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Pickens S > Journal
kHappenings o! nd Persona
Don't ft. to H. A.
Richey's f -cycle goods.
Tires, ba , cement, or
anything you a need.
Mrs. R. M. Holden, of Dillard,
Ga.., is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Bowen, of Pick
Miss Ruth Hlendricks, a charmi
ing young9 lady from Ashville is
visiting her friends, Misses Nor
ma and Mattie G 1 iffin this week
in Pickens.
Hon. Geo. S. Legare, of
Charleston, arrived in Pickens
Sunday to spcnd the heated
term. His Iny friends were
mighty glad to see him, and
shake his hand.
There will be a baptizing at
Antioch Baptist church, next.
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock,
and preaching at the usual
hour. Everybody cordially in
vited to attend the services.
R. E. Good win is now the sole
aI)d proud possessor of the merry
'o-roind which lie took down
anid shipped over-land to Liberiy
Tuesday and he vill put up inl
that thriving little city for the
next two weeks.
The little child of Supt. of ed
ucation, R. T. Hallum, who was
quite sick for some tiMie, is re
ported as iniproving, For a time
it was quite sick and its parents
to the result., but
state that the
f Oconee, gives
all of the Pickens county teach
ers a special invitation to attend
the Teachers' Institute, to be
held at Walhalla, from June 15
to 27. A competent corps of in
structors have been elected.
Board will be obtained for all
who may attend.
Mr. W. W. Matthews, Jr., a
mighty nice and affable young
man, lately offAnderson, is now
with the Sentinel-Journal. He
is a good printer and with. his
help, we hope Mr. Hiott, who
has charge of the job department
of this paper, wll be able to turn
out some mighty fine work for
our patrons.
od Cotton Mill
- me up Saturday
at the hands of
!otton Mill team,
the score being- 7 to 1. After
this game was played the strong
Ea.on team beat the Pickens
mill team 2 to 1 in a game which
.was called at the end of the
fifth inning on account of dark
After winning eight straight
games, the Easley Cotton Mill
team was badly beaten by the
swift Victor Mill team at Greer
last Saturday by the overwhelm
ing score of 13 to 0. lEasley has
a good team and beat the Victor
boys once, but those who have
seen the two teams play are of
the opinion that Victor has the
best team.
'News reached Pickens Tuies
<day night that Mrs. T. E. Allen,
had died that day at about 12
o'clock in Dr. Brock's sani
tarlunm, where she had been car
ried for treatment. Mr's. Allen
had been a sufferer for over a
year, but bore her afflictions
patiently and resignedly. She
day following her' death' at the
burying gronnd, nearm-n t~oint
Miss Ethel Jenkins, of Pickins,
is on a visit to the family of 11v.
J. P. Attoway, of Fountain Inn,
and also other friends and rel
atives in Greenville county
before her return home.
F 0 R 8 A L E-Good 8-room
house on lot containing 4-9 acres
of lan. Good branch through
lan( an(d pasture on it. Located
on lea(ing street of towii. For
terms apply to T. J. .Werner,
Central, S. C. 4t
Report has it that A. S. Porter'
is in the race for Magistrate of
this township-this is a mistake;
Mr. Porter positively refuses to
run and has authorized no one
to bring his name before the
people. We make this state
ment on authority from him,
Please allow me space, Mr.
Editor, to thank my neighbors
and friends for their assistance
rendered in helping to save my
cotton and other stuff during
the fire which was caused by
lightning a few days ago. May,
God bless each and every one of
them is my prayer.
Norris, June 8.
Clarence W. Howell, an oper
ative at the Easley Cotton Mill,
who was seriously injured last
week by a box of spools falling
on him through the elevator
shaft, died Monday night. His
remainms were carried to Central
Tuesday. and interred in the
cemetery at that place, Rev. D.
I. Spearnan conducting the
funeral service.
"It's a long lane that has no
turning," and the one traveled
by the Pickens baseball team for
the past several weeks was an
(xt long one, 1.ut has at last
turned. The town team beat
the Pickens mill team yesterd ay
by the one-sided score of 8 to 1.
Beard and Grandy did the bat
tery work for Pickens, and
Shepherd and Patterson formed
the mill battery.
Gaines & Gassoway Bros. say
that since the Maw bridge road
has been changed and put in
good fix, that a large part ofthe
people of the western part of the
county come to Central to trade,
and that the town it getting and
holding patronage that never
came there before. We are glad
they are doing well and hope
they will do better.
At a meeting of the trustees
of the Central High School held
Monday the 8th, the following
teachers were elected for the.
next session, which opens the
first Monday in September: Prof.
J. R. Lyles, principal and Misses
Mattie Mae Morgan, Lila Folger,
and Nita Clayton as assistants.
The music teachers for the de
partment was not elected.
Several of our friends who are
candidates, and some of their
friends, have sponged on our
good nature and generosity with
the statement to "please an
nounce so-and-so for such office
and I'll hand to you in a day or
two," or "i'll mail you the
money when I get home," or
"please announce me for such
office and send bill and I will
send you check." Invariably
we have accommodated them
with the result that several of
these have failed, so far, to
carry out their part; the result is
we have several announcements
that are not paid for, and if the
remittances for same are not in
this office by the morning of the
;he announcements will be
* awn from the paper.
s fair notice to all. Busi
is business, friends are
friends, but money is what runs
this paper.
A letter recelved by W. H.
Ashmore of Pickens, from his
son, Sam J. Ashmore, of
Witchita, Tex., who is in the
railway service, states that rains,
cloudibursts aid tornadoes have
played havoc with the railroad
and that he will not get to visit
honefolks this summer as he
will be on construction work for
some time to come-repairing
the road bed and trestles and
handling the traffic as best he
can with their line in the shape
it is in.
Fire At Easley.
Tuesday evening fire was (is
covered in the upstairs of the
Lathem building, now owned by
J. W. Ellison and J. 0. Pickens,
and occupied by Ellison and the
Easley Furniture Co. N. D.
Taylor, photographer, occupied
the upstairs and when he dis
covered the fire in an adjoining
room, which was filled with cof
fins, it was raging to such an
extent that it was impossible to
put it out. The bueket brigade
assembled and did what they
could and citizens lent willing
hands to try and carry out the
stocks of goods. On the build
inp s3,000 was carried which
was about half its worth; on El
lisoi's stock, value a bout$15,000,
was .6,500 of insurance: the
furniture stock, value between
$.,000 and $4,000, there was
$1,000 of insurance; N. 1). Tay
lor lost about $600 with no in
surance. The many friends of
these people sympathize with
them in this loss. It is very
probable that an adequate fire
protection will now be put in by
Pickens should take warning,
To the Country People:
Kind Friends:-This card is to
thank you for your co-operation
with us on June 3d in making
the Old Soldiers' Day the pleas
ant success it was. Your hearty
response to our invitation is
highly appreciated, and we fully
realize that, without your help,
we could not have supplied the
165 veterans with the great feast
they had. Very sincerely,
P. C. U. D. C.
A Home Wedding.
Cupid brought one of his lit
tle affairs in the Cross Roads
section to a successful termina
tioni Tuesday evening, June 2,
when the officiating minister,
L. E. M. Freeman, pronounced
Ed. Looper and Miss Fannie
Bowen man and wife.
It all happened at the home
of the bride's father, Martin
Bowen. Wie waited as the sun
wvent down. There, just about
the time when one of old went
forth to meditate (GenesIs 24:
63), the groom and a few of his
friends appeared-in buggies
not on camels. The vows
taken, the name changed, the
congratulations spoken, all fol
lowed a suggestion, which led
to the dining-rcom, where we
forgot the rest of the world in
the excess of good cheer. There
was no restrainst. That par
ticular kind of formality that
makes one sit up straight and
be good was dispensed with.
Even the groom relaxed some
w~hat from his usual grave dig
nity andl laughed like the rest
of us.
There should be a law forbid
ding runaway marriages. They
rarely lead to such a supper.
Notice to the Public.
As I have so much work in th(
shop, I will have to sot two reg.
nlar grinding (lays in ema week.
which will be Tuesday and Fri
I also wish to say that I will
n)t crush feed for toll, except
from good corn. Such as cotton
seed and cobbs and damaged
c'rn, I will charge ten cents per
bushel for.
I make the best corn meal in
the county of Pickens.
Six Mile, S. C.
Twelve Mile Association
The union meeting of the
Twelve Mile River Association
met with Cheohee Baptist
church, May 30, at 10 a. i.
Devotional exercises and in
troductory sermon, by Rev. B.
F. Murphree.
After which organized by
electing Rev. B. F. Murpree,
moderator, and Bro. Jesse Lay,
Jr., clerk.
After organization, adjourned
one hour for dinner.
Reassembled by singing, Prof.
J. L. Murphy conducting.
Prayer by Rev. WT. M. Walker.
1st Query. "How shall we
overcome the world?" Opened
by Rev. D. T. Hudson, followed
by J.esse Lay, Jr., and Rev. W.
M. Walker. Ans. "By having
a living faith in Christ."
2d Query. "What is the first
thing to do in becoming a Chris
tian?" Opened by Revs. . D.
Ramey and Rev. J L. Hudson,
followed by T. If. Stewart and
Rev. W. M. Walker. Ans.
."By believing in the Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ."
3d Query. "What does love
and selfishness do in church
work?" Opened by T. H.
Stewart, Rev. B. F. Murphree
and W. M. Walker. Ans.
"Love builds up and selfishness
has a tendency to tear down."
After a recess of ten minutes
the Ministers' Conference met,
and Rev. W. M. Walker ex.
plained the object of such a
conference, and discussed somE
very important questions relat
ing to the doctrines of the
church. After which adjourned
to meet 9 a. m. Sunday.
Met Sunday according to ar
rangement. Song service by
Prof. J. L. Murphree, wvith Miss
Emma Bowen organist.
After organizing an A. W. M.
society, the committee made
this report:
We recommend that the next
Union meet with Holly Sprsngs
church. Introductory sermon
by Rev. J. B. Colley. Mission
sermon by Rev. W. M. Walker.
1st Query. "What is it to ac
cept of Christ?" Speakers
G. M. Lynch and J. T. Lewis.
2d. "How may I get faith?"
Speakers-Brethren A. L. Gal
loway and Elijah Winchester.
3d. "Why do church mem
bers do wrong?" Speakers
Jesse Lay, Jr., and T. H.
4th. "Why are there so
many churches?" Speakers
Revs. W. M. Walker and B. F.
iThen Rev. W. M. Murphree
preached an excellent sermon
from the text, "Peace, be still.'
Prof. J. L. Murphree offered a
resolution of thanks to th(
Union for the hospitable man
ner in which the Chet~hee peo
ple entertained the Union.
Then adjourned for dinner. o:
which there was an abundance
JEssE L AY, JR., Clerk.
Barred Out.
"Don't you feel wvell?" aked a friend
"Not very," answered Mr. Cumror.
"Why don't you go home?"
"I can't. Mother and the girls ar
giving a tea, and I'm not invited."
Washington Star.
Misery may love company, but
doesn't entertain Its company very wet
The groat Common sense ?reatnvnlif
To cure diseases without medicine.
If you complain in any way,
see or write me today at Brevard,
N. C., and secure a life's tinie
treatment, whicl cost you $4,
and the filling cost $2 or 2.50,
total $6 or $6.50 and I will send
it to you prepaid with full In
structions and everything re
My home or head office is al
ways open and orders are filled
promptly. Notice this ad and
you will always know my where
abouts. If you wish to try my
treatment while in Easley, S. C.,
see me or Mr. J. L. Thomas,
D. S. Holder, Dovy Hinkle or
George Haygood, or in Liberty,
S. C., see ine or Mrs. T. J Boggs
who will be glad to wait on yonU.
If you buy this treatment and
find it to be a kind of trickery,
root, rubbing, electric or faith
cure, I will refund your money
at once. It is simply an intelli
gent common sense treatment,
recognized by all intelligent peo
ple when they understand it.
No well read doctor will speak
against it because they cannot
get along very well without it in
many cases. So why not buy
the book or pamphlet and have
a knowledge of your own. It
is worth a doctor's knowing and
it is worth your knowing to
teach to your children, that they
may be Ienefited after you have
crossed'the river. That $4 will
do them just as much good as
it (lid you before you crossed.
Inquire after its merits among
your reliable friends and nelgh
bors. If it is doing them good
it will do you good, whether you
buy it from a white agent, in
dian, dog or negro. Knowledge
is what you need, and that you
can get from the pamphlet and
supplement, or my instructions.
Don't forget that I refund your
money with one dollar extra and
pay your railroad fare back
home, If I fal to benefit you;
then and there, so come; and
come all who are afflicted and
be healed or get more money.
Intelligent ladies and gentle
men with recommendations
wanted as agents at a price.
Write today for particulars
and circular.
Brevard, N. C.
Clemson A gricultural College
The examination for the award of
Scholarships in Clemson Agricultural
College will be held in the county com t
house on FrIday, July 3d, at 9 a. m,.
Applicants must fill out proper forms, to
be secured from the County Superir
tendent of Education, before they will
be allowed to stand the examinations.
For detailed informat:ion apply to the ~
Supt. of Education or to the President of
Clemson College.
Applicants for admisjon to the col
lege, who are not seeking for the schol
arships,-will also stand entrance exami
nations at the court house July 8d.
The scholarships are worth $100 and.
free tuition.
The next session of the college opens.
Sept. 9, 19(8.
For catalogues and information apply
to P. HI. 3MELL, President.
Summer ExcursIon Bates via Southern
. Railway.
Round trip Summer Excursion Tick..
ets to seas nre and mountain resorb:
points are now on Fa'e via South run
Rilnway at greatly reduced rates. T1ick
ets good returning until October 31st,
1908. Asheville, Waynesville, Hender
sonville, in the "Land of the.8ky," Lake
Toxaway and the l"Beautiful Sapphire
Country," now in their glory.
Apply to Southern Railway agents for
rates, tickets. etc.
J. L. MiEEK, Asst, General Passenger
Agent, Atlanta, Gan.
J. C. LUSK, Division Passenger A gent,.
Charleston, S. C,
Source of Supply.
- Minister-My dear little boy, why
don't you get an umbrella? Jakey
Since pa has quit going to church he
t never brings home any more umbrel

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