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appe;iu-Ote of .i. 1.aand Perfocna
%-' LL;.JLj c1;i Lu i'Lok.
ens, June 3d-Veterans' day.
Miss Berta Long, of Ander.
son, is spending some time with
friends in Pickens.
W H. Ashmore, who has
been.indisposed for several days,
is again at his shop.
I haversome fine shepherd
pups for sale. TAYLOR H.
STEWART, Dalton, S. C.
Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Bolt, of
-Pickens, are on a visit to rela
tives in Anderson this week.
B. B. LaBoon, the efficient
mayor of Pickens, is quite sick,
being confined to his bed this
Miss Mary Lesley, of the Eas
Lby side. is visiting the family
of, A. M. Morris,!. in Pickens,
this week.
Rev. Howard, of Greenville,
w!' pre4ch in the lehQlhouse
mV" 1ui. the secona Saturday
evening in June.
P. A. Hagood and wife, of
Charoeston, spent Sunday in
Pickens,on their way home from
v siting relatives in Georgia.
at Dalton, May 24,
Ipell and Miss Laura
S. Bowen, N. P.,
of Pickens county.
streets of Pick
ig, 18k, initials
D. J. R." in it.
'owner at this
Court convenes at Pickens
next Monday with Judge Prince
presiding.- The docket is a very
light one and court will probably
end Tuesday.,
Work begins'this morning on
the new residence of Mrs. W. T.
McFall. When completed it
will be one of the handsomest
resI nces in Pickens.
M s. T. R. Allen, who has
been ill for some time, was
taken to Dr. Black's Sanitarium
at Greenville, for treatment,
Wednesday morning.
J. McD. Bruce, Larry Thorn
ley, Dr. Webb and Bailey Rob
inson are off to the woods and
forest streams for several days
-outing, Who would not be a
The first ripe peaches of the
season, that we have heard of
so.ffar, were raised in Pickens in
the orchard of Hon. C. E. Rob
inson, -who had peach pie for
dinner Tuesday.
Messrs. Brown and Hughes
returned last Thursday from
their visit to Georgia, and since
their return have given the
young folks of Pickens many
enjoyable rides on the merry
Come and bring your family
and friends and your baskets
and join with the Daughters of
the Confederacy on June 3rd in
making that day one of pleasure
) the Veterans and a success in
'aery way.
This paper is not hearing from
its correspondents as regularly
as it ought to-what is the mat
ter? Send on your little items
of social news and neighborhood
gossip and let's make the S. -J.
I '''t, best and
p"iers publish.
e want some
- te news from
Central, Liber'by an Efasley, as
well as every other point in the
county. "Every little bit Ihelps."
Mr. T. L. Bivens of Picken:
is on a visit to his old home ti
Waxhaw, N. C,
R. E. Lewis, pharmacist, <
Anderson, is visiting his parent
Maj. J. J. Lewis in Pickens.
Hon. T. C. Robinson, of No:
ris, made a business trip t
Pickens, Tuesday.
Veterans! Wednesday, Jun
3d, will be yourday. Cone ain
take charge of Pickens!
Married at the residence o
Andy Terrel by G. W. Bowen
N. P. Henry Johnson to Matildi
Capt. Robert E. Steele wil
address the Veterans, June 3d
He will tell you interestinj
Judge George E. Prince wil
deliver the address to the Vet
erans, June 3d. Come out t<
hear him.
Don't fail to read the "Centra
Section" of this paper as it con
tains important news items a*
Picki Tvi be Your host J un<
Bd. Vome and join the Daugh
ters in making the day a gran<
one for the Veterans.
Every Veteran is urged to C'on'
to Pickens June 3rd, and be th
guest of the Pickens Daughter.
of the Confederacy.
The Daughters of the Confed
eracy of Pickens are planning
large things for the Veterans oi
Wednesday June 3rd.
A. M. Morris is in Aiken thi
week in attendance upon the K
of P. Convention. He is a dekc
gate from the Pickens Lodge.
If you care for history an
patriotism, come and hear an
enjoy the exercises gLven by th
'Pickens Daughters, June 3d.
Miss Sarah 'Anderson,
charming young lady of West
minster, is in Pickens for a whil
the guest of Miss Eleanor Knight
Mrs. J. M. Hunt and son
Willie, and daughter, Meta, o:
Liberty, spent Sunday in Pick
ens and attended the baptizing
R. R. Roark, J. R. Ashmore
A. M. Morris and Dr. J. L. Bol
were elected delegates to th<
K. of P. Convention at Aiken
-Trade with the merchant
who advertise in this paper I
you want to be treated right
They do not believe In boycotte
There will be music at Picken
June 3rd, and the Daughters ar
expecting to give the Veteran
the best time they have yet ha
in Pickens.
Don't forget that I am her
to do any kind of repair wori
Bicycles a specialty. R. E. Goot
win, at H. A. Richey's store, i
Pickens, S. C.
Report has it that Capt. IV
M. Mauldin will shortly begi
the erection of a handsoni
home on the lot on Factor
street, between the residences <
Dr. E. B. Webb and W. F
Let everybody bring baske:
and spread their contents wit
the dinner the Daughters wi
give June 3d. Every moth<
and wife is invited to come an
join with the Daughters on the
Next Wednesday, June 3d,
Old Soldiers' Day in Picken
and A. F. Brown, proprietor <
the mnerry-go-round, intends gi,
ing one hour's free riding the
day to the old soldiers. M
Brown is nothing If not a loya
patriotic and liberal gentlemai
Dr. J. L. Bolt in Pickens h
t week. While over, the t
Doctors took a trip up on Eas
too and cast a few flys af
-See R. E. Goodwin
Richey's store before bu'
anything for your bicycle.
0 have anything you need to mal
your wheel like new. Let ii
e tell you w"qt I will fix that
I wheel up ~ -r.
Dr. J. L. Bolt, of Pickii
f leaves Sunday .for Chicago,
attend the nieeting-of the N
t tional Association of Medic
Doctors, which meets in th,
city next week. . No doubt bi
that it will be a pleasant trip f<
the doctor.
M. G. Lindsey, of Aidersoi
who runs a printery in th
town, is visiting relatives i
Pickens, the faily of T. 2
Allen. Mr. Lindsey says this
his first trip to the town, and I
is well pleased with the healt
fulness and beauty of the su
1.11i.Simmon, of Pleken1
R. F. D. 4, says there is so muc
nbeliefeas to statpients wit]
out proof that he will send tf
proof to show that lie has
cockleburr bush with five ful
grown burrs on it. 'This is prett
early for this pestiferous we(
to put in an appearance.
In our report of the organiz
tion of the Y. M. C. A., in Pic1
ens, we inadvertently omitt(
the name of H. M. Hester fro
the list of oflicers; he is vic
president. It was an oversigI
pure and simple, for which -
apologize to our readers, to t
Y. M. C. A. anL to Mr. Hest(
Dr. W. G. Browne, eye si
cialtist, will be in Pickens, at t
Pickens Inn, juntil June 6t
only. Do not miss this gold<
chance to have your eyes test
- and fitted to proyer glasses whi
3 yo i have the opportunity to av.
yourself of the services of a gra
uate ophthalniagist and op
E clan.
- .Ralph Heater, son of Mr. ai
Mrs. M. F. Hester of Picker
fell from his bicycle Mond:
t evening and sustained injuri
a which at first were thought
.be serious, but are not, we a
glad to state. No. bones we
broken and the little fellow w
be all right 'and ready to ri,
'again in a few days.
At the Laymen's Missiona
mee. ing held in the Picke
e Baptist church last Sunday,
large crowd was present, a1
the conductor, T. 0. Lawtc
delivered a very able talk on t:
e need of giving to nmissions. T)
-audience were fully alive to t:
1- cause and awoke to the fact thi
ri practically nothing had be
done heretofore for missior
yAs a consequence, after the cc
a gregation had been asked to cc
e tribute, it was found that a c
Slection, in cash and pledges, h
Sbeen gathered up amounting
.$183.97, of which amount
were given by members of t
other denominations of the ton
s~ and that amount was turn
h over to the pastors of si
Ichurches, making $177.97 t
r net amount raised by the Be
a tist brethren on this Lord's de
Lt Verily, the true spirit is getti
among the peole, for the Bt
s tist denomination, which start
~, this movement in this couni
>f has been meeting with pheno:
r- inal success at every church
Lt which they have held the Le
r. men's Missionary service. M;
1, the good work continue a
1. spread.
ie the Northern cities, and inci
Id dentally secing the sights, has
returned to his home in Pickens
s, and is now singing "There is no
to place like home."
A. F. Brown, proprietor of the
merry-go-round, Is an open and
it free-hearted man. On Monday
it night he gave'an ice-cream sup
>r per for the - benefit of the local
Y. M. 0.. A. at Pickens. Sev
i. eral dollars were realized, which
t will be ap; lied to the fitting up
n of a room for this organization.
On account- of feeling indis
is posed, Rev. P. F. Crawford had
e the ordinance of baptism admin
istered to 31 conjdidates last Sun
r day ftvening by Rev. J. E. Fos
ter at the pool in the Southern
5, part of Pickens. It was not outr
h privilege, along with lots of
1- others who went, to see the or
Le dinance administered, therefore,
a we can not discourse on the
1- sacredness and solemnity of this
y scene. There was a lot of bung
d ling work to contend with. First,
the pool was not roped off to
keep back the crowd, and sec
ond, the crowd of "funny"
d folks and "gazers" was the
mA largest ever down there, and
those who went for 'a pure,
christian motive were crowded
ve back so that they could not par
ie ticipate. Children, and those
r. of larger growth, were there
who know not what good breed
ing is, and at the request to get
be back from the pool, only crowded
h up the closer. Those on the
outer edge tried to behave, but
were forced up to the pool iby
le some of those in buggies who
were too indolent to get out or
too anxious to see,and thus used
this means to place themselves
in position to see. Lots of child
dren were present~ who were at
s5, the edge of the pool, who were
Ly crowding through the crowd to
es see, and were laughing and
to snickering. as the candidates
re were being immersed. One per
re son in particular, (and we think
ill he calls himself a gentleman) a
le young man, placed himself on
his knees and became a very in
ry terested spectator, laughing at
ns the candidates and using his
a eyes for all they wvere worth,
id especially at the candidates
of the female gender. . 'Tis
tie a pity that some. of those who
le saw his antics did not tip him
lie head-foremost over into the pool,
at or, better still, lead him to where
en he really belonged.
n- With the "Revenoos."
n- The revenue officers have been
Cal- quite active for the past few
ad days, and some of the fellows
to who have been trying to make
$6 a run of "moonshine" to have
he handy for "snakebite" or to
n, make into "bitters for the old
ed 'oman," have been scared out
id of their boots, for the revenue
he officers have found out their
up- haunts and have been hot on'
y. their trail.
rg On the night of the 15th in-.
up- stant, Messrs. McGaha and
ed Alexandernabbed Tom Chapell,
~y, five miles above Pickens, and
rn- bound him over to court on a
at charge of transporting.
sy- On the 16th instant the Cane
ry Creek section was raided by
nd Messrs. Merrick, McGaha, Gos
nel and Alexander and a still
the 19th. the scene was
aged to Table Rock cvoe andl
;rs. McGaha, Gosnell,, Alex
3r and Allgood swooped dow ti
his peaceful spot at the dead
rs of midnight when every
Y was abed and no onuA
tke to protect their property
mid willfully, maliciously and.
with intent to. destroy, did- by
,onimand of the govermnent.,
seize a 100 gallon copper still,.
:ut it full of holes and leave it;
mly fit for the junk-heap, seize,.
verturn, pour out and spill 150(O
4allons of good beer that was
just ready to be turned into the,
"oil of joy," against the pleasure
Iiappiness and peace of min&
atnd to the financial detrimnent;
f the owner thereof. (Thisbecr
>ught not to have been wasted.
it would have fed a good many
These boys should be more
yareful In their midnight pranks
mnd should not destroy good
roperty so Indiscriminately. No
loubt but these poor fellows.had i
wvorked very hard to accumufatet
;he still and beer, and we known
:hey feel hurt to have people-.
whom they have never harmed..,
::om along and destroy it iust:
b9cause "Uncle Sam".told thenru
to, and they were "tending tr
bheir own business and trying
to make some money in theii
own puculiar way.
Seriously, these are pretty
good hauls and are: more than .
the editor of this paper had any
idea of there being in the county....
He was of the impression that
things were very "dry"' and'
were liable t6 be "mere so."
Pickens, R F U 4
Farmers are somewhat behindc
with their work, but I think
they'll soon catch up..
Quite a large crowd from this
section worshiped at Holly
Springs, Sunday.
We had a nice rain this after
noon, which wa& greatly
Mr. and Mrs. Wash... Leslier'
spent Saturday night and Sun
day with Mrs. L.'s parents, Mr
and Mrs.. A.. A.. Jones.
Butler Jones and son. visited
Mr.. B.'s father, Rev. M... L.
Jones,. near Penrese,. N.. C.., a
few weeks-past,. and report quite
a niee time.
Hell'o, "'Daisy," " Clevie,"
"Sweetapple," "Pansy," "May.
belle" and "Sampson Rock,"
get busy. You musn't. quit the~
old S. -J. Let's write and make'
it larger. I'm gladi the mser
chants have withrva'wn their
ada.. In sure any one had rathez'
read good letters from- the cpr
respondents than to see so manyr
"Dreamer," you were asking
for peaches to make the preach
er a pie. If you'll comne. af~ter
them I will give you-, enough to
make you and'.the preacher-botbh
a pie, for-we have plenty.; our
orchard-la- ftall.
"Stonewall,"' you said littfat
~Mis Jennie Freeman dined 'witia
Miss Lillio Lynch, as also dildi
her brother, the first Sunays..
But Miss Lillie Lynch and her
brother Dee spent the day withr
Miss Bessie Jones and~ her
brother Leonard while their
:father was on a trip to NorthN
Carolina, and they' more thara
had: a-.time.
Miss. Marinda Watson~ and her
brother Leo visited Miss Besske
Jones and brother,. and-report
having a nice time..

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