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Good plowing Is absolutely essential
to good tillage.
Do not try to churn the cream if
it is over 60 degrees in temperature.
Feed wisely and not too generously
during the winter whilo the horses are
Forget your troubles by doing for
others. You will be happier, and so
will the other fellow.
Be sire your blacksmith under
stands his imsineis. Many a horse is
injured by improper shoeing.
ldle regret never made the future
better, but improvement of the pres
ent will always bring its sure returns.
The automobile hasn't, cheapened
the prices of horses, neither Is it like
ly 'to do so. Money in good horses.
Raise a few.
A sheep man sny.s that buying thin
sheep or lambs without providing
sihled accommodation Is the rankest
kind of gambling.
The lest raIllon is the ration not
which is the cheapest, but the one
which will produce the groatest
am10oun1t of )rofit il proportion to out
Good management is the bst cure.
all we kUnow of for the pouiltry yard.
It prevents disease gotinug into the
1ock and it makes slio t work of it if
it does by chllce get in.
lltxu a door in the hoz house from
the top so it will swing both ways.
Th ho;s will soo learn-u to push It ou'.
(if the way in 1:assing in and out, ani
it will l'reVnl draghts anil exposilre.
Rf is high and at the prevailiing2
prices an ox le) is woril about as.
111ch p2r l(u as a modern locoio.
tive, which woucld make it the most
.\lake a i ammclar snowv plow and1(
hitchI the hiorse to it next time the
snow lhas to lhe clened from paths.
undech.r c Porbe'sl ine, etc. You will bo
iu!>ie 'I how' cansly3 and quickly the
wrcan~ be2 done.
The more stock on the farm the bet
ter, providled you do not try to hall
keep thecm. Theia landf must be fed.
Feed clo)ver anid other legumes, don't
turn them undert. IThe manure will
answer the purpose better, and you
save its feedling va~lue.
A r-edinug course for farmers' wives
and daughters of N-iw York state un
de'r t he dlirection of the Cornell Agri
Cultural college is said to number on
its rolls over 22,000 readers. Good
ideca for the agricultural colleges in
other states to follow.
The New Jersey State Horticultural
-Society liroposes to discuss the ques.
tion: "Would it be safe to invest
money in a scale-infested apple or
chard (otherwise a good one) 30 years
old?" We might be willing to argue
the <4ueat Ion but net to invest. The
other fellow coi.& (10 that.
Get acquainted with the teacher 01
your childlren. You may be too busy
to visit the school, but you can have
the teacher run up to the house and
take supper with you and spend the
night. It's the way they used to d(
and It was a good custom. Try it ant
see how pleased the children and thei
teacher will be.
Thie first step in breaking the colt it
accustoming him to the harness. D<
moit be i'c a hurry to get him into thb
buggy. He has lots to learn. Bo pa
tient with him. To try to rush th<
-:work of breaking creates confusion Ii
ithe mind of te colt. Let him get wel
hold of each now idea before trying ti
break him to another. It is like thi
little babe learning to walk. Ono ste:
at a tt'ue, and that slow and sure.
Use live lime in whitewashing thi
coops. Airalacked lime has lost i
power1. Whitewash made with goc
lime will kill 'all vermin tha
touches, while air-slacked lime white.
wash is about as effective as that
much clear water. Care should be ex.
ercised to keep the whitewash from
the legs of the fowls, as it will cause
the skin to become inflamed and sore.
The eyes, coMbs and wattles will also
Look over the incubator and get it
in shape for the first filling. Clean
out the heat or flue pipe into which
the lamp chimney extends, put in a
new wick, clean all the parts of the
lamp thoroughly, and have everything
about the machine in as perfect con
dition as possible. Then when ready
to introduce the eggs run the-machine
for a day or two testing carefully so
that when the eggs are put in there
will be no unpleasant surprises.
An open scratching shed is best,
according to tests made by the Cor.
nell experiment station. It was found
that the open scratching shed, unpro.
tected by glass in the day time, was
the best, and that the fowls were
healthier than they were in the
scratching sheds covered with glass. I
The open scratching sheds hAd covers '
that shut down at night and kept out
the snow and rain. They could be
opened in the morning when the fowls
came from their roosts. The fowls evi
dently got more good out of the pure
air in the open scratching shed than "
they did out of the greater amount of
heat in the scratching shed covered
with glasa,
Won't be long now before you will
be head over heels in the spring work.
Too late then to spend time reading
and studying and planning out the
season's work. Do it now. P
Yes, it is Just as dishonest to buy I
short measure bottles and deliver
them to iustoniers as full measure as
it would bs to fail to flU the measure
up full and claim you had given a full
Let the hogs out on the sunshiny
days. Nothing like a warm bit-of sun.
shine on their backs to invigorate
them and make the feed count for
more. It's the contented stock which
make the most rapid gains.
Where observations have been
matle i. has beei proved that orchards
cultivated faithfully gave abundant
yields of apples while those sown in
gra I ad not cultivated have not
yielded at all satisfactorily.
1-low ahout those accounts you were
going to start with the new year? Not
(00 1,00 to begin now. You ought to
keep track Jf the outgo and the in.
CmiIO. Otherwise how can you know
whether you are getting ahead or run
ning behind?
He that putteth farm before wife is
small souled and shirt-sighted. Let
not the burdens of the farm press too
heavily upon her shoulders. It is
needlless drudgery which takes the
joy out of life and makes the farm the
prison from whioh the soul longs to be
set free.
The handy barn is the barn where
the arrangements are such as to make
work therein easy. Have you stich a
barn? Have you put in that stairway
to the loft, or are you still1 content to
expeCnd time and effort in swinging
from rafter to rafter in gaining access
to the upper story?
The reason why poultry on the
farm pay is because all grain food can
be grown on the farm, as well as po
tatoes, turnips, beets, 'mangels, cah
bages, clover. etc., for whi~h the city
breeders, or those les fortunately sit
uated, have to pay a big price, and,
which represents a big item on the
expense side of the annual accoubt.
A cow standing in a barn or in a
fence corner shivering with the cold,
with great balls of manure hanging
to her thighs, with her tail loadeg -
down with the same, -is not comfort. Z
able, and will take nearly all the food
she will eat, under the above condi
tions, to sustain life; and the ownei- j
will have to think pretty hard, if he v
thinks at all-which Is doubtful-if he s
is able to figure out where the profit Ii
comes in. '
You will reap from your ewes just
such a crop of lambs as you havte
worked for. If the care of the ewes
has been a matter of small thought
and convenience, and the feeding has
been with little consideration of the
demands on the mother and her pros.
pective offspring, then you may well C
expect a poor showing. Many a farms ~
o r blames to what he calls his luck
what is directly chargeable to his
Here is Relief for Women,.
If ' ou have p una in the-* back, Urina. a
ry, Blatier or idniey iouble, and want a
a ceafain. pleasant herb mure fmn wom a
e an's ills. iIry Mother Gruav'n, AUST .311AN
s LEAF. It is a safe angi neve,'..t:iling I
d reg-uiator. A t Druiualets or bv ., ai 50O
ou Ti
knd You Will I
By culling on us before buying yot
sk Flour (and another shipment 1
'obacco, Molasses, etc.
Bring us your Corn, Pease, Beans
DU the very top of the market for e
If you haven't tried our Dr. Hess
[ealing Powder, and Heave Powde
size packages from the 25c. box 1
Our personal guarantee goes with
We atlso want to sell you your wir
erfect" Fence. Prices from 4bc. p(
Our motto is Honest Weights an
"All Isn't 4
- ih.
- D
*o ..
"Ii T
Corner Main and \Va hington Sti
To Break IiNew shoes Alway Use
'i ?... Po,Ji.'s , 11 p..w-'I-r.r1*. pr--.
wvedh-rt ~i 5w.-a ii., 1, e.' Al liI 1) nit.
it FREP) Addi A-, .\. i'. Olmatod L~e
'roy, NAY. fh--'O A 4.
Widlthrop College
oC~hchi9 an~ Tntra0o IRmilatioi,
The .en -ininn fer th.e award of Va- rjy1
n-i f*'r ,Ihe niessM- of new stude-nta
vilI b.. held' at th,' e* s m v court house
nida gse. Juoiv 1t. a'' 1),. mi. A pplien nits;
84481 i.e I t |PS'A 'hal t.i, l t . ,
'V h n e'ii 01h4 -hlIpu n s -a--r-n-..') aft,-r .1iulv
,the wi!' I+ a~ warded to '- . mak mg~ kig
he high.8 It averng--' st I his --xnnaniiis . nI
-royb~iedI they' me~ .. th-- .* ,!ettit 8 em
rning the av warid. A pel. '*nnes for slho1
ra8 ips shnni'td writ.' t o PeSQIenit Joihn
on befuare the .xrm-ination for scho'lar-.
hip examination blanks .
Soholarabig-s are worth *'"0 and1 free.
uitioti. -'te ne~x se-sion will open 8- p.
ember 14,. 1908. For - further - ftormn- L
ion and catalogu,. address Pesi.:ent D. -
L. Jnsnn Rank ilt, 8. 0.
-ices are right
reights are rigt
eatment is rig
ir spring supplies.' We have a
hat will be here in a few days),
and in fact any kind of saleabl
Stock and Poultry Food, Lous
r, you should do so at once. T]
:o the i oo pound sacks.
every package.
e fencing. We are agents for i
.r rod up. Any height and wei
Good Goods." Come in and
.old That Ci
at look good.
oubtless you've found THIS
t by experience.
iat sort of EXPERIENCE
11 end if you buy
us, "Made Right and at the
ght Price."
~ke a little time wvhen you
me to Greenville and let us
ow you some of the new
Spring Styles.
*rictly One Price. Every
ing marked in plain figures
~d your money back if y ou
e not satisfied.
1 & Bristo
eets. -
'ii Our Gustomners be P1
That is the question that de
store. When we buy and wher
qualities and, make prices, tha
ourselves. The pleasing of c
object to be attained. II anyth
let us know and Ne will makei
c Busiest AMan in Town
Always has time to keep tab
adl-antage of them. That's. be
and business capacity. That's
tion that makes him the busiest
See us for anything in our line
can and.will save you money.
nice lot of Ballard's Obe
Sugar. Coffee, Lard, Salt, .
e producc. We will give
e Killer, Worm Powder,
ie Stock Fool comes in ---
he celebrated "Pittsburgh
ght you want.
;ee us.
Oreenviille , '. C.
cides all arguments in our
we sell, when we select
t is the question we ask
uir customers is the first
.ng does not please you,.
t right.
on our bargains and take
:ause of his shrewdness
the result of the disposi
man in tawn. How about
and get our prices. We

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