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Pickens Sontiiel-JOuial
The sontinel-Journal Company.
TOMPsoN & RIoHur. PRwOs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
5ntered at Pickens Postomo as Second alass
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1908.
The Georgian's reply to the
"sold-out" chargeof the Atlanta
Journal was kind o' straight
from the shoulder, says the Au
gusta Chronicle.
Up to the present time, we
believe, President Roosevelt has
not gone so far as to call it "my
congress," cruelly remarks the
Chicago Tribune (Rep).
The Houston Post thought
fully reminds the "misguided
people of Savannah" who de
stroyed that 1,000 gallons, that
"'wilful waste makes woeful
The Rome (Ga) Tribune wants
all hands to forget that "'a
young lady is suing the South
ern road for S1,000 because she
had to stay over night in
When you come to think of
it, Uncle Joe Cannon is gener
ous not to insist on drawing the
salaries of all the congressmen,
since he is trying to do all the
The quart party has taken
the place of the pound party in
Georgia. Each guest carries a
quart of either Jacksonville or
Chattanooga juice, and all have
a jolly time as long as the stuff
It is rumored, says the Green
wood Journal, that the candi
dates of this county will form a
brass band. At least, we might
say, by way of suggestion,
'everybody is tooting their own
We believe that if the Atlanta
Journal really thought that Joe
Brown wvould really bring whis
lky back, it would bring its can
dilate down and fall over itself
to support Little Joe.---[Macon
The few straw ballots pub
lishrd'Tby the Atlanta Journal
in favor of that paper's guber
natorial candidate look like
weeping-wllows compared with
the broom-straw of two years
ago.-[Columbus (Ga.) Inquirer.
TheCarolinas are one in sen
timent. The Raleigh News and
Observer~ says: "Two-thirds of
thd~tes of South Carolina
Democrats are for Bryan. North
Carolina will do better and make
it~ tree-fourths." Why not
made It unanimous?
Publisher John Norris has
proved beyond question that the
laboring nman has not been the
beneficiary of the increase in
the price of pulp and news-print
paper. It is difficult to recon
cile the fact that while paper
has increased as much as $12
per ton, the laboring man has
received only 52 cents of this
amount. If it isn't a combina
tion against the publisher and
tho laboring man, how can it
be defined?
The Republican party appears
to have written "procrasti
nation" where they formerly
wrote "stand pat."
Augusta is very jubilant over
the fact that there were twice
as many marriages as divorcee
in that city in April.
The Charleston News and
Courier is bitterly disappointed
in Mr. Watterson because the
latter announced that he will
support Bryan, and furthermore
believes the Nebraskan can win.
The News and Courier reminds
us of the lone juryman who be
walled the obstinacy and folly
of the other 11.
As there is great interest be
ing taken in all sections of ,the
country in the raising of poul
try, we give space for the fol
lowing from the Southern Field:
"During the last week in Jan
uary 22 cars of live turkeys were
shipped from MorristownTenn.,
the center of the large.t.poultry.
producing section of the South.
This number was excelled the
week before the holidays, when
26 cars were forwarded. In
February from 12 to 14 cars of
live poultry and 1 car of dressed
poultry were handled weekly.
The value of a car is about
$2,000, and one car of dressed
poultry,weighing 20,000 pounds,
is said to equal three cars of live
fowls. Ii all about 1,000 cars
are shfiplped from Morristown
annually by those engaged in
the hanidling of the poultry
Use of Lumber Refuse May Cut Down
Cost of Product.
Scientists in Washington are- deeply
interested in what is believed to be i
means of manufacturing papter froni
ground wood, in which the waste of
mills can be used. says a Washingtor
special dispatch to the Chicago Iuter
Ocean. If successful, the plan will
eliminate the cost of wood specially
cut for the manufacture of paper pulp.
The pitch which heretofore inter
fered with the use of wood of this
character is overcome in the new proc.
ess by so treating thie pulp that it
Passes off in vapor, and the fiber I
recovered by subjecting the mass to a
system of pwessing.
The very much Increased coat of pa
pr, which has led many newspaperi
to increase their price or resort to the
alternatlve of decreasing their sbq
has aroused experts to a study oi
means to reduee the oost si papen
Experiments now in progrees ndi
cate that the system of using mill
waste can be made a success. Such z
plant is now in operation lb Vancou
ver, which has proved a success. Th4
project is backed by a company wit!i
$1,000,000 of easpital, and the plani
when in oowplete running order will
have an output of 800 tons of finished
paper a week,
Evangelist invites Peple to Tal
.About Their Neighbors.
The fle,. Henry Micllvray, an evam
gelist who Is conducting a religio54
campaign In ittle Falls, N. Y., han
startled the people of that elty, par
tlculauig the wom, by announeingi
that a cirele which began to~ meet re
cently will continue for a month *4
meet each Wedaesday afternoon fron
3 to 4 eo'liock, so that all the peopli
who have stories to tell abet thol
uelghboss and eannot weteain frem at
terin~g them may hae opportunity te
speak their mtn'os under circunmstanoe
where they will ado no harm, says
Utica correspondent et the Maw Yert
He annoneed that he wo.id plact
his own bachelor apartments at th<
disposal of tihe gossipIng circle and as
sured the audience that he w~as nevea
more earnest. He said, teo, that h<
felt sure some people would questloi
his seriousness and tUbat they wouk4
speak slightIngly of his effort. Never
theless, he added, perhaps these doubt
era are the very ones whom the circd
would most beneit
All camels going beyond a walking
pace at night in Aden must carry belis
as it la impossible to hear a camel ei
ther trotting or running.
Everything may come to him wh<
waits, but in politics waiting is i
dreadfully unremunerativo job.-Wash
in ton Post.
Wh"Fs Geography Good For?
This Is from the philosophy of a
mother who berated a teacher in the
Nixon school for not promoting het
daughter because the latter was defl
cient In geography.
"Teacher, you don't know It all, I
gSes,", said the irate matron. "I wish
it that my daughter gets through school
SO she gets a man. Never mind about
the geography. Just promote her with
out it.
"Why, my other daughter, she didn't
know geography, and she got a man.
And you know all about geography,
and you ain't got any man at all. What
1s this geography good for? See that
any daughter gets through school."
Chicago Inter Ocean.
"Since we have been married I've
grown sorry I saved you from drown
Ing that time."
"So have I."--Houston Post.
That our American rorests abound in
plants which possess the most valuable
medicinal virtues is abundantly attested
by scores of the most eminent medical
writers and teachers. Even the untu
tored Indians had discovered the useful
ness of many native plants before the
advent of the white race. This informa
tion, imparted freely to the whites, led
the latter to continue investigations until
to-day we have a rich assortment, of most
Valuable American medicinal roots.
Dr. Pierce believes that our American for
est4 ab Id in most valuable medicinal roots
to~ the cu f most obstinate and fatal dis
eas. if:w N properly investigate themf
a of this conviction. he
Dot with ri tha. lmost mran
cover hh nren ttt # t
mosfl~ e aneit. stomach fnni. I ver iniaor
tonic and- reulator, and blood
ceatnser $0ow tomedictAl siencq, Lys-pe
5laC or ngestion. torid liver. unctonal
and even valvular and other affections of
the heart yield to its curative action. The
reason why it cures these and many other
affections. is clearly shown in a little book
of extracts from the standard medical wo-ks
which is mailed free to any address by Dr. R.
V. Plerce. of Buffalo. N. Y., to all sending
request for the same. 1. ,- -- --
Not less marvelous. in the unparalleled
cures it is constantly making of woman's
many peculla - afections, weaknesses and
dist gder ments. is Dr. Pierce's
o rescrip as is amply attested
by thousai s o I testimenials con
tributed by eful a who hay been
cured a fte
atter many otler aqvertnsed osalcili" and
pbysleians had aled.
Both the above mentioned medicines are
whol y made up from the glyceric ex tracte of
ziative. n~dicinal rOOt4. The proesses em
lt their munu facture were original
site Dr Piert and they are carried on by
skilled cbemia and pharmacists with the
aid of a btus and appliance speciall
deidad built for this purpose.Bti
cdi* re"trely free from alcohol an,
all other harmnful. habit-formiqg drugs. A
full list of their ingredients is print en
each bottle-wrapper.
Greenville, S. C.
AGENT4I WANTED;-16 x 20 crayon
portraits 40 cente, frames 10 cents and
up, sheet pictnre. one cent each. You
can snake 400 per cent, profit or S86.O(0
per week. Ciatalogue and Samples free.
Addres. Frank W. William. Co., i20%
W. Taylor at., Chicago, Iit. apr9w4.
This is just as true in regard to Sewing
Machints s anything else.
By using Long ehuttle Machines, no
matter how well made, you are actually
throwisag away three hours out of every
Will make 850O stitches in the same time
Long Shuttle Machines make only 200.
The Standard Rotary Principle is most
scientifically correct, which fact has
been proven by 25 years of successful
use in all parts of the world and by our
competitors continuously trying to coy
it without success. TH E $T'ANDAR
machines in one-=-Lock and Chain Stitch
-Ball Bearna Stand-Straight Auto
matic Lift. Do not fail to invesilgate
the merits of the Fastest. Most Silent,
Easiest Running and the most durable
Sewing Machine made, THE STAND
ARD ROTARY. "A demonstration is
a revelation." Write for prices and
Easy Payment Plan. Guaranteed Sew
ing Machines $12.00 up,
The Standard Sewing Machine Co.,
58 8. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga.
Pure single comb Brown Leghorns-.
B'est Laying strain in the South, Per
sitting of 18, 91. 5. P. McCarty, Piok
ers, O
R. Ce RO
Hoyle Building.
General M(
-lave bought stock of goods fori
in Hoyle building, and am constv
The very best full patent Flot
barrel; and as an extra induceme
will give you 8lbs of the very be
Best quality yard-wide sheetin
A nice line of Shoes, bought 1
I thank the public for the liber
extend a cordial invitation to al
R. C.. Ri
Hoyle Building
Ica:,Handle all kinds of Couni
These are two things we all h
I am running a Fancy Grocei
Biscuit Co's. Goods, Ice-Cold Di
etc., etc,) and first-class Restaur
meals at 4
All the delicacies of the
My stock of Fancy Gioceries
pectfully ask for a share of your
H.0G. P<
Southern Short
and Busir
Atlanta, Ga., also A
Over 15,ooo Graduo
Receives 12,000 applications every year for Hlo
Etc. An average of two openings for every stude
70 typewriting machinei
The Southern also conducts the
Upon which institution the railoada'and~telegrar
Main Line Wires Ru
Write for catalogue. Enter now. The South4
in the South. Address,
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or V
Low Rate Mile
500 mile state Family Tickets
enRailway in South Carolina
member ol s family. Limited oi
1.00 il Interchangeable Individual T
a ayand thirty other roads in the Soi
itdoeyear from date of sale.
,00mile Interchangeable Firm Ticket
ayadthirty other roads in the southeas
getehead of a firm or employe. Limi
suhpersons at one time. Limited one yei
100mile Interchangeable Individual T
Rail wny and seventy-five other roads in
Llmrted one year from date of sale.
On and after April 1st, 1908, all mileage
on trains on trains nor in checking baggag
stations not for the sale of tickets. bu~t mnusi
exchanged for continuous ticket,
Money saved in passage fare
Southern Railway agents. Far
higher rate. Call on Southern
mileage tickets, passage tickets
Assistant Gen. Pass. Agent,
Atlanta, G.
nerly carried by R. H4. Crane,
rntly adding to this stock.
ir on the -market at $5.65 per
nt to get some of your trade,
st I c. coffee for $1.oo.
g at 6 Y4c. the yard.
ast fall to go at a reductior.
al patronage given me and
I to call on me when in search.
ry Produce for cash o
y groceries.
Lint sometimes.
-y (Canned Goods, Nationa
-inks, Cigars, Tobacco,, Fruits,
ant in-connection, witht
oeason Serv
is pretty cc
trade. RespeLiL..
Central, S. C.
iess University
.ibany, Ga. Branch
.tes in Positions
ykkeepers. Stenographers, Telegraph Operator*
ut that attends the Seuthern.
the agest eollection of ty eiters owned
;q by any concern lIn the=ut.
h comnpanies are constantly calling for - opera -
ni into This School.
rn is the oldest and largest Husiness College
. L. ARNOLD, Vice-Pres.
~age Tickets I
$i 1 .25-good over the Suh
for the head or dependent
ie year from date of sale.
ckete $20.00-good over the Southern
ithest aggregating 80,000 wniles. Lim.
540.00-good over the Southern Rail-.
g regating 20,000 rnike, f<r a Mana-.
kr from date of e.dfrolyoeo
.cket $25.00-good over the Southern
the southeast aggregating 41,C00vmiles.
tickets wil1l not be honored for passage
e, except from non-agenc stations and
be presented at ticket offces and there*
by purchasing tickets from,
es paid on trains will be ;at,~
Railway Ticket Agentsy
ndu detailed i< e ;r.
Division 1 ea&gez A)4 4
Charleston, S.

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