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"Oh, Jack, Jack! You are my one
ray of hope amid Egyptian darkness!"
And little Miss Henley precipitated
herself headlong upon her brother's
manly breast, rigardless of conse
quences to a stiff and immaculate
shirt-bosoni. "It was so good of you
to come early, for ,never was woman
nearer the verge of nervous prostra
tion. You know the Whist club meets
here to-night, and that Charlie- has
been suddenly called out of town on
important business. Then this morn
ing the cook had a flare up with Ruth,
the nurse maid, and took French
leave; Silverman & Co. have failed to
send the fan--such a beauty paljited
In orchids-which I ordered for a
first prize; the baby has just cut a
tooth, and is-well-not quite so an
gelic as usual; while now, to cap the
climax, here* comes a note from Mrs.
Sherman saying she is down with an
attack of la grippe and cannot be
present this evening; so one table
will be short, as it is nearly four
'clook; altogether too late to invite
anyone else."
And when she paused from slicer
want of breath, all Jack could ejacu
late was "By Jove!'
le succeeded in looking so sympa
thetic, however, that it was like a
tntiie tQ big de rtsse4 pister who
soon rallied. "i or yoq will help me
out, wordt you, Jack?'
"Sure if I can," replied Jack.
I "I'll let you off if you go at once down
to Silverman's, see the manager or
somebody and demand that orchid fan
or his life. And oh, Jack, would It
be an awful bore to take Harold with
you in his little carriage? The poor
child is suffering for a breath of fresh
air, and it would be a positive char
ity to Ruth and me who have a hun
dred things to do."
Now, if Jack Vinton had not been
just the big, unselfish kindly chap he
was he would certainly have refused
this last request. But as it was ho
said: "All right; trot the kid out;"
and said it with a smitte, too. Nor
would anyone have supposed him a
victim on the altar of fraternal affec
tion, as he strode down the crowded
avenue at the fashionable hour, push
ing a pretty pink and toie canopied
perambulator, in' which, under a soft
white fur rug, nestled that scrap of
humanity he called his nephew.
"Wonder if I have the true pater
familias air," he thought, as he ob
served the sundry quizzical, girlish
glances cast in his direction. "And
bless my soul, what if I should meet
her!" his mind reverting, a it had
done very often of late, to a fair
compagnon de voyage with whom he
had crossed the ocean three months
before, but whom he had not seen
since they parted at the wharf, their
homes being in different cities. "Dear
little pocket Vends! She, too, had a
married sister living in B3-, and saidl
she frequently visited here. Wish-''
But .at this juncture his meditations
were rudely broken by his coming
Into violent contact with another
wicker equipage advancing from the
opposite direction. One which might
have been a twin to the one he was
"Begorra, and can't ye be afther
lookin' where you're a-gain'!" ex
claimed the Celtic maid who was the
propelling power of the second turn
out, and as he appeased her wrath
with an humble apology ad one of
him winning smiles, he discovered
that they were right abreast of Silver
man & Co's vast emporium, where
everything is sold from a paper of
tacks to a diamond necklace. Most
Imposing It was, too, with its gayly
dressed windows and deep, tiled.ves
This, likewise, appeared to be the
objective point of the nurse-girl, who,
as Jack cried out in disgust: "Cracky,
have I got to tote the kid through all
that crowd!" volunteered: "No, sir.
He's sound anlape, so ye kin list l'ave
him right here in the restabull, as I'm
a-goin' to do mine," and she pointed to
* a row of occupied and unoccupied
baby carriages lining the spacious en
"Hope the 'restabuWl is a safe
place," chuckled Jack, as he lo
cated his charge with the rest of the
waiting infants. "Anyway, I won't be
fkre minutes."
But- he counted without his host,
being sadly ignorant of the ways and
delays of retail merchants. The sales
lady referred him to the floor-walker-,
the floor-walker to the packer, andi
th,e packer to the manager; all of
*Iwhich consumed so muok time that
five minutes lengthened to 60, and
the electric lights were twinkling In
the street when he at last emerged,
the orchid fan buttoned up in his
breast pocket, picked out the peram
bulator with 'the dainty pink-lined,
c~e-covered top, and started home
":Why, Nora, what an ago you have
been!" cried a fresh young voice, as
a slight, sunny haired girl ran down
the steps of a handsome brown stone
house, bent over a small carriage and
lifted the tiny occupant in her arms.
-"You have been long enough to go
down town and match that ribbon
twice over." Then, without listening
to the nurse's excuses, "Come to
auntie, darling! She will give baby
ter supper and put her to'bed while
mamma is' away. - Fetch the milk up
At once, Nora." And off she tripped
with the rosy little creature cuddled
close to her neck.
Put is was a veritable young tigress"
who, ten minutes later, confronted the
astonished Colt and shook her unti
hem teeth chattered and the milki
splashed over upon her apron.
"Ulissed mother! w-w-whativer is
the inather, Miss Bessie?" stammered
poor Nora.
"Matter enough, you miserable
girl!" And, with the air of a tragedy
queen, the young lady waved her
hand toward the infant now walling
lustily on the bed. "Look there! Is
that our Margery's curly head? No.
Are those our Margery's big blue
eyes? No. Is this our Margery at all?
No; it isn't. It's-it's-a-a strange
baby. Nothing like our' precious,
beautiful pet-but a great, fat, ugly
"There sis, now will you be good?"
said Jack Vinton when he finally ap
peared in the darkling gloaming, and
deposited the fan in her hand and the
baby on her lap.
"Yes, indeed, you blessed boy," re
sponded the little woman, once more
all smiles and dimples. "You have
been a real friend in need and can
now go and make yourself look as
fascinating as possible."
So it was with an approving con
science, a decided inclination to pat
himself, metaphorically, on the back,
that the young man withdrew to dress
for the evening, when he was to fill
the position of host in place of the ab
sent lord and master.
But he had scarcely divested him
self of his coat and was still wrest
ling with a, collar button, when his
chamber door was burst unceremo
niously open and he too, like Nora,
was swooped down upon by a pale,
wild-eyed woman, who in a stern Voice
"Jack Vinton, is this a practical
joke you are trying to play on me?
Where is my Harold? How dare you
With the Air of a Tragedy Queen.
bring me back sornebody else's child ?"
"Somebody else's child?" and it was
now Jack's turn to stare in stupid
"Yes, sir (sob); a miserable, spind
)gsg, little thing that I never set eyes
on before (sob), instead of my great,
healthy, lovely boy," and with some
thing betwixt a gasp and a scream,
Mrs. Henley sank limply on the
Silverman & Co.'s store was closed
for the night. The long line of em
ployes had filed out; the Iron gates
were tightly shut and locked. But
for the second time that Jay two per
ambulators nearly collided in front of
its portal. Both came to an abrupt
"Miss Allison!"
"Mr. Vinton!"
"This is a knock-down surprise!"
"It. is, indeed. What brings you
here and with--with-" a questioning
look at the little carriage.
"You'll never guess, for-isn't it
funny?-I am hunting a lost baby."
"You are? Why, ao am I." Then
peering under the dainty rose-lined
canopies, "it looks, too, as if we h~ad
both found what we want. Suppose
we exchange perambulators."
And as they did so, they laughed in
joyful symp~athy, while suddenly the
heart of each commenced to beat to a
new and sweet refrain.
"Now, Bertha, I think I deserve ab
solution." pleaded the young man,
when Master Harold was one more,
safq and very cross, in his mothe
arms, "for I. have not only found t
heir of the house of lbenley, but I
cured a substitute for Mrs. Sherma
Miss Allison, an-old and dear frie
of mine, and a good whist player, h
promised to come to-night if I will
and fetch her. Isn't that returnii
good for all the evil you have be
heaping upon me?"
"Maybe I was a bit hard," acknom
edged his sister, as she overwhelm
her offspring with caresses. "Bel[
a man, I didn't suppose you knew al
better than to follow that dangerol
nurse-maid custom of leaving childri
alone in the vestibules of shops.
feel, however, as though my hair mu
have turned white from fright, and a
because of those- dreadful mixed u
But as Jack sprang upstairs, tar
steps at a time, he murmured:
"Those blessed per ambulators!"
Ella-She poses as an aristocrat.
Ella-Yes, she wears a r, inee
gown of duchesse lace.
Yhe Flamring Way.
Beside the sparsely wooded paths, tl
flamning sumnacs stand,
The scarlet sentinels of blood, outposl
of Loversland!
When frosts have sent their shimm
down, the sumnac blushes red
And paints the hills for miles arour
where Autumn hues have bled!
The oak, turned russet-brown and gob
t'ears backgrounds, rich and deep;
The grape draws sal) and spurns h(
leaves to ever lasting sleep.
The maple takes the purple tint, the
oriole-and red
But ever brighter, grandpr far, the at
mact lifts her head!
Through rocky dell, heside the lake,
where the road leads on,
The deep vermition of the West, the at
mac bushes don.
The blood of all hier rave she throws uni
the Autmun's sway
And stands triumnphant In the wood, ti
Hamig torejh of day!
And neath the conflagration shied c
tracery divine,
The lover feels his pulses throb wil
warm affection's wine
AAi hard be heart of sweetheart fa
that will not grantt his love,
If Te but speak when sumac flames le
up to skies above!
Close in his ar s in Loversland, he ho
her to his breast- ,
The color of her cheeks and lips bespe
the suta's crest
And there within the Autumn wood,
The nsk tured herut-rown aye
Wtesmackounda , ihe il and deep<
The grhe dsk! rd prn
The bpeatyeo the puertint deep
thanote powded-ox
'BIt maker brahemane farcuu to 1
Trughvroy derin.ieth ae
"Yuwlway a trulnst ao poe
Thow deep wereo yof the Wet, the be
Tunhe blodto al hier-rce gs thowf been
tasa e uy.ui wYubtyucn
tAd istastrint in te. od
flamhe odcdh ot dieyo!
fTrhs lovrgfel.band. e tro w
wSmtimevctory wieeyrusi
Gtese wil not ran hloeg,
upys Fto e skies ocs na!yh
Close indhi eaes ia nicealne hgg
er to isbrat
T colorifu tio cheean tlipsfebsll
Andrtere tryhin te utumn wooda
winshaer hargth for siay day
th ipnnt skc.y,!
One beautwy of th heat's diee1
Imaes ar ton feem a cannp o 1
justic wayh two rsa etu
thatw yoush whees ou cean ttcb
lunc with a whoeflcnkl of gee.
slays t wise .noug btbyo cant
that tis.htkn o ot
IfThe ood didrket ie ytong, n
cone. svcor eey si
LGttle doe nthea goleneggs, oldc
kndas Faher browes oanalleyccuo
hglese, tohisat se.i oig t
poter tring tomya cut Y., oath braf
ball pagte dprngsceu ofn theylo
theatennant krlced nato.'t
Oncedo btwicupoe the accman lifey
smet an girloom nhred canotu
fustie wihu woamsder.hui
Tthe isnned wogsh l h'ereun toct
nes bar the foresighs can womand
alay te measonfoug bab cloth .
The omnion markth ish srongonet
Litle adoess tepreul wold.c
know s serinly wondr the u
thleworkingman is cotmin tob
ot poition procemoheh nubr
soliticae fromieng tedmeeos ju
fiabne murde.
M Out ForE
y HIS is the time of year
there is not much buyir
do not know dull day.,
prices are two things that hel
Our goods are the very best
all, and our prices are as low
can be legitimately sold at.
OUR entire line is compl<
and we can supply youi
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, I
Hardware, Furniture, Buggi<
in fact anything you need can
at the right prices.
C OME to see us, and it i
with us, you will find th
ter goods for less mone
Another car of Majestic Flo
$5-50 per barrel.
s Thanking our friends and cus
we hope to merit a continuarn
: Gaines & Gass
Central, L
r'Their Safe has been tried and found Burgia:
*e This Bank has- Burglar Insurance, Fire Insu:
olose your money,
,t Liberal Interest allowed or Time Depcslti
,"you up satisfactorily,
HI. C. SH IRLEY, Cashier.
Southern Shorthy
and - Busine
-Atlanta, Ga., also Alb2
is Over 15,ooo Graduates
Rceiveai 12,000 atpplications every year for Ilookke
Etc. An average of two openings for every student t
70 typewriting machines,
WThe Southern alsio conducts the
Upon which institution the railtoads and telegraph e(
a)Main Line Wires Run I
M& Write for catalogue. Enter now. The Southern I
ti- in the South. Address,
eA. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or W. ]
SPrinting of
s Except the She
when trade is dull and
ig and selling, but we
. Our goods and our -
to keep our trade up.
that can be bought at
as these same goods
,te- no broken lots
wants at all times, in
)ry Goods, Groceriles,
s, Wagons, etc.,-etc.,
be procured here and.
ou have never traded
it we can sell you bet
y than you have been
ar, the best made, at
tomers for past favors.
:e of the same.
away Bros,
s. C.
rance, Cashier Bonded, so you can't
. ee H. C. Shirley and he will fix
ss University
any, Ga. Branch
in Positions
epera, Stenographers. Telegraph Operators
at attends the Southern.
he lagest eollectlo of tyiewrters owned
nmpanica are constantly calling for opora
nito This School.
the oldest and larg(st Uusiness College
.ARNOLD, Vice-Pres.
all Kinds
'ddy Kind.

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