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The effect-of M1
You catch cold
down because of th
Strengthen y<
Emuls fon.
It builds new blood i
May Forecast.
Wake me early,niother darling,
When the east is growing
For I'm to be queen of the May,
i'm to be queen of the May.
Put the alarm clock close beside
To announce the break of
For I must rustle out, mother,
And get my glad rags on.
Wake me early, mother darling,
For I've business to be at,
For I'm to be queen of the May,
1 have the biggest hat.
The pass-word for the month
will be, "What's the score?"
Book install ments will be paid
on the 1st. Gas meters will run
slower, aid presidential candi
dates -will ruii faster. Pride,
which has beei going before a.
fall, will go behind a go-cart.
Strawberry measure will be:
Trwelve quarts make a crate,
One pint makes a quart,
Top berries make a sale,
Nobody make a kick.
Mr. Taft will appear at Chic
ago, and eigage quarters in the
garage for oin 40 liorse power
elephant, ap1d on 1 .0 hlorse pow
er Tedd13(1ar. r. Bryan will
st.rf for DenI't*r In a 1-mule
power ruiabot. Congress will
adjourn about the l 104h, and the
nmbr111l s will go home and ex
5)la in.
The watchful tabbycat will get
Te helpless little flicker,
Anid the pr'ohibitionists will set
A few iimore trapls for liquor.
The1su will rise at 6 o'clock
and .go to bed at 7; and the sweet
.J une bride will contemplate the
.nlear approach of heaven. The
breath of May wvill bring the
fern, the rose and butterc up, anrd
the farmer's wife will milk and
shurni before the amen get Up.
*'he boys will skin the slippery
elm with Jiummie's barlow-knifes
and the ice man will be out to.
skin the innocent housewife...
The frog will sound a richer bass
fron1 ivers aud ravines, and
man will tone his system up
with sassafras and greens.
And then the city boarders wvill
Begin to correspond
With some bucolic country place
Of which his wife Is fond,
The host will promise country
.f are,
Th'e most revered of boons.
And place his order up at town
For seven tons of prunes.
The graduate ivill choose a
therde fbr his gree kJune oration,
an~d plan to tell thatt is good
for this neglected nat1b*M- th(
miusi6 school wvill graduate
Ophelia and 'Viola4..And when
they both come 1fie they'll
buy themselves a pinnola.
Thne thrasher will descant at eVe
Upon the passing day,
The festive colt will fill his turn
With prophylactic hay;
The chicken-hawk will pounce
daria lasts a long time.
I easily or become run.
e after effects of malaria.
ourself with ScoFf',r
tnd tones up your nervous
5 o0. AND $1.00,
The fat buff-cochin fries,
And the horse will whirl his
tail-piece at
The all-tarnation flies.
The Saxons called the month
Tri-Milki, because at this season
the dairyman makes his milk of
three parts-one part milk, one
part water, and one part fdrm
May is from the Latin Maius,
just as June takes its name
from Juniores, Juniors. That
is, this is a month when old
heads are at thier best, and
young men like Bill Ta.ft and
Ted Rosevelt will have to look
out for old tops like Uncle John
Rockefeller. About the 25th,
nobody much will care to bet
that Uncle Joe will not be nom
inated for president, or that Un
cle John will pay that thirty
million dollars fine.
May is a bad month to wed in,
Because, we are told, it is said in
Such cases the stork, as a cus
tom, begins
The young husband's troubles,
0 horrors, with twins.
After the 23d, May will be
under the influence of Gemini,
the sign of the arms. Boys
born in Gemini will want to
bear arms. They will be sold
iers, and work for the govern
ment at $13 a month.
Gemini people are restles.
They move all the time, and
you always hai c to ask them
where they are living now.
They have brilliant imagina
tions, and think Tryan will
have a walk over. They are
foolish, and think Taft won't
g 3t the co'ored vote. They are
brutally honest, and generally
tell the young mother that her
baby i* ugly..
The Jrine anInouncemedast will
be mnade. and Madam Go~UM will
don her fighting cap andI say
that she wilT m~arry Prince Sa
ganl; whe~reatr heLr Boni, iv1or
she had to fieirny detatch,. wii
challenge- Belie to come out and
fight a spftting- match, 'Dhe'
Prince wiEfi luy sane navy plug,,
and Boni: buy thre same,' and
both will hurry to the fiel. of;
sudden death or fai'ne; and while
the doctonhurry up, lest s(aie
bold fighter dies, ~Iwh dudes willt
spit tobaceo juice in one a!1
other's eyes. The~ seconds milli
cheer on the fight,, the band wiill!
play a tune, and Boni will Rit
,Helle with a silver-ribbed spit
toon; receiving which the doughk
ty Prince will down him in Ithe
mud, anid wash his hated fha
tures with wvet tob~acc cud..
And- then John D. will get in
With sundry growls and hol
And pay his June installment
That thirty million dollers.
Eveybody should help stop the
public spitting habit, by sending
a two-cent stamp today for our
attractive, unique hanger card
which warns against spitting
nuisances. People will take no
tice of thIs card and once soon,
never forgotten. Address Domr
NOCARDS Co., 1807 Chouteau, St.
Louis, Mo.*
It is pretty cold weathcr foi
much of a snake story, but N.
Bowlin, of the Six Mile, coun
try, last Sunday killed two,,
coach-whips-one measuring 6
ft. 6 in., the other 6t. 7 in. As
Mr. Bowlin was on his way
home from Sunday school, the
story goes on record.
W. C. Gaines, of Norris, and
57 years of age, clains to be the
oldest great-grandfather in Pick
ens county. After the child
was I orn the bantam rooster
perched himself on the back of
the rocker on the front porch
and crowed, which Mr. Gaines
considers the height of inipu
There was a representative
crowd at the Farmers' Union
meeting last Monday, and fiany
things for the gopd of the order
were discussed. The speeches
of those who were invited to
make addresses were timely and
well received. The Union in
this county is in a very flour
ishing condition.
Six Mile has one of the best
equipped shops in the county.
C. W. Garrett is a workm. n
thoroughly on to his job, and
his shop is equipped with all ma
chinery necessary for the man
ufacturing of pickets, balusters,
porch columns, and everything
in the lino of turning. Hie has
in connection a first-class corn
and feed mill. General
eral blacksmithing a specialty.
Charlie's motto is good work
and prompt delivery.
Mr. Aleck P. Robinson, a well
known and respected farmer of
this county, died quite suddenly
at his home two miles north of
th-e city, early yesterday (Tues
day) niorning. It seems that he
had gone to the gardcn to do
some work :and a short while
LtA.!r Lis dead body was found
iy his n ife. Th d ecavd was
> years of a-je, has been twice
maried, fir.s to & Miss Higgens,
Fist&r of Mr. Jno.. A. Hikiis,
of thi.4 city. Hi; 6( ond wife,
v. I.o .Tivvs hir,. was a. Nrs.
Robiu-s. a sister to Mr. J- H.
Miller, c'i this cointy.. Mr. Gikw.
W. I. ihbinson. of-' this citvI i,.
a sonl by thie first mtilnge. ]Iih
also lea.rs.; two dat hhters, com
by the fir* and one 'iy the sek
ond mnarriag'e. He was a men*
her of Enm Baptist chur1ch, als I
a Confedemate vetperzni; haviid.1
ser din aurompany wh cavalr
umaae up im Ckhis count ry and hbe?
kmging to Aibe Hampt.urLegior..
Mr. Robinswo was weil thoughS
of by his mdighbors-a good hus
band and za kind fad&er. The I
funeral antei intermenitwill take.
p&ace at Eknon chuumh at 11 i
dock todl.y Rev. Th .W. Hiots
will conl dudif the servates.-Easy
lley Progrem.
Layman's Missionary Meeting,
The lay-men of the Baptistt
church at this placeb are planu
ning for a. rousing meeting in
the intenst of reissions the
fourth &snday In ishis montah
The laynen of theatohurch seem
to be veuy enthusinstic on tbe
Iayman'smovemyent. Severalof
them have been hlding meet
ings and~ laying t.me matter. be
fore somie of the other thmiehos
in the Pickens Association, and
we undrstand will continue the
work until all the churches
have been vialted.
The meeting at the Baptist
church here the fourth Sunday
is intended to be for the benefit
of the whole Association as well
as the church. After the usual
Sunday school exercises the re
mainder of the day will be given
up to the laymen.
T. 0, Lawton, Jr., of Green
Candidates', Column
AnnOuncements of candidates will be run un
ler t Is hed until the prinary election for 45,
hWaej ins advnve.
'ocal ntiot11 -, or "nuff", will be charged for
r, acco di'g to the a oace they occulty. and
amount o mll on the editor' cons Ience.
%0 writeup for lobs than f5.
For Sherifi
I h ereby announce nyseif a candidate for Ie
lection to the ofice of herity. subject to the
ctiol of the voters in the Dem ierosle ( imary
!oA -.It.U.. ) r . IN 'IcpXl, 3.
heroy annou. en mysel as a candid.ate for
or Shlirfg Pickens county, subject to) the
ules An-i regulations of the iemneratle tiy -
For County CoUnisioner I
I hereby announce myse f a candidate for the 4
-It"e of uounty Cominissioner, suloject to the
Lction of the vote.s lit the pr.mas yoldction.
ille, one of the pronoters of
bie work in this state, has prom
ised to be present and address
bie meeting at 11 o'clock. Other A
speakers will be present, and it
is desired to -make this a red
letter day. _The other churches -
tn the Association are asked to
send representatives. Of
W. D. P. Pilgrim and his Pea
ridge allies take the pah'n for rat- L
killing over any patent prel ara- c
bion yet brought to our attention. "t
Last Thursday he and his allies te
net at the barn of G. A. Ellis el
:ind began a systematic warfare
>n the rodents, and by 1 o'clock 4
,hey had pried into the haunts I
>f these little pests, and as a re- i
;ult of their investigation there :
ire 210 rats less than when they th
>egan. Sure, they are "Rough
)m Rats."
- ri(
John D. Rockefeller goes to
yhurch under guard of six detec
aves. ca
Women as Well as Men 'o
Are Made Miserable by c
Kidney Trouble. .
Fdbey trouble preys pon the mind, dis
courges and lessens atnbltich; beauty, vigor.
... and cheerfulness soor.
. disappear when the hid
neys ze- out of orde?
.-or diacamd.
Kidnc.y trouble hat
become so prcvalcn!
that It is.u ancommor
fcr a chif to be bor!
afflicted with.vreak lid
ney:-. If itlteebild urin
ates too aften-, if the
rinen . . d-. the flesh or If, whenm the chil
eacht. an -zge when it shoulf be able tc
:ontrol the rtssage, it Is yet affilttd with
)Cd-wetting. depend upon it. uie- srvce of .
he dif flcultyin kidney trouble, xf the fir-t
dep should 5e towarsis the tcatmaent of T ,
hese imnportat organs. This unrpea.:ami
.rouble is duento a diseased con diean of the 'is
tidneys and I:Erdder and not tot at liuf:it as Clh
niost people suppose. elr
Women as wesll as men are :rr. mis. . be
rrabie with kidnxey and bladdai trouible, J E
Lnd both neerf; the same greati memedy. .
Ene mild andC the imnmediate- effect of pri
swamp-Rootiir soon realized. It is sold iUS
ty druggists, iim fifty-. .thi
Lent and one. dollar *~Jet
ises. You may'have a nian;
arnple bottle Sy mail aa' 0
iree. also pamyliil. tell-- Home of-maes. -
o:g all about .t,. includIng muiy: of the
:iMusands of testimonial lettres eived
smor sufferers sused. In writing Wk.. Iiiirer e
r. Co., Binghamtoo, N. Y., kaisuwe and
mention this pqur.
Don't make asy mistake, b-itt remenber
bre name, 3amp-Root, EM. ilier's
lwamp-Root,.aa$ the address, 3asjgamton, P,
n.Y., on eversakottle.
I wt let tathb inw.-t rc~p-wsible bI)d- -
ler the bdzing~r of a new brid'ge over
lig E-statte neqr Mrs. Sp-ah Alexan
Ier's S-.turday. Masy 28d at ali o'clock.
Pleni andispeieationss pjade known ry,
mn day of 2kating. *
E. F. LOOO~PER. arn
Supervieor. La
The examnination for the award of v.
:ant Seholarshipi ira Winthrop College
md Stw the admsam of new etudeats
will be held at the cunty court house 0
mn Piday, July 8, at 9 a. mn, At'plieants 0
nust i.e not lesa than 15 ye: ra of age,
W hen scholarships are vacant after July
1, they will be awardcd to those making
he hiightest average at U~ is examination, '
>rovided they meet the conditions gov,
1rning the award. A:>Iplicants for sohol.
'ts'ipa shotuld writc, to Presidient John,
on before the examination for scholar.
hip examination, blanks.D
Scholarship~s are wvorll4 $1(0 'and free[
Ltiti-V. Trho next se slon will opes. Sep..
~embar 16. 1903. For further inf rm-r.A
ion and cutnlogue, address Pa ile nt. D,JN
LI. Joht'.t Rock Hill. 8. 0.
oes Your
Ueart Beat
es. 100,000 times each day.
)oes ii send out good blood
or lad blood? You know for
ood blood is good health;
oad blood, bad health. And
rou know precisely what to
ake for bad blood-Ayer's
iarsaparilla. Doctors have
ndorsed it for 60 years.
Ont frequent cause of bad blood is a sluggish
,Ter. This produsces constipation. Poisono9us
lbstancee are tis absorbed Into the bloou
'esp the bowels open wih Ayer's Pills.
XqbJ. 0. Ae o. owell Mass.
A s ratu r. of
We have no seerets I We publish
the formula of alI our medioines.
Notice of Election
lice of County Sup't of E 'ucation,
of Pickens county.
Pickens, S. C(., April 14. 1008.
Yh. -reas, a petition fiom the freehold
and electors of the Gatt s school dis.
ot No. 22 kais been filed with the
umty board of education of Pickeria
tinty anking said board for permnh-sion,
hold an elect ion in said dist, ict to de- -
iine whether or not two mills extra
ry shall be levied on said district, for
iool purposes.
It appearing to the county board of
"cation thi the petitions meet the re.
irements of the law, th-refore it is
dered that the trustei a of the abov. -
ne.1 district do beld an election ott
vy 16. at the Gates schoolhouse, f. r
above-stied pu pose. The tru-4tet a
.li be managers, aad shall conduct
1, election na all general elections are
udicted. and ztrictly in accordar.me
.n Sec. 1208 of the General Statutea.
By order of County Board of Educa'
on. 8t R. T. HALTXM. S,-c. & Clin.
An examinati m for teachefre' certifi.
tes will be held at Pickens C H- , on
Iday, May 15. Examinatlinn will Coll -
ince prrorply at 9 o'clock, applicants t
furnish their own stationery; legil
p size oreferred.
By or'i'er State Board Fdncation.
R. T. HALLUM. C>. Sup't Educ'n.
surely w orthy of a good setting,
oose the locket, tho-ring er other je -
y hee andi you%1 never ha~ve cause to,
ashamied of yotar guzrehase.
vidieg-it is the hinds thaLwears. L.-t
mhovA'you our ceiociato and explaii 3
difllraence between: ours anld iferlor
reiry. You will not find our pricea.
- higher for thei @O ZIND than
ne charge for the-other.
Easle'y. 8. C.
A tbrtain Cuittfbit-AoikJg Feet
tie' Fo-'s'.aW;. a l-owuler: cur' s
red,.Achsing, smaating. SW I4-n feet
nmple sent Fill;E.Uhman ideu of FooTr
LSANITAltY CtMjEq PAAh~ Jh ntw lnven'g
in.,. Adirtes, Aj wn i. Oiamsead. I.,~
y.,i- Y- apr9w4.
Here is IRallf! fore Women.
tvou have 3sins in the back, Urine
Bladder or 'idneyt trebhe, andi wanst
aertain, pleasant herb ere for wom-.
a Ills, try (l~tller Grag'l AUSTRtALAN-.
AF. It is a safe andI never-failing
~ulator. A b Brugisor by mail 500
mple pachtge FRE. Addre.s, The.
ther &ray t 0., LeRoy, N. Y. f2004
i osto03l01c0, Anderson, S. C
ictico in all Ccuarts ln Sonuthl Carolina(
hysiclin ad Surgeou.
ice [ours 10 to 12-.2 to 4

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