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Try a laugh whe the sigh fails.
Work will go easier and better if
you think it out ahead.
fled the horses well so they will not
bruise their knees on the floor.
You help yourself when you help
your neighbor to he a better farmer
Mix your feeds dry and wet after
wards, if you want to secure a good
1!Eggs from the best of the two-year.
old layers are considered best for
With a goodly flock of chickens the
farmer Is never at a loss for a little
ready money.
Where crude petroleum is obtain.
able at a low eiiough price it makes a
practical drorsing for roads.
When buying stock for breeding
purposes be willing to pay the price
which will secure the good grade ani.
If the temperatuore of your fruit and
vegetable cellar ranges too high open
the door during the night and close it
during the day.
The mistakes of the past should be
coml steppilg stones to bettor things
this year. not stumn 'intig blocks which
tire going to lurinog further failure.
To sell the corn off tho farimn sells
the frt ility off the pllae' but fed to
the stort it t1r111nS a double profit-, in
fat tend cattle ard logs and Ia
Wholl the nlane and tail are al
lowe 1l to heconie clogged with dirt it
is apt t.) erent, itching. resultitig in
tle horse rubbig hisel f inl such a
way) as: t.o injurle theml.
A diary for the dairy might be a
god thinl:g this year. I Begi in to keep
at rcord~ of the cows. See what each
one3 i doinig. T1est the milk onco a
miolub. WVeed out the poor cows.
K~eep the appel(tites4 of the heuns
shia. so liat they- will always be on
thet niaebi for foodi. ''nder-fed is bet
ter t han oi(verfedl'A twith 01 outry every
time. I ut thle best rule is to study
your f~ALck and( feed just right.
Miainig thue an~ d marking time
soundI~ a good deal aliko, but they ar-e
vastly different ini fact. T[he maker
of time is the hustler-, the marker of
ime is the follow who standits still
and1( shiltles. Lots of stepping but no
ft is saidl that not two per cent. of
the0 edlible plants of the world are
gr-own by tihe Amer-ican farmers. Tits
is reasotn enouigh, then, why the gov
(Irnmenit should send its agents into
all the wet-Id to find new plants better
atdapted to our lands thani some we
ar-e now gr-owing.
Swift's words are still true: Who
ever makes two ears of coirn, or two'
blades of grass, to grow where only
onHe grew before, deserves better of
niankinid, and does more essential
service to his country than the whole
race of politicians put together." Can
you stand tip brnother and say "that's'
Mark it dIown as a safe rule that the
bleating calf lacks something in the
way of food, water or care to insure
its comfor-t. However there are calves
that will bleat almost continuously
and for no other reason apparently
than because they are of that uneasy,
-restles~s spirit which marks them as
'undledirable to raise for dairy pu~r
poses. Gct rid( of such animals.
Lor-d John Ruttsell held farming Sr
high~ esteem. He said: "In a moral
POinit of view, the life of the agi-icul
turist. is the most pure and holy of
ainy class of menl pure, because it is
the most hehlthful, and vice versa
hard-tly fIndh time to contaminate it
andl holy, bocause it brings the Diety
perp'etually beor&e his vieiv, giving
hitn thierobt the nodt exa ted rIotleons
of supreme power, and the most en
during view of the divine benignity."
Poor economy to let-the stock run
down even if feed is high.
Reform your farm this year. Feed
the soil better and then till it better.
Cows left out in the storm and wind
are bound to show shrinkage in the
milk pail.
It is to the Interest of every dairy.
man to produce not only clean milk
but rich milk.
Make home the brightest and hap
plest place on earth. It should be the
children's haven.
The profit in dairying is dependent
on the kind of cows a man has and
the care and feed he gives them.
Make it a point never to drive to
town without something in the way of
produce to sell, such as butter, eggs,
poultry, etc.
When no rivet is handy a good sub
stitute can be found by cutting a wire
nail in two and using the part with
the head on as a rivet.
Fence posts are a considerable item
of expense, making it necessary to
make them last as long as possible.
Peeling off the bark helps some.
Salt is required by the animals as
well as by man. Even the chickens
require a judicious amount. Fed in
large quantities, of course, would
prove fatal.
You can put the ewes which are in
run-down condition in fine shape by
feeding a grain ration of wheat bran,
ground oats and peas, about one-half
pound to each sheep.
The grain binder: or thrasher al
lowed to weather the storms of winter
under a covering of wheat or oat
straw will not be found to be in very
good condition for next season's work.
Have the wood box large enough to
old several days' supply of wood.
Never let it get empty. You can
bring in wood at odd times. Wife or
daughters ought never to have to go
out after fuel.
Tle amount of money that finds
Its way into the owner's pocket at the
end of the year' tells the wihole story
whet her his cows are doing business
orl not. You might as well have one
goo: cow as 41 of the poorer ones.
It is easy to get mon'ey into the
poultry business and hard to get it
out. Go slow. lluild i) your busi
ness slowly and surely and you will
not be among the numher which de
lares that the pou'ltry business does
not pay.
Gilford Pinchot, the government for
ester', who has just returned from a
10,000-mile jaunt over the govern.
ment and prlivate forest preser'ves of
the country, declares that in 20 y'ears
the timber supply wvill b2 exhauuste.1
if the present rate of cutting goes on.
Scripture saith that the very hairs
of our: heads are numbered. This
fact has perhaps inspired some indus
tious person to count the feathers or
a lhen, for he is out with the informa
tion that the average hen has 8,12(
feather's concealed in various placel
about her anatomy.
The large calendars wt.th the big
white spaces where the numbers art
make admiirable record sheets for the
poultry. Put in the squares contain
lag the dates the number of eggs lait
on that dayf and so on through ths
month, then, as the leaves of the cal
endar' are torn off, file them away fo;
future reference.
Joseph Wing says that the Ameri
can farmer too often does not knos
how to plow. "Take the average
plowman," says he, "in the averag.
field and examine his work, and yo1
will find that he has cut a series o
grooves, leaving a series of ridges coy
ered with loose soil between them.'
This he thinks may pass for plowing
but it is not good plowing.
Seine rules laid down by a success
ful sheep breeder are as fellows: De
not breed to a dry-flesced ram. Tho
sire is the proper improver, but ir I
order to be such he must be a gooe
individual and descend from the besh
lineage. Study sire, dam and blooe
lines. Follow the show ring, but shoe
only good, wvell-fitted sheep. Have a
right ideal and breed to produce it
Honesty I3 of as much inmportance in
sheep breeding as It is anywhers else.
Here is Relief for Women.
I* ou hav-e p tIna in th" backc. Urimi'.
ry. BI:..dder or Kidney trouble, s'l wan
a certain. phe'5annt herb cure f--r womigi
an's is, try Mothier (Grav's Aus-r o' JAY.
LEAF. It is a safe ,ane neve--nfa.iin1
Irsegulator. A t- Drunda~Ita or by " itl .'ie )
And. You Will
By crlling on us before buying
isk Flour (and another shipmet
1'obacco, Molasses, etc.
Bring us your Corn, Pease, Be
rou the very top of the market f
If you haven't tried our Dr. H
Healing Powder, and Heave Pov
I size packages from the 25c. b
Our personal guarantee goes i
We also want to sell you your
,erfect" Fence. 1rices fronmg40<
Our motto is Honest Weights
"All Isn't
Sorner 'ain and Washington
To Break In New Shoes AMway Use
Allen's Foot-Ease, at po)wder. It pre
vets Tighlne-s and Blistering, cures
swollen. .4wveating feet. At all Drug
lista and sh~oe atores, 25c. Samzple mail
dFRFE. Addaess, A. 81. Olnmsted. Le
r'roy, N.Y. feb20w4.
W1'iuthr.'p College
'0oI :39i aRE Tntr8nci Zza1mi11tin,
The exxe. -Intion foar the Award of va
sanlt Scholareshipa In Winilhrop Qollege
md' for ilhe admission of new stue-.nts
will be held at thef enunity court ho'use
m Frida y. July . 't 1) a. m. A p'Iliennist
nes't 1.e n. lees than 15 ye ar-a . I age.
Wheno ae-hnla' ships are v*acant after .t'niv
, ther wvill be awarded to thc~a . masking
the high' a' average sat this "xaminnit ..n,
rovietedI thaey me.s-et the enaaditi nr a vr
*rning the ni ward. A poi canit for se-hn'..
irs) In~ shnhl write to P'-esis'ent John
cnn before the~ 'x"'ndnation for scholjar
chip examtinAtion) blAnks.
Rehoqlarsl s are wort h $1r0 and -free
tit Ion. 'I he 14-xt ee-siotua will open S. p.
--min r 1I). 1908. For further inaforr ma
irm: nand enatniin .-, address' Pest.!ent D). a
13. Jnhnrnan, Rno nflJl fsa C
4 GO
3rices are right
VMeights are rig
F'reatment is ri
your spring su'pplies. We have
it that will be here in a f.:w days
ans and in fact any kind of sale;
r everything.
ess Stock and Poultry Food, Lc
vder, you should do so at once.
ox to the ioo pound sacks.
vith every package.
wire fencing. We are agents fa
:. per rod up. Any height and i
and Good Goods." Come in an
Cold That C
Ihat look good.
Doubtless you've found THIS
out by experience.
That sort of EXPERIENCE
will end if you buy
of us, "Made Right and at the
Right Price."
Take a -little time when you
come to Greenville and let us
show you some of the newv
eSpring Styles.
Strictly One Price. Every
thing marked in p1 uin fi~ures
and your money b ick . y ou
are not satisfied.
th & Brist4
[Will Outr Custo mers be.
That is the question that
store. When we buy-and w]
qlualities and make prices,
ourselves. The pleasing o~
object to be'attained. It an'
let us know and we will mal~
Uhe Busiest Man in Toy
Always has time to keep t
ads-antage of them. That's '
and business capacity. TIhai
tion that makes him the busic
See us for anything in our lii
can anid will save you money
r.IjBP7Jrry IrIAJ n WnAr.
I . I
a nice lot of Ballard's Obe
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kble produc.. We will give
use Killer, Worm Powder,
The Stock Foo-l comes in
r the celebrated "Pittsburgh
veight you want.
d see us.
GreenilleS. f
Ge e lle we seec
that is the question we ask
our customers is the first
thing does not please you,
*e it right.
bon our bargains and take
because of his shrewdness .
t's the result of the disposi.
st man in town. How about
ie and get our
!?E CJO., Libe,iA,.u.

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