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ickons Sentinel-Journal
H appeoings of a Local and. Personal
- a good
C. E. Robinson and Major
Nimmons wont to the Oolenoy
section Tuesday, on business.
Mr. Ben McDaniel returned
Monday from a pleasant visit to
his father in Rutherfordton, N.C.
Lend a helping hand to the
U. D. C. and also enjoy a treat
by going to the entertainment
The friends of Doc Pace are
pleased to so him on the streets
again, after 'being~ critically ill
for some time.
The Layman's Missionary
meeting was well attended at
Enon last Sunday and the col
lection was fine.
Charles Foster an(d Vance
Featherstone, two fine young
men from the Peter's Creek sec
ton, spent Monday in town.
Messrs. Larry Thornley, Geo.
S. Legare, Bailey Robinson and
C. Bacon and Master Bill Legare
are off to the mountain streams
on a fishing.) trip.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bacon, of
Charleston, S. C., arrived in
Pickens a few days ago, and
while here will be the guest of
' ' ' S. Legare.
Atlanta, is
in Pickens
and Mrs.
I n1y friends
are looking so
The Daughters will give an
entertainment in the schoo1
house Thursday night, July 2nd,
consisting of music, "The Arkan
sas Traveller," a cake walk and
other Lttractions. Admission
15 cents.
The Easley ball team vent
over to Westminster Thursday
and got beat 16 to 2. If Hagood
Bruce and Pat Jennings of Pick
ens hadn't played with Easley,
no telling what the score would
have been.
Miss Pauline Izier of .Orange
burg, reached Pickens Monday
afternoon, and her many friends
were delighted to see her. She
will be the guest of Hon. and
Mrs. George S. Legare while in
H. M. Hester, popular rural
nor~'on Route No. 2, leaves
* **. *~''' I-Y ate from
* e~n to the
* aral Car
rieil, whc act la Aiken, S.
C., on July 3d and 4th.
The siging at Concord church
last Sunday was attended by a
big crowd, people from all over
the county being there. There
-was some good singing in the
forenoon and afternoon, and a
good sermon at 11 o'clock.
'Those strange d i sc or dan t
notes and unearthly noises are
being made by the Pickens Band
which has resurrected itself
from oblivion and has resumed
their siestas of practice. Do not
get scared at the fuss; it is noth
ing to hurt you.
The town election yesterday
resulted in 70 for and 1 against
surrendering the present char'ter
of the TownI of Pickens, and
accepting incorporation under
Volume 1 of the
'utes of South Cai'o
w r~ i XLVIII.
J. C. Beard visited his parents
in Honea Path last veek.
Miss Thalia Griffin of Green
ville Is on a visit to her aunt,
Mrs. H. M. Hester, in Pickens,
- Miss Vesta Ashiore left Tues
day for an extended iisit to
Atlanta, Chicago a n I other
This has been a dull week for
the baseball team, no game hav
ing been played and no practice
work either.
Mr. J, 0. Brock, lately of Sen
eca, is opening up a first class
jewelry shop in Pickens this
week. He will, for the present,
be located over the Pickens Drug
Co., but will soon move into the
building now occupied by bar
ber Porter.
There will be an all day sing
ing at Antioch Baptist church
the second Sunday in July.
Pominent leaders will be present,
and everybody is invited to come
with plenty of song books and
well filled baskets, and have an
enjoyable and profitable time.
The Teachers Institute opened
Monday with a good enrollment.
The enrollment is increasing
daily. The instructors are Profs.
Swittenberg, Dominick and Miss
Moseley. They are paid by the
State and the teachers of the
county should attend the school.
The Pickens Mill and Liberty
Mill baseball teams played a
Ivery listless game on Saturday
afternoon, the result being 12 to
0 in favor of the former. A large
crowd was present and cheered
the boys when they deserved
applause, but there were timep
throughout the game when an
officer like Hovey Nealy conl(
,have proven vagrancy against
the entire audience. Many phie
nomenal plays were made, foi
instance, Green M c L e s k e y
caught a ball,and the "immortal
George" never received such an
ovation as Green did when he
pe formed this great stunt. Ha
good Bruce also came in for con
siderable applause, he not only
caught a ball, but made foul
hits out of three chances. This
record has never been equalled
in the history of baseball, but
Hagood is willing to make an
affidavit to the above effect, so
we have every reason to believe
he is correct in hIs statement.
Wyatt Jennings played a star
game and told many jokes
throughout the game and kept
the audience in good humor.
Wyatt was hit by a pitched ball,
which of course was purely acci
dental, but had it not been foi
the influenc' of Manager Beard
the Liberty pitcher would have
,been prosecuted for assault and
battery with an intent to shorten
the future of 'this promising
Picnic July 4th.
Pickens, R. F. D. No. 4.
There will be a picnic at Mr.
N. J. Anderson's spring, near
Oolenoy church, July 4th. It is
'the most ideal place for a picnic
in the up-country.
Program for the morning:
Song, America; declamation, by
James Anderson; song, by littk
Misses Viola and Cleo Hendricks:
recitation, Flag of the Rainbow,
by Misses Irene and Irma lien
dricks and'Inez Keith; reading,
Declaration of Independence, by
Thomas Griffin; recitation, 4th
of July, by Miss Alma Jones:
(declamlation, by Feltz Crenshaw:
song, Star Spangle Banner.
Everybody is invited to come
and bring well filled baskets.
The candidates have special In
vitations. There will be plenty
of fried chicken on the table. *
Early Cotton tIossoms.
Pickens, S. C., R. F. D. No. 5.
Mr. Editor: Inclose you will
please find a coton bloom which
was open the 22nd of June.
Please publish In your honor
Iable paper and ask If anybody
'can beat this.
Yours respectfully,
Will Anderson, colored, who
lives on Mr. Jim Kirksey's farm,
one mile from Pickens, brought
a cotton blossom to this office
Tuesday morning.
Card of Thanks.
We take this method of ex
tending our thanks to our neigh
bors and friends for their kind
ness and help during the illness
and death of our husband and
father and brother. May the
blessings of God be showered on
them. Mus. MARY MCCOMBS,
Family aind1 Brothers.
Pickens-Table Rock Street.
As I have heard nothing from
this street I will drop you a few
Crops are very good and fruit
enough to do us.
E. F. Keith's new hotel is
nearly completed and will soon
be ready for boarders.
What has become of the
county conunissioners? - Fell in
some gully in the road and h ave
never been found, I presume.
Dr. Horton is getting some
practice around in the nmoun
We dont feel that we are
losing any good news by not
taking the Pickens Thumb
paper (Pickens News). The old
S.-J. is the sheet in which
wve are and ever will be inter
ested. PEirER Pusu A LONG.
Horses Taken After Suriender.
Abbeville, S. C., June 24.
ED. JOURNAL:-Just before the
last session of congress adjourn
ed we succeeded in passing the
''The time for filing claims
under the provisions of the act
of Feb. 27, 1902, and amend
ments thereto, for horses, sad
dles and bridles taken from Con
federate soldiers in violation of
terms of surrender, and for the
payment thereof, is extended
for twelve months from the
passage of this act; all claims
not presented within this time
shall be forever barred."
The above does not refer to
any other property of any kind
except that mentioned. If in
terested parties willl write me I
will take pleasure in having
their claims collected.
Very respectfully,
In a fight in River View park,
Pittsburg, between a deer and a
bull dog, valued at $500, the
deer won easily, killing the dog.
Farm For Sale.
Do you Need a Nice Little
I have a place lying 44 mile:
southwest of Pickens, contain
ing 62 acres, 35 of which are ir
cultivation, balance in timber
Two good cottage dwvellings anm
necessary outbuildings, goof
pasture and nice little orchard
Place is well watered, in a gooi
neighborhood, and a bargain a
$30 per acre. Termus to suit you
See me at once, for such a plac<
will not stay on the niarlket long
at the price offered.
H. M. H EwTrn Pickn, . C
Candidates' Column
For U. M. Menate '
I beg to announce my candidacy for the
Uiit.d States Senat in the approaching Demo
cratic priinarry, and I respectfully solicit the
support of the Democratic voters of this State.
For Congress, 3d District
For Molicitor 10th Circuit
I am a candidate for the office of Solicitor of
the 10th JudleIal Circuit of South Carolina,
subject to the rules of the Democratic party. I
have served in court continuously for several
years as court stenograher after completing
ily law course arid I am aniliar wit I the work
ings of the coul ts. M. C LONG.
I hereby annronitce myself a candidato for the
ottice of Solicitor of the Tenth Circuit, and
pledge myself to aibide the result of the primary
election, and to stupport the nominees of the
Democratic party in said primary.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
Solcitor of the 10th ,iudicial Circ1it, subject to
the Democratie Prinry election.
A. if. DAGNA LL.
Subject to the iemocratic primary eleetion.
I ant a candidate for Solicitor of Tenh ,Judicial
circuit. J.J. MeSWAIN
For House of Representatives
The many friends of the IION. JAMES P.
IA IIY respectfully announce him as a candi
date for re-election to the House of Representt.
tives, subject to the action of the voters in the
primary election
For Clerk of Court
I hereby minnounce myself a candidate for
Clerk of the Court for lickens County, subject
to the action of the Demoeratic Primary.
To the Citizens of Pickens Conty:
I anking you for your confidence and sup
pot in tihe pnist ud assuriui youithat I shall
nilways endeavor to prove worthy of It in the
utn ire. should you see fit to again entrust me
with the ofi10, I offer Imyself a candidate for
it election to the ollice of' Clerk of Court, sub
ject to the ienocraetie primary election.
lespcetfuIlly, A. JOHN BOGGS.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself it eandidate for re
election to the ollive of SherilY, suhject to the
ictionr of the voters in the Democratic primary
ele-tionl. .1. U. .ENNINGS.
I hereby aniouniee myself as a candidate for
for Sheril of Pickents contty, subject to tie
rules rnd regulatiors of the i)emrocratic party.
I hereby ainoimee myself as a candidate for I
the otiee of Sherifl of Pickens Cournty, subject
to the netion of the D-moeratic priary.
It. It. ROA IK.
I hereby announce myself its a candidate for
the ottive of Sheriff of Pickens county, subject
to the action or the mocrrrtic primiry.
For Auditor
I hereby offer my-elf as a eandidate for the
otlice of ronaty Auditor, subjeet to the actionr
of tie Iemnocratic party in the primry election.
\\'hile comp arratively i youig imrai. I feel corm
Ieterit to discharge the diuties (if tie othi1c, and
If elected I will discharge sit nir daies to rmy best
Iability, Give the buys it elhanne to show what
they eam do." SA M i. CIA IG.
I hereby mnounce myself a enridate for re
election to the olice of Counity Adito:, subject
to tire aetton of tie voters in the Demomritic
primy to N. A. CilISTOPli R.
For Treasurer
I hereboy annource myself a erndidtite for re
election to the ofliee of Treasurer of Pilekens ,
pounrty , sul.jeit to the action of the voters In
the Democratic primary election.
it. ). GARVIN.
For Co. Suipt. of Education
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
re-election to the ottice of Counity Supertintend
ent of Education of Pickens Cou nty, subject to
the actioun of the Diemocratle prirmanry election.
For Muye'visor
Thie fuieuids o1 MR. E. F. LOOPERil aninourne
him as a cerndidarte for re-election to the office
of County Supervisor, subject to thre Demo
cratic Primary election
The marr friends of ex-Commissioner ROB
ER T ST EWART respectfiully announce him as
a candidate for the office of County Supervrsor,
subject to tire action of the voters in the pri
mary election. VOTERS,
For County connnissioner
I hereby anniournce mys-f a canrdidate for the
olilee of County Commissioner, suhic to the
action of thre voters int the prrimar ' eetioni.
With the consent of a few friends I announce
myself a candidate for County Commissioner
abuiject to tire irirmary election. I.amirn favor of
the Texars wide road system, so tire men who
have beeun planting cotton arnd cutting ditches
in a six foot road will have to stanrd hack.
I herehy announce myself.a candidate for the
oflice of County Comtnissioner of Pickens
County, asubjaet to the action of the D~emocratic
party ini the primary election.
The many frIends of 0. WASH IIOWEN an
rnounce him as a candidate for re-election to
the ofice of County Commissioner, subject to
tihe action of the voters ini the primarry election.
I hereby anndqine myself a candidate for
Commissioner of Plckenrs County, subject to
tire action of the voters in the Democratic p ri
mary election. S. A. McA LISTER.
The many friends of NOAh Ht. MOORE here
hy announce him 'a candidate for re-election to
the office of County Commissioner, subject'to
tire action of the voters in the iermocratic pri
mary election. Hie has Nerved the county fr
two yeaarn to the best of hIs ability and w il do
oven betts r in the future.
- For Coroner.
The friends of D). A. PARtROTTi respectfully
annionnrie him a candidate for re-election to thre
011nce of Coroner, subject to tire acotion of the
voters In the Diemocratic pirirnary election.
At tire solicitafiont of frienrds, I hereby air
troun rce mryself a carndidate for Coroner of Piek
errs county, surbee-t to thn action of the Demo.
cratic party in the prrimary election.,
P. H. 11OGGS.
For Magistrate Pickens Township.
To tire V'oters of Pickens County, S. C.I
I ant ia little diafigured, bitt still in tire rIng
for the oillco of MagIstrate. I want all of you
votrstorekte carly, whiile I maiy lbe foirnd
before threelection daty draws nigh, when nmany
shrall strive, bunt few slall enrter in, anid tire
votes will be coutetd arid threelection mranargers
shaill say to all who are riot prepiared, dlepart
from irs, we don't know you, and~ goye down to
whrere tire Whanrgdoodte nmournet hrfr lis fnrst
born. W., C. HRiAMLETT'i.
I Irhereby announce ms'self a candidate for
Maglatrate for Pickensa Townshrip. subject to
the action of the voters In tire Decmocratic pri
maury election.
For MagIstrate Cen(ral Townsip,
To the Democratic Voteis of Central Townstr
This is iu 111for) you tWat LOY 118ii 1Wi
reserate to yu In the pimaryet a cow
P40 the office of Magistrat 11 Geliti M lowuhp
I ereby announca nself uicandIdate ftr m
election to the office of WMaglhtrate of Centra
Township, subject to the action of the Votes "M
the AVenocratic primary election.
Via Southern Railway.
Extremely low round-trip
Week-End Excursion Tickets
ire now on sale for all trains
Saturdays and for Sunday
morning trains only, to Isle oft
Pine3, Tybee; also to many at
bractive Mountain Resort Points,.
Erom principal stations in South.
Darolina. Tickets good to re
burn until Tuesday following:
late of sale.
Also special Sunday Excur
Aion rates from Columbia, Au
usta and intermediate statione
bo Isle of Palms ar.d Tybee.
For details, rates, etc., apply
o Southern Railway agents, or
J. L. MEEK, A. G. P. A., At
anta, Ga.; J. C. LUSK, D. P. A.,;
Dharleston, S. C.
The Oriat Common Sen Trltmail -
ro cure diseases without medicine.,
If you complain in any way,.
;ee or write me today at Brevard,.
9. C., and secure a life's time
:reatment, which cost you $4,.
md the filling cost $2 or 2.50,.
otal $6 or $6.50 and I will send
t to you prepaid with full in
itructions and everything re
My home or head office is al
vays open and orders are filled
)romptly. Notice this ad and.
rou will always know my where
ibouts. If you wish to try my
Ireatment while in Easley, S. C.,.
,ee me or Mr. J. L. Thomas,.
D. S. Holder, Dovy Hink)o 6
3eorge Haygood, or in Liberty,
3. C., see me or Mrs. T. J Boggs
,vho will be glad to wait on you.
[f you buy this treatment and
ind it to be a kind of trickery,.
-oot, rubbing, electric or faith.
mre, I will refund your money
it once. It is simply an intelli-.
~ent common sense treatment,,
recognized by all intelligent peo
ple when they understand it.
No well read doctor will speak.
igainst it because they cannot
zet along very well without it in
many cases. So why nrot buy
bte book or pamphlet and have
a knowledge of your own. Its
is worth a doctor's knowing and
it is worth your knowing to
teach to your children, that they
may be Ienefited after' you have
crossedithe river. That $4 will
(d0 them just as much good as
Lt did you before - you crossed..
Inquire after its merits among;
vour reliable friends and neigh
bors. If it is doing them good
it will do you good, whether yotx
buy it from a white agent, in
dian, dog or negro. Knowledge
is what ydu need, and that you
can get from the pamphlet and
supplement, or my instructions.
Don't forget that I refund yousr
money with one dollar extra and
pay your railroad fare back
home, if I fail to benefit you;
then and~ there, so come; andI
come all who are afflicted and
be healed or get more money.
Intelligent ladies and gentle
men with recommendations
wanted as agents at a price.
Write today for particulars
and circular.
Brevard, N. C.
Be sure to see who will "take
the cake" Thursay night

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