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The Sentinol-oural Company,
TiTOMPsoN & RICnzy. Pnors.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickenis Fostofice as Second Olass
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, M.iY 2*, 1908.
Candidates' Column
Aniounceients of ciididates will be rui' un.
der this heiul itntil the primary election for $5,
cash in advance.
Local notices, or "puffs", will be charged for
extrit, according to the space they occulpy. ati
.te tilount of strain on the editor's consecice.
N N writeup for less than t5.
or Jonresx,3d District
,Vol? SOtttter 10th Oircouit
I ant a caiindidiate for tile oille of Solleltor of
tle 1uth .Judicial Circuit of Sonth Carolina,
suibject to tile rules of the temoeitie party. I
have servel ti court cotinuhuously for several
yearis its ourt steilogrillpher after completing
my law coirse aill I iam fimiliar with lthe work
in'gs of the~ con im al .' iA)ONO,
I helebly anitoimee miysielf a ecicldidate for the
otice of Solicitor of the Tenth Ciruitt, itid
pledge iuyself to abidte the result of the pritnary
election, and to scuppuitct the nioniiees of tle
1 )iN t4 t I : 1ic it rty it sait i ri it ry.
iOCTOIt .\N. lItN IlA.\.l
For H 1ouus4e of tepresentatives
For Clerk (t' Court
i hereby aninounce tmyself a candhhulate for
Clerk of the Cuointt for '. l-kens County. subjuet
l-,.-,#j, of f th fl ..icrat lie Pr imary.
Ki \K :. ON
'e itnyset ritaen itdhi te for re
--t-111f sheritf, sub1jec-t to the
Attio o it ile voterm in. the lietnocrtie jarimnary
e i n. . . U. , NNtN;.
I beiehy a1ii nte iNyself-t t a1 eaticlitdidte for
SlerCitt' of likens (oun'.iy. subjet to thle
ad egu hittions of the l'emocratice party.
cinee myself as a c'atdiatce for
Of Pickenc County. subject
'iocratv i*na
t. 1 R .\ K.
it caindltate for
K unty, subajeel
I heribv
oflice of (ou n-.
of the Ihemnocra'tc
While comparative')
fletelt to discharge the
If elecled I will <ijsphilif8 S4.. -
ability, "Giv Ilip inys p chiani.
4bey qS u,-" % M it.
Vor Treaaurer
For Co. Supt. of Education
For Naupeuviser
-Tiltfrietids of MR. E; F; iLOOPER announce
him as a candidate for' re-election to the ogice
of Counry Supervisor, -subject to the Demo
cratic Printa~ry electiont
For CountT-Counsnissioner
I hereby announce myse f a candidage for the
ffice of County Commcissioner, subject to the
action of the voters in the priareleiJon.
For coroner.
Card From R. R. Roark.
Editor Sentinel-s ournal: In
announcing to the voters of
Pickens county my candidacy
for the office of Sheriff I desire
to say in anticipation of the
campaign, and to set myself
fairly and honestly before the
voters of Pickens county, that I
am making this race because I
want the offiee and need the in
~~ conmc from its fair and just
administration. I make the race
I ~ on no partisan groundsland urge
no issue except my personal fit
Iness for the office. I accord the
same consideration to all my
Opponents, as they 'are all hon
orable mens I have not and wvill
not use any means or influences
in my race that are not fair. I
shall not seek to advance my
personal interests to another's
Injury. I represent no faction.
A I have conducted my business
as a merchant in Pickens in a
modest way, and have not ap
peared before the public through
newspaper advertisements, sim -
ply because the character and~
volume of my business did not,1
in my judgment, justify adver-'
K 'tisement. I. accord to alU the
themselves, and to this end I
have honestly and faithfully
refrained from becoming a party
to any effort to depreciate an
established business or promote
another to its injury. I did not
sign the boycott of The Sentinel
Journal, because I did not think
it was a matter that affected me,
nor was it my business to inter
fere, .as I had nd personal griev
ance, and had not for a year or
more carried an advertisement
in any newspaper, and am not
now carrying any such adver
tisement for the sole reason that
in my limited business I did not
thihk the expense justified the
outlay. R. R. ROARK.*
Pickens, S. C., May 26.
Office of County sup. of E-lucation of
Pickens County, Pickens. S. C.
Wher as, a petition from the free
holders ati electors of Praters School
D'strict No. 28 h- s been filed with the
County Board of Education of Pickers
connty. rsking said Board for parmis
sion to hold an election in s-id district
to deternino whether or not 2 mills
Cxtra lv. -ttil be Ievied in said Dit
trict for school purposes
It ni pearing to tile County Board of
E-luCation that the petition meetnthe r:
qnirenients of law, th refore, it is o:
deiel that the trusies of the above
named District do hold an election on
June 6, at Praters school house for
al)Ve stated purpose. The Trustea -
sall lie n'anagers and shall conduet this
4 lect in 1 i-sall poneral clections are con
(lucted nnil str ictly in accor(dniic with
seetioni 120.) of the scho.>l law..
By orler of County Board of Educa..
tion. R. T. HALLUM,
Sec. and Chm.
Notice of Election.
Oince of County Supt. of Education of
Pickens County, Picken-, S. C.
WI e-els. a pi tition from the freebld.
ers and electors of Flat Rock Scho .1
D'strict No. 4, has been filed with the
Cou ity Boird of Fducation of Pickens
C*ounty astking said Board for yirnission
10 hold an election in said District to
d1etern i-te whether or roel 2 mills extra
levy siall be levied in a rid District for
sehool purposes.
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meet the
r(quirenients of the law. Therefore, it
is ordered tht the trustees of the above
nam.d District to hold an etoction on
June 13th1 at Flat Rock school house for
the above state purpcso. The Trustees
siall be managerp and shall conduct
is ,elecion as all general elections are
,rte.l and strictly in accordance
'on 1268 of, the School Law.
County Board of Educa
R. T. Hallum,
Roc. and Chm.
?..e goods that we saved fror
Parson old stand, across the s
b~usiness, and we invite our friei
These goods, consisting of
Men's Suits, Neck'
Belts, flats, f
.Are Being O~fered
and all goods not sold by Satur
that day at auction, beginning a
We have some New Royal
sold at factory prices.
All persons owing us on opei
same on or by the 30th inst. or
no safe in which to keep our bo
our accounts. We need the ni
help us at once.
We wish to thank you, one a
be ready to serve you again in 1
Yours -ti
Will Our Customers be
That is the question the
store. When we buy and
qualities and make pricesj
ourselves. The pleasing
object to be attained. It a
let us know and we will m;
The Busiest Man in Tc
Always has t'ime to keep
advantage of them. That's
and business capacity. TI
tion that makes him the but
See us for anything in our I
can and will save you mone
L RO-1
The volume of freight sent by
Water from New York can bet
ter be realized when one consid
ers the fact that 1,350 tons are
loaded on ships every hour.
Physician and Surgeon.1
Office Hours 10 to12--.2 to 4
n the fire are now in the W. S.
treet from our former place of
ids to call there to see us.
wear, Suspenders,
lippers, Etc.(
m~t a Sacrifice .P'rice
day, May 30th, will be sold on I-1
t 2 o'clock, p. m.
Sewing Machines that will be
i account are requested to pay
close same by note. We have
oks and therefore want to close
oney and hope our friends willE
rid all, far the past and hope to
he fall. sJ
411AM, Liberty, S. C.
,t decides all arguments in our
when we sell, when we select
that is the question we ask di
of our customers is the first
nything does not please you, Ie,
rke it right., ~or
UOl. is
tab on our bargains and take I
because of ,his shrewdness
at's the result; of the disposi- P1
iest man in town. How about go
ine and get our prices. We
LRE Q0.,.Liberty, S.C.
These goods comprise styles
and are- made up from ttl
>e manufactured 'at the prices.
The Big
re, Smoke,
rictly Cash
We have also received our, fu
odd pants, aind ny childis
9ine hnd styI1Ah girments fo
Trading Staiys G
-- IN
Their Safe ho beep tried sixI fou~nd B1
This Bank has Burglar Inmurance, Fii
se your money.
Liberal Interest allowed on Time D(
rn up satisfactorily,
H1. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
ras on hand several cars of H1
Cotton SeediMeal $1.50 per
Cotton Seed Hulls @ 50c. p<
Seventy-five barrels of GOO
very sack guaranteed.
J. T.
What They Sa)
Fe of ,calling atention toiygos an0
lie to q uote prices I always have the
at is just what I am doing an d it iscn
s than Cost--Weil, if it Is, that don't hi
tl I get ready to qut it.as Yo kno t
hrd, nFe my say I can't se1 a fineu
anurth, Others na say thereri ater
LO1bs best keg Soda for 25c.-- 21bs for
ifth, Soe others may ay sugar has
wnyor ce*lnE*hick:".eneg and all kinc
T. D. H
and patterns.of the latest de
Le best.qualities of material that.
and Damage
ale Prices are still prevailing.
-No -Credit.
LI line of Children's Spring and
i hearts are 0tade glad by these
r tl littid folki.
iei This Week.
i. C
irglar Proof.
Insuratme, Caiier bor.dd, so you can't
pcsit. See H. C. Shirley and lie will fix
alls and Cotton Seed Meal.
er hundred pounds.
D FLOUR at $4.9 per barreL.
Come at once.
GASSAWAY. President.
About Harris.
ace n Te Sentinel ournal for the p-r.
goods and if you can do better It isyour
1sl black pepper at 00c a pund but
rt you. and I ropose to sell it at 10c.
n 1 pun at thtisprco.rwhe.Fge
un-cured tobacco at 5c. a plug, but that
iithe o?taIselat l50. but if there is
'on e sam el tn h rs do.-' fn
ur trade and expeot- to gi i,.
s of produce.

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