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Entered April 28, 1908 at PikensS, at; seopd class matter, under act of ougres of March 8, 1879.
With the copious showers of
late and ' plenty of sunshine,
-verything of a green nature is
growing fast and looking well.
Well, the little place of Norris
is no longer to be a broad place
in the road, but hereafter is to
be styled a town. It has been
incorporated, with Enos Tate as!
intendent, and J. C. Garrett,
E. C. McWhorter, W. R. Johns-'
ton and Dock Newton as war-'
dens. L. P. Moser is the mar
shal, with W. Maddox as his
assistant. . They have been
making it hot for the trans
gressors. One coon caught a
freight train to steal a ride.
He was caught and fined $3;
released on the promise to
pay the fine in so ma ny
-days. When time was ip the
marshal went to collect the fine,
the coon refused to pay it, and
marshal went to arrest him,i
when coon showed fight, and
did fightlike a bulldog. After
sro long(. a time-- coon was landed
in guardhouse aid marshal left
with one shirtsleeve and a very
sore arm. Coon was given a
sentence of $103 or 36 days.
Up to time of this writing, coon
is still in guard house, with a
cheap pencil and a piece of . aste
board, figuring whether to take
-an appeal or take the dvs.
Warren Hopkins, of C(en tral,
killed a stork a few days ago
I;bat measured 5 feet and some
.inches from tip to tip to tip of
whinigs. Mr. Hopkins is a gnod
Hencry Rampey. of Cateochee,
was fooling with a dynamite
cap a few days ago, when it ex
ploded and took off his thumb
and a part of his forefinga,-r. As
3-Jenry could not work, he went
nut. walking to pas away the
-ime and to forget the pain of
his hand, when all at once a
rattesnake with 16 rattles and
a button asked him to fight or
r1n. Henry replied that he had
but one hand, but that he came
not of the stock to run. So the
light took place and Henry caime
out on top. Dr. Woodruff now
carries the scalp Henry raised
from his snakeship-16 rattles.
A small child of Mr. and Mrs
W. J. Rimpey, of Cateechee,
dlied a few days ago and was
buried from Cam p Creek church,
Rev.W. C Seaornconducting1
the funeral service. It wvas a
bright little child of 10 months
and the idol of its parents. They
have our heartfelt sympathies.
* A small child of Mr. a .id Mr's.
iPierce Waters, of Sentrea, died
there a few days ago and was
brought to this place. It was
buried at Flat Rock, below Lib
erty, the next (lay.
The Cateechee ball team play
ed the Enon lball team near
France Rogers' last Saturday
evening. The game resulted 5
to 0 in favor of Cateechee. The
Cateechee boys never practice
only ,on Saturday evenings.
However, they play well.
We have heard of gospel wig
.vams, tents and all other kinds:
of coverings for holding divine
wvorship, b~ut the latest thing
*out along this lino is a patent
John James, of Central, has
gotten up. Any man of brains
and a small amouint of capital
can, of course, build one, but ve
have it f rom good authority that
John -will proscoute any one in]
terfering with his rights. It is
built out of forks, pine poles and
cotton bagging. For further
information,, apply to John.
Well, as "Bonnie Blue Eyes"
knows so much obout the bo
quet that was given to the "Old
Bachelor," she nust have been
one of the girls that gathered
the tiowers. Ha! ha! If we
mistake not that is the first let
ter ever prepared by "Bonnie
Blue Eyes"for the press, and as
young as she is we feel under
obligation to commend her.
She is mighty sweet, anyway.
Come out, candidates, and lot
the votbrs know who you are and
what you want. Rumor has It
that Norris has one aspirant for
the legislature, who has it under
deep considerotion.' If he de
cides to run and is elected (and
we believo he will be), Pickens
county will be taken ca re of so
far as he is concerned. We hope
he will decide to run.
We hope the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee will give the
Cateechee voters a chance to
hear the candidates some Sat
urdayay lafternoon. They,have
no chance otherwise.
T. M. Norris is erectino a nice
up-to-date residence at Central,
where he expects to move next
Haiby Mize, of Cornelia, Ga.,
visited at Mrs. P. Wliten's last
Mrs. G. F. Norris is on d visit
to her father and mother, Dr.
and Mrs. Rigell, of Batesburg.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. E.
M. Locke, a fine boy. Mother
and baby are on a visit to Mrs.
L.'s father and mother' Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Huckabee, of Nor
ris. Mr. Locke is in the mer
cantile business in Greenville.
Aaron Terrell, of Carnesville,
Ga., is visiting his sister, Mrs.
P. Whiten, of Norris.
Rev. Boiters, who held a tent
meeting here sonie time ago an(d
went from here to Libeity, is
hack in Cateechee with his tent.
We~ have been requested to
say that C. Durham is captain
and H. C. Herrin general man
ager of the Cateechee ball team.
Anyone wanting to confer with
them can do so by addressing
them at Cateechee.
The boys at Cateechee who'
constitute the brass band hv
caught on to the hang of the
horns, and can now make the
hair rise on any old soldier's
head. Jas. Parsons has been:
their teacher. Anyone who
knows Jim knows what he can
do with a musical instrument of
any kind. B.
Chgjrles S. Capen is a school-'
ieacher in Boston. He celebrat
ed his 84th birthday a few days
ago. He has'- been a teacher 63
years, and in 67 years he has
not missed a day from attend
ance upon his duties. In recog
nition of this remarkable record
he has been rewvarded. The
board of education has given
him a silver medal worth about
60 cents.
Democratic Executive Committee 1
Pickens, S. C., July 4, 1908.
Pickens . Democratic county
executive committee met at 10
a. m. July 4th, C. E. Robinson
in the chair. Present: C. E.
Robinson, R. G. Gaines, W. A.
Boggs, J. E. Gillespie, R. F.
Smith and T. J. Mauldin.
T. J. Mauldn elected Secre
tary and Treasurer of committee.
Petition to establish a primary
voting precinct at Flat Rock,
signed by about sixty names
taken up. After discussion, it
was unanimously decided, on
motion of R. F. Smith, duly
seconded, that a primary voting I
precinct be established at George 4
W. Russell's store-"FlatRock."(
Dr. Smith mo'ved ti at each
manager of primary election be
paid one dollar per day for one
day's service, and five cents per
mile one way to such managers
as shall bring the returns to
Pickens, this to cover all primary
elections for 1908. Motion was
On motion it was decided thxt 1
assessments to cover all primary
elections 19)08 be as follows:
House candidates, $5.00 each'.
Clerk of Court, $7.50: Sheriff,
$7.50; Auditor, $7.50; Treasurer,
$7.50; Supt. Education, t7.50:
County Supervisor, $7.50; Coro
ner, $5.00; County Commissidn
ers, $5.00; each candidate for
Magistrate in the counItv, -1.00.
On motion, it was decided to
ho'd only one campaign meeting
in each towvnship ill the county.
The following places and dates
were, on motion, after discus
sion, fixed fo' campaign ieet
Easley tow% nship, at Easley,
Saturday, August- 1; Liberty
township, at Liberty, Satturday.
August 8; Central township, at
Central, Saturday, August 15;
Hurricane township, at Mile
Creek, Tuesday, August 1 8;
Eastatoe township, at Antioch,
Wednesday, August 19; Pump
kintown township, Hendricks'
Gin Spring, Friday. August 21;
Dacusville township, Hogsed
store, Saturday, August 22; Pick
ens'township, Pickens, Monday,
August 24.
It was further decided that the
candidates may hold any other
meetings that may be agreed
upon amongst themselves at such
times as may not conflict with
the above appointmients.
The following managers were
appointed, the managers at each
piecinct being authorized to sub
stitute mianagers in the event
any named anjy be unable, from
any causo, to serve:
Easley: J. B. Jameson, A. R.
Hamilton, Laban Mlauldin; Eas
ley Cottoni Mill: Of. B. IUamilton,
W. R. Oats, W. A. Barr; Glen
wood Cotton Mill: Samuel Smith,
Major Kelly, Wmn. Rogers; Cross
Plains: J. R. Lathem. Warren
Jones, J. B. Findley, (Bud);
Croswvell: J. 0. Hughey, Walter
Kay, W. D. Gari'ison; Liberty.
B. H. Callaham, W. 0. Willard,
John Rankin; Flat Rock: G. L.
McWhorter, L. E. Prince, G. W,
Russell; Central: E. B. Stephens,
J. D. Boggs, J. S. Hyde; Central
Cotton Mill: R. P. Gaines, C. J.
Tarrant, J. H. James; Calhoun:1I
J. A. Holden, W. H. Grant, W.
N. Cochran; Cateechee: A. J.
Crane, S. W. Howard, T. W.;
Dhild; Norris: E. C. McWhorter,
E. W. Tate, I.. D. Rice; Six Mile:
D. E. Garrett, A. D. Mann, Pink
Willimon; Mile Creek: B. F.
Alexander, . B. Dalton, J. L.
14urphree; Gap Hill: B. D. Maul
lin, T. E. Craig, T. G. Oliver;
Praters: C. G. Lewis, G. C.
Bolding, Walter Seaborn; Rocky
Bottom: John L. Cantrell, D.
q. Nealy, E. C. Gallaway; 'An
ioch: John W. Thomas, J. T.
qcKinney, E. C. Bowie; Laurel
Fork: G. W. Holcomb, J. D.
J"happell, J. L. Morgan; Holly
3prings: W. H. Chastain, J. C.
3raveley, Lee Lynch; Pumpkin
;own: Robert Jones, J. D. M.
Keith, H. H. Lynch; Peters
Jreek: J. T. Foster, W. E. Hen
Iricks, J. E. Singleton; Pleasant
Irove: D. L. Barker, J. B Rig
lon, W. D. Hendricks, Jr.; Da
musville: M..V. Hunt, Sr., J. T.
Fones, McFall Baker; LQoper's
]in: J. L. Looper, E. L. Jones,
-eo. Pobinson; Pickens: M. 0.
iooper, T. 0. Allgood, W. E.
The executive committee here
)y gives notice: That blank
>ledges can he had from C. E.
ilobinson, chairman, or T. J.
Viauldini, secretary and treasurer,
Vh ich pledges must be signed
md filed and the above stated
issessments paid to either the
,hairman or the secretary and
reasurer, by the 131st day of
Iuly, 1908, or they will bo barred
mro entry in the primary. elec
iol). This provision ap)lies also
0 ll candidates for Magistrate
i every towip in the county.
On motion meeting adjourned.
T. J. MAUAmN, Chim.
July 4, 1908.
Pickens-R F D 2.
As I haven't writeiu to you
Or some1 time, I will give you a
ew itemis from Pearidge.
Health good an(d crops look
lng line.
We are, however, having too
nuch rain. It has been raining
oiwo weeks, and we have
ome grass; but if the stin will
;hine a few day.; we will soon
ix it.
They have the best crops on
J, M. Childress' place that were
.ver known for the time of
Riley Porter has tlie finest
piece of cotton on Pearidge.
W. H. Coleman is the proud
ast man on Pearidge. Last
l'hursday morning I heard him
whistling and singing as If
nothing ever bothered him, and
inquiring why he felt so good,
was Informed that there was a
new baby girl at his house.
I noticed in last week's paper
where one of your correspond
Bnts asked something about "Red
Rose." Roses came and roses
have gone, but something has
come I like better. Peaches and
apples are In, and I like them
a great deal better, I have some
for some for myself and some
for you, If you will only come
over. I think I will have some
watermelons, too, after a bit.
If you will come over In about
three weeks I will give you-one
weighing between 60 and 70
pounds. REn Rona.
No Such Good Luck, Gentlemen. C
There is a persistent rumor
being circulated in the town of
Pickens to the effect that the
editor of this paper was going
to move to Ninety-Six, S. C., to
run a paper, one person we have
heard of going so far as to as
sert that the family of the
editor was going on the ne
train and that the editor would
pack up his office and belong
ings and go as soon as he could
get away.
We do not like for people to
miake mistakes. or misrepte!
sent facts, knowingly, and If
these people who are so Infer
nally interested in the move
ments of the editor, or his fam
ily, will come to headquarters
for information we will treat
them with all the courtesy that
they are entitled to a'.d cheerful
ly answer Lny and all questions
pertaining to our movements and
go into the minutest .details of
our business with them, even as
to, so far as we can, map out
what we expect to d'o for the
nux ; ten years, if we are per
m.tted to live so long.
No ,use to makre a misstate
men or give a garbled report,
when you can get a correct one
just for the asking. Who will
be the first to make inquiry?
Pickens-R F D 2.
The people of this section are
still alive and active; fine crops
adorn the hills and valleys, and.
it seems that nature has pro
vided luxury in abundance.
Plenty of fruits of every kind,
and the watermelon problem
looks very favorable.
Several from about here took
advantage of the cheap rates
and made a very pleasant visit
to the grand old "City by the
Sea," during the last few days.
We invite all who have not
been to go, for there is plenty
to be seen on such a trip.
Cadets Claude Boroughs and
Calvin Garrett, of Clemson, are
spending their vacation at their
C. R. Abercrombie has a very
sick child.
It is about time for the sum
mer schools ,to begin, and we
wish that each one may put
forth their best efforts to have a
good school, not only this sum
mer, but all the time. If we
could have longer terms and
good teachers -in the prepara
tory schools, boys and girls
would not have such a hard
time when they entered a higher
school. We ought to -study
about these thin-gs more, and,
you know, when we have
learned "to think," we have
made a great start.
Best wishes to all.
A beauty cure that is engag
ing the attention of fashionable
society is the milk cure, and its
only fault is that it is ridicu
lously cheap for. a cure adopted
by f ashionable society. Milk is
rubbed into .the face at night
with a piece of soft linen 'and al
lowed to dry, and in the morn
ing the face is washed in milk,
but no soap must be used. Skin
regularly washed in milk is de
clared to be proof against sun

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