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Piokenls Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. L. 0. TioMPSoN. EmiTon.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R ites lensonable.
Entered at Pickens r'ustoillce as Second Class
Mail Matter
She was an artist:
"'I pt mly arms around her
The color left her cheek:
But on the shoulder of my coat
It stayed about a week."
Nearly everybody in the U. S.
Senate calls Senator Scott, of
West Virgin ia, "Scotty."
Harry Taylor, aged 13, of
.Lon1g Island, se ra'tcied a ios
(uiito biti' aid bloodl poisoning
follved, re-Ilt lg ill deathl.
A big religiu revil in Nexw
York Citxy this snluner will be
mniag1e2I'd by Ilv. I)avid C.
Hulglh(es, fit he1 '1f thle t1totvernior
(I Nevw Y oIk.
Mr-'. Hairriet IfO(O,(df Thler
111ol))lis, \VY(., was elected by
the state lDemcrat ic c(011 venit ioll
Of ler state as an1 altrniate to
he tint ional coniveition.
Tliodore Roosevelt, Jr., is to
take a position with the Steel
Trust. Thus the predatory cor
poration licks the hand thai
chastens it.-.New York Post.
Illere is quite a diflerence be
tween '. W. Kitclin, of Nortl
Carolin 1 De tocracy, and th(
80111) kitchens of national Re
publicaiiisni.-[Vi(he State.
A jury at Wilkesbarre, Pa.,
decided that when Edward Sul
liv'an kissed Aliss Agnes Finn
against her will and bit her lips
the act was assault and battery.
Mrs. 0. M. McNair, of Tahie
quah, Okla., has been appointed
dispensary agent for the capital
of the Cherokee Nation. She
is the first woman to hold such
an office.
Rear Admiral Evans is an
expert with knitting and cro
chet needles, and his emibroid
cry is said to be as wonderful
and varied as Is his vocabulary.
Sonme of his most intinmate
friends have been favored with
gifts, the product of his skill at
embroidery, which they natur
ally treasure very highly.
A Boston woman, Mrs. Kath
erine L. Stevenson, has been
chosen by the World's Women's
Temperance Union to carry the
propagandla of the principals of
the union into the mlOst remote
nooks of the e arth and to Incul
cate the first rudinments of .temn
p)erance in the minds of many
nations, from the heathen Chi
nose to the highly-cIvilIzed Teu
ton. She is president of the
Massachusetts W. C. T. U.
tConv.les...ts need a
Iment in easily digested i
Scolt's .Emutsh
ment--highly concentral
It makes bone, blood
putting any tax on the
ALLt onuGcISTS, 8
Charter Notice.
Notice is hereby given that
we, the undersigned incorpora
tors, will, on the tenth day of
July, 1908,apply to the Secretary
of State for a charter to incorpo
rate " Flat Rock Baptist
Church," in Pickens county,
state of South Carolina, so that
said incorporated territory shall
embrace all the territory lying
within a radius of one-half ()
mile of the present "Flat Rock
Baptist Church" building, which
said church is located about four
and one-half (41) nlIes southeast
of Liberty, S. C.
June 30th, 1908.
J. S. WIL'SON.%,
Summons For Relief.
(Comiplaint Not Served)
State of South Carolina,
Pickenls County.
Court of Comniou Pleas.
John E. l3gUms, Plaiutiff,
Cora L. Bogga, Defend-int.
To the Defendait, Cora L. Bog-s:
You are hereby summonieid and re
quired to answer the conplaint. in this
action, which was flied inl the < l -e , f
the Clerk of Court of Pickens County,
S. C., On the 2.th11 (lily or Jinwe, 1903. and
to serve a copy of your ni-swer to tile
said complaint, (in the subscribers at
their oflice at Pickens S. C., within
twenty days after the service hereof, :x
clusive of (lay of s:clh service; and it
you f ii to answer the complaint within
the ti re aforts rid, the Phaintiff in this
ac ion will npvly to tlie Court for the
reli-f deattalerl in the complaint.
D:rtetl June 21, A. D. 1U0.
A. J. BoC C4, V. C. P.
l'hintiil's Attcorneyp.
Anude'son county produced
more cotton last year than any
colmty in the state. with Spar
tanhurg - secomd and Orange
burg, which has been in the lead
for several .yvars, third on the
list. The exact nuniber of 500
- pound bales in each county
tvere as follows: Anderson, 63,.
(651; Spartaliburg, 55,165; Or
angeburg, 46,100.
The Story of a Medicine.
Its name-"oolden Medical DiscoveryU
was suggested by one of its most import
ant and valuable ingredients - Golden
Seal root.
Nearly forty years ago, Dr. Pierce dis
covered that he could, by the use of pure,
triple-refined glycerine, aided by a cer
tain degroe of constantly maintained
hoat and with the aid of apparatus and
appliances designed for that purpose, ex
tract from our most valuable native me
dicinal roots their curative properties
much better than by the use of alcohol,
so generally employed. So the now wvorld..
famed "Golden Medical Discovery," for
the cure of weak stomach, indigestion, or
dlyspepsia, torpid liver, or biliousness and
kindred derangements was first made. as
it ever since has beeni, without a particle
of alcohol in its make-p
A glance at the full l'ist of its ingredi
ents, printed on every bottle-wrapper
will show that it is made from the mnost
valuable medicinal roots found growing
in our American forests. All these in
gredients have received the strongest en
dlorsement from the leading medical ex
perts, teachers and writers on Materfa
Medica who recommend them as the very
best remedies for the diseases for which
"Golden Medical Discovery " is advised.
A little book of these endorsements hatt
been compiled by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo, N. Y., and will be mailed free to
any one asking same by postal card, or
letter addressd to the Doctor as above.
From these endorsements, copled from
standard medical bobks of all the differ
ent schools of practice, it will be found
that the ingredients composing the "Gold
en Medical Discovery" are advised not
only for the cure of th~e above mentioned
diseases, but also for the cure of alU ca
tarrhal, bronchial and throat affections,
accom pal ned with catarrhal discharges,
hoarseness, sore throat, lingering, or
hang-on-oh and all those wasting
afetin wicdi, if not promptly and
Droperly treated are liable to terminate
ineconsum ption. Take Dr. Pierce's Dis
covery in time and persevere in its use
until you give it a fair trial and it is not
likely to disappoint. Too much must not
be expected of it.' It wvill not perform
miracles. It will not cure consumption
in its advanced stages. No medicine will.
It mm cure the affections that lead up to
consumption, if taken ?in frns.
large amount of nourish.
mn is powerful nourish
and muscle without
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on any over
need of reple
travel with? Are a
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