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Pickens Sentinel-JouF'na
The sentinol-Journal Conipany,
SubsoriptioU $1.00 Per Anumin.
AdvertiRiug Rites Reasonable
Entered at Pickens IFostoflce as Second Clam
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, JULY 1l, 1908.
At a sale 4 political workq
held the other day in Philadel
phia 250 (puarter volliles of the
Congressional Record, in half
Russia hlinding, were bid in at
two cenits za vodlume
Ii Bryaii the )ein'cratic pIar.
ty has a candidate who is likely
to poll a millioni imore votes
against Taft thaii Parker polled
agaiist t(iosevelt. Even then
he iay f'all sho rt of election.
But the R1epublican party will
have a figh iun its hands-a
light from11 stall tI finlish-aid
one that will tax its resourCes
to the very j limit . That, at any
rate, is the co)ld, f-andidI judg-1
tou IJeral,
Tenl mhers1l1-4 of, the late Pres
idn iil v 1el and'1s cabinit sir
1)ickinson, d1s11 Harmon, J
(,. Carlisle. David R. l' is
Norm11an J. Colvinumll, \il
F. Vilas, 1Hoke Smiuit h, (Car
S. Fairchild and Ilihirv A. Her
"Mani's miade,'' she mus~ed, ''i
dust, they say ;
The mal I wanti is he
With sand enough to find a wa:
To make th(e dulist, for me.
There is a great (al of suffer
ing among the ;n'iabitants of
Warren and Tssaquena con
tiess, Miss., IS the result of th<
recent overflow of the Missis
sippi river.
Railroad and1 industrial con
cerns, whs principal offices ar<
in New York, showv a d1ecr'eas<
of $29,517,714 in dividends a:
compared1 with July 1st of
year ago.
Trhe ladies of a Baptist churcl
out in Missouri resolvedl to us
the money they had thought (o
spending on Easter hats towar<
lifting a $700 mortgage on th<
Notice to Old Soldiers.
The surviving soldiers of th<
Cofed~erate States in Picken
county are requested to meet il
each township on the 1st day o
August, at 3 p. mn., for the pur
pose of electing a representativ
to meet at the court house o1
t he first Monday in Septenmbei
next, to elect a county pensio:
hoard, for year 1909. The plac
of meeting in each township:
Easley township, Easley; Lii
erty towvnship, Liberty; Centre
township, Central ;Pickens towr
i~t That hacking
1I~i'Because youu
your powers of a
Take Sco12
It builds up and strei
prepared that It is easy
ship, Pickens; Hurricane town
ship, Mile Creek; Eastatoi
to w i shi p, Antioch church
- Pumpkintown township, Suth
erland's store; Dacusville town
ship, Looper's gin.
There assembled they shal
organize by electing a chairmar
and secretary, and shall they
elect by ballot an ex-confeder
ate soldier not a holder or at
applicant for a pension, as the
representative of the veterans of
said township.
J. B. NzwiniEy,
Pen. Coml.
In Memorie m.
Little Edna, the 3-months-old
babe of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Sutherland, departed this life
June 8, 1908.
Those little lips so sweet to kiss
Are closed forever now;
Those sparkling eyes that shone
so bright
Beneath that pearly brow;
That little heart that beat so
Free from all care and gloom,
Are hidden now from lov'd ones
Beneath the silent lomb.
Darling Edna, she has left us
Left us, yes, for evermore;
But we hope to meet dear Edna
On that bright and- happy
shore. N. A. R.
An Escapade
Tuesday evening an automo;
bilecoIltaiiing, beside thedriver,
a fairly good-looking man and a
hidsome young lady, stopped
in front of Gravelly's stables in
Picke'ns and the man engaged
a team to carry the couple to the
lmt,e of Mr. Edens, above Piclk
vn. Telegrams were sent oul
Sro ii A i derson to be on the look
out foi the parties and to arresi
i hem. Sheriff Jennings and
P a r t y, consisting of A. C.
Gravellv, E. A. Lewis and Eark
Jeninings made the drive Wed
nies(lay morning and apprehend
ed the couple at Mr. Edens'.
From best information obtain.
able, it appears that the man.
Elliott Keith, who was librariar
at the public library in Andersor
(and who has a wife and tw<
children living there) had be
conme enamoured of- the young
lady, and she being infatuate4
with him, they decide\ tosi
the country, so hired an auto
mobile and came to Pickens
and from here were- going, b;
easy stages, to Texas, where Mr
Keith said he. intended to get
dlivorce and marry the lady.
The young lady, Miss Sulli
'van, who is a member of one o
the best families of Andersoni
practically corrobore tes thi
statement. 'Mr. Keith Was past
a ing the young- lady of as hi
3 niece. Sheriff Jenning~ carrie<
L the parties to Anderson thi
C morning. Under -the circurv
- stances, and from the testimon:
3 picked up, a lawyer commeni
1ing on the case, says there is ni
, law to reach thle parties. How
1 ever, we do not know any (
e the circumstances or w hi a
charges, if any, will be brougi
agintthem. The lady claini
1l to be 22 years old and the ma
Llooks to be between.85 and 40.
cough contiaus
system is exhausted and
esistance weakened.
's Emulsion.
igthens your entire system.
Oil and H ophosphites so
to take and easy to digest.
I RE you going away
on any over night
need of replenishir
travel with? Are all the
first class order, or do yo
We have some Suits
and durable, for travelling
A full line of
Felt Hats a
Sonic of the handsor
ever seen displayed-all
can be made up for,
To see them is to be
pair alil
any thin
bers, pr
ReadThis, Thin
The Creates
aTo close out quickly we are n<
Another lot 50c shirts at 35 ce
Men's undershirts rnd drawers
0 A big lot ladies' vests, 'the i 5C
.. Hosieay to suit any one at the
n NotwIthstanding we are right in th<
them. You should see our 8 i -
.had anything to equal this.
5 cents up.
The prettiest waist frontings t<
WetEnd. A.
for a vacation or on business
trip? Is any of your apparel
ig? Is your S'it Case, B,
hundred and one things nee
u need any of these necessar
in the two and three-piece
r, whether for business or plc
Neligee Shirts,
,nd-Summer Un
nest Suit Cases, Grips and
at the lowest possible price
say its a shame to butcher prices lik
scoop(d in a lot of fine clothing, abot
:e. No matter to you how I did. it, til
e, $1.48 for $3.00 t ants. $2.98 for $4.0(
uff, bran new and made up by the be
g from a fence rail to a wa-k tub. 0
hundred bran new vests, mostly smal
.k Pcpper.1o 1b.,.0Q nutmi g- for 6c ,
or $1.00, until I get ready to quit it.
t sugar cured hams sket prices, mine 1
eserving powders. I don't ask for
Ig me the produce and
ntry Hams. T o
k it Over anid
it Values Ye
n's Top Shi
nw offering a lot of Men's $r,
good quality, at 25 cents au1
goods, in seconds at i oc, 3:
lowest prices that prevail,
ier Dress o
a midst of the season, we ha
cents ginghams, which we e
ot handle the "trashy kind," 1
> be seen any where.
(*. PAFs
Are you going
out of repair or in.
ig or Trunk fit to
led for traveling in
kind, light weight
Straw and
Trunks you have
; that the materials
% he does it would be near the iruii.
A 1000 pair pants in the lot, no two
ey are here and going like hot cakes
to $8.00 pants. This is a "swell'
st mianuffcturers. I can fit i*t
me q'tick while your s'z- is here.
I numbt ra, so is the I rice.
).A 15c, and 20 plug 'iun cured to
to 2c lb less Fruit jars, caps, rub
rour trade unless I can save you
I Come Quick.
,t Offered,
oc,. shirts for 7o cents each..
d 50 cents a garinent
For 25c.
ve put the price knife deep inb
,rc selling for 5 cents. Never
mit give you good oodsnC

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