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flecent Ruling of the Post Office
The1C Yorkville Eiiquirer gave
. full write-up of the Imeeting
of t he State Press Association at
Caffiny. Third Assistapnt Post
mu-or-Geneiral A. L. Lawshe
nadu an address before the
t-ociation, explaining this rul
iig. The 'iiquirer quotes him
as follows:
"Nir. A. L. La wshe, Third
Assitant Postmlast r-General,in
9his atddress to the e1ditors, said
he was once a country newspa
per editor, anod he said he loved
the iewspaper businiess and
newspaper men and wanted to
imipress upoii the editors that
the mucmbers of the postolfice
departmient, including himself,
did not have any horns. His
address was peculiarly interest
ing in view of the recent ruling
of the postoffice dTepartmeiit that
-newspapers must be paid for be
fore they will be admitted to
the imails, aIs secoid-class mat
ter. He explainled clearly and
-forcibly the rea n and necessity
on the part of the department
for the ruling aid its real ad
vantage to the publishers of
legitimate nsp-ipers. It had
been found out. thatt som1e of the
.abuses of the second-class privi
lege was by i ersons having 1no
legitimate publicat-m but1usin
the mails simply for advertising
PUrposes who claiied 100,000
circulatioii. )ut had less than
three per cent. of that number.
Mr. Lawso said he thought the
legi timUate su bscriber was the
one who wanited a paper and
showed that he wanted it by pay
in for it. He believed that edit
os would agree with him that in
its ruling the department was
not only legailly but was miior
lily right, and he believel
the wisdoim of the ruling la(
been justified niot only by th(
results to the government, hui
spcIially by its beneficial 'e
stilts to the legoithimate newspa.
per publisher whom it protected,
Mr. Lawshe's address was clear,
forceful and instructive', an1d hi
was heard with (close at tention
- by )nmbrs of: the association.
lie urged the editors to (co-oper
ate with the department in its
(effortu to protect the mails and
to advance the interests of the
legitino te newspapers.
'Secretary of State-Judson
Harwim of Ohio.
~ry of the Treasury
Joft i. Johnson, of Minnesota.
Secretary of War - George
Tlurnier, of Washington.
Attorney--General--WTilliam J.
Gaynor. of New~ York.
Postmnaster-Gener'al - Henry
j). Clayton, of Alabama.
Secretary of the Navy-Theo
(lore A. Bell, of California.
Secretary of the Interior
T. M. Patterson, of Colorado.
Scre'tary of Agriculture
Clark Howell, of Georgia.
* Secretary of Commerce and
Labor-John Mitchell,of Illinois.
'Secretary of State-Elihu
Secretary of the Treasury
.G'orge von L. Meyer.
Secretary of War-Gen. Luke
Postmaster-General--Frank H
Attorney-General-Frank H.
Secretary of the Interior-J.
A. Garfield.
Secretary .of Agriculture
Jameos Wilsor.
Secretaries of Navy and Corn
moerco and LAbQ:--Not yet se
p '. .ected.
How to Make It Easy.
If you wake up feeling bail.
Scold your wife;
If the weather makes you sad,
Scold your wife;
If your collar-button slides
Into some dark nook and hides,
As you move with ingry strides,
Scold your wife.
If the coffee's cold or flat,
Scold your wife;
If your chop has too much fat,
Scold your wvife;
If you chance to get your sleeve
In the butter, do not heave
Soft sighs or in silence grieve
Scold Vour wife.
If your hat has gone astray,
Scold your wife;
If you're late upon the way,
Scold your wife;
If the day brings any loss,
If .vou fail to please the boss,
Going homeward rather cross
Scold your wife.
Never mind what ills she bears
Scold your wife;
Add your own to all her cares
Scold your wife;
That's'the way to get along;
She is weak and you are strong;
Every time a thing goes wrong,
Scold your wife.
-[Chicago Record.
A $650 Merry Widow Hat.
A $650 hat was shown at the
spring opening of a millinery
establishment a' Lexington,
N. C. It was a "Merry Widow"
shape, made of white silk lace
and bordered with straw. The
crown was high and the brim, I
of course, very wide. Around
the crown were teni $50 gold cer
tificates, so arranged a; to make
an effective trimming. Other
decorations were a Paradise ai
gret .t. and twenty-seven $5 gold
piees arranged in a band around
the crown. Thl hat is kelpt in
the. B anik of Lexingon at
ightIs it is colsidered too val
unble to risk leaMvig in the
- A Scheme.
"To what do you attIribnie
your success:"
'"T'o taking peo)h -4ki
*word,"' answerg).. the P~oloniuis
kes Take a
'inan at his wordl nowadays and
it surprises hinm so that he never
fails to liv e up to it."'-[Judge.
rpe Knock-out Blow.
'The blow which knocked out Corbett
was a revelation to the prize fighters.
From the earliest days of the ring the
knock-out bkow was aimed for thu jaw,
the temple or the jugular vein. Stomach
punobns were thrown in to worry and
weary the ighter, but if a scientific man
had told one of the old fighters that the
most vulnr'rable spot was the region of
the stomach, he'd have laughed at him
for an ignoramus. Dr. Pierce is bringing
ho .,to t e public a parallel fact; that
thb mac is the most vulnerable organ
out of he pr e ring as well as in it. We
protect, ur h L, throats, feet and lungs,
but the e are utterly Indifer-.
ent to, until disel. finds the solar plexu's
and knocks us out. Mk ur s rn ch
~e ,
cures "weakc stomaceh," indigestion, or
dyspepsia, torpid lIver, bad, thin and im
pure blood and other diseases of the or- e
gans of digestion and nutrition.
IThe "Golden Medical Discovery " has a.
specific curative effect upon all mucous
surfaces and hence cures catarrh, no
matter where located or what stage it
may have reached. In Nasal Catarrh it
is well to cleanse the passages with Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remnedy fluid while using
the "Discovery " as a constitutional rem
edy. Why the "Golden Medical Discoy
ery" cures catarrhal diseases, as of the "
stomach, bowels, bladdor and other pelvic "
organs will be plain to you if you will
read a booklet of extracts from the writ- C
ings of eminent medical authorities, en- ~
dorsing its Ingredlents and explaining
their curative properties. It is mailed a
free on reqjuest. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, I
Buffale, N. Y. This booklet gives all the I
ingredients enterinig into DY.'7Pirco's e
mnedicines from which It will be seen that a~
they containi not a drop of alcohol, pure, ~
triple-refined glycerine being used instead. 9
Dr. Pierce's great thousand-pas.-e illus
trated Common Sense Miedical. Adviser Iti
wvill be sent free, pa per-bound,' f.or 21 one-I t~
cent sam pa, or cloth-bonul fr31 stamps, ti
Address -Dr. Plora n
And You Will E
By celling on us before buying you
isk Flour (and another shipment t]
I'obacco, Molasses, etc.
Bring us your Corn, Pease, Beans
ou the very top of the market for el
If you haven't tried our Dr. Hess
Healing Powder, and Heave Powder
11 size packages from the 25c. box t4
Our personal guarartee goes with
We iso wanit to sell you your wirc
erfect" Fence. Prices from 40c. pe
Our motto is Honest Weights and
W A.
eo~very BS
spenll you get a 1
v11 it i i metiI th:
in i ida Frily morninc
FIttra Pintms at TA\'nty- Five PN
h-r CASI I ONLY and no Alte
-and whe.t v.: L):fer them at a di
20~I.OO ) i' fo -
30.00 - -
Al.i Pa~b~nma Ilhats
All oth(
Corner Main and Washing-o
To Break in New Shoes Aiway Use
t~it e- Futt--Easa, p .w. 'er. It pir.- A
woll)jeni, dwntn fe et. Atil ni irn*
*I' titi I) 8ho 4 stoeH,'24w. San1ip wail. 1
di FiREE. A ddt s, A. 5. Olmsted. Le
Winthrop College
ChohShip and Entano I~zainatiou,
The. exa. ntion for ihie award of va-.
ant Schoetnrr-hip< in WinThroj. Col .ge
n i for the admission of new studenta G
:ill bt" hld at the. cou' ty court hoe '
nc Frielbny, Jnly :. eu 9. a. mn. A ppjlints
I' h.'n s.-, hih ships are' vntennit art. r .1iah
. thm~ will be' :wnrl, d to thes-- mnkin~g
Ite ii i~* v-ernga act t his ixa-it.i on1 'l, D
ro)vi Iuo the~,y m'eet I ith e-dditi s j(35jov-.
rning I he aiwi ard. A p, I (ants~ for schIo!..
ral Ips ablcid writs tol resien~t Joshn- A
ml b~eoe tw e x:enipation for scholar
tip examinntiong blanck~e
Scholarshi, s are worth $1(0 and free
aition. TJhe n'ext Ae.-in will openi 8.p
brmber 10l. 1908. -For -further ineforma
onl and catal1ogns",*neIrpss Pesl-lent, D.
-Johis n IBook 11111, 8,C
ices are right
eights are right
eatment is right
r spring sulpplies. We hayve a nice lo
iat will be here'ih a fcw days), Sugar.
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Stock and Poultry Food, Louse Kili
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every package.
fencing. We are agents for the cek
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Good Goods." Come in and see us.
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)ollars vorth ot CL
tt V illds iimensO roti
July 3rd, we offer all Men's and o)y
-r cCnt. Discounat, Or 1-4 off regular ni
ation; Our goods are marked in
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18.75 7,00 " "
22 5() 7.50 " "L -- --
aVle & W\ilsonl Shirts
at Hialf Price.
b]' StaLaw Hiats One-Th
& Bristow,
1 Streets. -4. e,'.; i
mut That New Wagon
!ou wvant the best wagon you can get f
ou pay; in other word.s, you wvant your
orth. You get it here. We would
ou about it. Wec sell the Thornhill w;
knd About That Ha:
Ve sell the Woodruff Hay Press, andi
)o0> hay press, we will take pleasure in
>mne of the good points about-the Wo<
bli thte Monitor' a~soline Self-IUc
lakes ironing easy. You should call
.nd we sell everything else-kept in a fi
are store, and pt reasonable prices, to
of W1allard's Obe
Coffee, Lard, Salt,
lce. We will give
-r, Worm Powder,
k Food comes in
brated "Pittsburgh
u want.
trn of
s Suits and
.tr! ed Prices
- $2.25
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it greoat~
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orte oe
ull money's
or hertv.ney

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