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Pickls sdRllne1-Journal
The Sontinol-Journal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens rostoMoO as Secoud clast
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1908.
THE SENTINEL editor and the
correspondents have all had a
fling at thei boycott and said
their say; it is not manly to fight
a man when he is down and we
should, under those circum
stainces, be fair, so lot us all drop
the subject and devote our best
energies to making this truly
more of a comnty paper than it
has ever been before and push
every section of this grand old
county to the front.
1)iscuss farming, education,
religion, politics, social evils, or
whatever vise will be for the,
best interests of the county at
large. The towns of the county
and every section, every school
district, and every cross roads,
should have a correspond(lenjt.;
we want some one from each
place tosend us the news. Lets
build up the paper and the coun
ty on more broad and liberal
lines thai ever before.
On ward, Upward, Forvard!
is the slogan. Everybody take
up the cry.
This has been the motto of
this paper at all times and the
editor has lried to live up to it.
He has always played fair and
told the truth, and "let the chips
fall where they may."
In the communication last
wepk. -fi'om Pea Ridge, "Red
Mfose" says: "There is one can
didate, I suppose, who signed
the boycott," etc. Now, there
is no name called, but a great
many people are of the opinion
that this -alludes to R. R. Roark,
who is 4i candidate for the office
of Sheriff. In justice to Mr.
Roark, we must say from what
we knowv of him, we do not be
lieve that. he signed any such
paper, besides we have it author
itatively from our personal
friends who are really in a po
sition to. know, that he is not
guilty of this charge.
Good Liquo' and Pleasant Dreams.
As there is no one visiting in
our neighborhood the mention
of whick, would interest your
readers, I will wvrite on another
One of; my friends fixed a
field of eight acres for oats. He
hauled out' an immense quan
tity of fhie manure and broad
casted it over some of the finest
land in Pickens county, and
turned it about two inches deep
with a 'steel-beam plow, and
then driled~ in his oats with
about two aftcks of fertilizer per
acre, and said1 to me, "If those
oats don't ,grow higher than
your haMd I can cut them on
that land, cari't I?" I asked
him if he reckoned he would
g6t a hand that could pull a cra
dle through them. "Sh!" he
said, "we may not have a good
oat year!" Now, if all the farm..
ers were like him-fix things
right and not expect too much
they wouldsvre cary their point.
B3ut unfortnatelythe areno
like him.
But my friend did more than
that-he gave me a good drink
f good liquor and some to carry
home. It must have been good
stuff, because I dreamed that
night that I was elected gov
3rnor of South Carolina and was
preparing my message. I was
brimming things, leaving no
lead limbs nor burdensome
bwigs. I was just rennovating
bhe statue book to perfection,
when my mail was laid on the
table before me, and tli first
bhing I saw was In a Georgia
paper that stated South Carolina
ad just succeeded in electing
the right man governor, and
%woke. Some will want to
know what I did then. Whyl
[ just got up and took another
'Irink, lay down and tried to
Ireani again.
I said some time back that
cotton wouldn't get any higher.
Well, it hasn't, but I've changed
my mind. I believe now we'll
have much higher prices. Thou
aiids of bales will be held for
15c. I am not a Union man,
but I'm in favor of their move
nient, as it was forced on them.
The labor unions put up labor,
the manufacturers put up goods,
and the old peasants were com
pelled to organize, and they have
not fixed the price too high.
Thousands of farmers will
hold to their cotton. Non
Union as well as Union are go
ilg to hold, and it may cause a.
standstill- it. may even termi
nate worse, but the old peasants
are not to blame.
The Union should have fixed
a definlit-e time to take 15c. I
am sure if I could buy a horse
at a set price I would wait until
I needed it. The advice I give the
farmers is to fix their land like
my friend fixed for his oats, and
then not expect too much, and
you will come out 0. K. in the
end, regardless of brains and
money. M. W. HEsTER.
lssaqueena Mills.
The fifth annual meeting of
the stockholders of Issaqueena
Mills was held at Central on the
8th inst. Dr. T. W. Folger pre
sided, with L. .G. Gaines, sec
The report of the president and
treasurer, R. G. Gaines, showed
a very satisfactory condition,
the mill having paid a dividend
of 8 per cent. and about $25,000
added to the surplus fund.
The board of directors were re
elected, and in turn re-elected
RI. G. Gaines president and treas
urer and L. G. Gaines, secretary.
The board of directors consists
of Grinnell Mills, New York; J.
F. Ohlandt, Charleston; 0. Rob
bins, North Carolina; W. L.
Gassaway, Greenville; T. M.
Norris, Cateechee, and R. G.
Gaines, Central.
Health at this ptace is very
good at this writing. The mea
sles have about played out, and
we hope they wvill not visit us
again soon.4
The clouds have passed away
and the beautiful sunshine is
out again, which we gladly
W. T. Holconmbe visited W.
F. Massingill, at Easley, and re
ports a nice time, having heard
some fine music.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Garrett
and Mrs. G. 's sister, Mifss Dur
ham, visited relatives nea-r Eas
Iey and attended the County a
Singing Convention, and report 8
an enjoyale time. Mr. Garrett t
took part an~d rendered somet
fine rmusic. W. T. IH.
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nd for the udmnission of iw students
vill be held at the county court house
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V hen scholarships are vacant after July
they will be awarded to those making
he highest average at this examination,
rovided they meet the conditions gov
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