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Religious Liberty. I
'Well, I have been asked from
other states as well as my own,
"What do you think of Taft's
nlomination?" And will answer,
through the columns of the
..-J., that is, if the good editor
fels disposed to publish this
I* am told by the inquirers
Ihat Taft is a Roman Catholic.
I suppose he is. But Voltaire
stuck a dagger into the heart of
that creed which it is stagger
ing under to-day. Let me say
here for the consideration of the
readers of this article that Vol
taire was not an atheist, as so
many of them have been taught;
to believe. He believed in a
Supreme God; a reward for!
good and a punishment for evil.
But he believed that every man
had the right to choose his own
way to worship; that the Bible
was not a guide. le didn't be
lieve in polygamy, slavery, nor
lord nor master. He believed
in liberty for all mankind, and
religious and political liberty.
To explain the question in
volved we will go back to the
settlement ol America.
Our forefathers came here for
religious liberty. Did they have
it? No. But fortunately for
us there was no church strong
enonh to dictate. But the col
onies differed i(lely on religious
vieLs. There were the Puri
tans who hated the Episcopal
e'ms, and the Episcopaleans
hated the Catholics, the Catho
lies hated both, while the Qua
(ers hated them all.
The Baptists of Rhode Island,
led by RogerI Williams, were in
favi of religious liberty. Every
American should honor Roger
Williamiis. le was the first
grand advocate of the liberty of
the soul. He wis in favor of
aII (Iternal separation of church
and l state. A; far as I know he
was I he only man il iI this coun
try at that tile who was in fa
vor of religious li berty.
Bu11t all laid their religions
aside, for a while, at least, and
thirteei little coAInies took up
arms aainst the greatest nation
on (en rt h, Men embrnaced their
wives, kissed their babes and
went to fight for liberty. Did
t hey leave them ini the posses
Situn of wealth? No! no! They
left t hemi amo~ng savages to toil
ini the sun1. The women made
the corn to support those little'
babes, and at night would tell
themi that their father hadi gone
to f iht for li bert y. These mar
tyr's were whipped hack time
and ag.ain by the mighty forces
that confronted them, but again
they would take up courage and
fight another battl e. Just think
of their bravery! It is true
b.ravery wvhen a man is defeated
and then renews the fight.
Independence was declared lby
the grandest meni who ever' lived.
The Cornstitution, after a long,
Wide range of choice in
and'Professional Courses leadia
Bachelor of Arts, Bachekc
struction, Bachelor of Laws, lF
and Electrical Enginee r.
Well equipped Laborato
Expenses moderate-man
Next sessionI (:o4th) be.8in
For Anrnouncement wrIte t<
bloody struggle, was drawn tip,
and with one stroke of the pen
America was free-every man,
body and soul. . The souls of
men in America no longer be
longed to the pope and their
bodies to a king. I abhor any
creed that wants to draft into
the state one single clause that
takes that inheritance from one
single individual.
And every thinking man will
say with me that a religion that
has to be supported by law is
without value. Religion should
mnly have its influence upon
mankind that its goodness, its
morality, its justice, its charity,
reason and argument gives it,
and no more.
The Roman Catholics have
increased mostly from immi
grants from different countries,
and that makes it harder on us.
But coming down to the di
rect answer, I don't believe the
American people will elect
William H. Taft.
One fine jersey bull for sale or
service. JOHN H. NEWTON,
Near Morris' Mill.
"But," asks the Atlanta Con
ititution, "didn't the legislature
have a right to visit Chatta
aooga and inspect that million
rlollar hotel built by contribu
bions from the state of Georgia?"
Via Southei-n Railway.
Extremely low round-trip
Week-End Excursion Tickets
are now on sale for all trains
Saturdays and for Sunday
miorning trains only, to Isle of
Pine', Tybee; also to many at
tractive Mountain Resort P oints,
from principal stations in South
Carolina. Tickets good to re
turn until tuesdav followjing
date of sale.
Als spcial Sunday Excnr
siol rates friom Columbiia, Aui
gusta and interme(diiate s!a tions
to Isle of Palmsr d Tybee.
For details, ra'tes, etc., apply
to Southern Railway agents, or
J. LA. M IA. GT. P. A., 1. t
lanta, OLa; J. C. Lsm, D). P. A.,
Chlarleston, S. C.
.Execuitor's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
. Pckens county.
By virtue of the- on t.hiiri:y v.'st."d in!
me by the last will oft M: D). K. ich, & -
cnd.I w'ill sell to i h.j-he st, bidder,
r; 1 lIickens, 8. C., oi~ s-riesday ini A nigi-'
low lng real 4 5 ate:
.First: A on..--'hird~ tundihided14 mftEEs'
mn alt that pi.ce, parc. I or tract of hla
in :d.1 (Countuy an I Stat", a-Ijoinm-fl
landls of M. Hoor'licks. A. K. Eens anS
othe:s an conu (Htaininig six-. -five (15)
acro~ moure or liss.
S cond.: All that pie 4e, parcol or tract
of .hmd i: the eanug ( "tinty a.I Stat'
aij nom~g hin,'s oft M. Henfdick.--, A. K
Eers and oethers andh conlajipi' g five
(5) a crea more or le'ss. A ll buti omas.
T1ern s: Om-. fourrth t.:sh on dany oef
saIle and thir.balanuc. on a credit till Iche
Ifis day of Ja- un:ry. 1909'), ocu're'd by a
mortgage of the premi 'es, wit h.ut in' er
est, when, possessin w li hie g vei.Par
chnaer im ay. p .y ail cash a'ad t- Ike por
8 salon a' onlce. Thei crop1 no4w o ithe
tiand wvill be reserv (d.
J. D M. Kitwru,
1- xecutor.
Scientific, Liter ary, Graduate
ig to degrees of:
r of Science, Licentiate of In
Iaster of Arts, Civil Engineer
ries, Library of over 40,000
y stuldents make their own
s September 23, 1908.
President, Columbia. S. C.
Health good, but news dis
tressingly sca rce.
We have had a great deal of
rain in this section, and "Gen.
Green" has about taken the
Mrs. E. C. McWh >rter visited
-in Pickens, Sunday.
LastTyesday night the guard
house was discovered to be on
fire, but the flames were soon
On last Wed nesday evening
Rev. W. C. Seaborn preached
an interesting sermon at the
home of Mr. aLd Mrs. J. C.
T. M. Garrett and Miss Mary
are visiting in Spartanburg.
Frank Mauldin and Tom Gar
rett, two yonag men from Nor
ris, visited Corinth la t Sunday.
Misses Mi-miie and Vida Sher
iff and bro her, Arthur, went
to a picnic at Hunter's school
house on last Thursday.
Walt Maildin visited Liberty
last Sunday.
The Fourth of July was
not a pleasant holday; it rained
nearly all day.
J. G. Mauldin has some fine
cotton; J. G. is a hustler.
J. C. Garrett renders some
fine mi-usic.
Mr. Darst is our new operator.
He is a fine man, and has made
many friends since his arrival
The school at Norm is will start
July 20 and end Seit. 20.
They are having a good meet.
ing a1 Cateechee, and sonu
1,ams., too.
Mr~. Ida Moser anid childrei
and! S ihuda.
Mo Doc)tk N ewvton visitt d si.,
mile. 1(monday, ad.ikdsi.N
gallons'L of nictbckleberries.
Mr. an'M!" OleOwn i
ited Mrs. O.'sfather, Mr. White
in Andc. n ceurty, last week
Wa\rlt Davis, cf Central, vis
itel1 in N.orris last Saturdayv.
Hfere,'s to the world!
To it we came naked andl bare
Through it we go with troubb
andl care:
From it we Pass we know no
But a ioroughzbre'd here
Willj b;e a thoroughbred there
Th'li're wvill be som ething doing
if Miss Ida M. Tarbell is selecte<
to reviewv the forthcoming auto
biography of John D. Rocke
The N. Y. World, citing an
other instance of Mr. Roosevj,':
shirtsleeves diplomacy, says "i
is still another reason' wvhy thi
country should be gratified tha
his reign of terror ini the Whlt
House will soon be over." Ye'
the World. i s supportinig th
man that Mr. iReesevelt se
lected as best fitted to eke ou'
his "rign of terror.''
Convalescents need
ment in easily digested
ment--highly concentra
It makes' bone, bloo
putting any tax on the
Are soid'ofton to lie buried six foot under
di olld. But muany times women call on
iticir family physicians, suffering, as they
higiio, one from dyspepsia, another froee
heart disease, unother from liver or kid
noy disease, another from nervous pros
tra tion, u.nother with pain here and there,
and in this way they present alike to
thimsplves and their easy-going or over
bisy doctor, separato diseases, for which
11, assuming them to be such, prescribes
is jaills and potions. In reality, they are
all only bymptomis caused by sonic uterine
disease. The physician, ignorant of the
ca use of sufferIng, keeps up his treatment
until large bills are made. The suffering
pattient gets no better, by reason of the
wrong treatment, but probably worse. A
rope(r medicine like Dr. Pierce's Favorite
l'relscri ption, directed to the cause would
have entirely removed the disease, there
by dispelilng all thoso distressing syimp
toins, and instituting comfort instead of
prolonged misery. It has been well said,
that "a diseaso known is half cured."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
scientilic medicine, carefully devised by
an experienced and skillful physician,
and adapted to woman's delicate system.
It is made of native American medicinal
roots and Is perfectly harmless in its
-effects fn any condlIon of the female
As a Powerful Invigorating to)Jc "Fa
vorite Prescription" 1mparts strength to
the whole system and to the or ans dis
tinctly feminine in particular. or over
worked, "worn-out " run-down," debili
tated teachers, milliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shop-girls," house-keepers,
nursing mothers, and feeble women gen
erally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being un
equaled as an appetizing cordial and re
storative tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening nerv
Ine "Favorite Prescription" is unequaled
and i6 invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability,
nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration,
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms St. Vitus's
dance, and other di stressing, nervous
symptoms commonly attendant upon
functional and organic disease of the
uterns. It induces refreshing sleep ahd
relieves mental anxiety and despondency.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets fnvigorate
.he stomach, liver and bowels. One to
three a dose. Easy to take as candy,
idlewild Fancies.
If Prof. Burbank would turn his
wonderful talent toward the propaga
tion of a race of warm-footed women,
a lot of spine-chilled husbands would
crown him king of all humanitarians.
I suppose the tipsy man would argue
that it was better to have loved the
waxen lady in the show window than
never to have loved at all.
If this thing keeps up, a Sunday din
nor will soon cost the price of my
weekly salary.
The Standard Oil ipay be a money
maker, but I .would like to have the
price of the heat that goes up the
chimney next winter.
A little man always should call a
i big man a word that has to be looked
up in the dictionary before it can be
The bigge:t book seller of last
year was a conglomeration of stolen
jokes sold on the train for 25 cents.
This is enough to make George Ade
glad he went into the play business.
If you have a skeleton in your closet,
keep the door locked.
There is a difference in the quaiity
of friendship. There is the friend
that loans you money when you need
it and the friend who gives you a bad
tip on tho r-aces.
It is better to be a common plug
than a "perfect gent."
The tcamster who empties the garb
age can could tell a lot about the
folks that live in the first iloor- flat.
A humorist, telling a story of Rich
ard Har-ding Davis, says Mr. Davis
replied modestly to a compliment.
That settles it. The story is a fake.
Rtichard lar-ding Davis is never mod
IIf a lot of fellows who are singing
to other people about being happy and
wreathing the face with smiles, would
practice what they pr-each, there
would be a great slump in dyspepsia
A Happy Citizen.
Hrere is the cering prospect of a
Georgia philosopher, who exclaims:
"TIea acres in cotton, fifteen In water
melons, fine hopes of hog and hominy
- and Rlockefe-ller would give a million dol
lars for my appetite!"-Frank Stanton.
Making Home Happy.
A Chicago woman went to the
morgue last week to have her goitre
cured by placing the arms of a corpse
around her neck. Newspaper editors
who have aldermanic stomachs-and
are husbands-should seek reduction
of that portion, of their anatomy by
applying the old ballad:
"With your wife's cold feet in the middle
of your back
There's no place like home."
A Word from the Wise.
"If there is one time more than an
ether," says an experienced married
man, "when a woman should be left
alone, it is when a line of clothes comes
down in the mud."
i large amount of nourish.
on is powerful nourish.
I and muscle without
500, AND $i.QO. .
)ver-Work Weakens
Your Kiglneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys- Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
Tho kidney3 are your
. blood purifiero, they fil
-- j ter out the wasto or
impuritiC3 in the blood.
If they arosick or out
cf order, they fall-to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrhmu,
matism come frorn ex:
- - cess of uric acid in the
.---. -r e blood, duo to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble caUSC3 quick cr. uncteady
heart beats, and makes one foci as though
they had heart trouble, because the herrt is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that orly urinary
troubles were to be tracod to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistak6
by first doctoring your kidacys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest .for, its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merit3 -
by all druggists in fifty- i
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have aGif
sample bottle by . mali Homo or Swanmp-noot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out it you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Sw'amp-Root. and the address, Binghamton,
Y.. on every bottle.
Soil and Keeping Quality of Apples.
Investigations of the apple soils of
California have shown that there is a
close relationship between the keep.
ing qualities of the apples and the
various kinds of soils on' which they
are grown. This la very important
and should prove of great value to
apple growers in lplanlIng new or
of relialel- je~welry is here for your )IeaT
sire mil s.'we~li m. You will think it is
holli-l:-y - i'le wlaCn . ou C me to inspect
it. We are r- a h at all s a ons to of'er
vou the Wailes' choice in 'our
Our in,~ie y of bih-in. y eiud other
L'lfiis is ver y ilarge jiw n.. T< o large
:n fc-. E o we ar - willir-.g co forego a
'are part of ou r I ruitima:te ere fiP as arn
mlduceme t t o yo'n t he ip us reduce our
Ensley, S. C.
Thais i8 just as true in regardi to Sewing
Machijne 8 as anything else.
Ily u-ing Long, .lhutile M wline'e c,.s,
emattera how well madle, o'eu ass acinlly
rli u, wing away three hou-a out of every
Will mnakie 850 s itche s in the s4ame time
Long~ Nhuttla elMnchlr.es mnke s niy 200.
The- Standanrd Rlotairy IP inc ple is most (
cieniiliically correct, w'hichl fact hias
hm-n.J prov.en by 2.5 yeatrs of sutccessful
use ine ail p -ras of lie word ai by our
co p -rits ai on-usliv tr ving to co.. V
13ESTi SE~WIN(G .it-lNE. is two
malichine a In) onev-Lock andl Chain 'tcth
-Hall Baering~ 8tani-Straight Aute.. -$
-~L ai.,i*Lf. Ilo not fi to inve~i gate
he merits 'of the Faste 81. IN ost silent,
Ensai . Runiining and the ma a' durable
4ewing Mschme; in--dte. THEll~ SI'AN!'
XII R D 1r fA ltY. ''A die~monstra5th n isi
i revtelation1." Write fir price, anst
las8- Pnymeitit Plan. GJuaraniteed Sew
mrg Machtines $12.00 up.
' 'The Standard Sewieg Machine Co..,
58$ S. Broad St.,'Atlanita, G3a.

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