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all the time to
Tender Soles
It's charitable to your shoes, but
not fair to your feet to blame your
soles when they smart and burn.
Your soles are intended to stand
plenty of use, and they will if your
shoes are right. Stand on the
smooth inner Crossett sole-conform
the foot-comfortable, for hours of
"Makes Lifgswa I
Spring and Summer
woolens and silks at
Our Motto: "Quick Sales,
ii'tm mman would b
U What is said i
AND own?
OF AMERICA tineasy for fe
mamj going to tum1
.~unty Union Column bud is worse
i000I. EV.I . .SABR n ThUnoLE.Committee in Charge. Wvill it have to,
to get its d<
Libt'ny, S. (C., June 22. ]mm. already been
it is espec ily desired t hat all other states,,
local Unions have a fnll deleLga
tion at. the hext coluhty nwleting The State
to be held at Pick'ns. July ;tl , The season
aL mai&rs of sI-ecial importance state conventi
will de.mandl at tent ion. 8(o bear mer's' Union,
inl V.indi the dar and date and and within the
~'in yourIllNvi s accordlingly. idelegates will
duly appointed
union muan can af.. states where<
attending the meet.. no)w effective.
1n1%-~ Union no more than Calls have
a t-al christian can afford not these conventi<
to attend his chur< h. A lagging egated form.
mebris generally not ,worthi Importance wi
much to anything, as you can meetings. Th
rarely concnhmbing on work for the
handv wvhen most needed. What elect officers fc~
we tneed, and must h'we, is the' and delegates
men on the spot, at the proper union.
time, all bent oi business, and National Pre
something is sure to b~e (doing, Barrett has a
and something quickly done, round of 'the si
it strikes us as time the farm- is now on the
ers were getting at least one eye the purpose c
o'pen a little, and learn not to Washington c
flb: the legislature and senate wvill visit Oreg<
quite- so full of men of others before returnh
prfssions, but send a few more confer with thi
men of your own stripe, if you union in those
e xpect your interost looked after. President:
Every profession having their gissued a call
.rm- W expect them to division to me<
*Ktem first of al1; the laat days c
The only STRIC]
Departmont S
This w\TOekS offe]
Ingto Sole Agents for
Crossett Shoes
-Sorosis Shoes
and the patent
ed ventilated
kasy- .Shoe for sum
:?T. en. m r. Guaran
teed to keep the
wash goods, feet dool and
a big red uc
prevent prespi
______________ ration.
-~I a
Small Profits:q
e foolish not to. afle w il1 presen t that has yet Whateve
n holy writ-of the met at a union convention is off tod
-ideth not for his. The "eorgia dvision hns had anything
one of the most successful years here we
len across a non- in its historv. The v(,ports of consider
ho seemns unduly the state officers will show a re- says an c
ar the Union is markabe advance along all and I mu
ble headlong into lines.--Atlanpa Conlstitutibn. out. Ho
forgot yourself ever kno,
1, as no doubt the1 The lindepcndent Farmer. dehbt by r
scared than you. I see tie need of the farmers ing his h,
ill not need, nor co-operating -and c d u c a t i P g Good v
,go into p litics, thi m s1ves in ag.iculture. We
mniands, ~a*as must first unite our efforts .to- (In the 19
proven in some gether and learn to live at-iome.
IOHN T. Boaaos. Who is to blane for our condi
-_____ tion? We are in fault for depend
Conventions. ing on the merchants for that Brothe
for holding the we could( rai.se. selves th(
ons of the Far- If you remember at the close my part
s nigh at hand, of the .war between the states There is
next six . weeks the south' did not have anything,.' do.
be assembled at neither did they; owe anything, Open
places in all the but cotton went to such a bilg your heal
rganizatilons ,are price'our people said they would done any
raise cott on t~o buy our bread and if you wi
been Issued for miet. Oh, what a bad mis'tke! along se
>nsB to meet in del- and cap started to fasten onhm can we n
Work ofgraat He ties one knot this year, and such not
Ii be done by these and so on till he gets the farnmer Imust sta:
ey will lay out the tied s'o he is helpless, and he 'the dark
next yea~gid must wyork himself out of this much t<
>r the state',unmon hobbla 3by leaving off a little thank Qt
to the .national of -his cotton and putting In and back~
. . 'something to live on. We cani demland
sident Charles S. never be indepeneent people as members
Iready begunlhis. long as we go to cap for suppli-s, for them
~ate unions. He Let's quit "cussing" cap ' for careless i
Pacific coast for selling to us when we go to hin When
f completing the for the goods. should re
rganization. He 'There's no r'eason why the old 'wait for
ynl and. California farmers should not be an inde- Nowy is ti
1g to Georgia, and pendent people, for they feed the
e members of the world, and now .just think how (In the lF
states. we are treated. We take onr| ..
Duckworth has produce' to market and the first FO A
for the - Georgia thing we ask is "wvhat will ym oRuSA
st in Maconl during give me for that?" Let it be I with h
>f July', and it is.1 cotton, corn, potatoes or even a good p&
the largest attend- jrabbit, they will commenfcF(e. Lewis,
A Great Bargain
Sale all the year
- roun.d'
tore in Upper Caiolina.
7ings will create an over
ng sensation,
Ladies' Shirt Waists
and Skirts
25 Black Voil Skirs, worth $7-50 at -$500
50 Black Panama Skirts, worth $7-50 at $5.00
$5 Lengerie Waists, closed from factory
worth $1-50 and $2.00, for - 98C
One lot Silk Suits, worth $o.oo and
$12.50, for - - - $7.98
All High Grade Voil
Skirts at a Redu
L= SCOtt Co.
r you have that article Frozen in for Half a Century.
iy, and you go to buy It is interesting intelligence
that article.is uip, anid
thg rI cl su, a that the old wooden English
o. Let us stop and warship Ivestigator, which has
our condition. Well been frozen-in at Mercy bay,
ld farmer, I am in debt Berlin Island. since September
st raise .cotton to pay 2, , h a l e freed
ni. Farmer's did yOUomu h c.I se ams
wv any one to got out ofinrdletathie.nMry
aising cotton and buy-bahanerictdbfoen
>me supplies?- h:cus f afacnuy
ishes-to all,.u eeteesth, stetuh
W. *W. ABERINATHIY.Latsmewshevra
'armers' Uniol) News.)midoeadthsipwslb
Call for Loyalty.beiopth esltlli
s, wake up. Ask your- ea eiet aetesi
question, am I doing bogtbc o nln n
in the great work?thswlbeesfriapar
something for us all to sei nsudcniin i
your eyes, clean outFrnlnepdto.Tees
rts, and say, I haven' t ~lhdt'lCaadndadi
thing but I will. Now,ha efrznievrsne
11 do this, we will move
,much better. Why
ot push, when we have
leo state officers? We
dby them in all of FOr th
hours. They have so 1
contend with, but C zi re
d they have the nerve
bone to stand up and
what is right, and weToucedteedyyu
should stand by andmuthvpenyogrcu
Why will you be soagsegh.Hwiitit
n so many ways?te hdenArteyhi,~
there is a call made we pldlct?,ontfre
spond at once and not Ae' asprla o
a more convenient time,. nwI ae tebodpr
ie time, not tomorrow. nrihadbulspte
H. A. HARD)Y. gnrlhat neeywy
'armers' Union News.) ~ ~ q~1 a~wnlhst
.aE-Young Milch Cow
eifer calf, for cash or AU
sr.Apply to R. S. C~R aTRL
that t Whe .odws wooen Eglish

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