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Wonkeu SOHtuOI-4ur
The Sentiuel-Joural Comiany.
Bubscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Piokens Fustofilce a$ SeCond Clas
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1908.
Notice to Candidates. -
All candidates in Pickens coun
ty offering for office in the Dem
ocratic primary for 1908 who do
not file their pledges and pay
their assessments as provided by
the county executive committee,
on or before the 31st day of July,
1908, will be barred from enter
ing the race in the coming pri
mary election. This provision
and order of the executive com
mittee wiill be strictly enforced.
These provisions apply also to
candidates for magistrate in
every township in the county.
C. E. RoTNsoN, Co. Chn.
T. J. MAULmN, Sec.
What Will le Say?
Mr. Taft cannot bolt the Re
publicani ticket, but the question
is, will he not bolt the Republi
can platform, especially thc
plank relating to injunctions
It is said that the injunctio'
plank is not in the shape h<
wanted- it,- and it is probabli
that in his speech accepting th<
nomination for president he wil
have something to say regard
ing the matter. Ho claims tha
workingmen misunderstand h4
position, and if Ie attempts t<
set himself right lie must neces.
sarily repudiate that plank in
the platform of his party, since
it is clearly a straddle and ieans
absolutely nothing for labor.
If such is Mr. Taft's intention
he has a difficult task before
hin, in which he is bound tc
fail in bettering his cause. His
claim for the suffrages of work
ingmen will not be judged by
his personal views and promnises
as now stated, but by the declar
ations of the platform on which
he 18 runnIng and his previous
record as a federal judge. Peo
ple wvill be quick to perceive that
there is no difference between
the so-called anti-injunction
plank and injunction Judge
Taft, and It is not likely that
they will. now consider his be
lated conversion to anti-injunc
tion ideas as of much value, oven
though those ideas should be In
direct antagonism to his previous
record and to the declaration of
his party regarding Injunctions.
The only way In whi~ch 4NMy,
Taft could convince the country
of his since-rity would be foi~hi
to decline the nomination be
cause of that plank'so devoid of
the relief asked for y the labor
lng world.
We shall awrait Mri.#aft's ac
captance speecir on the 28th
inst. with a feeling o% cnrieus
'44 -1,
h as yeah about "ul dbnr
Paid orators wonihow-,
For workingmen by tionsands
Need no dinner-pall at all.
-[K. C. World.
Up to the beginning of Decem
ber 918,006 crates of rabbits,
totaling about 23.000 tons, had
been received in London during
1907, and the market for mutton
was never so ,bad as it is now.
It is the. fostering of the 'rabbit
industry which decimates -tho
rastoral industry. Between
"e3e two there can be no com
promise. It is sheep or rabbits.
Under which flag will pastoral
ists fight?-[Melbourne Review.
Outside of Buenos Ayres there
are five cities in Argentine with
a population of 50,000 or over,
viz: Tucuman, 50,000; Bahia
Blana, 60,000; Cordoba, 65,000;
La Plata, 80,000; Rosario, 135,
The London Economist states
that the remittances to Ireland
in 1907 from the United States
through banks amounted to $5,
374,209, and through the post
office department $4,009,000,
making a total for the year of
Willi-ims College claims the
oldest living graduate of any
college in the United States.
He is William Rankiri, of the
class of 1831, Mr. Rankin is
now 98 years old, and resides
with his son, Prof. W. M. Ran
kin, of Princeton University.
Miss Cora Croker, a deaf,
dumb and blind girl, just 21, has
surprised her teachers in the
workshops of the Massachusetts
commission for the blind, in
Cambridge, by the quickness
with which she has mastered
the intricate machinery of her
loom and the beauty and deli
cacy of her work.
With the odor of postoffices,
consulships, collectorships and a
whole passel of such blessings
in their nostrils, the Democrats
can but smile when they think
that it is but. 116 days until
William J. Bryan will be elected
president of the United States.
Wofford College
itENRV NELSO1N SNYDER, A, M1., littD.,
Nine Dep~itmeyts; it~I:ryndir
rian; Oymethstum usader dmpeeat '?
rector; . A thlet to Gr .uhide. -et S. ston
begins Eei-t -16, For . etatoduo address
A AMf~wELL,5ecy..
8partanburg, d. 0.
Wofford College, Fitting School
Spiartanksrg, Sq . ,
Hiighi Grade Peparatory Schtool
Well equipped plant~ Two la r-r
mitorIie one rec~itation bitlding, all
brick. Iinited schoot: steafl dlassEa
eherg~sraonable. Seilora begis sept.
16 Vr etaloue ddrys -
A. D PR2E, Headmnaster,
jpartanburg,. .c
America nianufadtie rs, ia
1conpetitivbe ids, have obbined
in thie lasd ew days contr-acts
for' various machinery, for' ni.
trate niainfaettring plantson
thbe east coast of South Aetea'.
The contrets include the equirk
meait for' a big centi-alpower
and lidht stationi bisttiniudi
gas plant Atid a smillindtf ial
RE you goin
on any oV<
need of re
travel with? Are
first class order, <
We have sor
antd tiutable, for t
A full ln
Felt H
Son=. of the
ever seen display
can be made up I
To see them
To cpeout quicly w
Ano erlot soc skirte
Men's undershirtdrhd
A big lot ladies~ vests,
Hsieay to suit any on
Not*Itstanding we are rig
themn You should see Qt
bad anything to equal this.
5 cens tp.
'1h pettlest Waist fror
i. iA
g avay fog a' vacatioi or on bu4 ne
r night trip? Is anly of your Apparel
plenishing? Is your It e,
all the hundred and one tli ngi need
>r do you need any of these necessari
ne Suits in the two and t1iree-piece J
ravelling, whether for business-or pleq
a of Negligee Shirts,
ats and Sumnmer Unc
handsomet Suit Cases, Grips and
ed--all at the lowest possible prices
is to be convinqed.
F they say its a shame to butcher prices like I
Just scooped in a lot of fine clothing, abot.t
pair alike. No matter to you how I did it, thoe
the price, $1.48 f(t $3.00 1 ants, *2.98 for 44.00 t
lot of stuff, bran new and made up by tfhe best
anything frona fence rail to a wash tub. Cor
Several hundred bran new vests, mostly small
Black lepper 10o lb., 1.0 nutmeg.i for .0 , 0;
bacco'for $1.00, until I get rkidy to quit it.
Bet sugar cured hams get prices, mine I t(
,bers, preserving. powdere. I don't ask for ye
mone .y.
Bring Mb the Produce and
outry Hafi.
~hInk it Over and
mtest Values' Ye
Men's Top Sh
e are now ofdrn a lot of Mns$,ol
Wt 35 cenits.Mes r
irawers, good quality, at-25 cents and
the I 5c oods, in seconds at I oc, 3 fo,
e at the lowest prices that prevail,
miner Dress Go~
it in thie midst of the season, wehav
r 8 I-3 cents ginghams, which we are
le do not harndle the "trashy knd, t
tings to be seen any where.
'' ' p. 9 11V
ou 0
d or traveltr) in
Sliht weht
Straw and
Trunks you have
that the materials
le doeR it would be nenr io truth,
1000 pair pam s in 'the lot, ni t% o
r are 1iro anigoing like hit caketI
o $8.CO pants. Thiqs i a "swell"
nianufucturers. I can fit unost
ie quick while your s'z' 1+ here.
riumbers, so is the i rice.
I 15c, and '-)( plugs Sun cured tc.
2c lb lees Fruit jaro, capaS rub
ur trade unless I can save you
Come Quick.
i Offered
shidts for 70 nts eac.
5o. cents a garonent.
25c. -
put the pneie lirie deep in
s~li~ ors5cents Never
iVy~u g oo go fron

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