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Battle of Williamsburg.
rihle twilight Is falling. I am
.ooking~ over one of the most
be(auntiful landscapes that make
.h1 variled charnis among the
roaei ilIs of Pickens county.
Th swaIlows aire cutting tle
','ning air with their tireless
in. ''lie soft waking lullaby
,f he whiIIppoorwill is linking
-h* li5.it of the day to the star
kt mistury of the night. The
-, -phI vrs com up from the valley
to bring the fragrant breath of
:t11 Iho wild flowers. All these
! -ant voices fell from the lips of
lane iattare on the evening be
fore the hat Ile of Williamsburg.
Many of the bravo sons of
Moith Carolina's soil heard them
UP1 ilore.
There's no muiusic to soothe the
dull. ( old ear of death!
Tinte, pha e and circumstances
Jf "the now" s often tell again
:hc storV of t ha past.
It. was oil May the 5th,1862, in
Virginia, that the Battle ofWil
ai nisburg was fought. Early
A pil, General J. B. McGru
kr with a force of eleven thou
sou nwn foun(l himself well
nigh surroishd by the army
4of Gienend McClellan numbering
W1111 hundred thousand. Practi
fd ua lieiatics along with
'ji CleIlan iiht have said "sur
r*lder," but military genius, a
thib iif destiny, gave it not a
ihaughit. Tht peril of the hour
V":as so,'a uniiaol known to Gen
J; ! h E. Johnston. His
wn'.'u,1 st le ve RichIond to
r.+-h ) foce NJleG rtider, 14'1ortimate
-, I tIe tired lIiInhI of manv sol
dir boy lit at '<III 1ib)at was lyinIg(r
at it t P 1it 4 ll tIhe James
lIv All i midih b arl it to )Iek
i l a t I le w'11 StV i j Illill
' i ) mi - s"4 h 4 of4 \\il.
!h' . am l r i 1- .1, C it , . 1'. eIf.
a h r[. 21 lit hie i hatcfiih
]. Y in t l sw ip
bu:! t Il a soldier know s
ht u ..i is le-4 at the enda of
I ~ 2'ita ad ml arch was o
L.\ilanishmnrg, wvlire(e.
.!'-laan had prepared.* to fight
G ('1 Cellan wloe force far
nl unbuilered those of the for
At3 p. mn. the following
G a' e eh ed Williamsburg
918i' oft ls hlaving been 0og duty
aMurlis, bult b)eing fir'st on the
fieKld of battle we felt good.
This g'ood1 feeling was short
h-;:4d. In less than an hour .a
(a valrymlan elmeC dashing into
(lu r1 midst informing us that the
enemyl were in close pursuit.
(Jul. C. E. Mattison was ordered
To line upl his five companies to
'Wide >range of choice it
and Professional Courses lead
IBachelor of Arts, Bachel
struction, iBachelor of Laws,
and Elect; ical Engine'r.
*\Wel- equipped Laborat<
Expeases moderate-ma
Next session (10o4th) be.Ti
'For Anonceen+.,r+e
guard the two main roads to
Fort McGruder. These compa
nies were made up mostly from
Anderson, Greenville and Pick
ens counties. About 2 o'clock
in the morning a cold wind
brought rain from the east,
which continued throughout the
At the break of dawn the en
emy could be seen advancing,
I Col. Mattison received the order,
"Charge!" Next the "rebel
yell" rang out and the solid pha
lanx bore dowin upon the ad
vancing foe. The battle was
fierce at short range. Col. Mat
tison was ordered to fall back
and defend Fort McGruder.
Richard Burdine and Tinsley
Chiistopher, two school boys
from George's Creek, fell mor
tally mortally wounded in the
opening charge. The rain con
tinued. The fight went on
from daylight till dark, and the
storm of shot and shell contin
tied. I set this down as the
most trying day of my life.
History puts the victory to the
Southern army. It might have
been correct to have said that
neither won. So many times
that day each took and lost to
take again the same vantage
Among those who gave their
lives to the Lost Cause in the
hattle of Williamsburg was the
brave and dashing cavalryman,
G. W. B. Boggs. He -as the
father of Solicitor Julius E.
I Boggs. The first military
sj)eech I ever heard was deliver
ei by C. W. B. Boggs at Old
Pickensville more than 50 years
ao. lHe was a man who stood
inl the front rank among men
as to ability aid one of the
rafvest f tle brave. With his
gliu ring sword in hand, he and
his tierv st e I died together
WVlile leailing Ilik command in
1 des1i'ie cimrge on the en
*nIr . if it werie not an iniijustice
to mInly others that died in the
'discliart. of what they Con
wived to be their duty, I would
iecom mn11d that Pickens county
erect a monument to his mem
Pickens, S. C.
Account 4th of July Celebration
.via Souther'n Railway.
Greatly reduced: fare will be
in effect between all points on
the Southern Rail way on- ac
count of Fourth of July ce:lebra
tions. Tickets wvill be on sale
July 2-3-4, with final limit
July 8.
For details, rate3, etc., apply
to Southern Railwa~y agents, or
J. L. MEEK, A. G. P. A., At
lanta, Ga.; J.0C. LUSK, D. P. A.,
Charleston, S. C.
One fine jersey bull for sale or
service.. JOHN H. NEWTON,
Near Morris' Mill.
:y of
iScientific, Uter ary, Graduate
ing to degrees of:
or of Science, Licentiate of In
Master of Arts, Civil Engineer
>ries, Library of over 40,odc
n~y students make their owni
ns September 23, 1908.
:o President, Calambi, 5. C
W Tt
Copyright: 1907: by Byron Williams.
A Bad Actor,
YOU ot 2 Sea nit Tige-r dog
a-chasing11 of his- Tale!
mit hMother she Ist lafs at hi1M
until shte's g!ttin' pale
a' Mary, sh-'a th' ilp, you know,
she hias 2 hotld her side,
er else th', waiy shet lafs at Tige
wood Bust her open wide!
When Pa cumis hiomet my mna Shte sez,
"that Dog neer k-illed us awll
he's chased his Tale tht' hull day through
awl UP and down th' Hall.
hie Chases It around and round
until ihe Staggers so o
he searcely can retain his Foot
or tell which waly 2 go!"
and then we call Old Tiger in
2 Show pa how lhie does
and ma se sez 2 "Slek it, Tde. e!
Tilse way around! Now buzz!"
But Tige site hown upon his Talo
as dumpy as a log.
An' pa ses "Humep! There's nothin'
aboutthat Durned old Dog "
un h . Frills.
The young man who can play a
crackerjack game of billiards usually
Is not good for much else.
A lot of actresses must be cured of
Illness every ycar, judging by the pa
ent medicine testimonials.
One round of pleasui'e-An engage
ment ring.
Most me would be satisfied with
noderate success, if they knew it
would remain faithful by them until
the end.
Lost--One simplifed spelling fad.
Must o' died a-bornin'.
Isn't It funny, when you stop to I
think of It, how much we talk about
the weather?
The forehanded man will have kind
ling In his furnace, all ready for the
irst cold snap, and the snow shovel t
where it can be got at handily when
the first snow fall comes.
One way to make your wife's bis
cuits taste, like mother's did, is to
buy a buck-saw and saw wood an
hour before supper.
At fifty most men's heads are de
void, not only of laurel wreaths, but
halt-, agf well.
Postmenaregreat carriers of tales.
A man or woman who Is not pleased
with nature's colorings In October,
will bear d watching. w
To b really ae fait. a husband's
necktie should match his wife's gown.
It Is a long time now util you will I
discover that tho bottom of the straw
berry box bas moved up still another
Ah eao o woman snto bleae
afrid ofaue'rigs in Overori
wilyear~ acig
Toine eathesyo at fat hsband'ms
makes a bdlondi time util ys wil
dscver tratetheWhattpar of strd
bserr bxus? vdupsil ntc
e f d aa i
wewa adrnkn otr wa- r't h
Thestan forme a wcompny to bei
afriown bsh isealmosigtoe forp'ny.s
Fie ea otoh.erseyn an hat someters
mwe a brd pld thtcko buh," sarkst;
Dehver wriraostera part o a th'r
Wegr oundr ca by dfsoswter! Whilsto
booe. waitkn, no swcuy options. Ah
kon as th' Areal Irrigation cmp'ny.a
spendhr mney an booinkig anths itas
gime ter bgy to N.oc Jes' a'gonswhchre t
we ir toad upaceth' wtck on th' maet;l
thoat an' prmaiouse ek acrosso thi'
geroun ter h''Msey riserthen mthey orl
bel loadd uthe n th' ryciveicn
aloud ter leak back across thi' dessert ter
th' Pacific, thus makin' thi' dessert ter
blossom like thi' yard ter a railroad sta
tion. Fet a limIted time options may be
secured for one drink. Come early an'
avoid th' rush.-Alkali Eye.
Some String Hens.
Mr. J. 0. Whife, of Lockland, is ox-.
hibiting to his friends this week some
string hens which lie raised in his
Igarden.-Atkinsonl (S. Dak.) Reflece.
A Sure Recipe.
If you are fond of cucumbers and are
afraid to eat them on account of the bad
effects, hero is a s~iIre recipe for such sick-.
ness.. Take a. cuenunber, or as many as
'ou i ke, slice them thin and soak themy
I salt water over night. 'Next day
lace themn out in the sun to dry. For
et about them for a month. At the end
f that time they will be in such a con
itIon you won't wo~nt to eat them. In
is way they. won't make you sick.-Eau
lairo (Mich.) Enterprise.
"One. does not have to have much
ractice to be a good loser," says a
,hicago humorist. And the majority
f us seem to got more than our share
f practice all right.
)ne Instance in Which His Dart
Failed in ito Purpose.
When people first saw Nathaniel
leaforth they nearly always exclaim.
d: "What a dear rold gentleman!"
Vhen they know him better, they
;enerally added: "But a bit too fond
if interfering."
For Mr. Seaforth was the sort of
nan' who prided himself on "taking
n intelligent iterest" in other folks'
Now, of all things, he "loved" a
ove affair. He invariably scented it
far off, and did his best to help it
long. One day he was comfortably
isconced in an electric car when two
oung people entered-a girl and a
nan. There were only two vacant
eats, and they, alas, were on .oppo
ite sides of the car, and at different
The young people seated themselves
n these, but immediately Mr. Sea
orth, with a benign smile, rose cum
orously, and gripping each successive
trap in hazardous fashion, left his
eat, which was next the young wom
6n, and accosted the astouishod young
nan at the other end of the car.
"Take my seat,". he said, in the
olce of ene who would add, "and m?
>lessing, too." The young man obedi
mntly stumbled to the other end ot
he car.
The eyes of the whole company
vere riveted in sympathetic interest
>n the blushing couple now reunited,
Lnd Mr. Seaforth chuckled into his
-enerable beard as he said to his
"I don't like sweethearts to be sep
Lrated. I was young once, myself."
"Fares, please!"
The conductor approached, the
roung woman dived into her purse and
aid for herself, while the young man
)aid his nickel?
Had they quarreled?
The company were more interested
han ever. The young man hastily
he girl in stony silence. At last an in
;ot out at the next corner, passing
tuisitive but kindly disposed old lady,
rho could no longer restrain her curl
)siiy, turned to the girl:
"Why don't you kiss and be friends,
ny dear?"
"I've never seen the young man be
ore," was the frigid reply; and, fol
owing the direction of her angry
glance, the entire company gazed in
;icent condemntatien at the would-be
lupid in the far cornor.-Chicago
rri bune.
But They Gave the Judge an Oppor
tunity to Be Generous.
~he recent agitation for the better
safeguarding of money deposited by
'lients with solicitors must not be al
owed to suggest that all solicitors do
iot look faithfully to the pecuniary
nterests of those who pult their trust
a them. Especially is the contrary
rue in the case where A having
>1aced a sum in the hands of B, B
ias been compelled to hand it on to a
greater man in the' person of C.
For example, a judge, now deceased,
iad many briefs on hand at the mo
nent of his elevation to the bench.
A solicitor who had instructed him
a one case called and suggested that
is his client was not a rich mani, the
iew judge might properly return the
tumn which he had been paid for the
~onduct of a case which he could no
eager take.
His lodrahip was profoundly sensi
)ie of the morality of the suggestion.
:t ought undoubtedly to be done
1othing could be more just; but then,
t was not for him to establish a p)re
:edent which would be un'welcome to
hoe profession. He was naturally of
I retirig~g disposition.
"E~xactly, my lord," answered the
tolicitor. "We quite anticipated that
ron would experience such a difficulty,
mad for that reason we have stopped
he check."
Whether the language the new
udge must have used, if only to him
telf, was of a judicial nature the
~hronicles do not relate. It may be
aken, however, that it would have
ounded odd from the bench, and
nust have been blacker than the
ilack cap.-London Sketch.
A Certain Cutre fo'r Aching Feet
Aliens Foot-Ra~so, ai 'ower: cure
i'ired, Aiugii~, Swveating. Aw lien it".
8 imph"- tnt FR Eit, ialso S ,mile o' FooT
IC~A -lt MNiriPA'Y 'oaR PAD. a new inven
on. A I iress Alien ,'. Olms-ea-l. L
Ktdney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news.
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
Kilmer's $wanip-lkoot,.
I tho'great kidney, livei
and bladder remedy.
- ' L . it is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
covered after years of
VA s'cntific research by
Dr. i'ilmer, the emi
- - - nont kidney and blad
-- der apecialist, and Js
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, hidney. bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
lorm of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmor s Sc..wrmp-Root 13 not rec
ommended f or everything but if you have kid
noy, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need. It has been tested
in so many ways, in hospit'al work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
cbace rolief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement hes
been made by which all readers 9f this paper
who have not already tried it, ntay have a
sample bottle sent free by malt, also a book
telling moire about Swamp-Root'and how to
find out it you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writkig mention reading this generous
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,Bing
hamton, N. Y. The
regular fifty cent and Homeoof swamp-gq
dollar sizes are sold by all good drugglsts.
Don't make any mistake, but remembe
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y., on every bottle.
Sofl and Keeping Quality of Apples.
Investigations 'of the apple soils of
California have shown that there is a
close relationship between the keep
ing qualities of the apples. and the
various kinds of. soils on which they
are grown. This io very important
and should prove of great value -to
apile growers in planting new or
.4 . . .. ..
00 rell-11bl.. j -w%-Ory iz hi. r., for venir i1. n
nre tndf q# lec- ion. Y, u will thinlk it i.4
lmlli-' y time when you enme to inpt
it We are nt wy tit toll s. awns to Oifer
ifs s r n :.e- u no.r T olag
n focan. s0e are on Y' will tin iteg a~
llucente t tou youn to homp to reduce'u
it- nos -ae aal i ilnacnt fc
Tis~ is jrv as re i;noegard to lewng
Mi a'ch in e s a anythig lse.r-g
Buisingpou on ;~ .t'Lt 1. 3aIsh ines OR
mattnerna o ae you mpu edactually
Whis mak jst as tue in heame toime
Long hntle M anythain y 00.
Th usindar oata . incp4 &ins, o
macien fically code, wo hich factual
beeho vens bwy 25aee years.~ of cevefuy
Wimakhine a i-Lck ind th ame titch
-L rng Sttl ahndstagh Autye-0
aticmn LSt. -130 no)tail P. inv~pesigatet
hwen m~eriy5yas of sheFaest.htsul,
Iasi- all rtin and the meof'an dy ure
ie wihng SIIchCe ad TiE S I'AN D-~
(lAD ROARY. ''Aldeonstatio IsD'
r3Ev EhWIn Whior pis tnd
eng lhia. ach ie-o.0 stdCp. $ac
l 8ai . roadu' t.,-trh Atlat eGa
feb-c2 ft 0mL8tfilt i~lt gae.

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