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Will Bruce was in Greenville
the first of the week.
Dr. L. 0. Mauldin of Green
ville was in Pickens last week.
Mrs. J. C. Jennings is in Col
umbia having some dental work
Miss Mamie Gaston is visiting
her parents in Blacksburg this
Mr. B. F. Parsons has re
turned from a trip to Birmling
ham, Ala.
Miss Frances R-ohinson of
Easley is visiting friends in
L. Rothschild of Greenville is
sole agent there for the famous
Hawes Hats.
Born on the 8th instant, to
Mr. and MIrs. W. H. Langston,
a daughter.
Miss Ruth Ballenger is on an
extended visit to relatives in An
derson and Greenville.
Miss Jane Purdy of Sumter,
and Miss Mary Peters of Ala
baia are visiting Miss Helen
Miss Mary McGowan, who has
been visiting the Mfsses Folger,
has returned to her home in Spar
Miss Jane Purdy, daughter of
ex-judge R. 0. Purdy, of Sum
ter, is visiting Mrs. L. C. Thorn
ley in Pickens.
Mr. H. S. McHagan of the
Postal Telegraph Company of
Greenville, was visiting friends
in Pickens this week.
^ ( ynin Dentist, Green
.11 be at Pickens
i and 25th, and
tt Bolt's office.
Dr. J. L. Bolt returned to his
home in Pickens Tuesday from
attending the Medical Associ
ation recently held in Chicago.
Miss Ruth Hendrix left for her
home in Asheville, N. C. on
Wednesday after a pleasant
visit to Misses Mattle and Norma
The Buchanan-Hen de rson
Scott Company of Greenville
have the celebrated line of Cros
sett Shoes. "They make life's
walk easy."
Senator C.~ H Carpenter of
Easley, was in town Monday on
business. He was wearing a
four-year smile-He dont have'
to run this year.
Mrs. J. M. Skinner and two
daughters, Sarah and Frances,
who have been visiting Mrs. J.
M'D. Bruce, have returned to
their home in Atlanta.
The Picnic given by the Pres
byterian Sunday School at the
Hagood place last Friday was
attended by quite a crowd and
everybody bad a nice time.
Mr. A. T. Winchester of Hazel,
clerk of the Twelve Mile River
Baptist Association was in town
Monday on business, and called
at the Sentinel-Journal office.
Messrs R. E. Bruce, B. Lewis,
J. T. Richey, and T. J. Mauldin
attended the Shriners convention
in Ashville last week. Mr.
Mauldin was accompanied by
Mrs. Mauldin.
Mr. Jerre ~ >4-~n, private
. S. Legare,
~nday after
aimer. His
macvy ii Lemis in the town were
delighted to see him.
FOR SALE-Young Milch Cow
with helifer calf, for cash or
good papers. Apply to R. S.
Lewis, Route 3, Pickens, S. C.
Mr. H. B. Hendricks is In
Chicago this week as a delegate
to the Republican Convention.
Mr. Hendricks will have a nice
Mr. Wells, of the Baptist Cou
rier fore, a printer of the old
ischool, is visiting his- friend,
Maj. J. M. Stewart-, in Pickens
this week.
Those who wish to stand ex
am ination for the different State
Colleg( s, before the County
Board of Education of this
County on July 3d, should have
their application blanks properly
executed before July 3d.
A Teachers Institute for Pick
ens county will commence in the
Pickens Graded School Building
on June 29, and last two weeks.
Prof. H. B. Dominick, Prof. J.
W. Swittenberg and a drawing
teacher to be announced later
will be in the instructors.
Mr. George Young, a resident
of Reedy R.ver, Greenville
county, died at his home Satur
day morning, suddenly. Mr.
Young was a native of Pickens
county and was in his 68th
year. He fought for four years
in the civil.war and did faith ful
service. He is survived by his
wife and seven children. He
was a member of the Reedy
River Baptist church.
The election at Central last
Wednesday was in favor of a
new school building. The school
district is going to erect a $10,
000 school building. Bonds- will
be floated twenty years to se
cure money. The election was
held under the new school dis.
trict act. The election was nearly
unanimous, there being 69 votes
cast, 57 for bonds and 12 against
bonds. Central is to be congiatu
lated as it is the best investment
she has ever made.
Mrs. W. J. Gillespie is con
fined to her bed with a very sore
foot. Some three weeks ago,
while holding a mule, his mule
ship became suddenly frightened
and made a dash for liberty,
thereby knocking Mrs. Gillespie
down and running the wagon to
which he was hitched over her
foot. As a consequence she has
been confined to her bed ever
since. "Miss Mary's" many
friends hope that she may soon
be up again.
The Conclave of Shriners of
North and South Carolina met
at Asheville last week and in
ducted a collection of 128 candi
dates through the mystic shrine,
and a right royal time was had
by the members. Among the
crowd to travel the mystic maize
were Messrs. B. F. and J. N.
Morgan and J. T. Gassaway of
Central, and R. E. Bruce, T. J.
Mauldin, J. T. Abercrombie and
3. T. Richey of Pickens. Reports
by those who know, say these
candidates furniaed a great
deal of amusement for the con
'Tlhe state campaign is a two..
ring circus this time, with plenty
of actors, a big menagerie and
plenty of pyrotechnics. The ad
vantage,Ior disadvantage is that
it Is in two sections and to see
the whole performance takes two
days. The senatorial campaign
opened at Sumter yesterday, the
17th, and these actors will be in
Pickens on the 2nd of July. The
state campaign opened at St.
Matthews on the same (late and
this oratorical display will hit
Pickens on the 20th of August.
Remember the dates.
The Boys are Playing Ball.
i.Pickens' rejuvenated aggreg,
tion of baseball artists put ai
( ther game on the right side laE
Friday, when the Easley tow
team went down before them i
dismal defeat, the Easle'y boy
scoring seven times, while ti
Pickens boys circled the bas(
thirteen different times.
Errors were responsible for
great many of the runs.
Rain stopped the game in th
second inning, but after a dela
of twenty minutes play was r(
Although it was not a perfec
exhibition of the great nation
game, it was .enjoyable.
The Easley boys all seemed t
be gentlemen and played th
game like true sportsmen, al
though it was seen from the firs
that they were outclassed, owin1
to their lack of practice, but the;
are good ball players and will n,
doubt put up a better game nex
C. Shepp-.rd was on the sla1
for Easley at the beginning, bu
gave way after the third innini
to southpaw Boggs.
There were no especial fea
tures. Hagood Bruce made
good catch of a high foul after.
long run and Wyatt Jenning
pulled one out of the clouds wit]
his finger nails, while McAlis
ter's running talk and gooi
humor helped to add interest.
Mr. McClesky made a compe
tent umpire.
Pickens Easley
Freeman C McAliste
Beard P C Sheppar
Carey lb Harri
G Hiott 21) H Bogg
Bruce 31) Smitl
Grandy ss Lande
Robinson rf T Sheppar
Jennings cf W Bogg
Sheppard if H Hioi
Tuesday at Easley the Easle
team, with a fruit tree ager
catching and a seller of stereol
tican views playing first bas<
got revenge in huge chunks fc
the game they lost to Picken
last week, by handing our boy
the short end of a 11 to 7 game
Beard started in to do the twirl
ing for Pickens, but the Easle:
team took kindly to his curv
and batted out 11 runs in fou
innings, a home run and a tripi
being included with singles an
doubles too numerous to mer
tion. He was relieved b
Grandy, who went the last flv
innings without a run bein
scored off of him.
Pickens made a slight rally i:
the ninth and scored three runm
Ernest King pitched a fairl:
good game for Easley.
Mr. Iler's umpiring was goo1
The Pickens Stars lost to th
second team Wednesday, 8 to t
Batteries: Furman Pace an
Ralph Hester for the Stars, an
Willie Thompson and Thero
Hester for the second team
Roy Nealy for the Stars made
double play unassisted.
The Pickens Cotton Mill tear
was defeated at Easley Saturda:
by the Gleenwood team. Scor
being 5 to 2.
The Easley Cotton Mill tean
took a good one from the Pelze
boys at Easley Saturday, scorin
1 to 0. The only run was mad
on an error b~y a Pelzer player.
The baseball team f r o n
Newvry beat the Liberty tean
at Liberty Saturday by a scor
of 9 to 1.
The Pickens third nine wa
loped the Pickens fourth nin
Saturday by a score of 2 to (
The yonngsters showedl r
markable ability as players and
. displayed a knowledge of the
. game that was surprising. Lon
t nie Jennings pitched and Ralph
n Hester caught for thelthird nine,
Mac Christopher pitched and D.
B. Finney caught for the fourth
nine. The game did not last
full nine Innings on account of
the rain interf erring.
Mrs. RilcyAllen Deed.
y Mrs. Ida E, Allen, wife of
Riley Allen of Pickens and who
formerly lived at Piedmont, died
:t at a sanitarium in this city yes
I terday. She had been in ill
health for some time and though
o she had received the skilful at
e tention of several physicians,
nothing could stay the progress
t of the malady. She leaves a
husband, two children, one sister
y and five brothers.
D Mrs. Allen was the daughter
t of the late John F. Clardy. Esq.,
of Anderson County, and who
j was well known in this city.
t Of the Baptist Church she was
a devout member. Her funeral
services will be held in the chap
- pel of Jas. F. Mackey & Son
i, this morning at 8:30 o'clock, the
t Rev. R. H. Burris officiating,
s after which the remains will be
1 carried to Anderson, where the
- interment will be in the Silver
I Brook Cemetary. -Greenville
News, June 10.
Mr; Ellis Will Not Run,
As it has been reported that I
r will be a candidate for County
I Superintendent of Education, I
s wish to thank my friends for
their kind solicitations, but I
, positively will not be in the race.
s June 17, 1907.
Y Mr. J. M'D. Bruce and son
it Hagood are in Atlanta.
Mr. P. B. Langston of Ander
son died at the state hospital for
the insane in Columbia, June
s 10th. He at one time ran the
hotel at Liberty and will be re
membered by many of our read
s Quite a crowd of the young
r people of Pickens, both ladies
e and gentlemen, picnicked, at
a Table Rock yesterday. They
e.had a pleasant trip and returned
y home just as the evening shades
e appeared.
% Lifttle Miss Fanne Mae Finney
on last Thursdaiy celebrated hi
ri 7th birthday with a little party
- to her friends, many of whom
! were present. She was the re
cipient of - many presents, .the
-guests had a good time, and the
eservants raised "old horry"
about the mess to be cleaned up,
.complaining that children are
nuisances no how.
a Miss Lillian Bolt gave a birth
.day party Tuesday night at her
ahome in Pickens, at which many
of her friends and schoolmates
were present. She was the ne
a cipient of many valuable pros
V ents ~and immensable good
C wishes for health, happiness, joy,
pleasure and the return of this
happy occasion. Miss Lillian's
1 age is-but we wont tell it,
r --suffice to say she is just the
K age young ladies always long to
C reach and hate to pass. May
her other birthdays, in fact her
future life be as happy and gay
1as on this auspicious occasion.
e F 0 Rt S A L E-Good 8-room
house on lot containing 4A acres
of land. Good branch through
I- land1 and pasture on it. Locatedl
e on leading street of town. For
. terms apply to T. J. Werner,
Central, S. C. 4t
Tho Qrat C0omm11 001gg Trotint!
To cure Oiseasep without medicine.
If you complain in any way,
3ee or write me today at Brevard,
N. C., and secure a -lfe's time
breatment, which cost you $4,
md the filling cost $2 or 2.50,
otal $6 or $6.50 and I will send
t to you prepaid with full in
;tructions and everything re
My home or head office is al
vTays open and orders are filled
)roniptly. Notice this ad and
rou will always know my where
tbouts. If you w%-ish to try my
reatient while in Easley, S. C.,
;ee me or Mr. J. L. Thomas,
D. S. Holder, Dovy Hinkle or
3eorge Haygood, or in Liberty,
C. C., see me or Mrs. T. J Boggs
who will be glad to wait on you.
[f you buy this treatment and
nd it to be a kind of trickery,
'oot, rubbing, electric or faith
mure, I will refund your money
it once. It is simply an intelli
,ent common sense treatment,
'ecognized by all intelligent peo
>le when they understanol it.
g~o well read doctor will speak
tgainst it because they cannot
,et along very well without it in
nany cases. So why not buy
he book or pamphlet and have
t knowledge of your own. It
s worth a doctor's knowing and
t is worth your knowing to
-each to your children, that they
uay be I enefited after you have
rossedrthe river. That $4 will
lo them just as much good as
t did you before you crossed.
[nquire after its merits among
your reliable friends and neigh
bors. If it is doing them good
it will do you good, whether you
buy it from a white agent, in
dian, dog or negro. Knowledge
is what you need, and that you
can get from the pamphlet and
supplement, or my instructions.
Don't forget that I refund your
money with one dollar extra and
pay your railroad fare back
home, if I fail to benefit you;
then and there, so conie; and
come all who are afflicted and
be healed or get more money.
Intelligent ladies and' gentle
men with recommendations
wanted as agents at a price.
Write today for particulars.
and circular.
Breratd, N. C.
The faculty of the University
r South Carolina presented Dr.
Joynes with a silver service as a
boken of appreciation for his
faithful work at the University.
Clemson Agrieultural College'
'The examination for the awarit of
scholarships in Cleumson Agriculttital
Dollege will be held in the county court,
biouse on Friday, July Sd, at 9) a. m,
Applicants must fill out p roper forms, to
be secured from the County Supedn..
Asndent of Education, before they will
be allowed to stand the~ examinations.
F1or detailed information a pply to the
Supt. of Ed-ucation or to the President of
Clemson College.
Apjilicants for admis.ion to the co!
Lege, who are not seeking for the schol
~rships, will also stand entrance exami
nations at the court house July 3d.
The scholarships are worth $100 and,
free tuition.
The next session of the college openg
Bept. 9, 1908.
F or catalogues and information apply
oP. H, MELL, President.
J. P. C AR EY, JR.
IIckens, S. C.
Practice in n.1l Comrts

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