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Keep your eye on the S. -J.
and watch it grow.
A pretty fair line of advertis
ing for a boycotted paper.
When trading with our ad
vertisers please mention that
you saw it in the SENTINEL.
.1o pays for his
Shrewd adver
a "paid-up" list
tnese uayb. ,,e've got it.
Our subscription libt is a large
one, a paid-up one, and covers
the county 'ike thq dew. Ad
vertisers take .ndice. A word
to the wise is sufficient.
Petit Jurors.
The following is a list of the
pestit jury, drawn on the 12th
(lay of May, to serve at the en-.
suing term of the sessions court,
J, T. Foster,
P. S. Robins,
A. J. Crane,
E. C. Williams,
James Green,
E. A. Christopher,
J.H.Ballentine, Easley,
S. G. Dbrr,
W. R. Dalton,
P. P. McDaniel,
H. W. Garrison,
S. W. Youngblood,
Laban Mauldin,
Allen Durham,
W. McFall Baker,
B. C. Robinson,
R. ML. Holden,
J. H. Brown,
J. R. Lathem,
W. J. B. Chapman,
I A. B. Walker,
T. J. Watkins,
E. ML. Gilstrap,
Elias Day,
Boweni Stewart,
- J. E. Davis,
Robert Porter,
J. H. James,
y T. E.Townes,
9, J. H. Harris,
J. Lucien Hendricks,
B. F. Lesley,
Jas. A. Hendricks,
S. A. Parsons.
On the Square.
This week and next will be
found planted in the courthouse
yard a merry-go-round, or in
common parlance, a "flying
jenny." It is owned and operat
ed by Mr. A. F. Brown. Mr.
Bi own is a Georgian, and is a
) pleasant and affable gentleman,
and makes it a pleasure to look
after the people who patronize
his business. Everything about
this amusement feature is first
class every way, and the patrons
are treated with every mark of
politeness and attention, and no
community need fear to have
lb-tb ' r. Brown
S *I~*hs o'' to the
on enr~ of Pick
ens, who in turn .,tendered it to
the town, and for two hours,
*old( and young, big. and little
the grandparent and the grand
child-rode to their hearts' con
tent. This set of councilmen
are progressive, pushing and
patriotic, and if everybody in
Pickens were as energetic and
broad and liberal-minded in their
public dealings as this council,
Pickens could not be kept from
growing and progressing.
Mr. Brown and his assistant,
Mr. Hughes, have the thanks of
the people of Pickens for an
evening of jolly good pleasure,
and heartily commend them to
the good people of other towns
where they may go, assuring
them that they will act straight
and be kind and cons~derate in
bheir dealings with them.
Twelve Mile River Association.
Evangelist campaign by Rev.
W. M. Walker. Appoint
ments as follows:
Eastatoee...... ......Apr 30 May 3
Rocky Bottom.........May 3 - 7
3aluda Hill.............. May 9 -14
Antioch ............. ......May 15-19
3alem ................ ......May 23-24
3heohee.......... .........May 30-31
Shady Grove.............June 4- 7
Bethel -....... .............June 9-121
3heohee.......... ....... June 13-14
Id Church, Central.. .June 19-25
3alem ......................June 27-28
Keowee............ .........July'4-10
Jheohec............ ...... July 11-12
[all Creek................July 12-18
,kit. Carmel...............July 19-241
saleni....... ...............July 25-26
Vit. Tabor, Central.... July 27-31
'leasant Hill..............Aug 1- 7
;ix MIletI.,11..............Aug 8-14
heohee....... ............Aug 15-21
salem . ..................... Aug 22-29
Holly Springs.....Aug 30-Sept 4
Little River................Sept 5-11
Oheohee................Sept 12-413
Stamp Creek.............Sept 19-25
Salem .......................Sept 26-271
Respectfully submitted. I
Ex. Com. T. M. R. Ass'n.
Scissors sharpened and made
to cut like new: 10c a pair. RI
E. Goodwin, at Richey's store.
A Lot e1 People Owing Me.
There was a man who lived
He has moved away and left the
There are men all over the
Uion that owe me, and I need
the money. But I can't get it.
People in Oklahoma, Texas,
North Carolina, Georgia, Ala
bama, and, I think, there are
some in heaven that owe me,
for they have Wet this world,
I hope there are none in hell
that owe me, for I would be
afreid so go there after it. If
they ever pay it they will have
to send it by express. SoTI
hope they will all comie in and
pay up. But please don't all
come at once, for am busy now;
have not time to take it all at
once. Thanking you all for your
patronage, I remain yours
eternally, J. D. MOORE.
There will be an an all-day
song service at Corinth ,No. 2,
five miles east of Pendleton,
fourth Sunday in May. P. C.
Cartee will conduct the service.
Everybody Invited,. and don't
forget the baskets.
Nitrateof Soda
Nitrate Sold i rigisal Sags
64 Stone Street, New York
Keyser Building, Baltimore, Md.
36 Bay Steet, Bast, Savannah, Ga.
305 Baronne Street, New Osteana, La.
Holoombe &r Co., 50 Clay Street,
Sanrancisco Cal.
Address Office tNearest You
Orders for AN Ouantitles Promnstly
FIlled---Write for Ouctetiong
Good Bi
Teaches us to buy the very best ar
Our contract with the manufactu
md the best grade of timber the
ions. This is the reason we brag
)n every piece of our goods.
We handle furniture in suits and i
ull line of Lounges, Couches, Sette
,ace Curtains, Curtain Poles, Windo
3ags and Suit Cases. In fact anythii
Goodrich Sewing Machines are as
Will make you a very close price o
Our suits of Furniture-all oak go
Our Sideboard., all oak goods, rai
A car-load of Stoves has just arriv
3tove, No. 7, for $5.9o, and on up to
A large stock and fine assortment
we can display them. Come and ins
SU o
lany a Man
Everything carried i
A 14
.old i
W.S. Parsons, Manager.
1888...... . 8,750
1892. ........... 155,375
1897 290,954
1901 475,215
1904 - 30,699
The best evidence that BlisS Natv ord
Herbs fulfills the claims made for it
is found in the Increasing sates iten- tO (1
joys year after year. It cures, or else
people would not buy and take it
for such diseases as Rheumatism,
Constipation, Dyspepsia. K id n e y havt
Diseases, Liver Disorders, Eczema,
Scrofula or any alment arising from
impure blood.
Bliss Native Herbs s
Is effective because It Is made from
pure roots, herbs and barks and con- L
-tains no opiates, minerals or alcohol.
It is guaranteed under the United enO1
Stater Pure Drug Law. Each box de
contains 200 tablets for $1.00 and if
no cure results, money is refunded. nlee4
It is made by The Alonzo 0. Bis
Company, Washington, D. C. Can C
not be found In drug-stores and is j
FOR SALE BIY-.-,, heat
F. A .Finley,
Plckens, S. C.
Mail orders receive prompt at
tention. 4junle'o8 F
Lsiness 4
ticle that we can afford. TI
re none too good for us to c
rers calls for our goods to
y can get and then mad<
)n our furniture so and put a
i single pieces and carry a I
es, Sideboards, China Close
w Shades, Rugs, Matting, C
ig in the House Furnishing i
good as there is on the marl
n any of our goods for the r
ods-run from $13-50 to $71
ges ill the way from $i 5.oo
ad and for the next thirty da
a $35.oo Range, the best or
of goods to select from and
pect this line and you will su
might Hay
it up a huge, end
been satisfied wi
-by-day profit on en
ci nowadays are "
ch do a big turn-ov
>d goods, at a smal
n a Hardware a
tke a look at our stock if A
line. We can meet eva
e is so complete. Do not i
full value for your money.
saw and Hamn
iu assortmant of nails in th<
many dollars a year. Thi
Lware line, if bought of us1
'ocketbook. Give us a trial
onioto LII
want your trade bad enougl
r to get opportunity to inv
o youa trading and to come
am at the Cooley Young
a splendid line of
se the quality of my goods,
them, do so.
iberty wants your trade, and
gh to advertise for it. "A
:1.," The Sentinel-Journal
ome see me, buy of me if m,
u buy elsewhere......but, an
Iquarters while in town.
Yours fc
W. 0. W
ront Street
ffer our customers.
a up according to specifica
positive iron-clad guarantee
ull and complete line. Also
ts, Baby Carriages, Pictures,
arpeting, Trunks, Travelling
line can be found here.
:et. We sell them.
ext thirty days.
to $37-50
ys we will sell you a GOOD
the market.
plenty of floor space where
rely buy.
Liberty, S C
iring business if he
th a small, steady,
ery sale; the houses
big ones" are those
er on a small profit...
", with new goods,.
tore is here!
ou want anything in the Hard
ry wish in this direction, our
vorry about the prices. We:
ier, or Hatchet,
house, saves in carpenter
ese, and other goods in the
vill save many dollars in the:
and we'll prove it to you.
fl CO.,
Liberty, S. C.
i to buy space in this paper in -
ite you to come to .Liberty
to me for some of your goods.
stand, on Foont stseet, and
et my pricess, and if you cant
I .appreciate your patronage
friend in need is a frieud in
and I are both "friends in
r prices and goods suit you ;
hiow-make my store your
*r a trade,

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