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Pidens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinol-ouraal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunum.
Advertising RAtes Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fustoilice as Second Class
Mai M Watter
T HURsiu, JULY 9), 1908.
"Curiosity Killed the Cat."
T le editor of this paper went
off a few days since without
telling sone of his dearly be
loved friends (?) in Pickens
where, or why, he was going,
and of cournse rum11ors atre afloat
already, and the se(ret Vill
have to be diviliged. lie weit
away totry to make somle
mney Onl a private deal. He
kllew wihere tlere was a print
ing Outfit for s0le in"d knew
w-here one was wa Ite(ld to start
a pIper, so he schemed to make
'\e AV i ti Ninety -Six, S. C.,
and tittl-d fol , first-(lass news
pap Iw] anl job tiifit, alnd now
have two t il r hands, and
slioim Ian N i f <wnrd('alv fi' llds in
Pickens c'(Ir if) l-l)8alk n pon
t11e s' if aj()lllaialln We (.1n fit
tieill 1qy ill style witi all the
aiiipiiieriiibia lleessary- to get
(iut a (reditabb 4 sheet-even tn
dlrtakilg to snpply the brains
n(t(eSsa f1o11 I t] h ii 11a en-ler
Failing to deal with any of
his Pikens f Irinds (to w1hom lie
offers first choice), this editor
will proceed to install said 1)1nt
in allio wler tonvil Wer tl (it.
Zells llave alred v figured for
him to do such a tlmig ill theilr
behalf. TIls is S Jrely a buisi
ness (hdal in which we saw a
chance to make a little moner
on the side, andil it will onj take
us away from your delightful
towvn for al shorlt tilme--just long
enough to help put upl theI
We hope this explanation of
our mloveme~ints will prove en
tirely satisfactory to everybody
Newspaper Folk.
The hundred newspaper men
and women gathered at GOaffney
are representatives of that which
is best and noblest in South
Carolina. The gathering is
thoroughly represen tative. Not
all the newspaper workers in the
State are herIe and1( the pity is
that more are n~t here to join
in the pleasures that have been
provided; to talk shop and to
enjoy a brief and needed rest.
No people on earth deserve a
chance to get away from the
"everlasting grind" than do
these men and women, who day
after day toil to provide the
Dr. Lod(1e said that he thanked
God that there was not a single
yellow journal in South Carolina;
this wats simply saying there is
not a dishonoprable or unclean
newspaper published in all Caro
lina. It may be more remuner
ative to publish a "sensational
sheet," but that Is not the sort
of journalism that is practiced
in this proud old state-and wvill
never be.
Newspaper workers deserve
appreciation and they are receiv
ing it more every (lay. It is
largely beCcause people are better
informed, because they read
more and because they see the
results of conservative and well
dlirected journalism.
The rewards of the real news
paper man arc not what they
should be, but that willl come
too, in due time. An indepen
dent and self-respecting press I
the surest and quickest way t(
receive just a, preciation.-Gaff
ney Ledger.
It Is not often that this editoi
makes a trip and comes back tc
gush over it, but the trip lasi
week to Gaffney, S. C., is on(
requiring mention. It being th(
2ccasion of the annual meeting
f the State Press Association.
The largest gathering of Edi
bors in the history of the Asso
3iation was this meeting, which
was held in Limestone College.
The- program of the associatio,
wvas an exceptionally well-ar
Langed one and the addresses by
.iss Mary T. Nance and Messrs.
A. T. Lawshe, 3d Asst. Post
qfaster General, of Washington,
L). C., and R. H. Edmonds, edi
or of the Manufacturers' Record,
>f Baltimore, Md., were all that
ould be desired, and the asso
Aation was very fortunate in
seciring these speakers.
The association was the guest
>f the city, and the citizens -f
that hustling, bustling, thriving
place did all that lay within their
power to make the sojourn in
:heir midst a pleasant one, It
was a pleasure to "Lodge" there
And when it became time to
.0eC'aiip" tler0 Was an exprcs
.ion of gelluinke sorrow.
'Ihe excursions aboult the city.
to the pu blic buildings, to the
1uills, to their vaiious mainiufac
Lories, the picnic at the Gaston
Shoals Power C'o's. plant on
Broad river-everything they
(lid-was for the instruction,
benfit, pleasure and am use
mnent of the associatioi and
there was no hitch iln any part
of the pro'yam of entertainment.
"The 4ld 111111 (f the Ledlger,
who arranged and planned the
entertainmniIm t for his friends
and Gatfney's guests, has the
satisfact ion of knowing that he
carried (it his program perfect
l, and that the citizens of Ik
towuI stool by him nobly. He
and the town may have their
Personal or political differences,
but inl the matter of entertain
ing the South Carolina State
Press Association they were .in
perfect accord.
Gaffney is a good town, a
growving town of some 7,000 in.
habitants and the people are
standling by Ed DeCamp and
the Gaffney Ledger; for they
standl for truth, right, justice
and Gaffney, first, last and all
the time.
The associatiori closed its busi
ness session Friday morning and
left on a special train for ar>
outing in the mountains, going
by way of Marion to Asheville,
then Hendersonville, and Lakt
Toxaway. A report from some
of those who made this trip say
it was one of the most delight
ful outings ever taken by th<
At the invitation of Greenvill
the association will meet ther<
next year.
Washington has been horri
fled by the appearance of
sheath gown, and no wonde
from the description given of it
It is a sort of split gown, with
sort of flap or curtain at t~h
bottom which, when the weare
moves, flies open and reveals
but why proceed? Looked a
from the front In a state of re
'pose it has an Innocent appeai
ance, but a side viewv or whe:
(the wearer is in motion--agai:
why proceed?
While Uncle Sam's deficil
remarks the Columbia Stat<
amounted to something l
$60,000,000 at the beginning<
the fiscal year, he doesn't has
to hidle when he sees a bill co
lector coming.
RE )you goinjf
on any ove
need of rej
travel with? Are
first class order, o
We have son
and durable, for ti
A full lin(
Felt H
Some of the
ever seen display<
can be made tip fi
To see them
Read This, TI
The Cre
To close out quickly w
Another lot 5oc shirts
Men's undershirts rnd
- A big lot ladies'' vests,
Hosieay to suit any on
.Notwithstanding we are rig
t them. You should see o'
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n 5 cents up.
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F repair or in
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e traveling in
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ks you have
the materials
nd is a ''alit," wel take the
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