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Etatered April 23, 19)3 at Piokons, S. U., as seoond class matter, under act of Cougress of March 8, 1879.
VOL.- XXX VIII. ___________________ IC1tS, -SOUTH CAROLINA, THlURSDAY H~AY, 7 1906
for Spot Cash
By Martha.
McCulloch -Willia Ms
Colyright, RNM, by I o:ner Spra;;uo
WVOMAN sl:is, I wl.1!.' A
In.;n ,.hould~ say, 'Iw1l'
No'rrL: renad from ai old
V1j o.( 0t:rn!nee book, addIng,
tha li1ttle hlugh-: '-T.(-d. how this
gonoratiol (iscounts tlt file piece of
Ilwr'st' .:wnt imaentaillity ! Wo:!1e:t now.
1! Ive :mot pastsih:::nyhn.
I: to:ti they say* thigs, and, bLhold,
nh hm r:.. done.."
"Which Imeans, if anythin:, th:it
yo'r odad o,Mrinror
C~lI~ ( go.( t-;OIai . 11In l retort ,od,
juil!:n;t hard 1'. t Ihis pilpe. "I don't wOn1
4!(r at it," he we.It on. "You were. so
imm~o..,ll;- ertai BItby Currla: would
(k: <!eln ml dral of '::r vnture,
.'! 1. to, sh'6 rUeCCeded lin a way to
nih verybody , .."
"Wron:r. ns .-ml," No:ris co!n:nentt
ted.I' vi ihook his !I!d, whht a1
1.:-:7 km , syin:::"( o;.Org , but I'm
v....I'1 Idy CurIn l:'t nothn, -, bit
lile's n'm1 I livery stale to hil l k
-of* cli!rken. TeIre was no0t: for
1 'i.: tio exe:)t hloe, on vith the
li''h vas. She ighal.t havoe mar
1.:wv I'd look out for hr' .pnIOLIher
maol 01he hAt!:;"-.
A-',o donh!." M.irvinl b.o!.( 1:1, "buIt
Ih:lt 1.'n't P1iby's wny. Jh::t you re
mtetilber how att ltchool sho wouldn't
'he told In. (1:'. s or h-t vo her s .mis done
'or ler? I Ioneat indetden-' is her
r".lingI pas .ion-o muwh no, 1::dl v,l. I
feared to h1:tvo vr ;:,o *.i*mo this;. Dad
dy Curranl never thoutAht o f do."btin;p
anyb dy's won1 until he Ii to. 1
:4lhou.;hit 13abY was o!f' th,, s:1111 piece.
Vo she is, but she's :::ot W,;-ethn: ('i
in her. Her spot c:i t con.;-ile:.cw, she
.einls it. I heard ier expl:1.ining to old
Major Axtun titt the way to avoid.
bad dlbfs was to have no deh!s at al
sud lot the bank do all the b':okkeep
Norrisdru mmewd haod tnt h 1. >.
" I to ke:1 1n n1rin':' h
bm'st out. "She Ituts mne asid!e like a
last year's bitnet; won't hezi a. to mnar
rying me 11until the debts are i 1
1Be1iny boyv through school anA rc:ndv 1)
sitqp intto her shots. Tlhat inen:4 fot:r
0:erl at least. Meantiime thtere's the
(dvil to pay with Imly peoplo. Tly'e
rnot purse- proudl, buit w C.n ban
tlem if they don't w.nt to wolk-.nr :"
a .1alaughter it iadstroug ymg woitotn
who! has ma11ferselfth ivl 1;' t':
connly. not. event though'I 81:0 did It wxiih
h! est ntnisinthe wvorld? 'My
lother was nt ite ysterday, niking
mne if I watli ad wa w' who h:Al g:'::
klIarp at barganinng with hl:If the ho r.-e
dimle's and te amste in the country
sIde. It seems Baby i; setItig ill) to
wy sa(ldle stock"
I don't 1know anybody wi(h a hlet
i$f right. SIe knows hrses better
tjt n the most of us," Marvin inter
posedl. "And, aill things"' considered, it
.1a good thing. 1lhe hoan e' imlar'-*t
r y 11141c, as it wCLe. Tio;e (tv
fglks take everytllug of class sh cnn
fint them and iay her' 11a 1 handsome
"You seem to hold a brief for her,"
* N.orris said sutlkily3, at gle nm of' suso
l)Jleions. in hIs eyes. "It ight be wvell
for you to join hantds with heri. You
mtiglat mtake more at horse deailling than
you ever (1(1it t the law."
"Very likely-if I lad Blaby's chance.
Bitt (certainily I shantl't schiemto to take
It fromt her," Marvina said steadlily;.
then, flushintg a little, he added: "I
wo~uld be ontly too glad to join haands
with her in antyting-and fot' life. But
alte las let mte -kntow thatt's out of the
quetstion. When she set you free she
jlft herself bountd, little as you deser've
e' The last wvord w'as thung over htia
-shoulder. [To hadti riseat and1( wa~s sttid
intg toward the (door. Norris looked
.nafter himu, half angrIly, lalf shamaedly,
-tthen glanced about the haandsomewly ap
pointed oilce with a scowlintg sawer.
Il111 grandlfathier had bteeni governtor,
hais father was n seatar, his muother
* ed( society han Alintgham. Naititrally
She lhooked high for her only sott, maucht
hlighatr tihan a bantkrupt's l~ daghter', who
had taken upon01 her' shoulders an un
womanly burden, Still shte had tnt set
herself openly agaluast hera soan's chIoi'e.
~She lad event approved, thougha mildly,
'his Intentin of conastancy. Ihow, ten,
-shaouldI hte sutspct that shae was plan
ning to upset that intention? 'The
hinago of the plan wa Miss Aithen Ros
well-a beauty, Miff Althena, if one
could have overlooked her nose. Un
t ortunately it stopd out so boldly over
eing"it was 1impossibhl oven in the
veffilgeaav-e of Ier' Itny dollar s. It was
the no:--e a: mutch as a nything else that
had inado (;ranville Norris feel so
Na (ich 0t en.e with her. She had come
,0 o :ut1 g vlsit. am I( Allinglta ta was
Lonking m 'f of her, yet somtehow sihe
had 1.)t I.eti brought face to fnce
wiM tI1-Y. Who lad nowadays little
ino and I:43 money for rufiling It lit
ithe townt gatyeties. Norris hmself saw
her bnut in little Snatches. She weint
tl cnme so ttcgrtainly and at sueht
obl times he coutld not wayfiny her mid
eaills t were out of the question. The lit
tle nzew hoine was so crowded it was
tPosiblde to say anything there vith
o.t hatving It reach all ears. Norr.s
felt tha:t thereV was mucth whilh ought
ta be sal. bit s3ehow ha(d not yet
brougiht hiitself to the puitCh of say
Int I t.
IP. gitt''ed out of. the Window, Iis
'ye.t br;lit heIIi : as they fell tpont his
Imother. driving hr ponty clsi.e, with
AIlheat sntug beside her. lie rushed out
to ;;eet thi and t1altost dragged th em
in dde. Very shortly thereafter lie Ivent
away with therm-upon an errantad lie
did not In the least relish. Mi.s Althea
had: hard of 3by C1'yra's ventee;
iifiu'ther, she had lost her heart to a
1ih uble imare Unby haIId Ju.-:L blught11
: a sa:t out to exercish. She nuvnmt W)
have the creatire at :1zinost any pvh-e.
so Nori, i pierforce, wenlt aling I) se'
fhe bag.itning. ~1I did not g- 1i1ie
b' 11y. Thouigh he had never let hin
se'f anenowledge it, he waes ::-t ints;etn
sih'e t:) whaIt le 'would gi1n if lie coiul
hing hginelf to mairry MFl7s ltoswe!i.
i' ho meant cver to d1o that, it was
v.eIl nat t.) vt fthe Ilew faney lcside
the ei:l. 11c writhed at the thought,
hop'ngt at;;nit 1t0la for somne whteir -
lou a eimnve to tak:e Bllby naw.iy. 1t.
an at Iionsistently. he elt a tlooding
g a'.:n:; at 8!ght of her, smt iling a vve,
C):>.e from the dor 01 the e.:t I ingy
Fluh was uorry, dreadfully sorry. h:t
D'.nik Leey wis not to be bought.
Sie had I Ileen bouight, Indeed; up;n a
sp:-cl:il ordL.r fri.i the city tabe atl
wv- .d e sntl there as :uwi as ever lhe
g .t :t little wanted to the buitstle of
strt ets. Yez, ie h:1d got a 6W CO-1
m ,ion. No, M: is Ias-vcll W.O.1 t
hav thw marel~ 11.1 doutlin treli.
(lu:n(.drupiling it-not for a'nything at all.
Si (abi) Ia4 sorry to seam di-t
OiE.ing, but she could do nthutin <.,.
She( hatd given her word anti znst 1 ee'
it; had prolnikved thle deoaler Ohwb
horse to be ftnutd 1:i, huatving 1 n
one wiltut a match, was botiiiil toI lv I
himiti have it.
M1iss Rioswell h.ad b en ilhn soft .I
the ouit-set.-l-'inding h'ersWitha i't
slo-od tot tle sake of wla.t seolmedl to
her a file spin seruple, she shived a
teiper as li 1gh as her iltose atd fliii
ed neross t1he stall frot, sa)yi-' I->
Mr.. Norris itn plrfeteilded aiside: "Isn'
It luny,-? I didn't treIly want I.,
1ir1 --11:ly to ,e;v witat a vmia:i.
lhorse joevey I,; like. She's' ot l.A
lookinig (ither. You iight-t-ake her to'
ibe ito rectale-indess yuir knew
bet tNr."
1a hy heard every word, as Miss o
well iealit she should. She stA-1pped
baek a paee, going wIteIt, thp redl, Ier
hianlds hanig hllple'ssly ki, er Sides.
Norris lkewise leard; Ite Ilushed dark
ly and atde as If to stantd by his
sweethatrtIi'.ut hl mother AV.s enH
Ing himt, likewise his dity as a1 cour
tens host. With t look half an-gry,
half ICptolog~etie, hte f ollowved the twio
retteatiing f~gures totward~ theIr ear
inge. Ilaay to It lie stopped atnd
half tturned about, to ,see Miarini
s-tanding with haby's itnd- ini hits, hier
faee taised to bhis antd her eye.; weot.
Inttatlty he fluntg bntek to them, bt
Baby waived hinm away. Whent lie htad
gonie andi Ite catrriage wvas cdut of htear
tng, she said to Maurvin, wvithi a little
hard Irrenth: "I'oor G ranvlille! I ouigt
not to btlamte him. lIe has muaybe
eaught my faith int spot ensh.''
Thenlii', most itunnecoutab thly, shel hid
hier lttee in betr hands tand sobbedl bar d
a mtinute, but loed up) atfter it, stil
ing a btrave yet hiteous stmtle. Marvitn
took hier handi( aigauin and.( pressedi it
ever so lIttle, sayltig in a half witsper:
"Ilonety, cry' all you wantt to betweeni
ntow anid the New Year. We are going
to get tmarr'ied then and live happy
ever after."
Baby'su answer was a blush and si
hettce, hut the wedding enmie off duly,
itamonith aheaid of the Norris-Roswell
Ono Breadwinner Enough.
"Hastus, you 01(d scoundrel, dIdn't
yottt wvife tell you that I wanted some
cord wvood cut this afternoon?7"
"Sceuse me, jedge, but didn't my mis
sust git yo'r family wash ter do dis
"Well, undah dem circumstances,
jedge, mah wife- am a woman ob mo'
sahise 'n ter fetch me enny seeh mes
sage jes' at dis time."-Judge.
V Pa
ie Cr1U1' ~fis
In F I t
mp01 eole i say "
"Hard timeis" (.reC thec
a0 il . r e thn ht
i illes inl the Worbd I'll
mor than 11 .ou r mlon 1
to select fremii--bouu'
-CASH it the iovest
ofle r you
n all pu ch'Lases in .
We have everytlir,
NoKtions IIosiery -an
a l1anamIla 01V oile ]I
My prices are IlIl -
You will find mec' it
West(~.1 End.
)l I
To the Readers
The. merchanits of Pickens
we wish to say to the trading p
I uys goods to sell and not to'li
.No ogc goods on hand'.
Low Prices,. Hopest Weigh
Ba~lard's Obelisk Flotur at
Two boxes of Shel.s'for 7y
Everything else in p)rop~o ti
Our Millinery Department
Satisfaction guaranteed or
All kinds of country p~roduce ta
It will pay those living at a
-Ctcme one, come all,
Proprie to :c'
p Spring Dr3
dll.Blast I
these are hard times."
best timets i tho5..work
Nr money1*c~'s worth11; a!nd
r us to prolve that wven
Ny orth1. We. have a
hit since fihe falf idll
cash price, therefore w(
y Low Pri
-; that .a Lady wvill ne
Underwear, from a. 5c.
jpecial: "One Price 'V
: West Enid, wiere i 1'
.K A R
r 2 I]Lrille. -
of Iho Sentinekkl
can 5oycott their own town paper il
.iblic that thre NORRIS BARGAIN.
3 oh the shelves of the store.
ts and Fair D)ealing is our Motto g
$5.35 per b~arre1.
C. .
Oll. - 8
is complete., ~adIes cordially invit
money b.ack gf ~ou want-.it.
distance to come here for what th<
Yours for busines
Suppose they aie.
I to offer a woman
they -are the best
1 giving 'a little
big slock for you
riCEs-ought for
"re' pirepar1ed to
0 ES this Spring.
d in Dry Goods,
1lniidkerchief' to
Ive( done hImsinless
they wish, but-right here
HOUSE, at Norris, S. C.,
Prices move goods.
ed to inspect our stock.
Near Norris depot:
~y wvant.

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