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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, June 11, 1908, Image 3

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Farmers Bank
of Central
Capital Stock $25,000
Farmers Bank of Central, S. C.
Has every facility of handling your business and it
solicits the accounts of Farmers, Merchants and
Manufacturers, in fact, the business of ALL THE
Savings Department
Call now aid let's make new acquaintances, and
if you have an idle dollar, we shall be pleased to
have you entrust it to our care. Five per cent.
Interest paid on time deposits.
$i.oo starts an account.
If atany -time you shculd find it necessary to ask
an accomodation of uz your needs will receive our
.1as on hand several cars of Hulls and Cotton Seed Meal.
-Cotton Seed Meal $i.50 per sack.
Cotton-Seed Hulls 5 Soc. per hundred pounds.
Seventy-five barrels of GOOD FLOUR at $4.90 per bariel.
Every sack guaranteed. Come at once.
J. 'T .A WAY. President.
Notice of Election. REG ISTRATION.
Office of Connty Sut. of Education of The attention of the public is called to
Pickens County, Picketis. s. c. the Act of the recent Legislaure, no
WIr eas, a p-tition fromt the fre, hld-1 preved the 21th day (.f February, 1908
or, ind electors of Flat Roc-k School whici reads ns follows:
District No. 4, has h. en filed wit h 11.e AN ' cr to Provide for the Rl-Enrolinent
County Doard of -I-lucali-tn of Pickens' and 1 egi.itratfon of th.- Qualified E4 c
Countly ashing said Board for p. rmision 10is of this Stato During the Yvar
to hold tin e'ectioi ill saidI )istl ct to V08, and -to Provide (on pensat;on
tietermine whetlhr or rot 2 milis extra fPr the Supervisn zs of Registration.
levy shall be 1.-vied in s-tid D's:rict for Setion 1. Be it enacted by the Gen
echro pulrposs. eralA s.-nibly of the State of South I -are
It atipearing to tihe (oun y Board of j lin, Th-: t the Sul er visors of R-gistrat ian
Educat ion that i he petitinn n(ifet, the, inllch ue r *uitv of the State are requited
rapuiremlni-nis of the law. I hwefore, W-torell ail the qualifh-d electu s in
is ordertt tt the trustees Cf the a i; , % site during the year 1908.
Jnted 3itii t to R)ckel. h se f Sec. 2. Ihat the same time the nid
Juhe 1o tet s at re. e TO ust IOI S.ervisors shall register all p r.ons whW
ethall be mnanag--rs nod shar'ilC'<anduct m ay t mae.k-d het-ontheornn
-this elc-ion as atll ge-aeral t-ir'tians are sa eeaiAdteeo
conduict e iande st iet ly in1 acce.nitce See 2. Thiat for t he putpose (Cf FEh
wi it Sctionl ;208 of the Schoatl L-w'. EnI -o ie-notr and registration the sai.d
By order of C~ountty Board i-f ldduca- Supeisor~~ slall keep thes books of regir
tio, T1. Hluam, tratli-n opcn att the several county' a -ats
- Se. ad Cim.every day (Sundaysa excepted), 1b.ween
the- hours of nine a. mn.- and S:x i-. mn.,
1735- College of Charleston -1908 'atdi I'tin thiereto, tey ni a't"r
Charleston, S. C. duin the month of September 19os, at
-e .s'. one <tay iit each townsahip, in their
- -Petive counties, of which at least ter
124th Year Begins September 25 <!i.-s notice shall be given by adveruist.
__________ i ent, in a news~l)per publiebedl in th&
Entrace eamintionwiil be .ie antd in counties containing flity
Entrnce xamiatio wil bethouanid ir habitante they shall att endl i
held at the C ounty Court House each city, town, or Iin trial comn
.onl Friday, July 3, at 9 a. m. j uuity, contain ng three hundn- d oa
All candidates f'or aldmision cain i me- inhabitants, at la-&st one day u)ot
compete in Septemnber for vacnt q'liogeo tign seton ehl nyayt
Boyce scholarships which pay the re-nrollmuent and registration for th<
$100 a year. One free tuition Iyear ifO.
scholarship to each county of Isc4 htfrteproeo a
:So'1th Caroline.. Board and fu-r- I1 b4frnis th9eSuperi-sofr of Uegarst
ilshed room im dormitory ,$11. tion with all the necsary books. ant
~Tuition, $40. For catalogue ad. t he Munt Of five hneddollare shall be
4lress H ARRISON RANDOLPH, npygropriatrd for supplying said boowks.
Ne 5. 'ihmat the Supervisors of Regis
President. -trationf shall each receive for their ser
-. - - vices, dugrineg the year 190-i, the sum ni
P A RK ER'S t twe hundred dollars, to be paid by thi
c -AIR9 BL SAMe9 Sar 8'ade quarterly, vs avher State oilicer
freuke iat tearinlg gthb. repaid: except in t he cougtties of And
.e~g--si lruy''' receive two hundred and fifty dollars f.
lhe year 104-: Provided, That in Spar
EWAT T 't '.urg county thuey shall receive thi
y elrt~hree hgundred dhollars, to be peaid a
e aov provided; that after the y. ar 190
C. ~ GA n t I ihe Supe-rvis- are oflRegistration g-hall eaci
SiX NILE e. e years and one hiundrXdol lars in genera
a-lection years: (except In the- abov.
AC TH W 0 RB S arnedi counties, where they shall each
[email protected]~f &WOO- OR receiv'e seventy-flve dollats p-r ans
inar hey yashand in eeraw h-ctira
Manufactures a fine line of alcar aw Eh annum incAdIng 'b
turned work, such as halulsters, ennty of Spartanburg.
columns, brackets. andI all such Seec. -6. All Acts or p arts of Acts ir
work. ; 'ia'*"en with this Act be, and th
uto etimat wihwnsae are-herehv repeaied.
Let meetmt ih.m. Approve1 the 24th day of Februars
~No jeb to large or too small 4o A. l). 1908.
-receive careful and promnpt at., W iperstons having business in th,
tontion. n atter of .registrt-aon wi call on th
Communicate 'with me by irnnan, ..F OTE.hm
telephone through bhe Central 'd. mE
.C.office, oI-lbouaill.onR. F. .. cmos
D. 2 from Centtrdl. orneitao.
May Come, Pan
Rice Goes oi
Making Prices to Meet
This season's goods to go now, while you n
Nice line Shoes from 10 to 5
Car load of Roller King t,
Still selling Shells at 75c I
Watch this space and ke
continuously offering.
I am now buying Fall (
ever goods are on hand of
begin to come in.
Proprietor Norris E
AGENT -- wA STE1;-6 x 20 crayon
portra;ts 40 coILAt, fr- 1 1 10 cOnta 11and41
up. shvet .ictnres (we c. n- ach. Y% m
can make 440 pIr ceit. pr< i. 1r 1;36.10 L, VPE
per week. Caalmun an1d 8111mples free. o
Ad 'r s Fraik w. WiIlirnms C0 0'o I
W. TIaylor st.. Chicag.o, II'. arn4
II'. C p() Physiciall and
FLln 8ArE.-17 erecs, origin-m i.
11 mibi-ii noiIlh -f Pickens, $30 au rorv
76' acres w-t of Woodall 3.'ountain. 10
re uch botto, b:a: in timb,0c Hours 10 to
prica $10 tiro, cash d. Il. E. F. EI rrr.
R. F. D:, No. 4, Pickenm. S. C.
of an article is it's mri.
macy" is THLE CH-O(IE
miles around. -
The Reason S
Is plain, It is a new firm, with new ar
goods. Nothing~'in the line of goods ju
carried in a drug store should be TOO( ar
G~OO1 OR TOO PURE, hence, the
PUREST and BESI' is our motto. 1
The Prescription Dept. f
.,Is 'in charge of a competent phar- cc
macist and all prescrij tio~n work has
h's personal supervision and all the in-- .1
gredients are the p~urest, best and fresh.
est that can be obtained. If we do your
j)prese iption work y u need have no fear
of what you are getting. st
On Sunday and at night as well as
week days our Prescription Department t
is openi.
People's P
ics Will Go,
i Forever
all Competition
eed them. Calicos, fast colors, 5c.
15 per cent. less than elsewhere.
i) go at a price to move it fast.
or 2 boxes.
p posted on the bargains we are
loods, and will slaughter what
present stock when fall goods
sargain House
s. C.
LEY Attorney-at-Law.
' Over Postoilice, Anderson, S. C.
12--2 to 4
Practice in all Courts in Souuth Carolina
"The People's Phar
of all the people for
oda Water-Ilce Drinks
Our Fountain is now in full blast
rd nothing but the purest and best
ices and fruits are used. "The Coldest
cd Best" is our motto.
Cigars and Chewing Tobacco-in
et a complete line of smokers' and
Lewers' goods. The best and most
>mplete selection ever in Ceutral.
'%dl Line of Toilet Articles
and Sundries.
Everything usually found in a drug
ore is carried here.
It will pay you to come a long way
.trade with us.
We appreciate the trade the people
rve given us since our opening.
harm acy

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