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Pic[ons Selltliol-JOur'lal
The Sontinol-Journal Company.
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THURSDAY, M.iY 21, 1908.
There is nothing particularly
new and sensational In the re
port from Washington that the
president is "figting mad." That
has been the nature of his con
ph ilnt for some time.-[St. Louis
An Italian proposes a tunnel I
to tap Vesuvius, to avoid possi- I
ble explosion from an obstructed t
vent and to supply molten lava 3
for molding into building bricks. t
Between government by the
big stick and government by the
gavel there is little to choose. I
Either of them is a perversion
of government by the people.
The first railroad was that
known as the Stockton & Dar
lington, in England, opened
Sept. 25, 1825. 'The first rail
way in the United States to be
worked by locomotives was the
South Carolina Rail way, started
in 1826.
-did Republicanl
vised they will oUk
Whisky is about to be definett,
yet a d(Anif'oln of one variety
will not fit the rest.-[Philadel
phia Ledger.
The Atlanta Journal is get
ting so nervous that it had a
man arrested the other day for I
yelling for Brown as he passed t
the Journal office. But Judge
Broyles said that he could find
no law in Georgia against
lese miajestie.-Griffin News.
In some phases of the coming
campaign it is suspected that
the contest will be between the
anti-saloon and the saloon ante.1
-[Indianapolis News.1
Mr. Bryan is the candidate of
the Blunderbund."-News and
Courier. And the Plunderbund
is trying to beat him. "Any
body to beat Bryan" is the
Plunderbund's cry.--[The State.
There is a good deal of curl
osity to know whether or
not it was "near" beer or the
real thing that the tiger has
been dealing in.-lBalto. News.
Tornadoes are getting as cam.
mon as campaign lies; but they
do. more damage.-[Columbus
Oallfornia cherries sold for $2
-a pound the other day in Chi
Allen Sayrre, a boy of Cape
May, frightened a fish-hawk by
shoutiing, and the bird dropped
P ~ a 4-poun~d fish, which was served
at th~Sayer family supieor.
Afflin~any months of train
ing, Miss Mary Lightfoot. of
Warsaw, Ind., has taught acomn
mon house mouse to waltz to
the music of a harp. Nature
In four years a pair of rabbits
could have a progeny of nearly
1,500,000. A doe rabbit produces
*~.~ ....as many as seven families a
Convalescents need a
ment in easily digested f
IScott's EmuL-dk
ment-highly concentrat<
I It makes bone, blood
putting any tax on the
A man may be absolutely im
possible, but somewhere there is
some woman who doesn't think
s.-[Chicago Herald.
The Jacksonville Times-Union
s of the opinion that it will
"require a greater force than
he prohibition law to keep the
3eorgia peach out of the
A casualty company refused
,o pay a policy of $3,000 taken
>nt by H. N. Myers, of Arkan
;as City, and who swallowed a
,oothpick which caused blood
)oisoning, on the ground that
he act was not an accident; but
rielded when ordered to pay by
he state superintendent of in
urance, or be barred from doing
>usiness in the state.
le th-oght her a peach when
he proposed,
But later, when they weie
Ie found to his sorrow, alas!
that he
Had paired with a lemon in
-[Chicago News.
Tom-''Do you think it really
tocs any good to tell a girl she's
he first woman you ever loved?"
)ick-"No, for nine times out
vou're not the first liar
We know of one community
n Pickens county that in one
nonth -last year sent one hun
ired and sixty dollars to the
nail order houses in the East
or scheme purchases. We ven
ure to say that ninety per cent.
)f the goods are packed away,
tovered with dust and of no
ralue to any one. Where is the
rofit? How much do the mal
>i-der houses pay for keeping up
oads In this county9
We are told to believe all we
r'ead in the Bible, but lt some
Limes takes a terrible stretch of
magination when we hit the
Eamilly record.
Experts in the Thaw case give
ais two reasons for declaring hiin
insane, because he wanted the
piano tuned on which he prac
ticed, and because he wanted to
decorate his room with Easter
lillys on Easter Sunday; and the
dear people pay $500 per day for
expert testimony. Given the
We Trust
If you are suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, de
bility, nervousness, exhaus
tioun, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparlilla you have known
all your ,life. Your doctor
knows it, too. Ask him about it.
poisonostprodnotsare absorbed, causing head
preeliating the Sarsaparila fron doing ts best
wok yegbr's Pills are liver pills. Ac gently,
We have no screts I 'we publish
te frmulas of anl our mediolnas.
large amount of nourish
Oft is powerful nourish.
and muscle without
)a. AND $1.00.
lunatic in the picture. Please
find the fool.
"Music hath charms." What
would the "merry-go-round" be
without music? Old people ride
because it brings back memories
of long ago, middle aged people
ride to please the chi'dren, young
folks ride to spoon, children ride
as an excuse for the older people,
and everybody rides to be doing
something. Well, there is no
harm in innocent fun, so let the
"go-round" go round.
It is not safe to judge the piety
of the family by the binding on
the family Bible.
"Turn that wrapping paper
the other side out", said a lady
in a store the other morning as
the clerk was putting up her
purchase in a printed wrapping
paper, "I don't want to be a
walking advertisemeini to your
store. I read the paper as all
intelligent people ought to do,
and I think there is the place to
advertise your business."
If there is such a thing as
n->bility in America, it is that
which follows the plow and
lturns up God's g6od soil for the
i aintenance of the people he
Old Soldiers' Day-June 3d.
Wednesday, June- 3d, is the
oie hundredth anniversary of
the birth of Jefferson Davis, the
only president of the Confed
Pickens Chapter U. D. C. is
preparing to celebrate this cen
tennial in a way to fittingly
honor the memory of the hero
so dear to the hearts of all South
erners. They cordially invite the
Veterans of the county to join
them in making this a memor
able occasion. An address will
be made by Judge George E.
Prince. Crosses of Honor will
be presented, and Capt. Robert
E. Steele will talk to his com
rades of '61-'65.
After the exercises in the
courthouse the usual picnic din
ner will be ser-ved, and the Vet
erans and their families are
urged to join the Daughters in
making this part of the celebra
tion e.success.
Following is the programme
for the day:
Assembling of Veterans fi
front of Baptist church at 10
a. in,
,40,20 a. m.--March to court
h6ibse. Veterans in command
of Col. W. B. Allgood.
I0.30 a. m.-Call to order by
master of ceremonies, Hon. J.
'E. Boggs.
Prayer-Rev. N. G. Ballinger.
Music--Easley Band.
- Address-Judge G. E. Prince.
Music--Easley Band.
Presentation of Crosses by
ITalk to Veterans, by Capt.
Robert E. Steele.
Benediction-Rev. D. Lander.
Greenville District Conference -Mi E.
Church, South.
The Greenville District Con
ference convened at Clinton,May
13. The sessions of the confer
ence were held in the Methodist
church of that place, of which
Rev. W. H. Hodgen is npasr
Candidates' Column
Announcements of candIdates will be run u i
der tils head ntil the prhnary election for , ,
cash in advance.
Local noti er, or "guffs", will bo charged for
extrai, accordilng to te 0 'Paco iall occulty, mi~d
tie amount of strain oi the edltol's con$ lt.
No writeup for loss than 16.
For Congress, 3d District
For Holicitor 10th Circuit
I anth candidate for the offico of Solicitor of
the loith Judicial Circuit of souti, Carolina,
subject to the rules of the Democratic party. I
have served in court continuounly for ve-veral
year" as court stellograrher after comnpleting
aly law course and Iam amiliar With the work.
ings of the coua ts. b. C LONU.
For House tif Representntives
For Clerk of Court
For Sheriff
I hr eby announce myself a candidate for iv
electionl to thle oflice of Sbcutl', subject to thle
ntio of the voters In the Denioeratle inimny
election. J. U. JEN NNS.
I hereb announee myself as a candidate for
for Sherfif of P'ickens county, subject to) thle
rules and regulaltions of the Denocratic party.
J. 31. JA3MESON.
For Auditor
For Treasurer
For Co. Supt. of Education
For Mupervisor
For County Comimissioner
I hereby annaouaice myse f a candidate for tie
office of County tomnilsamloner, sut-jcct to tile
action of the voters in tie pi ltAiT y elc cin.
The presiding elder, Rev. W. M.
Duncan, presided over the con
ference, the bishop for some rea
son rot being able to be present.
There was a good attendance on
the part of the ministers and a
fairly good representation piers
ent of the laymen.
The reports of the preachers
showed the entire district to be
in excellent condition, both spir
itually and financially, and that
many additions to the church
have b'en made during the past
year. It is a matter worthy of a
note that approximately *3,500
has been added to the amount
paid to preachers during 1907 as
salaries, and there is no Ireason
now to doubt but that this
amount will be paid before the
end of the conference year.
Another gratifying feature .
which developed from the re
ports ioming from the various C
charges was that practically all E
conference claims and assesc- -
ments have already been paid 'n
full. It seems that it has beer, I
during this year, at least, tI e ,
aim of the preachers to com-. :
mence early in securing they e
claims, and they have succeeded
remarkably well in that there
were very few who failed to re
port all these conference claims
as paid in full.
A very interesting feature of
this conference was the interest
taken in it and church work
generally by the laymen. On
Friday afternoon the presiding
elder turned the conference over
to the laymen. -An interesting
address was delivered by Hon.
W. L. Gray, of Laurens; after
his address the laymen generally
discussed the various phases of
the Laymen's Missionary Move
ment. It seemed apparent that
from the interest there mani
fested in behalf of this general
movement on the part of the
laymen of the church, sonme con
certed action will be taken pur
suant to the methods provided
therefor In the conference of
laymen lately. held in Chatta
nooga, and that material results
ought to follow speedily.
The people of Clinton were
exceedingly hospitable, and, ir
respective of denominational
lines, threw open their doors to
the visiting preachers and dele
gates, and accorded to all a most
cordial reception.1
The conference was a most t4
harmonious one, anid, in their .
deliberations as .to where thr-"
would next meet, exhibited mc
excellent judglment fr the re.
on that they decided to accept;
he timely invitation given themt
oy the delegation from the Pick
mns charge to meet at Pickena
ie alw ays the most pri oious.articles of'
owelry a woman owns. Her entgage
nent and weddir g rings are lor be.
I loved passsini3 . 'It If up to the man
r.-fire to see that the rings are wor
nyi of the sentiment lavish. d on thent
l' )be sure of it come where
Nat place is right here. Bring your
oromised bride here to seh et and be flt
ed for a ring that she will I o proud t>
vear every day of her life.
Easley, S. C.
'his is just as true in regard to Sewing
Machint s ::s anything else.
mat Le
lit ow
Vill tiake 350 s: itches in tht. samte timri
,Ong Shuttle Machines imike cnly 200.
The Standard Rotary Princ.ple is most
Lientifically correct. w hich fact has
een proven by 25 years of successfut
.e in all parts of the world and by out
onpetitors cont inuousiv trying to copy
without succes-4. TIlE ATANDAR>
inchines in one-Lock and Chain Stitch
-Ball Bearing Stand-Straight Auto
iatic Lift. Do not fail to investigate
le merits osf the Fatstst. Molt silent,.
asiest Running andi the msa etiurale
ewing MAnchine maede. T 'HlE S 1'AND
LRD ROTARY. 'A demonstration is
revelation." Write for prices and
asy Payment Plan. Guaranteed Sew
g Machines $12.00 (zp.
The Standard Sewing Machine Co..
58 S. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga.
1892-..-... 155,375 -
1897-...-. 290,954
19fl..........,..... 475,215
The beat eidence that Bliss Native
Herbs fulfills the claims made for It
is found An the increasing sates it en
Joys year after year. It cures, or else
people-would not buy and take it
for such diseases aa Rheumatism,
Constipation, Dyspepsia, K( 1dm. y
Diseasep, Liver Disorders, Ecseena,
Scrofula or sny alment arising from
impure blood.
Bliss Native Herbs
is effective because it is made from
pure roots, herbs and iarks and con- -
tains no opiates, minerals or alcohoL.
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Stater Pure Drug Law. Each box
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no cure results, money is refunded.
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not be found fin drug-stores and is
F. A. Finley,
Pickenis, 8. C.
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nftiOn. 4june'O8.
P. nrrn ombrin1own Leghorns,

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