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Eappenings of a Local and Personal
Don't forget the all day sing
ing at Antioch church next
Messrs. . Johnny and Jas. P.
Carey, Jr., spent a few days in I
Anderson last week. h
L. B. Grandy has purchased
the pressing club of J.. C. Beard c
and will continue to run it.
Mrs. Frank Grandy and child- 3
ren, of Greenville, have been
visiting the family of Rev. B. E. h
Mrs. H. F. Wright, of Pickens
R 2, who has been quite sick for y
some time with typhoid fever, I
is reported as improving. T
Mrs. Sue Lewis, sister of Mr.
R. G. Gaines, of Central, is e
spending several days with her a
cousin, Mrs. W. H. Ashmore. e
D. B. Finney and family re
turned Tuesday from 'a brief
visit to Mrs. Finney's mother, r
Mrs. Sallie Fisher, in Anderson.
The many friends of Mr. Lar- e
kin Hughes, of Liberty R. F. D.
3, will be sorri to learn that he t
is suffering from an attack of t
The fiinnds of Mr. and Mrs. t
WV. 13. John1sonlS1 ar'deihe to 1
know they are to move badk t~o
their old home at Pickens in the r
near future.*
Miss Eliza McDaniel, a chari- t
ing young lady of Rutherford- I
ton, N. C., is visiting relatives (
hi Pickens. Her many friends s
are glad to see her.
John Christopher, who, some
two months ago returned from a t
trip to Arizona, and who has I
been quite sick since then, is (
gradually recovering.
J. T. Taylor and C. E. Robin- i
son spent last Sunday at Taylor's s
Station and took part in the ser- t
vices at the Baptist church there,
this being layman's day.
Mrs. V. A. Ferguson, of Pick
ens R. F. D. 2, who has beent
sick for sonme time, is reportedt
improving. Her many friends
wvill be glad to hear this welcome
Everybody who may be inter- r
ested are requested to meet at <
Enon 'church .on Friday before y
the third Sunday in July, for (
the purpose ofNleaning off the E
grave yard.1
Walter Langston is quite sick I
at the home of -his: father, J. T. '
Langston, near Pickens, and is
threatened with appendicitis. 3
His many friends hope that he E
will soon recover.
W. W. McWhorter, of Pick- <
ens R. 1, has a very fine fifteen t
months old colt. It is a beauty 1
and weighs 830 pounds. Mr. M.
has refused $150 for it. It pays E
to raise good stock,.. I
Several articles-one from Ha
zel, one from Liberty and 'one
for the farmers' column, have '
reached us by Wednesday's mail
--too late for this issue, for (
which we apologize.
Mrs. E. T. Hunter, who has I
been with relatives in this coun
4y for several weeks, has become1
'worse and will have to again.,
become an Inmate of the state
hospital for treatment.
Hon. Geo. S. Legare, who has i
been in Charleston for several <
days, is again at his summer I
home in Pickens, a little the
wvorse for wear, but his friends<
are delighted to see that he is'
enadnally inmroing.
f Cf reek school, district 29,
ill o: July 20th, with W. T.
.mderson as teacher.
The Hagood school will open
londay, July 13th, with Mr.
obert Bowen as teacher.
Tom Roper, of the "Field" sec
on of the county, was examined
)r lunacy Tuesday and ad
idged a fit subject for the state
Mrs. W. A. Gresham and
bildren and W. H. Hester -and
rife, of Atlanta, are on a visit
) their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
[. F. Hester, in Pickens.
Mrs. Janoe Sanders of Wal
alla, S. C., who has been visit
1g her daughter, Mrs.- J. C.
Llexander, for the last two
ionths, has returned home.
Irs. Alexander and daughter,
lae, apcompanied her home.
Mrs. Fannie Cannon, of And
rson, sister of Mrs. D. B. Finney
ud Capt. R. A. Fisher, the nev
r-tiring section master of the
'ickens railroad, who has been
ear death's door, we are glad to
eport is fast regaining her
Quite a goodly crowd of Pick
ns county) people, and especial
y several from in and around
he court house town, went on
h1 e excursion t 6 Charleston
7uesday from Greenville. A nice
ime will doubtless be had by
hose who went.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hester
etureIM mdall e -ir home
a Pickens from a very pleasant
rip to Aiken, S. C., where Mr.
lester went to attend the State
,oiventionl of Rural Carriers in
ession there last week. He had
nice time at the meeting.
Married oil the 1st, instant, at
he home of Mr. and Mrs. John
loper, their daughter, Miss
31ovie, and Mr. Sam L. Robin
on, Rev. D. W. Hiott officiat
ng. The happy young couple
tart on the journey of life with
he very best wishes of their
aany friends. Dr. and Mrs. L.
i'. Robinson of Pickens attended
he marriage.
Take care of your eyes! Pro.
ect them with glasses. Get
hem examined by a opthalmo,
ist and have them fitted and
orrected. Mr.. Sam Weiner, the
:elebrated Russian optician, is
LOW in Pickens at Bolt & Co's.
[rug store and can fit you cor
ectly with the genuine Bifocal
M1asses, made without visible
eams and It is a reading and
rng distance glass in one. See
Lim while you can and get fitted
Lp. Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Board of Registration for
ilckens county will be jin sesslan
very wvorking day during July
~n(&August, in their office in the
ourt hotr se. You must re-regis
er if you intend to vote in the
>rimary. or- general election.
~here is no way to dodge the is
ue. Come early and avoid the
ush. If you are turned down
>y the managers don't blame
anybody but yourself. Get youi
ertificate wvhile you can.
On the night of the 6th inst.,
eputy collector J. P. Scruggs,
loputy marshall J.. C. Alexander,
sna state constable Miles All
;ood mode a raid near Table
lock and saw evidences of a
>lockade distillery-they suc
:eded in getthg the cap and
vorm, seven fermenters and
bout 2,000 gallons of beer. Af
er scouring the woods, pouring
mit the beer, cutting dlown the
ermienters and capturing the
vormi, they came back to Pick
mns and spent the greater part of
['uesday in catching up thc
ileep they had lost
Dr. E. B. Webb left Pickens
Tuesday for Andrews, N. C., in
company with his father, H1. H.
Webb, who has been indisposed
for some time and hopes to re
cuperato by the change. Mr.
Webb's friends in Pickens sin
cerely hope that the change will
be beneficial to him.
The regular annual camp
meeting of the South Carolina
Wesleyan Methodists will bel
held at Central, S. C., commenc
ing July 29 and closing August
9. The Revs. E. Teter of Indi
ana., and H. T. Besse of Cali
fornia, will be among the prom
inent visitors. Evelty effort will
be put forth by the management
to accomodate campers and the
public generally.
Rev. Arthur Christopher and
family, of Safford, Arizona, ar
rived in Pickens a few days ago
and will remain with his father
until his health gets better. He
has just recovered from a se
vere attack of lagrippe and his
physicians advised him to come
home. His many friends, not
only in Pickens. but throughout
the county, will be delighted to
know that he is back at home
and will be triuly glad to knowV
that he is gradually improving.
Early Cation Blossoms.
Jim Ferguson, who lives on
Mr. J. M. Hlalluni's place,
brought two cotton blossoms to
townii last week, which were
open June 20.
C. N.Moru O.il R. 2,
reports a cotton bloom July 2nd
from cotton planted April 23d.
"6Rushing the 4th and helping
the Union."
Cara of Thanks,
We sincerely thank our dear
feiends for their kindness, alsd
for their assistafice' while hus
band and father was sick; and
hope to do something for them
all, Lut hope a similar affliction
will not soon visit them.
May God's richest blessings fall
upon them.
IOne (1) vacancy in the State
'seholarships ii the South Caro
lina Militaty Academy, to be
filled by competitive examina
tion exists In Pickens county.
Application blanks way be ob
tained by applying to the County
Superintendent of Education, or
to the Superintendent, Citadel,
Charleston, S. C. These appli
cations carefully filled out must
be received by the Superintend
ent at the Citadel by August
1ist, 1908. 15-3t
1The Department of Agricul
ture has taken a census of the
birds, counting 1,414,000,000
feathered citizens of our repub
lic. If let alone, this efficient
army would safeguard the fields
and the property of the nation.
IFarm For Sale.
130~ you Need a Nice Little
I hae aplace lying 4j miles
soutwes ofPickens, contain
ing 62 acres, 35 of which are in
cultivation, balance In timber.
Two good cottage dwellings and
necessary outbuildings, good
pasture and nice little orchard.
Place is well watered, in a good
neighborhood, and a bargain at
$30 per acre. '1~~Term to suit you.
See me at once, for such a place
will not stay on the market long
at the price offered.
H. M. 1Iorii TPions- . Cn
Candidates' Column
Announcements of candidates will l e lun u
lIer this head until the primary eleetion for I
ish ina advance.
Iocal nioties, or "puffa", will be charged fA
extra, according to the space they OCcuPy, all
the atiount of strain onl the editor's consclenc
No writeup for less than 15.
For U. M. Senate
I beg to announce my candidacy for ti
Unit-d States Sentat in the approaching Demi
eratic primary. and I respectfully solicit ti
support of the Democratic voters of this Stat
For Congress, 3d District
For Solicitor 10th Circuit
I am a candidate for the ollice of Solicitor c
the 10th Judicial Circuit of South Carolim
sulject to the rules of the Democratic party.
have served in court contiiuously for severi
years as court stetographer after completin
ny law cou rse and I am familliar with the wort
ings of the courts. Mt. C LONG.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for th
otice of Solicitor of the Tenth Circuit, an
pIledge myself to ablde the result of the prinar
election, and to support the nominees of th
Democratic party inl said primary.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate fc
Solicitor of the 10th Judielal Circuit, subject t
thee Democratic Primary election.
Subject to the Democratic primary eleetlot
I am a candidate for Solicitor of Tenth .udioi
eircuilt. J. J. .CSW A IM
For I oume of Representative
'the many friends of the lION. .TA3lES I
CA lOlMY respectfilly announce him as a cand
date for re-election to the liouseof Representi
tives, subject to the atetst of the voters in th
primasy election
Reposing confidence in his atlility as we d4
we, the many friends of W. G. M A 'Lil N, her
by respectfully announce him a candidate fc
the llouse of Reprccntatives from l'ieke:i
counhty, subject to the rules of tile Democrati
primary election. VOTERS
Foi Clerk of Court
I hereby announce myself a candidate f(
(lerk of the Court for lcketis Coity, sitajet
to the action of the I)ermocratic l'rinaey.
FIt.\NK E.. CON.
To the Citizens of Pickens Connty:
Thatiking you for yotr Cotilidettce and sul
port in the past and assuriut vouithat I shnt
always etdeavor to prove worthy of it It tI
future. shou li you see i t to again c ntru st nr
with the otile. I offer aiyself a 'eadidate f(
re election to the otliee of Clerk of Court, su
ject to the iDenoeratic lrilary election.
Respe:'tfully, A. .101lN HOGUS.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate for r
niection to the ollice of Sherfl', subject to t)
. '..) of tle voters in. the D)emocratic primn:
110t., .1. C. .IENNINGS.
.'nyself as a candidate f4
I hereby annountcet --v. subject to ti
for Shettif of l'ickens e .m !wtic' part
rules and regulations of the Demov. .
J. M. .IA5L 1
I hereby annouce Iyself as a candiate fc
the otlice of Sherif' of Pickens Couity, subjeq
to the aetion of the Democratie primiatry.
It. It. ICA IRK.
I hereby atnnounce myself as st candidate fc
the ollce of Sherlir of 'ickens con nty, subjei
to the action of the lDeno-ratic primary.
CHlAS. 1, CURtisTON.
For Auditor
I hereby offer myself as a candidate for ti
olice of County Auditor. subject to the axtic
of the )emocratic party in the primary electio
While comparatively a younxg man, i feel cot
petent to d isclarge the duties of the ofice, ali
if elected I will discharge said duties to my be:
ability, "Give the boys at chaince to show whi
they can do." S.\ M 11. CRA IG.
1 hereby aninounice myself a candidate forr
election to the office of County Auditor, subjel
to the action of the voters ina the Demaocrat
prImary eloction.
For Treasurer
I hereby onnounce myself a candidate forr
election to the office of Tireasurer of ickes
county, sutjecet to the action of Ite voters
the D~emocratic primary election.
For Co. Supt. of Education
I hereby announce myself as a candidate fi
re-electin to the office of Counaty Superintent
cnt of Educations of P'ickens County. subject
the actioai of the Democratic primary etectio
For Superviser
The maany frientis of JESSE J. (Colona
LEWVIS respectfully ananonnce him as a can
date for the office of Couanty Supervisor, subje
to the action of the voters in the Denmocrai
The friends of MiR. E. F. LOOPER announ
him as a candidate for re-election to the of11
of Country Supervisor, subject to the lDen:
cratic Primary election*
The matny friends of ex-Commissioner RO
ERTi STE'W ART respectfully announice him
a candidate for the office of County Supervast
subtject to the action of the voters in thep
mary election. VOTERS
For County Owaaissioner
I hereby announce m yself a candidate for t
oillee of County Comcmi sloener, subject to
action of the voters in the primary election.
With the consent of a few friends I annousi
myself a canadidate for Coutnty Commission,
sbuject to the primary electionl. I.am.in favor
the Texas wide road systela, so thec meat w
have been planting cotton and eutting 0 itch
in a six foot road will have to standi hack.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
ofice of County Commissioner of Picke
Coutty, subjaet to the actien of the Dlemocra
party ?n the primary election.
The many friends of G. WASH! HOW EN
nounce him as a candidate for re-election
the 0illce of County Commissioner. aubject
the actioni of the voters in the primary electil
I hereby annoueste myself a candidate
Commissioner of Pickens County, subject
the action of the voters in the lDemocratic
mary electioni. .S. A. McA [LISTEW
The many friends of NOA H Ii. MOORE ha
the olhice of Councty CommIssioner, subjcti
the action dof the voters in the Demnocratic
mary election, lie has served thes conuet '
two yenis to tile aest of lils ability andl vi
even better in the feature.
For Cioronier.
Th'le friends oif D-. A. P'ARR~OTTl respecift
.anntonnece hutn a canedidate for re-election to
ollice o Cortee.r' uaet to the action of
At the solicitation of friendu, I bereb a -
nounce myself a candidate for roner.Qf Pic /
ens county, subject to the action of the Demo.
cratic party in the. primary election.
-13, Pii. MUOGS.
For Magistrate Pickens Township.
A To the Voters of Plckens County, S. c.;
e. I am a little disfigured. but still in the ring
for the otllce of iagitrate. - want all of you,
voters to seek me early, whie I may be found,
before the election (liy draws nigh, when many'
shall strive, but few shall enter in, and the
votes will be counted and the election managers
shall say to all who are not prepared, depart
from us, we (lont know y-ou, and Igo ye down to
where the Whangdoodle mournet i for his first
born. W. U. BRA MLiTT.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
MagiAtrate for Pickens lPownship. subject to
the action of the voters in the Democratic pri
inary election. W. L. JENKINS.
For Magistrate Central Township.
To the Democratic Voters of Central Township;
This is to inform you that my nameowill be
presented to you In t e primary election of 19W
foi the ofice of Magstrate In Geimiral Township.
I hereby anuounca myself aicandidate for re
election to the ollice of Magistrate cf Central
Township, subject to the action of thy voters in
the Democratic primary ciectioRW
0The Oreat Common g9nig Trotmint!
To cure diseases without medicine.
If you complain in any way,
s see or write me today at Brevard,
. N. C., and secure a life's time
treatment, which cost you $4,
* and the filling cost $2 or 2.50,
total $6 or $6.50 and I will send
r it to you prepaid with full in
c structions and everything re
My home or head office is al
ways open and orders are filled
promptly. Notice this ad and
you will always know my where
abouts. If you wish to try my
treatment while in Easley, S. C.,
e see me' or Mr. J. L. Thomas,
I- D. S. Holder, Dovy Hinkle or
George Haygood, or in Liberty,
S. C., see me or Mrs. T. J Boggs
who will be glad to wait on you.
% If you buy this treatment and
ry find it to be a kind of trickery,
root, rubbing, electric or faith
Y. cure, I will refund your money
V1t once. It is simply an intelli
sense treatment,
'a gent peo
recognized by al intii 5c,
ple when they underst ai'
No well read doctor will speak
against it because they cannot
get along very well without it in
l many cases. So why not buy
the book or pamphlet and have
d a knowledge of your own. It
A is worth a doctor's knowing and,
e. it is worth your knowing to
teach to your children, that they
may be benefited after you have
'crossedithe river. That $4 will
do them just as much good as
e it did you before you crossed.
n' Inquire after its merits among
your reliable friends and neigh
bors. If it is doing them good
It will do you good, whether you
i buy it from a white agent, in
2 dian, dog or negro. Knowledge
Is what you need, and that you
can get from the pamphlet and
jsupplement, or my instructions.
Dntforget that I refund your
omoney with one dollar extra and
ce pay your railroad fare back
"hmif I fail to benefit you;
then and there, so come; and
acome all who are afflicted and
:be healed or get more money.
Intelligent ladies and gentle
men with recommendations
he wanted as agents at a price.
*Write today for particulars
and circular.
he A Brevard, N. C.
u* ADutchman who had lost
several hundred dollars In deal
to ing in options was asked whether
he was a "bull" or a "boar?"
r"I vas nde;I vas a shack
tass," he replied.
r~The N. Y. Sun thinks that
to Virginia may go for Taft.
fVirginia will give Bra
larger majority than either In
1896 or 1900. The Sun's sources
of information in this state are
Snot reliable.-[Norfolk Yirgin-.

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