are
t pring sea
inl business.
abat look good.
DoubtI ss you've ound TI-uS
Out by xperience.
Tht ntof XPREC
xill end if VOU blui
of us, "M\Iade Right and at the
Riht Price."
Take . little time when you
cme to) Gi~enville and let us
show you some yf tha 'w
Strictly One Price, Every
thing .jvarke'l.,in. pl d.n figures
andi--yettr. money bAick it- you
aft not SA t i ed. .
h & Brst
t th.e a tumble.
M~y stock of I
is comnplete in
bought with "olk
. s-.ll to '-old cash.
I '-ar ry a nicei:
lpleased to sed l
for p)rodluce.
Your patronag
~J. M. H
~Run Livery also, mect all try
rnish youn team at any ime. V
he nice line of Pattern
, before buying their
o order or trim in any
en most siccessful in
ith for several years.
by the ladies of Clem
ot iuy New onles
All new and fresh. No
- * ~ .
buys god Inyhee ad
" oe u t hed rie
[EV and
cy Goceies
to yo o ah rtaei
ins" and w r e plaked to
)Ur patronagre aInneie-d.

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