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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 28, 1908, Image 12

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May Come, I
Rice Goes
Making Prices to
Th is season's goods to go now, wh:
Nice line Shoes froi
Car load of Rolle:
Still selling Shell:
Watch this spacE
continuously offeri
I am now buyin
ever goods are on
begin to come in.
I. D.
Proprietor Nor:
L. Omi w.x , Pnes. W. H rex ny "N
J. Aeus.c~xsnen. L. G. G.uxt:s,
Farmers Bc
of Centra
Capital Stock $25,00
SFarmers Bank of Centi
1 las (ver faLcility of handling your 1:
Ssohcits the accounts of Farmers, 19
Mlanufaicturers, in fact, the b)usiness 0
* ~ Savings Departm
Call now and let's make new acqlu
il you have an idle dollar, we shall
have you entrust it to our care. Fi'
Interest paid on time deposits.
S1 .oo starts an account.
If at any time you should find it n
y~c ireful consideration.
Fancy gr
These are two things wve all hunt somneti
I am running a Fancy Grocery (Canne
*. ~ .Biscuit Co's. Goods, Ice-Cold D~rinks, Ciga
etc., etc ,) and first-class Restaurant in comn
meals at all In
All the delicacies of the season Ser
My stock of Fancly Gjtoceries is pretty c
1ectfully ask for a share of your trade.
M-. 0. POwVI
anics Will Go,
on Forever
Meet all Competition
Lie you need them. Calicos, fast colors, 5e
n 10 to 25 per cent. less than elsewhere.
, King to go at a price to move it fast.
i at 75c for 2 boxes.
and keep posted on the bargains we are
g Fall Goods, and will slaughter what
hand of present stock when fall goods
ris Bargain House
tis, S. C.
[AlTIN, V-PRE!8.
mk % Over Postomffce, Anderson, S. C.
RVATIVE Practi '0t in :1l Courts 1:1 Sountli Carolina
190 1; -eo
usiness and it I
[erchants and
fALL T1IIE o~f Ran article is
macy"is TI
ent ilel around.
aintances, and
be pleased to
'e per cent. The Reason
.c Is iain, it is a newv
carsedin a dlrug tr
cessary to ask (GOOD (.R 100O PUI
ill receive our PUR E>T and- BES is c
The Prescriphioi
Is in charge of a c
miacist and all prescrij
hs personal supervision
g redients are the purest,
D oeries. est that can be obtained.
presc iption work y u ne
C.of what you are getting.
IGosNainlOn Sunday and at1
rs, Tbacc, Frits, week days our Prescripti
iection, withISOfl
mp e an I es- Pe~pI(
Cerl, S. C.____
You may have noticed how
much easier It is to exchange
your money for experience than
it is to swap your experience fQr
money.-[Chicago News.
Simply Wanted the Job.
The following candidate card,
taken from the Waterboro Press
and Standard, is so refreshingly
original that we venture to re
publish it:
"Not at the solicitation of any
one; not because anybody espe
cially wants me to; but because
I want the job, I respectfully
announce to the Democratic
voters of Colleton county that I;
am a candidate for the high office
of sheriff in the approaching
primaries. If elected, I will do
my whole duty, pledging myself
to abide the result of the said pri
maries and support the nominees 1
thereof. D. L. Smith."
A man with Mr. Smith's sense
of humor and frankness of ex
pression commands our admira
tion. We regret that we are
not in a position to give him our
vote.--[Sumnierville News.
Chinese Torture.
The ingenuity of the Chinese
in devising punishment for of
fenders surpasses that of the
most cruel people of the middle
ages, Some time ago a boy was
kidnaped from a village about
thirty miles fromi Chinklang
and brought to that city to be
sold. The kidnaper was ar
rested and returned to the vil
lage, where the people dug a hole
in the ground, like a grave,
about three feet deep, covered
the bottom and sides with un
slacked lime, placed the offender,
with his hands and feet tied,
upon the lime and covered his
body with the same material.
Then they filled the hole full of
water, and as the lime slacked t
he was - -roasted alive and his
body consumed.
Even if your clothes of last
summer don't fit, there is con
solation in the fact that the
same old window screens are
still in style.
it's merit. ''The ]
D CHOICE of all
Soda Wal
. Our Fou
firm, with new and nothing
line of goods juices and frumi
sould be TOO and Best" is c
~E, hence, the
umotto. TobaCCO
Dept.Cigars a
1 D p.fact a compi
chewers' goo
nomipetent phar- comnplete selei
tion wvork has
andl all the in- Full Line
best and fresh. and S
If we do your
ed have no fear Everythir
store is carrie
light as wvell as It will pa
>n Departmient to trade with
We appr
have given us
s Phai
m ro . x.. s.C
Along the Congressman's Idea.
An aged colored man at Mor
yanton, N. C., risked his life one
'lay this week to rescue a little
white girl who had fallen to the
bottoi of a 56-fobN well. The
rope oil which he descended
was not strong enough to bring
im and the child to the top,
%nd he had to wait in the deep>
wvell until a better rope could be
procured. A purse is being made
Lp for the old hero. We agree
with Congressman Lever of
South Carolina,, that there is too
Yreat a tendency to telegraph
%he news all over the country
and raise a howl every time a
negro in the South disgraces his
race, and too little tendency to
miphasize good deeds which
re conspicuously praiseworthy.
Southern fire-caters do us more
harm than Northern fanatics.
-[Richmond News.
Pointed Paragraphs.
Kissing is less dangerous than
he girl's father.
Ill news travels fast when it
s going to a doctor.
Love that feeds on beauty
;oon dies of starvation.
Whitewash will not hide the
reckles on a man's reputation.
The man who doesn't butt in
)ccasionally seldom gets ahead.
What a lovely world this is to
t girl the first time she falls in
If kisses were poisonous more
nlen and women would commit
Some men fail to hit the tar
ret of succes because they aim
oo high.
A woman never claims that
;he late lamented's demise was
lue to overwork.
In acquiring a poor actress
Ihe stage may have robbed some
nian of a good wife.
Lots of men would be meaner
;han they are if they were not
,oo lazy to exert themselves.
?eople's Phar
bhe people foir
er-=Ice Drinks
ritain is nowv in full blast
but the purest and best
ts are used. "The Coldest
ur modtto.
rid Chewing T->bacco--in
fte Jine of smokers' anid
ds. The best and most
:tion ever in Central.
of Toilet Articles
ig usually found in a drug
:) here.
y you to come a long way
aciate the trade the people
since our op.ening.

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