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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 07, 1908, Image 9

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To work ofi
The people c
a long time, ai
our stock of g(
at a reasonab
price down ju
The people i
back and trad
fled customer
and our trade
to Anderson a
mers to come,
and the price
Come to us
prices, and if -
We have had a splendid trade so
on an extra force of efficient help, have t
e:l our bills and can offer you these good
and if necessary we will quote prices, bu
a little" for you. Try it and see how che
We I
a prices thal
on each sl
whiich yo
that it si
and price.
of Clothil
line to be
cry pair
well as C
We have secured the services
the larest creations of the Milliner's art.
come at our store and are urged to comi
TO TH E LA DIES: We have inl.
please you if something in NICE DRES
D~omestic Plaids to the finest Silks, etc.,
PATTERNS: The .Ladies wvill fin
-terns. We' also have the large Fashion
ladies line underwear in anything you wa
sQur Grocery Department is compl<
Flour! Miour! We handle only one bri
MAJ1ESTIC-made by J. Allen 8miith &
and we guarantee every sack we sell and
time in hauling it back to our store if uns
handled this brand exclusively for some til
behind it and have sold over 60 car load
fation1 to our customers. Will make you
Corn and Hay. We handle corn and
ways have it, and other feedstuffs, on hai
Hardware Department. We can suppi
line. We make it our study to have the 1;
machInery and cultivators for the farmer
them moving all the time. Should we e
in stock anything from a shoe spring to
pleasure in getting same for you.
We buy our nails and barbed wire in
ways sell you at the lowest figures.
Cooking Stoves: Our line is complete'f
the high Closet Range. Satisfaction mus
chase from our store.
F on you, No claim of "
to get your monE
f Pickens county karw us, weI
id they know it has always bee
)neral merchandise just what t]
le price; we buy the very best
st as low as we possibly can and
vho once. buy a bill of goods fr<
E with us. From this treatmnen
is our best advertisement" for t
has branched out until we have
nd from Seneca to Greenville,
Lo us regularly for all their war
hat will please them.
,,Or your needs, look through ou
ve can't sell you the "other fellc
ar but want to increase our business this year and we h:
tken advantage of every turn of th-, i irket an I bo-ught
s at a low price and still make our profit. In order to
t for the present, if you will mention to us that you sa
ap it will get you goods.
andle the very best Clothing that money will buy and v
:will cause you to purchase. The company's name, t<
iit and our guarantee to give perfect satisfaction-fit
A haven't becn used to getting whe~n you bought. Gi
11 not cost you anything but your time and if we cann
of the goods it will be our fault and not yours. You
ig everything that is nobby and up-to-date.
we claim and stand ready to prove to you that we car
found, and the guarantee u hich we buy them on chabi
we sell yov. Your money back on every pair which
001) SHOES should.
Ladies and Children's LowN Cut.--0xfords,
3ee our Line of thes<
4Millinery Departm<
of two experienced Milliners to conduct this dep-timr
Goods bought in this department are a I "right up to
Shere when in town.
~tock and carry at all times a full and complete line of
S GOODS wvill appeal to you as we have spared neithe
ranging in price from 5oc. to $1.5 per yard. Style, qt
:1 all our patterns t.> be the latest 'fashio.. Fashion sh~
Catalogue fromi which you can~i sele.:t any pattern from:
iful quality white Lawn Wa sts, made from~ beautiful la
mnt in this line. This departmuent is presided over by a
ste in every line. IBuggies and Wagons: After e
bud of Best Patent stock and wagon and buggy bu
Co. Knxvlle, Ten. Ibest suits our rough country and
Co.pa Knouv fo yom.' cide that we can sell you the nel
ailspaycyutory Wou hae fountd anywhere for the mono
ae iatory thi huaateA stylyes single- and, double-seal
se with perfectaatec and rubber tire buggiAs that are
sth florfc satisfac- guarantee on every pulLchase. V
thain caor lt and.a0. from $65 to '15. They are best st
ha crlosan.l We will sell you a guaranteed one
d. _______-_ This depar-tment, like all the othe
y yor wntsin hissingle and double harnes for bug
~test and best Improved you both in the quality and price.
3 and our prices keep'.............
,t any time fall to have1 Furniture: The entire second:
steam engine, *ill take voted to this line exclusively a
The very best and nicest goods mni
car lots and we can al- Is the kind we buy. The line is
and embraces some of the prettles
romi the small No. 7 to Suits, Rockers, Sofas, Dining C
b be given on each pur- Bed Springs, Mattresses, etc., etc
tainly please you and satisfy yo
Central, S 4
Liave boon a busi ness for
n our policy to keep ini
ie people need and to sell
goods we can and put t.e
I stay in business.
)m us contip.Ae to come
t we realize that "a satis
hese folks tell other folks
customers from Brevard,
but we want these custo
its, for we have the goods
r immense- stock, get out
W" won't.
tve set our pegs to double our last year's trade; we have put
our goods at the very lowest notch, paid cash and discount
make it'interesting for a while we have b*ought this space,
w our advertisement in this paper we will "cut the price just
ve are sure that we have the
)gether with our own, sewed
, style and workmanship
re us a look and we promise
a convince you as to quality
ig men will find in our stock
ry'the best and most stylish
2s us to guarantee to you ev
fails to come up- and wear as
Ties, Sandals, Pumps
2N Goods..0
it on Friday and Sitarday of each week. They will show all
now" in both style and quality. The ladies are alwvays wel
Dress Goods. Space forbids listing them. We guarantee s
r pains nor expense to make this department complete froam
a.lity and pattern of our goods all guairante xd to be right.
~et with each purch ise. We carry a full stack of M4cCall pat
ra)ur~ everyda~y dress to your wedding troujsseau.
wns an~I lace, which wvill pl base every one. Beautiful line of
lady arnd she will take pleasure i. servmng you.
ever~li years experience in the Coffins and Caskets: We
siness we think we know what have studlied the needs of the
we have at last been able to de- people and have always at your
itest and the most stylish rig to command a beautiful hearse to
and we guarantee the job. carry the loved ones to theirlit~
surrey,. neat and showy; solid resting place. In coffina and
1urable and stylish. A positive caskets we hav~e anything from
Je have guaranteed buggies at the $5 coffin to the $2256 metalic
4les. Come and look through. ' casket. Also beautiful. steel of
horse wagon for $30. larness: buvial robes. All calls promptly
rs, is also complete. We have' attended to day or night..
gy or wagon use and can please
- WVe will save you money on
.................~]youir bill if you have to comie
loor of our large building is de- some distance as well as those
nd we take a special pride in it. j who live near us. Come and let
ide b reputable manufacturers us get acquainted and we will do
complete, new, and up-to-date,,'some businiess and save you
t and nobbiest styles in Bedroom some money. More goods for
hairs, Lounges, China Closets,' same money--same goods for
., you over saw and we can cer-g- less money. Give us one trial
ir desires in the furniture line. and you will be convinced.

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