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Simply the visible sigi
are not forming rapidly e
Lack of nourishment i
* 'Scot1'i Em lsic
* entire system. Stimulate
Exactly what baby ne
I was glad to see the last S.-J.
t full of advertisenents, and I
hope they will be kept up..
Some may think it won't pay
them, as times are dull, but let1
them keep it up until times are,
bjette1r-then they'll receive their
I can't appear neutral in this
boyeott matter-not built that
-way-don't like neutral persons
no how; so I take sides with the
S.-J. You correspondents and
others, hurry up and have your
say on this boycott and let us
hear something else discussed.
How are the prospects for fruit
in each section of the county?
A good many peaches in this
noighborhood, but none at my
home. We have a nice orchard
and the trees were loaded with
peaches. I had visions of plenty
for home use, and for the editor
and preacher, but alas! and alas!
some of the rest of you will
have to think of them, when
fruit gets ripe.
I hope "13.'' will make his or
her pies a "leetiL" smaller, and
spare me enough peaches f'or
just one pie. Now won't youj
I try to be grateful to the All
Wise for allthe or 1 h He
nilse, but I amI ot as much
-- 3o as the old lady, when told
that her hulsbanlld had fell andi(
J~jS j(.i~lr Sli(1
in'oke his neck, said, "Well
I'm th1:1kful it's no worse."
.Speaking of ing thankful,
r se of a praVr I heard
an old negro deliver It the grave
of a iolored sidr. IHe praved:
.dee for 'nabllin:g us ter meet
omh't mo'& 'rouin' de grabe; en
oh, H-eav'ly Far'der', grant dat
we may meet mo' of'n den we's
bin a-mueetin'. En oh, Farder,
dem w'at ami porvented f'um
* rant, oh', Farder; dlat dey miaa
* -. meet wid us ini de speerit."'
I couldn't see the funny sidle
-of that prayer at the time', for
they were commnitting to earth
all that was mortal of the best
black girl I ever knew; but I've
* laughed many times since when
I'd think of it.
*Well, well, if I didn't drop
the peach question and wvent off
to attend the bmilil, and symi
pathize with the ol1 lady on the
loss of her husband!
'"llo ws or." fruit is very
nice to have, and you will no
tice those who eat the most
fruit are the healthiest, and
don't tell the girls-they have
the best complexions. I do not
mean the pie-eater, for I think
real ripe, rawv or- sfewed fruit
better than pies, and baked ap
pies with sugar and creami fit
for the king or his peer', the
farmer. With plenty of veget
ables, fruits, chicken, ham, eggs,
~ '~' milk and butter, a woman can
get up a meal good enough for
I never heard of so many
chickens hatched out before,
and1 I think that most of the
poultry-raisers have been suc
cessful so far in raising them.
I have found out that the best
feed for chIcks Is home-made
k that baby's tiny bones
s the cause.
n nourishes baby's
a and makes bone.
ND $1.00
corn, chopped 'very coarse and
fed dry; and the best part is,
that if you wish to go off for
the day, you can put enough in
the coops to last until your re
turn, and no danger of souring
or of them eating too much.
Of course you will put plenty of
water within reach.
As I have chatted long enough,
I will shut up. DREAMER.
Liberty, R F 0 3.
Hello, Mr. Editor! I am very
glad to be with you again, after
so long an absence.
The health of this community
is very good at present.
The May meeting at Six Mile
was well-attended from all sec
tions, niany from around here
being present, and an enjoyable
day was had.
Your scribe had the pleasure
of visiting the thriving town of
Pickens last Thursday.
Mrs. Belle Bolding, of this
section, is very ill at this writ
ing, but her many friends hope
to see her out again soon.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
13 'awn, on thel 7th iist., a fine
gi. --
Mrs. W. N. Porry :in Zn
w\ere called to G.Xreen)ville last
wveek on account of the illness
of Mrs. P.'s father, Mr. Powell.
Cheer up, "old Riddle,'" and
don't grieve, the veddin1.A-b1F6
are still rilging.
Wake up, "B," and give us
SOme more of your nCe items.
They are always so cheerful.
Harvey Kennenur, son of N.
R~. Kennenmr, hadl a fine horse
to die on the 9th inst.
Died, on the 2d inst.., at the
home of her husband, near Ca
kechee, Mrs. Etta Jones, wife
of John Jones. Mrs. Jones had
been sick some time of pneu
monia. She leaves a heart
broken husband, father and
mother and a host of relatives
and friends to mourn her death.
H~er remnains were laid1 to rest
the (lay following her death at
Prater's Creek church, Rev. WV.
C. Seaborn c;onducting the fu
ueral services.
Best wishesto the SENTINEL
JOURNAL and its many readers.
Pickens, R 0 1.
Health in our section is good
and the farmers are hard at
Several of the young people of
our section worshiped at Oolenoy 1
the first Sunday.4
Bennett Anthony and his sis
ter, Miss Lida, dined with Miss!
Lillie Lynch last Sunday.
.Will Freeman, of this section,
received a letter one- (lay last1
week from his grandfather, Jas. '
F'erguson, of Sterrette, Okia.,
stating that it had been raining
bhere almost every day for a4
month, and the farmers wvere
planting their corn crop over.
Ele also said there had been soy
aral cyclones near his home
:own. '
D. F. Hendr!ckiahad 'anw
svell dr'illed last Week,
Little Mi- Jennie Freeman
alled on Miss Lillie Lynch, of
he Ambler section, 61 the first
Write oftener, "Pansy;"' you
niusi't stop. STONEwALL.
Mrs. Carrie Pace, who has
een very ill, is much better.
Ervin Hayes has been sick a
.ew days with the grip.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pace visited
-heir son, Frank, Friday last.
Clyde Childs visited Ervin
Rayes last Sunday, and they
sure had a time.
Hello, "Bluebell," why don't
you write and tell us about your
3ection? I would be glad to hear
Erom you oftener.
"Clevie," we are all anxious
to hear from you oftener around
here. Wake up and get to work.
Some fros4 in this section on
the 30th tilt.
Keowee church has a live Sun
day school, with T. H. Stewart
superintende~n t. The school re
ceived a treat in the way of a
very interesting and eloquent
address by Capt. R. E. Steele.
After enjoying a very edify
ing sermon by the pastor, Rev.
B. F. Murpnree, Keowee church
commemorated the Lord's sip
per last Sunday. A large crowd
was pre-sent.
neK church at Keoweec
will s001 be c('ompieted.
Prof. John 0. Field worshiped
at. Keowee, Suiday. it seens
that the profsor will visit Keo
Wee O i)nally, -chooi or A4
0' 001 ~;idt Ie I.- l'.; s a.dop~t
the mIoto: 6"Te'll the best- let
1 tel! the ret.
SIx Milei.
As 1t i__ raining~ thjiis morninlg,
Will 'wN-r'ite voU a feL- lines. I
hou .h~t at fir1St that I would
lot yv anythia- about the ugly
>Oycolt, but ns I realized the uni
ierhanded hold the mierch ants
1ave taken on the editor andh our
>aper, I will comeu to the front
md st-md there as long as there
s a hair on my head. I call it
>nr paper, because we have paid
~or it one yea~r. and we want it,
mnd more than that, we are go
ng to have it. TPhe little mer'
~hants -f Piekem can't knock
as out of it-, for what they say
flon't amount to aniything in the
eyes of the farmers, as the good
people see that the merchants
are in the wvrong, and they are
tot going to pay any attention
:0 them.
I. want~ to say right here that
he hole0 the merchiants d1og for
he editor of the S. J., theyr
hemselves havre fallen into.
Byv fall they will he in overhead,
md~ when they crawl out 1 want
;o see them, for I guess~ they'll
ook like a boycott crowd sure
Well, I -,uess 1 have said
mough for this time. I will
cave off the >4ycott now. If
t don't stop) I'll conme again, and
~ell you how the farmers are
~alking about the new paper.
We are getting along fine in
his section, and have turnedl
>ur tr:ide in the opposite direc
ion, andl all are wvell pleased.
Cheer upI, 0old editor, and send
mur paper in, for you have the
>eople at your back.
After so long b tie I will try
Candidateb' CAuian
No writeup for less than *, tr ota cte
F~illelet4or erit.
I i'8 reby aItktt tee o nmysIl f a catlidY iltte for 45
cIon to te i I olt f herigI e su1bje1 t tb i thr e
ci o 1 of 4h voter Iit the tie.moratir jitry
L'lctt.)Im..1. U. .I ENN NNIS.
I h reby autiomnee nuyself at a cattliIate for
f o toer i of itken. county, subject to the
ruiea t- i regthttions of the l einocrati, irmty.
J. M. .AMEuu.:ss
For Counuty Commiuussionaer
I hereby atilouee nivse f ainitsiaat for the
olrce h ot tity omi, omer, siuwject to the
actioti of the voters li o the jrlmar- election .
A . -:nl WEi.: oins.
and send you in a few lines to
let you know I am still living.
Health of our community very
good at present.
We are glad to say that Geo.
Pinson is slowly improving.
Well, I'm obliged to brag on
old Six Mile a little. She has
got the neat little schobl buiding
finished at last; beside that she
will soon have a good metallic
telephone line through to Ceii
tral, where it will connect with
the long-distance lines. She
has also a good corn-mill and
feed-crusher. All these are late
Farmers are getting along
very well planting. Some are
doing so well that they are
planting the second time, so I
think those who are behind will
catch up yet.
Well, I will close for th"s time,
as news is scare.
Best wishes to the old and es
teemed S.-J. READER.
Pickens, R 0 F 4.
-Mir. Frank Pace, who has
been very ill, is imuprovig:
Sam. Jones and Jas. Day, of
Greenville, visited friends in
thi.s Fectioni recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Eliza Hayes vis
ited Mrs. H.'s father, James
Hayes, of Greenville, Saturday.
"Stonewall," you said you
was a chicken crank. You
must be the bachelor that I
heard of who put his hen and
chickens in the coop and let
thenm stay a week, anid then
went to his neighbhor's house and
asked thme good housewife what
lie shoujld do vith his chiickens
-they were all dying. She
asked him what he had been
feeding them on, and he re
plied: "Not anything; I thought
the old hen would givo enough
milk for themi."
"Daisy," keep) on writing:
'"Dreamer,'' I wvould like to hear
from you on "Daisy's" subject.
I think we should all write
(heerful letters.
Well, I will tell you all some
thing which happened once.
A negro passed a church one
dlark night and heard two voices
in the graveyard, saying, "This
Is mine, and that is yours"
It scared him so had he thought
thme Judgment Day was at hand
and the Lord andl the devil were
dividing up the dead. He ran
half a mile to a white man's
and tol him Judgment D~y
was here. The white man asked
him howv he knew, and the ne
gro told him lhe had just. passed
the graveyard and that the Lord
and the devil were over there
dividing the graves. The white'
man did not believe him, and
the negro told him to come back
with himi and lie would prove It.
T1he two went back together,
and when they reached the gate
of the cemetery they heard the
voices, saying, "This is mine,
and that is yours," just as.the
negro had said, They stood1
there a moment, when one of the
voices said, "Well, that is all
except those two at the gate."
The other voico said, "Yes, go
and get them." The white man
took his hat off- his head and
said, "Leave from here, niggor,
tiey're sure after us." It was
two men who had stolen some
corn and went there to divide
It, and dropped two cars as they
went in at the gate. CLEVIE.
Fon SArm-17 acres, original forest,
-11 Miles north of Piokena, $30 an acre;
75 acres wept of Woodall Mountain, 10
acres brauch bottom, balance in timber,
prico $10 nore, cash d.'al. E. F. KEir.
. F. D,, No. 4, Pickens, 8. ;.
I will let to th lowest reeponsible bid
der the - building of a new bridge over
Uig Eastatoa near Mrs. Sarah Alexan
d r's Saturday. May 28d at 11 o'clock.
Plana and specifications made known
on day of letting.
Notice of Election
Office of County Sup't of E-lucation
of Pickens county.
Pickens, S. C., April 14. 1908.
Wh-reas, a petition from the freehold
ers and electors of the Gates school dis
trict No. 22 has 1wen filed with the
county board of education of Pickens
county anking said bo-ard for permission
to hold an ecci ion in aid district to de
termine whether or not two mills extra
levy shall bn levied on said district, for
school p'rposes.
It np)earing to the county board of
education that the petitions meet the rc
q airemoals c f the law, therefore it -s
rdered that the trustes8 of the abov -
named district do hold an clection oin
May 16, at tho (ntcs schoolhouse, for
thu above-stated purpose. The trusteta
shall be iminagers, and shall conduct
thiq election as all general elections are
corducted. and Atr1e,L,1y in accordance
wil Sec. 1208 of th. General Statutes.
By order of Cuity Board of Educa
tion. 3t R. T. IIALTXM, S, c. & Chn.
An exa'ninat i nt for teach. rs' certifi.
vates will h,.' held at Pickena C 11 , on
Friday, May 15. Exaimination will cow-.
mence prompily at 9 o'clock, &-plicanits
to furijish tihir owvn stationeiy; legal
cap z.g? oreferred.
By order State Board Fdloication.
I. T. IIALIX C '. Sip't Educ'n.
k , t.. ring r
.'lry here and you'll never have cause to
bo ashamed of your purchase.
providing it is the kind that wears. Let
18s8show yout our collection and e'xplain
the diference be.tween~ ours and inferior
jewelry. You will not find onr prices
any htiaber for the GOOD KIND L.hani
ijme charge for thme other.
A Certain Cure for Aching Feet
Aaler's Foaot-Fanse, a p3o'wde#r: cures
Titred, Act.liar, Sweno~ting, Sw ln feet
Sample s~ ess UEIE, aso-iganple of FOOT
EA'sE SANIT.4nY COIL':PAD, a na w lnven
taan. Ad-tur,.ss, A..en Otte~lstead.j
Here is Relief fsr Women.
If 3 ou have pains in the back, Urina.
-y, Bladder or Kidnaey trouble, and want
i ,eertain. pleasant herb enre for worn
m ~s ills, try Mother Gray's AUSTRALIAN..
.EAF. It ia a a ate andr never-falling
-exulator. At Dauggists or by mail 50c.
~an.ple p'ackage lPREE. A Id'r..s, The
blothmer, (Gray t o., LeRoy, N. Y. f20t4
kecr Postoilce, Auder30n, S. C
bractica l all Cc'urts la fonth Caroin
Physicial and Surgeon.
)flce Hours 10 to12.2 to 4

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