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Pickens Soltiol1-JurRl]
The SontinolJournal Compa- y.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annm.
Advertitiing 1t tes IReasonable
Entered at Pickenu Fviostlce as Second UIam
Mail Muatter
THURSDAY, J iNE 18, 1908.
lmportance of Knowing Worth.
"Knowledge is power" is forci
bly illustrated in the great powe
that would belong to the farme
o- manufacturer if he just knev
the value of his product. Eterna
vigilence is not only the price o
liberty; it is the cost of knowi
edge-the knowledge of what C
thing is worth. The most im
portant knowledge for a farme
is to kuow what he is worth
Not what he is worth in dollar
and cents, but his worth as .
business asset of the comunitiity
in which he lives. The 'estinaft
would not he just and right if it
did not include his physical
mental, moral anud intellectua
ability. Every citizen ought t(
.be diligent to keep a correct esti
mate of his own worth on tles
lines. It requires the most care
fil attvintioi. He ought to b
as cortain and careful about it a.
the engineer who prescribed th
strenigtli of the cables whici
sutspen1d the Brooklyn bridge
The brilge wolild not have beer
s-afe w ithont the engineer knev
the worth and value of eact
wire twisted into the great cabb
which suspends the bridge. I:
there were not enough wire
pulling in one direction to hob
the burden they would not be o
any worth. Their combine(
strength makes them almighty
The engineer knows.
The farmer should know hi
strength. He needs this knowl
edge worse than he needs lands
cotton, mules or money. H4
already knows of how litti<
worth his strength is scattere<
about--worth- little to him o
any one- else. It' will requir
muoh consideration, earnest an:
careful thought for him to forii
a correct estimate of his ow'
worth to the community I
which he lives. If' a farmt
does niot knoiv this, his con
munilty is deprived of an elemer
of strength it should have an
which it sorely needs. Whe
the farmers learn what they at
worth to each other, the peopi
'will get a square deal, equalit
before the law and freedom fror
capitalistic domination.
Knowledge like this is
cement that will make them e
compact as granite.
Juus E.- BoOs.
My Hair is
Do you like it? Then why
be contented with it? Have
to be? Oh, no! iJust put on
Ayer's Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; soft, even
hair. But first of all, stop
your hair from coming out.
Save what you have. Ayer's
Hair Vigor will not disappoint
you. It feeds the hair-bulbs;
makes weak hair strong.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for ovor sixty years."
Alo 1nnfoturers of
Candidates' Column
For U. S. Menate
I beg to announec my candidacy for the
Ulnited States Senaat'i in the- oatproaehlxg Demo,
craitic prilatry. an1(d I i.*Jpectfully Follit the
support of The Democratic voters of this State,
Rt. U. R411HTT.
For Congrems, 3d District
For Molicitor 10th Circuit
I aim a v-andidate for the offiec of Soli'itor of
the t1tI .udleiall CircuiIt cf South C arol Ial
suliject to the rules of the etemiocratie limity. I
lave terved In court contitimuousy for saveal
yetrs a court stenograpt'r anter all c irdetinig
Illy law cou rse 1111d I atmn f.ailliatr wit the! wai k
ings of tle coRats. N1. C lxNG.
a I hereby anounce myself at caiitaxte for lie
olilce of Sol leitor of the Tenth Ci rxtt aid
pxidge mayself to abide the oefa' if the la m mata y
eletion , axed to sioppott the aaaoiinaees of tic
Demuocratic party Ia atid primary.
I hereby announce myself ats ai cn(lidute for
Solicltor ;af the lotha Judielai Uiaixiit, subjeet to
the leinoeratie Prihary elet'tion.
A. It. )AGNA 11, .
Subject to the )emocratle primanry eleetion.
I amax at candidaate for Solicltar of Tenth .1 udicial
circuIt. J. .1. NIeS NAN
For House of Iepresen tatlves
r The many friends of tle lION. JA1 MES P.
Ol.REY respcal f'lly annaouataixxer hilit ax at cxiadt.
linte for re-election to the Ilitaseof liepresenata
f ive!,, sutject to the netion of the voters lin the
primnary electlon
For Clerk of Court
I hereby aaoiuc myself a1 catdlidaite for
Clerk of t he Court for lickens Counity, subject
to the action of ithe le.uo'rntle Primatiy.
To the Citizens of Pickens Connty:
Thataking yoa for your -oxifidence and sup
port li the pisit <tixd assttrlitt y-ouIthat I shall
atlwiys eaadeavor to prove worthy of It Ia the
fiuture, Shouid you see E-t to axgailna entrust mxle
with the oflice, I oiler myself a candidate for
re elcetlon to the olli'e of clerk of Couit, sub
ject to I he )eaaocratic irinary election.
Respectfihily, A. JOHIN BJOGGS.
For Sheriff
I helielv alixotiute mia yelf i cattididhtte for re
electionx tOa the a all-'e fat ieril', subject to the
aiol aaf' the vtterp int the Democratic primxary
eletiona. .1. U. .1 EN NI NGS.
I helby aianunace anytelf xs a 'tindidaate for
- ftir Slxexit- oa' Pikets t'ounty, subje-t tox the
rales auaa reni tions (of the iemnoer ie tart y.
- I herebay aamouxnce myself as a canildate for
the o:tiae ft She'ill r VIhla-ketts County, stibject
to the action of t ie Dentocratic primary.
I herelby axannounce nyxelf as a canxdidlte for
the alliae of Sherll' of 'Pikens county, subji et
to tle aaation of the iehnotxratie primaary.
For Auditor
I hereby offer myself Is at candlidate for the
ollice of County A uditor. subject to the action
of the h)emocrattc patty InI the priairy elextion.
Whitle comn paratively at yOUIg Mai. I feel con
laetent to 4a isharge the dutles of the office, aid
If elected I will discharge said duties to my best
aibility, "Give the boy a ehaace to show whait
they Can (to." SAM It. CRAIG.
1 hereby aninounce myself a candidate for re
election to the ofilce of County A udItor, subjeci
to tho action of the voters lin the Democratlh
primary election.
For Treasurer
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re
election to the onlice of Trenurer of Pickeni
count)x, stAject to the action of the voters in
the Democratic primary election.
11. D. GARVIN.
For Co. Supt. of Education
3 I hereby announce myself as a candidate fo
re-election to the o i e of County Buperitend
3 exnt of Edueation of Plckens Coun ty, subject ta
the action of the Democratic primary electIon
For Napeoviser
] Thes fienxds of MRt. E. KjLOOPER announca
hIm *s a candIdate for re-electIon to the' ofici
1 of Coun ty Super visor, subjecte to the Deme
cratic P'rimaary election
The maniy frienids of ex-Commilssioner ROll
-E~R T STE wWR respectfully announce hIm a
Tr a canxdidate for the offiee of County Supervasox
subject to the actIon of the voters in the pri
mary election. VOTERS,
For (ounty Conmmissioner
I bereby announce mnyse I a caniddate for th
C oftice of Uieunty Comm Ixsiner, subject to th
action of thxe voters In the primnary election.
WIth the consent. of a few frIends I annioune
1mytelf a candIdate for County Commlssaionex
atbujeet to the primar~y electIon. Lamin favor c
the Tlexas wIde road system, so the men wh
have been planatixng cotton and cuttIng ditche
In a sIx foot road wIll have to stand hack.
I hereby announce myself a canididate for th
office of County Comissioner of Picken
County, asubjact to the actIon of the D~emocratl
-party in the primary electioni.
The many friends of 0. WASH 1OW EN ar
aaounce him s a candIdate for re-election i
the ofmce of County CommIssIoner, suxbject I
the action of the voters In the prammary electior
I hereby announce myself a eandidaute fo
(.ommiassioner of P'ick-ena ('ounaty, subject
thle acton of the veterxIr il the emocraic pr
mary election. hi. A. McA LISTERI.
For Coroner.
The frienid of D). A PA RROT T respectfull
aianxance haim a canidatxe for re-electioni to tha
ailice of Coroner, suibjct to the actiona of thx
voters inx the D~emocrat Ic primary cectioxn.
At thxe solIcitation of frienids, I hereby ax
niounce myself a canaldite for Coronier of *j01
eana connty, subject to thex aciona of the D~emw
eratic. party inx the primary electiona.
P'. II. 1100GS.
For Magistrate Pickens Townshiip. .
* To the Voters of Pickensa Counaty-, S. C.;
I am a little disihgtxred, biut still la the rii
afor the tofllee of Maigistrato. I want all of yo1
votexs to seek mae early, wht'e 1 may be foxund
before the eleetion day dlratws nigh, whxexnimaxn
shaill strive, biut few shall enter ini, ad tIx
votes ill be counxted anad the electioxn anuageri
sxhaxll saxy to aili who tare anot prepared, dear
fromn uxs, we don't know youx, anad 'o ye dowan t<
whe're theo Whangadoodle mnournect lx for hIs fir.s
borni. W. C.lRnA MLETT.
the atctioxn of theo voters lin the Dlemxocrattic pri
mairy ecetionx.
signs ano
can be i
and odd
New Crisp
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"Hard times" are the beu
a little more than her ni
times in the world for us
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