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Eutored April 2a, 1903 at Pickens S 0., as second olass matter under act of Congress of arch 8, 1879.
June Forecast.
It was the seventeenth of June,
And great was the conven
The vote was coming pretty
And thrilling was the tension.
S'Alabama!" cried the clerk,
.And some there were sent
When a U. S. marshal showed
his head
Out in the seething mass, and
"Count 22 for Taft!"
The Cannon men turned pale as I
And the Hughes men gaspcd
for breath
The men for Fairbanks clung to
As colorless as death.
"Arkansas!" the clerk ex
And the hall shook fore and
When a spry postmaster,. white
of hair,
1Hopped to the main deck of his
And cried "18 for Taft!"
'The Fairbanks men exuded
And the Cannon men shed
And the Hughes men uttered
no 1e but moans
That once had uttered cheers.
"California!" boomed the clerk,
And the whole convention
When a revenue collector rose
And whistled shrilly through his
"Count 20 more for Taft!"
The Hughes men looked at the
Cannon men,
And they crawled out of their
And the Fairbanks fellows join'd
them when
- They pulled their Teddy Bears.
And they all rushed up on the
center stage
As men who had made ready
And when the din and the tu
mult died,
And the dust had settled down
The candidate was Teddy.
- And when Bill Taft discos ers
what a mean trick they have
played him, he'll shed his coat
and go to find the man who has
betrayed him. He'll lumber.up
the White House, with each
junf5growing warmer, and Ted
willl hear him coming in, and
slip into his armor. They'll spar
around the room a bit, and Ted
will cry, "Sec hero, Bill! I know
The whole affair must look all
thunderation queer, Bill; but
listen: You'll be named for vice,
and when we're both elected,
why, I'll resign. You'll get It,
1311-fact is, I suspected Bryan
would defeat' you, Bill, which
made it necessary for me to
head the ticket, lest everything
And Bill will sink into a chair,
aware that he has missedT it, and
will exclaim, "I see it now! By
Jove, I should have 1i.1 0, most1
ungrateful wretch am I, to think
that you who made me-my
*benefactor and miy friend-ha
;hamelessly betrayed me!"
Whereat they will embrace and
As lovers reunited,
And Ted will rest on William's
And softly say, "Delighted!"
June gets its name from Juno,
he Roman goddess of marriage.
Funo was supposed to see every
)ody happily married. She was
Aighly qualified to do this, for
ihe herself had married Jupiter,
who was a worse runabout than
Boni Gould. When the celestial
:horus was playing Parnasus,
[upier hung around the stage
loor like a Pittsburger. He
itirred up more scandal than
Vom Platt, and was as bold as
Ailmanaire Gorey. Juno final
y avenged herself upon her ri
rals by turning them into cows,
which made Jupiter a cattle
['he college graduate will hear
The Macedonian cry
)f Kansas farmers who must
The wheat cut by July.
1'hey'll rustle out while yet the
Is chirruping his matin,
And chase the binder 'round the
Exuding Greck and Latin.
The dinner bell will bring the
3age, the scholar and the cynic
md dinner will become a sort of
icientific clinic. Astronomers
will talk of Mars, of Saturn and
>f Venus, and Latinists recall a
rew romances of Silenus.
The junobug will be mentioned
is the genus Lachnsterna, and
>ther bugs will speak of land as
being terra firma. They'll quar
rel, shoot and sometimes swear
Ji Arabic and Greek, and now
mid then a dainty hand will
lasp a damask cheek. And all
the while the farmer, full of
wondering and doubt, will deep
.y marvel what the hotel bill's
Bill it's all about.
The Anti-Saloon League will.
ing, the 21st will be the longest
lay of the year. Upon thatl
late the sun will reach the
Tropic of Cancer in the north
>rly declination, and will start
3outh again. On the same day
he month will pass out of the
influence of Gemini the Twins,
and pers; ns born after the 21st
need nofj be afraid. They will
not have any. Upon the con
trary, the stork will fill ev"r sin
gle orders under t*od iacpl1
sign of "'ncer the C ot. Chil
Iren b4 under this sign will
crawl ba\ yard and cry for crab
apple jellj.
T'he smiling heavens will inspire
The skylark and the lin net,
And the busy parsons will turn
A new bride every minute
A few friends will throw shoes
and rice
And taste the wedding cake,
And then make bets among
On whether it will take.
Mr. Bryan will complete his
wall around Denver about the
30th, and will set a deadfall at
the gate for Governor Johnson.
In the course of the month all
Democrats who have fought
fist-fights on the floor of Con
gress, or in any other way dis
tinguished themselves, will be
honorably mentioned for vice
The boys will seek the swim-,
ming hole
In quite excited packs,
And paddle in it till the sun
Puts blisters oi their backs;
And when the disobedients
Come wet-haired back to
They'll get a few more blisters
A little lower down.
Commencements will come in'
again -and knowing well this
bore, the wily.parelit will take
up a seat quite near the door;
and when his own child has do
claimed, and shown its skill and
pluck, he'll-lead the plaudits for
a time, and iw politely duck.
The hungry boy will stow a
few green apples in his tum,
and his ma will lay him belly
up out in the blazing sun; and
after while the pain will cease,
the agony and gripe, because,
by virtue of the sun, the once
greon fruit is ripe.
And then the fourth will come
With death and lockjaw from
And Pike's Peak in the public
With Bryan on the summit.
The Anti-Spitting Crusade.
Everybody should help stop
the public spitting habit, by
sending a two-cent stamp today
for our attractime, unique hang
er card, which warns ag ainst
spitting nuisances. People will
take notice of this card and once
seen, never forgotten. Address
DomsNoCAnns Co., 1807 Choteau,
St. Louis, Mo.
Trouble for the Editor.
"I can't keep the visitors from
coming up," said the office boy,
dejectedly. "When I say you're
out they don't believe me. They'
say they must see you."
"Well," said the editor, "just
tell them that's what they all
say. I don't care if you check'
them, but I must have quiet
That afternoon there called at
the office a lady with hard fea-'
tures and an acid expression.
She wanted to see the editor,
and the boy assured her thai it
was impossible.
",.But I. must see him,'' she
protested. "I'm his wife.''
"That's what they all say,"
~eplied the lboy.
That's why he -found himself
on the floor, with the lady sit
ting on his neck and smacking
his head with a ruler, and that
is why there is a new boy want
ed there.-[Oolden Age.
From a Georgiai Veteran.
ED. JOUJRAL:-I learn from
your paper that the veterans
an'd their families of Plckenks
county are to have a meeting
speaking, big dinner, and a big
time generally-at the court
house, June 3(d.
It would be one of the great-'
est pleasures of my life if it was
possible for me to be there and
meet my friends generally, and
especially to meet my old gray
haired comrades, Capt. Steele,
Maj. Stewart, Lieut. J. T. Lewis
and others. Such a pleasure as
they wvill enjoy on that occasion
will be cheering and helpful to
them on thnir way through the
labors and toils of life.
Capt. Steele was my captain ]
a portion of the time during the
war. I would like to hear him
on the coming occasion.
I suppose I am amongst the ,
oldest survivors of Co. F, 23d
3. C. V., being 72 years and 5
months old. T
I am not enjoying good health
)r I would join my Pickens t
Friends on that happy occasion
-eat with them, chat with
bhem, give them a hearty hand- 1
3hake, and look upon their 1
3hanged features wrought by
bhe "wear of time" in the 24
years since I met them, having r
ioved from Pickens county in t
L884. r
To all participants a joyful "
)ccasion. W. G. FINLD. t
Elberton, Ga., May 25.
A Letter From Liberty.
The merchants at this place
ue profiting so by the mistakes
f some other businessimen that
hier people are beginning to hold
their heads a trifle higher. I am Y
no exception, and as all rich.(?)
people have a name for their b
-ountry homes, I began hunting c
For one for ours and decided on
"Bonny View," when one of s
the "kids" said "'Ma, what is it 'V
% bonny view of? I replied of r
the public road of course. t
Clevie, I have a very poor9
miemory aid don't exactly re
mem111ber what "Daisies" sug-f
geste(d, but )elieve it was some- f
thing about girls associating
with men who drink. You can
guess what my ideas are when
I tell you that I believe in the
same standards of morals for
boys as for girls. I have heard
soie mothers say, "I am so
glad my children are all boys,
for boys, you know, don't have
to be so particular about their
conduct and are not talked about a
ike girls if they haPpen to (10
wrong." I say, poor boys, just
so the world don't scorn you it
doesn't matter if you go down
to perdition. I fail to find in the
Bible where the decalogue
means orle thing for the boy
and another for the girl. Now,
girls, if you think a boy would i
keep your con ipany if you drank ]
intoxicants, why I suppose it
would be right to go with him
too, but I don't think I would
try it to find out. Some say,
yes, but I just want to try to
reform him. Very nice of you,
I am sure, but pray tell me, did
you ever hear of a young man
trying to reform a young lady?
(0, yes, some girls need reform
ing, too.) No, dears, there are
men moan enough to drag you
down to the lowest depths of
degradation, and believe me,
girls, he'll leave you there. Yes,
it is very commendable of a girl
to try to influence a young man
to quit drinking, but let me beg
of you not to try it if it takes
frequent association to do it, for
"Vice is a monster of such hide
ouis mien
That to be hated, needs but to
be seen,
But seen too oft familiar wvith
her face,
We first endure, then. pity, then
Isn't that the truth in a nut
shell? Whether I have quoted
the poem correctly or not, the
girls will understand it. I love
all the girls, especialky the 5-J
girls and T want younn b care
u1 lest you "embrace" vice.
qow, Clevie, I have said my
)iece and you didn't applaud.
How generous "Mamma's
3aby" aid "Crab Apple" are to
fer me peaches; let me thank
'ou. I was only going to divide
eaches- with the preacher, not
nake him a pie. I am too poor
o get up an elaborate meal for
he preacher, so when one comes
set them down to plain fare
,id talk about people living- so
igh and say 1 believe in "plain
Ling and high thinking."
The Editor, in speaking of the
ecent baptising at Pickens, said
hey failed to have the pool (7
Dpedoff. Don't you know that
rill do no .good until parents
3ach their children that bag,
sm is a symbol of burial;
buried with Christ in baptism"
what the Bible says. I have
een some mothers push their
kids" under the rope and say
rith a sneer, "go up and see
im duck 'em." I heard of a
oung lady once who turned
er back when the females were
eing immersed and said she
Duldn't look at the sight, it was
'too indecent." The narrator'
aid they had seen the same
oung lady sitting on the front
orch with her feet propped. up
>o high for decency. False
iodesty, wasn't it? I would
uggest that the Pickens Bap
ists encirchl the 'pool with two -
oot wire fencing- and impose a
ne on all caught on the inside,
xcept the catdidates and their
ssistants. Every preacher who
omes to our town speaks of the
pod behavior of our young
elks. DREAMER.
Mrs. W. A. Davis has returhed
ome from another six days'
bay at Dr. Black's sanitarium
t Greenville. She is slowly but
teadily improving in health.
he is now able to take short
isiting trips.
Elijah Winchester and family
isitod his brother James, of
hady Grove, Sunday.
Rev. S. P. McCarty filled his
egular appointment at New
'riendship, Sunday evening.
The bridge letting near Mrs.
1arah Alexander's, Saturday.
vas 'well attended. It was
Lwarded to Rev. .D. C. Mills
or $178.
One of A. T. Winchester's
nules got badly cut in the breast
md left side on the 3d inst. with
m barbed wire fence, disabling
t for work until the 23d inst.
Mr. and Mrs. 'J. A. Wilson
1ave returned from a visit to
he former's father in Ocone
:ounty, and report the old gen'
Jleman much better.
Farm work is progressing
icely since the heavy rains
have ceased.
Bloor' out, can~ Idates.
According to the N. Y. World,
Los Angeles has Leen separating
some of our bluejackets from
their money at the rate of $12 a
day for a room, 50 cents for a
bottle of beer, and 10 cents for
a piece of pie. Now we begin to
understand why Californians
are so enthusiastically in favor
of a biger navy\

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