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A Better Understanding,
[Tie following.was handed in
t wo or three weeks ago, but our
overcrowded columns would not
permit of its appearance sooner:'
Well, I suppose by the time
ihose who read the S.-J. -get
their paper, most every one in
Pickens and Oconee counties
will have heard something cf
the l(lconduct that was carried on
at Salem last Sunday, and- as
11ty will hair of bad'conduct,
anid somie ol worse comduct, and
ihat all may know the straight
of the matter concerning the
hostile conflict with which I met,
I will herein try to give full de
hails of the matter which,
briefly stated, are these:
About 3 o'clock in the after
noon, whien a large per cent. of
the crowd had left, though a
large number were yet on the
Shuich grouids, (the church
had been closed and no one sup
posed to be on the inside) sud
dejily there arose a thunder
cloud, and the rain began to fall
fast and heavy. At the same
time I could dliscern a cloud
of sadness o'ershadowing the
usually bright and plea 3ing
colultelances of the ladies as
they thought of their beautiful
hats, and, horrors!-the dread
ful rain.
I am glad to sav that I am in
spired with a good hit of willing
ness to lend a hi-Ijdng hand to
anly (e in need of it. rhere
fore I led the way, saying to the
c(rVd, "Comte, man I'll see that
you all get n shelter." Throw
ing myself against the door I
wit il, fIllowdL by dollars'
Vrth1 of fine hats and nice
dresus, an the fair ladies and
their dry goods were thus pro
to t Id f rom the cruel storm.
But to my surprise I met a
man on the inside who began
railing and storming at me for
bursting into the church. I
tried to reason the fact with
him as to why I did so, but he
was, j oined bv others against
Ime I herefore I could not prevail
agaimd them. As the rain fell
mor01. It rapid the noise occasioned
hrv it ent ;eemed to increase
1h ir a aai llst ne, and the
next thing- I knew the door was
dodilenid by a man so large that
\Vhat They Sa~
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ite of cat ing auenttiont~ to lmy gsua s, ,a i
W he I i<1tte prices I alwaysr have the
duuty to do so.
Sie)I.I Somec e' might t'av I e:Ium
that is ju-t wl at I atun doing : rd'it is ele
hosr thanr iicos't--w il, if it hs, tht don't01 in
until 1 get ready to quit it. Yto know it
('n whaot ' un 'ave. Don't ask for h~ rs thr
'I hin t, 'Thu y uu m a iay I (a'tIII selI a fine
is just1 what I ama dinett and it is worth I
toutrthI, Others mayt sayv tiu-ra) is waoter
I wrant to say I dihin't pu it there; I buy
10hhbs bes.t keg sa for 25ic - 2hbs for 5c
-ifth, some ot hers mais say sugar has
i.itbg I wit gve youi tni6s for $O'00,
I um %ur do amy beaSt to to merit 3(
goodsti an lii I ar e *tan ohj et,
I want reur cic k na egus and all kin
To be' conrtigued next w~eek.
T. D. IH
-- IN
'Iutkr Safe has been tried and found D
This Bannk has lBurgiar Insurnc~e, Fir
lose your money.
Liberal Interest allowed onr Time D
you up satisfactorily,
he could bravely enter, followed
by another man several sizes
smaller. The big man to the
smaller man says: "This Is the
young man, Mr. - -." He
then walked up to me, and
catching me by the arm, said:
"Consider," etc., which, of
course, meant-that I was under
arrest. I would much rather
have considered myself under
the floor or under the bed, had
one been handy; but as such
was not at hand, I had to take
the former choice. This I learn
ed was a good man who knew
the importance of taking care of
anything of great use, so he
carried me down the lane
through the city of Salem a
amidst the throng and placed
me in the most substantial
building on the hill, knowing
that I would come again in use
some time. But he did not let
me stay in that dark place very
long, for there were too many 3
)n the outside who wished to
see me. All of this was quite
ambarrassing to me; but when I
ny lips are pressed to the worm
6vood cup, and I can see it is for
;he benefit of so many others, .
[ can drink it and murmur not.
[feel assured that I have more r
riends than I had before this
iappened. It was all through
.harity and love for the ladies,
tmd I can't say that I am sorry
n the least for it, however it
may go.
Those people at Salem should
ake the matter into Christian
,onsideration and look at it in
.his way-if their mother, wife,
-ister or daughter were to come
>ver on our side, and we were
not to show a willingness to
ontribute to their coifort and
protection, they would think us
very unkind. Therefore I know
it will all come out right in the
"sweet bye-and-bye."
Will close for this time, trust
ing our S.-J. w'l1 give this a.
place in its c lumns, and that
all its readers will give ne good
wishes in their hearts.
E. WV. Picains.
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