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I long to see the time come
'When the f arm er won't have to
Inke tilt imercllant's weights
onI oneasures, both in the buy
iOUn au1d thE selling. The farm
r ke (corn, cot.toni, lard,
iueat, eggs or butter to town;
ihe merlhunt don't take his,
s w1d for i hl ilinlbr o)f pounlds
w h I inh <(f ()oens of eggs.
No, thew uninnst I' veigled or
unted hv ilie ierchant or his
,lirk, and then lhe tells the
fa rmer what lie will give, and
nine wtlim3 1>t of ten the pro
dullcerl -.vill t:ke just what he is'
,ffenF d. l ,t the farnlers and
h eir v's. tio. organize and
Ilen keip in to'uch with the
uarkt repirts of supply and
delmand, :1141 thel let them
price ol thi wn products.
Yon know. bither farnier
,,r ought to have some idea
w;hat it c()sts to raise corn, cot
il, Inleat, hanl, etc.; the wo
iment (oiuit to know what it
costs to raise chickens or a
pomin1 of butter, and if they
r'oinot get the wowth of it, why
t Ak, it batck homec.
i)o not take any but good
s.ized, fat (hlickens to market,
1411d but fresh eggs and butter,
I hni a.k a Iiving price for them.
WHtI in-dt upon that or none at
1 1. Yon have as 1luch right
I< a , V wihuat your produce is
V. orth I as the merchant is to
p-ie yiu their goods, so let's
1mze 0more fully than just
ti keep uI) the price of cotton.
h it Idf all the products of the
uppiose thn farmers 10d their
Wives wert'organized, d(1(11't yvwn
t bink wve woubil l" Ie ti mr0
It I I ' I I iuinIk tIe
We Istud t |Ve hear anfother
xI I Iha i I Ity . I went to
ma rki I 1 11 mn day. wh1n a
V1 ; ! In l ' ( t, '1f u l 1(1aid she
1':itl a Vry 11ine ( \w which was
and walitt I to get sO-'Wne
n"iuI wiuntze lop r, some one who
heel p lint v 'if pro verieri, that
he wou'iild bh wiling to pay $1
r n 1 mnt h to anyv one who
iihl furnish the (ow with a
'iall and plenty of feed,
kdme if my husband
ii '' ty of "pro(vender." I
nyV 'IPov(iblI., but we's got
Iis of iihuk, fodder and( cot
iii - l4dls \.1h a I we f.eeds ouirn
Wi" \onhl I 1'l11my husband
onhil ud II ' tirh aps they could
inplied, "\lii'm . I (can tellI you
fast al biut, howlA he'd 'trade' with
o) t iha' is. he'd let the cow
(1in1k water out of the branch
f or 81 per' mlonth.'" T1henl she
asked me if I 50old strictly fresh
eggs, tl:at :4h1 would pay 12Ac
per dot zen f -r' them. I sai'
'My hens lay no other kind but
f resih eg'gs; I rouldn't supply the
dlemtand at better prices than
yVou offer, and no doubt the 0o(d
I armier that you engaged1 10
loard( vou r cow will furnuish yt u
'1 mlt a fr illnd soonl after1 and
asked her if I looked like a
reen orn. W ith a tw inkle
In her eves, she saidl, "Well,
n not exalt Iv, b t why do you
I tod her of the g(feer
"ns ('her I had rec'eived to hoard
( ow, and1 for "'strictly fresh''
Y-ugs. My fr'iend said, "I guess
she 1401nd out yOdu wasn't as
big a fool aLs you look." How
i-de umghed when I said, "WX~ell,
you, my friend, think I 'look
like a fool," no doubt others
do, too"
Mv youngest boy likes to get
a joke on mw, and knowing my
failingp to get suddenly ill, said
the other lay, "Ma, you'd bet
te' NOT get sick NOW. "Why
not nov more than another
time?" I asked. "Why, didn't
you know, ma, that there was
a company formed at Liberty
and have bought a hearse?"
I said, "'Who are the company?"
"The doctors, the druggist and
the undertaker. The under
taker hesitated about taking
stock in it, but the doctors and
druggist told him they'd see that
it didn't lack for patrons." I ex
claimed, "Preposterous!" when
he said, "'It's a fact, ma, and I
heard pa say he was going to
get him a new suit of clothes,
for if he had to have the doctors
with you, you'd be a 'gone
goose.' "I'll see your pa about
that new clothes business," I
replied, with some spirit, "see if
I don't." The little rascal was
grinning "fit to kill," when he
said, "'Now, ma, that's all a
joke about the hearse company t
and pa's clothes, but wouldn't
that be a paying partnership,
sure enough?"
Where is our "Red Rose?"
Surely you will bloom once more
in the columns of the S.-J.
Hon. J. E. Boggs, can't an
old Sabboth school pupil per
suade you to be a regular con
tributor to the S.-J.?
Did you ever hear of the little
boy whose mother told him that
-he was going to have company,
md for him not to talk so
much, that they'd think he was
L fool? She left the company
while, when they tried to get
uip a conversation with the boy,
And he answered them never a
word, when one of the women
aid, "'He nmut be a fool." The
little fellow. runing to his
mother, said, "W ein 1 talk You
--all me a fool, and when I don't
talk you call me a fool." Boo
I'm like the little bovx, except
when I don't TALK the family<
think I'nm sick, and1 1've got so
in the habit of talking that I
c'hatter through the paper when
I know that w hat I say may
sound foolish to some of vou.
But who can write eloquently
w~ithout first "'meditat Iing."' and
who can nmeditate when some
>f the family will be sure to
say, "'Are' you sick?"'
0. H. Lyon, Elliott Batson
md Miss Calvert Ha yes, of Cal-t
vert, N. C., visitedl the family
>f D). H-. D)avis last week.
Miss TIee Davis is attending
1he Teachers' Institute at Wal
alla, after which she will at
tend the one at Pickens.
Mrs. Sarah Mahoney. of New
York, suspecting that Frederick
Ross was planning robbery, 1
waited until lie got in the house,
when she threw her apron over
his head and sat on him until
help arrived.
Philip Fashold and William
Wolf, of Shamokin Damn, Pa., 1
after having been towed half an
hour in a boat on the Susque- 1
hanna river' by a 24-pound ca~rp,
were compelled to shoot the fish a
wit-h a rifle. .
N. IH. Kirssin, a merchant a-t 1
H-anover, Pa., having caught
Char-les Nickum, a negro, with i
a pair of trousers which he al- I
leged Nickum had stolen from
his store, compelled him ) o re- t
move the property from his per- I
son wvhile in the streot+
k Pure, inexpensive Supply Comes
from Above and Needs No Lifting.
A galvanized iron tank is placed iv
n upper room Just beneath tre' eaves
of roof. The ar
rangement of the
various pipes, etc.,
, , can best be under
stood by reference
to diagram given
herewith. T is
the tank; E, pipe I
from one side of
" roof; 0, overflow
eD of tank into N,
leader from roof i
to cistern; C, cis
ern; I, pipe from cistern to tank, by
vhich tank may be filled when rains are t
tot frequent enough to do it; P. pump
t kitchen sink; R, range; H, hot-water
ank; J, pipe from large tank supply
ng cold water for bathroom and for
kot-water tank; 11, bathtub; A, closet;
., cold-water faucet; M, hot-water fau
et; V, waste pipe from bathroom; D,
oil pipe leading to cesspool away
rom house.
The cut Is made in this way merely
o show the different parts. The va
ous fixtures should, of course, be lo
ated according to the construction of
he house, arranging things so as to
ake as little pipe with as few turns
Ls is practicable.
Tle pump is used for the water sup- t
)ly in the kitchen. Being a double- 1
tcting pump, one can, by changing the
hut-offs, pump water from the cistern
o fill the upper tank.
The filter, F, is not entirely neces- t
ary. By having an aerator attach
nont to the pump, and by taking the
,recaution to turn out the first water
hat falls after a dry spell, the cistern C
vill be quite satisfaetcry. It shouhi be t
leaned out two or three times a year.
Not counting the cistern (wich is
suallv alre.)l1y pre en1 ) the maturials,
ays the Farn Joirnal, would cost
;eonithin'; a..; 'foc ws (labor not in
GalaiIze.d iron taik, $5; bathtub,
;5; hot-w atr iak, ~- pumnnp, G $6.50;
mne and ong-half in-h glvanizedl iron
ipe an1 tre -in h a,.t-iron i ls to
:. .1,a it9 ;trap.;, vonts, etc.,
>erhap; $ 0.
The s-il .19e to the cespool should
vave a goo-- f:11 s- as always to run
lear or c-bstriin.; it should be
rappled an.1 vented in the best ian- t
ker. The fivtures in the hou.:e should
Ilso be tr-pi;erl al vented-a plum
ier will e::.!ain all uch dtals not
howi cu 'r i ' thout trap.,; ai 1
Tenis Se-er gai - .hkiy to get into ,
he house and poi- on the inmates.
lhea p, poorly connected plumling is
verse than nune-it is continually
setting out of crder andt menacing
ieaith. Get a first-class jcb.
Iclence of the Growth of Plants e
Should Be Understood by Farmer.
A. R. Whitson of the Wilsconsin sta
ion saya: Directly or indirectly the
ood of mankind comecs from the soil,
Ind( there is. therefore, nothing more
muportant In agriculture than that the
actors wvhich detcrmninc the produc- I
ivoness of the soil be thoroughly uin- .
lorstood. This bulletin is written for
he puirpos- s of putting before the
armer a statement of our present
:nowledge of the factors which infiu
nce the fertility of the soil and of the
elation of these factors to each other. d
rho agricultural plants require for
rowth a favorable temperature, !;ght,
nd a supply of material including car
on dlioxide, water and certain e-hem
cal elements derived from the soil. c
rhe chief of these elements are nitro- *
ren, phosphorus, potassium, calciumn
and magnesium, Since oxygen is used
it every point of the plant where t
growth takes place, it is needed at the
ops of the roots, and therefore soli t
nust be aerated. All these condi
ions are dependent on the climate, on
he physical and chemical conditions
>f the soi, and on various changes
;oing on in the soil.
To'ucht'd by Li- is sa stor'y, ai
-lari ihburg w'omian recently fuir
iished a meal to) a mal-meholy -
iobo whot hiad alppliial thetref.-r i
Lt thet back dloor. "Why1 dio yto1
tick out. the mniddio finger' i,f
rour left handI sot straight whilte j
rou a r.. e:i 'ing?"' askedl the Colm
>assioniah- w'iman.ll "Wasi it'
Ver' broke- ?" '"No, mtim"
Lnswer-ed the hobo, with a snuf
le. ''But dur'ing miy halcyon
lays I woe. a di.amonld rinug on
hat finger, and 01(1 habits are
iard1 to bre'ak, mum."-Har
>er's Wnekly.'
arge amount of nourish.
n is powerful nourish..
and muscle without
c. AND $1.00.
The _Cause oflMany77
I Sudden Deaths.
'here is, a disease prevailing in thij
couetry most dan crous because so decep.
tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused by
it - heart disease,
pneumonia, heart
1failure or apoplexy
are often the result
of kidney disease. if
-, I kidn trouble is at
- Llowelto advance the
kidney - p o is o n ecd
blood will attack th3
.. vital organs or the
kidnoyo themselves break down and waste
away colt by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result fron
a darangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver aid
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, an4 to get up many
limes during the night. The mild and the
sxtraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is :oon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
clerful cures of the most dintreczing cases.
- Swamp-Root is plcasant to take and oil
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
iave a sample bottle of
his wonderful new di?
:overy and a book that
oils all about it, both nomoram.oo.
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
he name. Swamp-Root. Dr. r imer's
3wvamp-Root. and the address, Binghramton,
q. Y.. on :very bottle.
>f reliable jewelry is here for your ..len
ire and seletion. You will think it is
lollillhey I imw4n aml- - np&e
t. e ae radyat ll- n. s t---. e
onth ids 'hic t2J ou{
nduember jwtoy io here fus reeour e
ireend E asley, Yo. wilti. ti
'isliisy jut s tre i n regaIf to Seingt'
OuMacin of asj a ny ed.tw
Byft nimey Large j sute ahn now,i ag
n at. o wel adlin yo regta
nhucwing awa three ton s.1 t of(II' 0very
Vhils mak 350 ns tue in r~t sewtine
,on Shuitt Lo -lciauh.esmae -ny no0
1The Itadar ot'l aryorinpis mstuy
hien-inicaly ctrrect ich fct hase
'vei-poe. y2 easo ucsfa
.lI ntsus iE STANDAi~)RTAiYSlUFlI
Vcin mak. m~ It-Lck an hin statmh
-ati Lhit 1Mcnote faito invlig0te
Thyet merits oftFarty s. itol ilenot
u'ist.iil Running tnd t h at ual
R- D roTe Ay 2t5Y y-Ar, mofucaftili
rvion."o rite f or trice so an
dAy PNyen PIOlanf. Grantee Sew-~j'
gEL Machins $12.00 up.i tw
Thei Standrd Stewn MachSeinel Co
58 . road Si it~Ft. Ata, Ga~s.Sint
feb20 H rm dgirc i c t lla
Convalescents need a t
ment in easily digested fc
- Scogffs Emu.so
ment-highly concentrate
It makes bone, blood
putting any tax on 'the '
Cure "Mad Dogs" With Salt.
A large crowd held by the f as
'inating interest of danger, and
tt the same time ready to retreat
n panic, watched a 'mad dog"
n east Sixty-fourth street, be
ween Park and Madison ave
mes, late yesterday afternoon.
?inally the spectators were re
varded by witnessing a marve
ous "cure" for whatever ailed
he animal.
A.small fox terrier was led to
chain by a well dressed
voman. William Wolf of No.
160 East Fifty-sixth street ac
ompanied her. Sudderfly the
Log began to run about the
voman's skirts and froth at the
nouth. ,Se ieral times he darted
oward her as though to bite her,
>ut she picked him up by the
:hain and held him. Edmund
Iiysaght of No. 201 East Sixty
hird street grabbed the terrier
)y the scuff of the neck. The
aptive tried to bite him, and
,ysaght found himself holdiirg
he animal with no chaice of
afety, letting him go. A great
:rowd had gathered at a safe
listance-and Frank Benhardt, a
ruck driver, prescribed con-nion
able salt as a remedy.
A maid from a neighIboriing
louse supplied a small sack of
al)le salt, and every time the
log tried to bark a handful of
alt. was thrown into his mouth.
The dog was fed several ounces
if salt and became very sick.
%7liten he recovered lie trotted off
>Oacefully at his owner's heels.
. veterinary said that. the terrier
lid not have the rabbies but an
lid-fashionod dog stomach ache,
Aid that the salt was as good d
em(edy as could have been pre
cr1ibed.-N. Y: Ameriican.
A magistrate in St. L.ouis dis
harged Ernest H-ol lendeck when
mC earned that the accusedl had
tolen a gooseberry pie from a
ail gliard and in trying to con
eal it slippedi, and~ all the culi
r~it got was the crust.
3o You Thinik
Forn Yourself ?
ir, do you open your mouth like a young
ird anad gulD down whatever food or modl
Ino may be offered you ?
If, you are an Intelligent thin-king woman,
a need of relief from weakness, xnervousness,
.ain and suffering. then it means much to
on that there is one tried and true honest'
iedicine OF KNowN COMPosuTrON, sold by
ruggists for the cure of woman's ills.
The makers of Dr.T'lerce's Favorito Pre
cription, for the cure of weak, nervous, run
own, over-worked. debil itated, pain-racked
romen, knowing thuis medicine to be made up
f Ingredients, every oneo of which las the
trongest possible indorsement of the leading
nd standard authorities of the several
crhools of practice. are perfectly willing, and
r fact, are only too glad to prInt, as thaey do,
ben formula, or list of ingredients, of which
is composed, in vksin Enish, on everya
ottle-wrapper. .
The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
eription will bear the most critical examia
Ion of medical experts, for it contains no
Icohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-forming
ruigs, aid no agent enters into it that is not,
iwhly recommended by the most advancedI
aid leading medical teachers and author
,ies of theilr several schools of practice.
~hose authoritiles recommend the ingredilents
f Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for the
reof exactly the same ailments for~~wich
his9 wrdfargdmdicheis advisd.
No other medicine for woman's Ills las any[
ucla professional ondorsement as Dr. Pierce's ri
'avoritae Prescription has received, In the un- ..
.ualitil recommurendatlon of eac'h of its,
everal angredilents by scores of le'adiang nmdi-,
at mn~ta of all thre schaools of practice, Is
ur'h an endorsement niot, worthy of your
cunsideration ?
A booklet of ingredients, with numerous
ut horative profesional oendorsements by the.
cadting medical authaorities of this counitry,
nil be mailed free to any one se'ndig namue
rid adress with requnest for samuo. Addres
r. Rt. v. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.

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